Tuesday Tutorial with Cindy: Cats Scrapbook Layout

Hi everyone, Cindy here with a Tuesday Tutorial for you.  I want to thank Megan for allowing me to post a tutorial on her blog!  I am so excited and a little nervous!  I don’t have quite the professional set up, but I hope you will enjoy anyway!

I decided to create a scrapbook layout of my 3 cats….they are so darn cute and they just do the funniest things sometimes!  The scrapbook page is created from the September Club Ruby Designer Club Kit.  If you are interested in purchasing a club kit you click here to goto the Club Ruby section at Craft-e-Corner.

We are getting ready for the October Club Kit to ship in October and it is just AWESOME!!!  Megan has done it again with her paper selection and embellishments!  I can’t wait to show you some of the items from the October kit (coming soon).

Thanks for allowing me a little time into your day, and I hope you enjoy the video!




  1. Crystal Nichols says:

    That is a very cute pic of the cats all sitting there together. I love the layout & the fact that you mentioned the sketch.

  2. Thank you Cindy, I really like the page you did. The colors are great and the layering very nice. Cute picture of your kitties too.

  3. Elizabeth Soden says:

    Hi Cindy, I really enjoyed your page about your cats. You and Megan do things so effortlessly and confidently, I feel really inspired to try my own projects. I am just starting out and have no idea where to begin. Thank you for all your tips, what tools there are and how to use them, what products and so on. I have a few scrapbook items, and your tutorials are giving me ideas of how to use products and what to start off collecting. It will be a while before I feel confident enough to get a die cut machine or a Cricut, it looks a bit advanced for me, but I am learning from your clear, explanatory and well videoed tutorials. Looking forward to the next ones. Elizabeth

  4. Loved the layout. The circles with the button finished it off great. Lovely pic of your cats.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. The page is as cute as the cats…. thx for showing Cindy. Job well done!!

  6. Judi Farrell says:

    I can see where sketching can be beneficial. I need to start doing that! Thanks for sharing, the layout was beautiful. 😀

  7. This was a great layout. Thanks Cindy I really enjoyed watching it. I’m new at scrapbooking so I love it when you specify what tools you’re using like “the Martha Stewart circle cutter”. It helps me to find the items when I’m shopping. Thanks again!

  8. Wonderful tutorial! Wonderful page! Love the way you explained your design process and the ruffle is divine :D. I always get a little nervous when my cats start focusing on something together lol.

  9. Cindy, Thanks a bunch for filling in for Megan. I’m going to be looking for one of those Martha Stuart circle cutters. I have one from CM that I’ve never use because I don’t know how. The MS one you used makes cutting circles look so easy. Too bad about your camera malfunction, sounds like Murphy’s Law. 😉
    Thanks again.

  10. Thank you for sharing the lovely scrapbook page of your cats. The color mix and design worked so well together. Thanks also for the instructions about pleating the ribbon embellishment and sealing the ribbon edges to keep the edges from fraying.

  11. Love your layout! The colors are so pretty! And I really like the pleated riboon ~ I’m going to be making an anniversary card for my in-law’s 60th anniversary today, and I’m gonna give that a try on the card! Thanks for a great tutorial!

  12. GrannyCharlotte says:

    Great layout Cindy. Love the colors and shapes you used in the layout. Cute kitties!! TFS.

  13. anita backensto says:

    this is a really cute l/o. love it. the cats are adorable!! anita

  14. I enjoyed your tutorial so much. I love the colors and the kittys are soooo beautiful. What an awesome picture!

  15. Rhonda Harre says:

    Great layout, Cindy B, loved the affects of the circles, buttons, and ribbon. Thanks for the idea of heating the edges of the ribbon so that it doesn’t fray. Have a great week!!!

  16. Love your paper choice! Great tip on melting the ends of your ribbon. A well composed page. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Terresa Wood says:

    Wow,great tutorial, couldn’t even tell it was you first one. Love the papers, layour and picture. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Loved this layout esp the ribbon effect at the bottom and the tip for using the embossing tool to seal the edges! Great job! You guys always inspire me!!

  19. Wow you did a great job. Love the layout and it was great to see all the steps through it. Your ribbon ruffle is a great tip for me which I must try out.
    Kim xXx

  20. Stella Moore says:

    Great layout, my favorit color combo!

  21. Katherine A says:

    Cindy, you did an awesome job. I really like the LO and what a great pic. Thanks for sharing all the details, It really helps to see all the creative steps.

  22. Great Job Cindy! Thanks for the ribbon idea…ribbon is one of my favorite embellishments. Love the paper, colors and your layout.

  23. Love this lay out, would really want to know how to work a gyspy, really have no clue what or how this works!

  24. Great layout ! I enjoyed your tutorial .

  25. Great Job Cindy! Your presentation of all the elements and steps was delivered like a pro!! I LOVE the LO and the fact that I can easily adapt it to fit my 3 boys. LO’s that can be used many different ways are my fav!

  26. Love your layout and the great tips!

  27. Cindy – Wonderful and useful tip with how to deal with the fray/end of the ribbon. Thanks for taking the tip to share.

  28. Cindy, No patience needed! You did such a great job and your layout is wonderful. Thanks for the great tip about the fraying ends of ribbon. I look forward to more videos from you!

  29. I love the design of your layout. Your video was excellant and your directions are vey clear. Great picture of your cats.

