Day 3 2013 Extravaganza! DIY 3D Ornaments! Metal Dies and Free Goodies!

Day 3 and I am going to share some fun ideas for making Ornaments this season – I’m even going to include a link to last years Ornament video because they are so popular and you can use the SAME vinyl techniques I showed you yesterday on ornaments as well!

The 3D Ornament I am going to create uses the Megan Elizabeth PINK Nesting Dies and it just so happens to be todays featured Deal for only $16.12 (that is less than the normal cost of ONE set of dies and you’re getting 3 sets for that! LIMITED TIME ONLY!)

YouTube Preview Image


Here is a video from last year that is super popular so I thought I’d share it here too for ya 😉

YouTube Preview Image

Today’s Deal: Nesting Dies Bundle for only $16.12


Enter today’s Giveaway!

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Join the fun on shopping for Organization and Goodies with 31 this holiday! You all know I host several 31 parties in the past because I LOVE them so much, 1 for what they stand for as a company and 2 they organize my scrapbooking supplies perfectly, 3 I adore personalizing my totes and even over the shoulder bags and now 4 – I love Katie! She has been a LONG time friend of my family and was Maid of Honor at my sisters wedding – her, her hubby and two sweet kids are amazing and showing her home based business support this time of year with a product I love couldn’t be higher on my list of things I’m blessed about! Join “Megan’s Party” when you visit This Link and have fun customizing and personalizing all kinds of great gifts!
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See you tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to read your comments, see your likes and shares, your pins and your tweets!!! It’s going to be solo fun and we will see you for SURE on December 12, 2013 at 9:30pm Eastern Time!


  1. LoVe these Ornaments… I am for sure going to make these… thanks… this is fun…

  2. Nancy Lee says:

    I am going to have so much fun making the ornaments. Thanks!!!

  3. Awesome project. I own all three set of your dies. I also shared this on my facebook page. Thanks for sharing

  4. When I went to purchase this bundle, I discovered it’s out of stock. I requested notification when it returns to stock. Will the sale price still be honored? I hope so. Please let me know.

    • Megan Elizabeth says:

      Its there Ann – I’m sorry we had a numbers glitch – but it will be available all through the 12 days – the ONLY thing that may literally get sold out is the Sparkle Lightz – everything else we SHOULD have enough stock to cover! 🙂

  5. The ornament is so simple but so cute. Love the idea.

  6. Again thanks for the ideas, I love watching your videos, on Black Friday we were towing my brother car from PA back to NJ. well just about to cross Betty Ross bridge and my water pump belt broke. So my hubby and brother walk 12 blocks to get the parts and my daughter and I stay & watched all you older videos on YouTube. So happy to have hubby work ipad with 3G.

  7. Michelle Fox says:

    Love this. What a cute idea.

  8. Lynne Hession says:

    Love this!

  9. Lynn Cromrich says:

    This is such a great project. I will have a great project to do with my grandchildren. They love to craft with me. Thanks for sharing and giving us all a chance to win something in the process!

  10. Ornaments are so pretty. Only wish I didn’t have to cover the other side of the paper!

  11. Great ideas!

  12. Jeananne R. says:

    Newbie would love to add these to my growing collection!

  13. Hi Megan

    So creative, love watching your videos! When I have some down time, I look forward to watching your videos, rather than tv.
    I would love to order the nesting die bundle, but it has been “out of stock” for several days now. How should we go about ordering, and will the special offer still be available once the bundle is back in stock?
    Thanks so much

  14. GrandmaAYW says:

    Love the glitter ornaments. Need to try them soon!

  15. Love these ornaments and can think of so many other things you could apply this to!

  16. Always inspiring! Thank you.

  17. Ornaments are beautiful Thank you sooo much!

  18. Mary Lawrence says:

    Great project. Thank Megan

  19. Angela M. says:

    I own your nesting dies. Thanks for the idea to make ornaments using them.

  20. Ruth Halbach says:

    Beautiful ornaments. thanks for the opportunity and the ideas

  21. Linda Reiser says:

    Cute ornaments!

  22. I was looking for something like these as a project for my grandson’s class. Sooo cute.

  23. Patricia B says:

    Hi my Love Megan Elizabeth, I love the ornaments and these dies are to, pardon the pun, to die for!! I wish I had the money to order all of your awesome products…. Perhaps in the future. Thanks for sharing! Love ya’ Patricia

  24. Donna Miller says:

    These are so cute. Watch you on you tube all the time. Hope you get the ink edger bundle back in.

  25. Sharon v/d Westhuizen says:

    Super idea to make paper ornaments.

    U rock, Megan. 🙂

  26. I really like this ornament idea!! I am going to use this for a baby shower! Thank you so much for your continued giving!!

  27. I have made these with punch cutouts from stampin up. They are lovely. A great holiday ornament. Thanks Megan

  28. I like the ornaments. You have such great ideas.

  29. I love this technique on cards. It’s time to get the kids cracking on ornaments!

  30. I loved this video. I only own a lunch tire from 31. I would love yo win this tote. Thanks for the chance.


  31. Tammy Hancock says:

    I could so do this! I already own your nesting dies. Thanks Megan.

  32. So very cute love them!

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