Soda Pop Top as Scrapbook/Card Embellishment

Enjoy this video as I take some things around the house that you would through away and turn it into fabulous and can be unique Scrapbook or Card Embellishments.

In this video we used some Marble Alcohol Inks from Viva Decor (I’ll provide you with more info on that later, so don’t email me about where to get it because I can’t tell you yet….or rather email me if you are interested in being contacted with where you can get it later 😉 )  I used these inks right on Soda Pop Tops.

This paper is from Collage Press it’s the Joyride Collection and we used some snowflake stickers and bronze brads for an easy to put together page that will go right along side of the Happy Day layout I posted last week 🙂

Have a Happy Day and can’t wait to share more fun very soon 🙂

YouTube Preview Image

By the way – I’ve gotten several emails and comments about my nails.  The color is called “Dear Santa” it’s by OPI – thanks so much – I LOVE pretty nail polish and mixing it up every few weeks 🙂  If you have any nail color recommendations, let me know – I’ll check into it 🙂


  1. Your layout turned out so pretty.(And you made it look so easy)
    I can’t wait to hear more about the inks you used in the video.

  2. Shirley D says:

    Cute page….really like how it goes with your other page. Colors are beautiful!

  3. ShawnfromMn says:

    Meghan – beautiful layout – I love to watch how you mix patterns and cardstock – great ideas. I so need to work outside of my box and try mixing and doing layouts with patterned paper!!

  4. Great video!
    I love OPI’s Champagne Toast! It’s a very nice mauve. I get compliments all the time on my tootsies. My pedicurist pulls it out when she knows I’m coming and I have a bottle at home for touch-ups.

  5. I love love love this. The colors are just fabulous. The paper seems so thick and durable. I truely love thick paper I think it makes everything look better. Awesome idea of how you put two papers together to make one 12 X 12 page. I’ll have to try that. Good work would love to see it with the pictures on it. Have a great week. 🙂

  6. Nice page. I like the colors and the way you created a 12×12 page using two papers. I will have to try this method.

  7. Love the Pop Tops. Your layout was neat and quick.

  8. Great piece! Love the Viva Decor inks (can’t wait for more info) and also the idea of using things that would typically be thrown away. More of those types of projects Plz 🙂 Thanks so much!

  9. Yeah! A video. 😀
    those POP TOPS worked marvelous!
    You are just to clever. I’m looking
    forward to hearing more about those
    inks. They look more opaque. I
    think I’ll like them better than Tim’s.
    I just can’t seem to get those to do
    right. 🙁
    Watching for the membership info. 🙂

    (hug) TR

  10. Enjoyed your video, as usual!!!! Does it take quite a while for the inked pop tops to dry?

  11. I’m a visual learner and I appreciate the time you put into making your video lessons. Thank you so much.;o)

  12. When I first saw the video I thought I’ve seen this already, but there was more! LOL Love the second page! Cool new technique too. Thanks Megan!

  13. What an incredible imagination you have! Great job and thank you again for doing this for those of us
    that are new idea challenged. Blessings, Jonnie

  14. Thanks for the inspiration for color coordinations. I dont think I would have put those papers together, but they turned out beautiful! TFS!

  15. Hi love you tutorals……..what band and type of tape are you using ? Thanks

  16. Great video!!! Thanks for always sharing such fun techniques!

  17. VICKIE AUST says:

    What a pretty page. I really enjoy your videos. Keep up your great inspirations.

  18. Nice…..liking that Alcohol Ink too sorry Tim Holtz, yours is great too…LOL Hope to see you at CHA!

  19. Sharon/4kids4 says:

    Such a cute page! I LOVE how you put your papers together so easily. I really struggle trying to match papers. I’d love to see more scrapbook pages!!

  20. Karen Varney says:

    This LO turned out beautifully. You make it all look so simple, and I thank you for that. Can’t wait to learn more about these new inks, and I really like the way you used those pop tabs.

  21. Wow, cute pages. I’m gonna have to try using inks. I look forward to more videos on ink. I also watched your video that I bought from you and it is great. I saw you on Robyn’s live chat. That was fun. Have a great day.

  22. The page looks great. Can’t wait for more info on the inks, they’re so bright. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  23. Cathy-Lynn says:

    Just lovely! Thanks for sharing your talents. I’m a newie at this so I really appreciate your your website and everything in it. I too am very interested in the Viva Decor marble alcohol inks. Also great idea with the pop tabs. Can’t wait to see your next project!

  24. Hey, just wanted to let you know that i LOVED the video.



  25. Another great video. liked the idea of the pop tops and the inks – More Info plz ! !

  26. Sharon Harrison says:

    I went to my bag of recycling and started pulling pop tops right away. I discovered that some of the energy drinks have colored pop tops already. The ones I found so far are metallic orange and metallic lime green and black. Just a note. Thanks for giving us another way to use them.

  27. Great Idea with the pop tops. Have fun at CHA. I would love to come sometime. I can’t wait to see what you have planned.

  28. Vickie Lee says:

    Great page! Looking forward to the Viva!!

  29. I love finding unusual things, around the house or any place I happen to be, for scrapping. Love these pages.

  30. I love your video, you give very good details. I like the idea of using pop tops. Looking forward to more info on the inks. Thanks for all the work you put into the video.

  31. thank you for another wonderful lay out!!!! I wish that I lived in Cal to go to CHA….. feeling sorry for me :).
    THANK YOU!!!! Off to be scrappy and figure out my Gypsy…hmmmm……

  32. Carole N. says:

    What gorgeous colors and such a great two page layout. You always make it look so fast and easy.
    Love how you used the pop top. I have a bunch saved so will try this.
    Thanks for the inspiration and video.
    Big Hugs!

  33. Elizabeth Jones says:

    Love this idea. Gonna try it tonight. Loved your video “Cricut A to Z too”!! I took it to JoAnn’s today to show the ladies there as they are having a problem finding a teacher to teach the class. I have learned so much from your video. Where can we buy those inks you used? They are another must have. Will you be selling them at the Hobby show in Anaheim? I will be there for sure. Thanks again.

  34. Great idea. Simple but exquisite. Great way to recycle. Hope to see you at CHA

  35. WOW, I happy to have found your website to help me in my craft project. Thank you so much.

  36. Love recycling projects…thank you! Also, I happy to really like OPI’s “I’m not really a waitress”

  37. WOW, I save pop tops caps never thought of using them in my crafting. Great Idea!!! Thanks.

  38. Thanks for the great idea and demo! Let me know when and where the ink is available, when you know!

  39. Love your crafting ideas. also about different nail polishes you should try they have nail polishes that change color in the sun. too cool.

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