Giveaway! Square One for All your Masterpieces!

Wooohooo!!!! 🙂

More and More Giveaways!  I have ANOTHER Cricut Magazine To Give away AND I have a BONUS!

Square One Printable Adhesive Fabric! – Ok so you watch this video and I call it vinyl several times over, because THAT is what it is MOST like.  But really it is a printable adhesive fabric that you can use with you Imagine, your Cricut, your regular home printers and so much more!

YouTube Preview Image

I am giving away a set of the vinyl and a Cricut magazine to one person who comments on this post with an idea of what they could use THIS Unique kind of Printable, Removable, Repositionable, Adhesive Fabric! 🙂


  1. This was so very neat. Thanks for these wonderful giveaways, Megan. 🙂

  2. glenda hart says:

    I would totally use this to print pictures to put on my water bottle and carry my loves with me everywhere.

  3. Lori Kaube says:

    Wow that is cool… possibilities are really endless with that! Thanks!

  4. pattie weingardt says:

    I love the vinyl. So many uses.

  5. Deana Hayes says:

    I would use it for fancy name tags on my luggage. It would also work cool for my mom to quilt

  6. I would use the printable vinyl to print a picture of my family and then I would adhere it to my laptop. I am also thinking I could use this to print designs from my Art Philiosphy Cricut Cartridge and then adhere the design to a pillow.

  7. I would use this for a pillow or a baby shower gift! I have a few ideas thanks for the chance to win!

  8. That last comment was the incorrect address sorry!

  9. I would use it for a pillow or a baby shower, I have lots of ideas for it, thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Bobbi Ann says:

    I would use to print photo of my family and hang them all over my house. Thanks for chance to win.

  11. Another Awesome video! I love the way you had your crew involved! I would make a photo album & print my neices first baby photo & use it as the album cover.

  12. I’d probably use this to print some type of photo on–most likely of my grandkids! I could then put that on a tote. I think that would be so cute.

  13. I would personalise a bag for my grandson with his picture and name. He loves photo’s of himself!

  14. Linda Peterson says:

    I think it would be fun to use it to decorate my cubicle at work.

  15. I really need to purchse some of the Square One product. It looks like fun

  16. wow, endless possibles. Thanks for the video

  17. Marcie Smith says:

    This would be so cool for work areas. So many businesses wont allow you to hang things on walls like your pictures, calendars etc. because of the damage to the walls, but this is perfect. Would love to try this.

  18. Heather D says:

    very neat.

  19. way cool. great for kids rooms – no holes in the walls from tacks. spell their names, pictures of friends, families, favorite things, and places. want to buy some NOW!

  20. Carolina H says:

    Cool product! I’d print a pic of my 21-month son and stick it to the back of my iPhone and/or print a family portrait and stick it to the back of my iPad.

  21. I could totally use this vinyl with my pictures of my nieces! Thanks for telling me about it! BTW-Love the picture you used!

  22. Christeen Baker says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this in the Club Ruby kit as it would be perfect for Just Married sign for my daughter’s car and other wedding decorations around the venue as no marks would be left wherever I decide to put it and then remove it. The venue is sandstone and mudbrick so it is great it sticks to these. Awesome!!!

  23. I would use it to make a quilt for my son to take to university. Another fantastic giveaway.

  24. Cool product! I would use it to make some awesome fabric pages for my mini albums and maybe some wall art. Thanks!

  25. Cathy J R says:

    I would use it for cards and scrapbook pages

  26. What a neat idea. Another wish list item.I love it doesn’t leave any residue on the walls, etc. Thanks for sharing. I have a request. I have a number of pearl pens and I noticed you have a container for them. Is that available for sale? You might have demonstrated that before and if you did I do not know how I missed it. I read and watch everything you do.
    Dianne Bell

  27. Fun product! My first thought was to do banners with it. If you can stick it on brick I assume that it will be okay in weather? Do the colors fade if left outside? Banners would be cool!

  28. Diana Kemeny says:

    Would make a nice applique quilt, thanks for the chance.

  29. That was so cool! ty for sharing and another giveaway!

  30. What need ideas!! Thanks for sharing and for the give away!!

  31. Alejandra says:

    I would use this vinyl to decorate my craft room with nice designs and family pictures.

  32. Where to start with ideas, they are endless and some of the ladies have come up with fantastic ideas. My thoughts immediately went to the baby’s nursery. Wall art that can be removed as baby grows. WOW! Can u just imagine how different a babies bedroom can be from anyone else. I have a friend who’s new baby boy’s theme are deers. Now that’s hard to find gifts, wall decor, curtains anything to do with a deer. Poor bambi, forgotten in time. That also sparks and idea for clear plastic curtains for the bathroom. Change the decor, change the shower curtain. I’m wondering if it could be stuck to different fabrics?? oooh, u just stir my creative juices. Thanks

  33. Wow! Lots of possibilities! Thanks Megan 🙂

  34. Roxane F. says:

    I would give it to my daughter who is in college. She could print pictures of her friends etc. and hang on her walls. Looks like an amazing product!

  35. It’s fabric??? applique 🙂 a tote, a quilt….I love the idea shared for luggage tote, pillows. ha, I could use it for lots of things.

  36. Oh!My!Whatawonderfulwonderful product!!! So many possibilities! It would be fun to print photos to give as gifts so the recipient could decide where to stick it.

