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Hey All –

I know many of you have asked the VERY Same Questions that Mary N.  has asked Right here:


Hi Megan,
Just wondering if you know which of the cricut cartridges have the words WELCOME on it? I have 16 cartridges and haven’t found any with the word Welcome on it.
Also, Do you know how to clean your cricut machine? Maybe we don’t have to clean it. How about using computer spray to clean out all the particles from paper. Any comment would make my day. Love your site. Thanks you..


Well – If you are asking the same questions here’s the answer for all of you 🙂


Dear Mary,

There is a truly wonderful website called MyCutSearch.com.  I can’t tell you how much time this site has saved me!   Simply type in the word or image that you are looking for in the Search box and then hit “Search”.  The next page you see will show you just where to find the exact thing you have been looking for!

I did a search on the word “Welcome” and it found 28 places that have the word in the handbook’s image description.

As for cleaning my Cricut, I’ve never done anything more than to gently remove any sticky residue from the rollers and keep it closed when I’m not using it to keep the dust out. Just using a simple Baby Wipe to give it a “cleaning” once in a while is a good thing and I know some people use a “Dust Cover” over top their machine, but I’ve never done this.  Maintenance with your blade is pretty much the only other thing I do by changing the blade out and if it gets “gunky” using a Canned Air Duster inside the hole when replacing the blade.


Thanks so much for writing and enjoy the moments!

Megan Elizabeth

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7 thoughts on “What Cartridge Has…..???

  • Sherrie

    Hi Megan,

    Can we still get the old version of the expression? I didn’t realize when I got the E2 I could no longer use Cricut design software?

    Also, what do you think of the Sizzex eclipse?

    Thank you for your constant help with Cricut. I have been a family caregiver for a very long time and not had the time to keep up with learning how to use them. Your continuous tutorials are a real help. Sherrie

  • Cathy

    I just found that several of my older cartridges are “sticky”? Not the mat but the actual cartridge? Any one know how to clean them⁉

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      I actually have wiped mine off with babywipes as long as you aren’t trying to mess with the actual card/chip you should be fine 🙂

    • Michele

      Just realized mine are also becoming sticky. I read an on-line post that said to dust with baby powder. I haven’t yet tried this. I tried alcohol and it didn’t help much.