  30. dianne31331 says:

    Cindy I Love, Love your turtorial. Pic, colors, design etc… was great!!!
    Love your tips :):):) My grandbabies(ages 2-13) scrapbook with me, & I could only image a ribbon on fire- burning my babies, or the house down(another scrapper suggested a ligthter), I decided not to use ribbon or if it frayed, oh well:(. The staples & glue sound easy & fast(gotta love that).
    I’ve also been thinking about a circle cutter that wou ld be easy & fast(don’t always want to get gypsy, hook it up to expression, put paper on mat….. or buy several punches, or pull out big shot, & nestablies just to cut 3 circles!!!!!!!

  31. Brenda Westhafer says:

    Lovely layout, good tip on sealing the ribbon and I never thought of doing words like that on the Gypsy, such a good idea!!!! Great picture of your kitties at the window!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  32. Marilyn Caro says:

    Really cute layout. Thanks for sharing

  33. Great Job Love it

  34. Jenise Dotson says:

    I loved your video, the color combinations were really nice. Thanks for sharing. The ribbon tip was a great idea.

  35. Jane L chadwcik says:

    Love your layout. Thanks for the tip on sealing the ribbon.

  36. Great Job! Fun. I have three cats also and had to laugh when you mentioned how rare it is to have them all in one place at once. I bought the kit just now, good selling job!
    Peggy in Portland

  37. This is one gorgeous scrapbook layout…I just love it! Thank you for sharing it. I have a white cat named Cathy, she looks just like yours (from the back) and it just made me smile to see your three cats focusing on the same thing. Mine does the same thing for hours at a time looking through the window or door screen :-).

    I love the layout, it really like this style of scrapbooking and I do appreciate that you did a 12X12 layout. I know that we see a lot of cards and a bit less layouts nowadays but I still love to do layouts on a daily basis and was very pleased with your page and idea. So thanks again, just beautiful :-).

  38. Great jOb Cindy. Cute page.

  39. Loved your idea of sealing the ribbon with a heat gun! Also liked the quick ease of the Martha Stewart Circle cutter. Thanks so much for sharing!

  40. Great layout!!! Love the colors you used, the ribbon, the button … ALL of it!!!

  41. BEAUTIFUL page!! I love all the circles! The pic of your cats is absolutely adorable. We have three cats too, and it would be a miracle to see them all sitting side by side just like you mentioned!

  42. You did great! That was such a wonderful layout.

  43. Absolutely adorable layout. You did a fantastic job. I really liked all the different elements of this layout. Very nice!!!

  44. Loved your layout. You did a great job on the Tuesday Tutorial. You didn’t seem nervous at all. Congrats!

  45. Really like your layout! You did great for your first Tuesday tutorial!

  46. Thanks Cindy, that’s a beautiful color coordinated layout. love the green and black. the kitty’s are beautiful how lucky to get them sitting together. I have dogs. LOL . Have a great week!!

  47. Loved the layout and what a cute picture of your cats!

  48. Great Layout. I love that picture it is adorable. I also love the word block you made with the Gypsy. TFS and thanx for the great video.

  49. Really cute. Love seeing what others are doing. Although I like cats I don’t have one (don’t like litter boxes), but I could still use this idea with pictures of my dog Jazzie! Loved the combo of the stripes with the floral.

  50. Betsy Rowan says:

    Great job Cindy! My kitties also provide good photo opportunities.

  51. That’s a great layout! Love the colours and shapes, and the contrasting texture with the ribbon, and especially I love your beautiful kitties! What a gorgeous picture.

  52. Great layout! Now I know why your lucky enough to “play” with Megan, you too are very talented!

  53. Very nice layout!!!

  54. Very nice layout like the button & ribbon F.U.N

  55. This is GREAT Cindy!

  56. That is a great layout, I like the circles and the striped paper together. And the green button is the perfect finishing touch – TFS!

  57. Very cool… I wasn’t so sure about the huge flowers but once all is said and done it is very cute. Love the kitty picture, cats are so funny…

  58. Great video. I love the videos. I also like you tip on printing out and spec sheets on all the cartridges. I started yesterday. I got through all my Imagine sheets. It will take a while for the Cricut Cartridges. A few a day.
    Thanks again.

  59. Hi Cindy,
    I was trying to decide if I needed the Sept. Kit now after watching you video I need it!

  60. How very cute! I love the colors! Thanks. You did a great job!

  61. Thank you for sharing your talent. I think the pic of your cats is precious. I have a similar one of our dog waiting for the return of our son from college. Too cute:)

  62. Great layout and video tutorial!!! TFS

  63. patricia pent says:

    great layout Thank you Cindy for doing the tutorial!

    • Thanks for the wonderful tutorial Cindy! I just love your videos and this one was just awesome. That paper was beautiful and I loved all the papers patterens together. The pic of your cats was too cute, I so loved your titles welded together into word art. I also loved that you showed the MS circle cutter, that is really a nice little tool.

  64. Edwina Brown says:

    I love your layout!that photo of your kitties is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  65. sondra nunnally says:

    Loved the arrangemnt and bright colors. I also liked the simlicity of the layout. I can’t wait to try it.

  66. Great tutorial! I never knew about using a heat tool to seal the edges of ribbon like that. Your kitties remind me of this LOLcat: http://icanhascheezburger.com/2010/10/23/funny-pictures-adjusting-contrast/

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