  37. This is a neat product, but I am curious that if you can put it outside is it waterproof AND would dry erase markers be ok to use on it if you were to make charts for children or calendar that can have other repositionable pieces–say sun for weather, umbrella to teach children certain skills, numbers, etc?? This is a wonderful product that I can see used in MANY ways…Thanks!!

  38. ok, I know we’re not suppose to make 2 comments, but another thought came to mind, which was inspired by today’s video. What about making the pix smaller and using the cricut frames or perhaps even a light weight purchased frame. The lite weight from could be adhered with double sided tape.

  39. Wow!!! That is so awesome, I would use it to make Christmas presents for my great-nieces and nephews – since there are so many of them (18!) it has to be something homemade. Soooo, how cool would it be to make a journal book, with their picture on the front – and because its re-positionable, they could have their own fun!

  40. Deb Goldsmith says:

    I would use it to make decorations for my grandkids rooms. It could be used at work. How cool would it be to give a presentation at a meeting using the printable adhesive fabric.

  41. Our Daughtere is a sophomore in college and is going to love this product!!! She loves her pictures but has limited ability to hang as many as she would like becuase of the “No Nail” rule. Thank you soooooooooo much for sharing this amazing product!

  42. Cathy DeCillo says:

    You could make lettering to put outside for the holidays…such as Happy Easter, Merry Christmas…etc. They could easily go on the garage door then!!! Even personalize it…from the ____ family.

  43. Not sure how I would use it, but i’ sure I could, thanks Megan, another great give away.

  44. What a neat product…I would use this for my kitty’s and decorate my craft room with them..thanks for the video and the chance to win..

  45. I am thinking, thinking, thinking…oh too many ideas! It would definitely used for a very special project for a very special person. Thank you for another wonderful give-a-way!

  46. judy bunn says:

    I would use this adhesive make a wall plaque of my grandbabies.

  47. You are so creative and inspiring! What awesome giveaways! We crafters are so lucky to have you! Keep up the great work! Denise

  48. This would be wonderful. Did a whole quilt that was printed pictures. Would love to try this product.

  49. I would use it for quilting

  50. This sounds great for home decor!

  51. This would be great to create a memory quilt for my daughter’s (a new collge freshman) dorm room. Something to wrap her in when she feels too far from home.

  52. Cool! Would love to try this out!!

  53. Priscilla Leddy says:

    I would use it at work to put up pictures of my grandkids.

  54. Thelma N. says:

    I have a candle holder that I want to redo and this would be perfect for that.

  55. Please, please I want it!!! I do I do

  56. What fun! I would use it for some fun altered projects. A tote bag would be fun or an accent pillow. Or a homemade fabric air freshener for the car……that would be a fun gift for the grandparents!

  57. jan mckenzie says:

    this is great! i never tried this and would love ro!

  58. carolyn young says:

    I would love to use this product to personalize my pre-school classroom with photo/word flashcards to help teach reading. Thanks for sharing, Megan.

  59. Wow what a product. I would love to have

  60. I can’t believe it is fabric.

  61. amazing stuff`my mind is reeling with possibilities for christmas decorations. And the video is fun to watch! Personality plus!

  62. I would love to use this fabric for some home decor projects. In addition, I like the idea of frameless photos on my walls.
    Thank you for all this wonderful giveaways.

  63. Theresa Conte says:

    I think it would be fun to use to decorate for a football game. You could make pictures of your favorite players and decorate without harming you walls.

  64. You don’t mention whether this product is machine washable or not. If it is, it would be wonderful to use on a memory quilt. I can also see it used on purses. I think it would be fun to try something with it.

  65. This product provides limitless possibilities. From sewing/quilting to papercrafting. What a great product. Suz

  66. Margaret Wise says:

    Just love working with vinyl, Perfect for office at Work and on the school buses, my staff puts up different picture and character, And the great thing DOT inspector will approve. Ya.

  67. Very cool product and lots if great ideas from readers so far. I am not real creative myself, I have to usually go with others ideas but I know I would use it for pictures, bags, etc for my #1 Grandson. Would really make great Christimas gifts. Hope I win one to try.

  68. Oh boy, I would love to try that fabric out and ….bonus….cricut magazine. How cool is that. Thanks.

  69. I would probably use it for my boys’ dirt biking numbers/logos

  70. Debbie C. says:

    I want to make decorative tissue box covers. This would be great.

  71. jan mckenzie says:

    I could decorate my wood fence with 4th of julv stars, rockets, all kinds of things and then take them off and reuse for next year! awesome!

  72. Pamela Palm says:

    Wow! Love how great the photo came out on that printable fabric! I would print photos to put on tote bags that I re-purpose. they usually have some kind of logo that I want to cover up.

  73. Sarah Joy says:

    I would use it to decorate my basement walls- cement blocks- nothing sticks to it and I like to hang my girl as artwork now I can print it on this and yeah!!! I will be surrounded my my kids artwork while I craft- Love it 🙂


  74. At first I didn’t think I would have any use of it but the more I watched the more things I could think of. Hope you keep giving ideas for it. Funny how the camera guy doubted you. 🙂 Do you think that after a long time it would leave marks or damage the paint?

  75. This would be wonderful to use in my RV since it would not damage the wall.

  76. Sue Allen says:

    I can’t wait to use the fabric. My daughter is a cheerleader and they always want new unique shirts to wear!

  77. Debbie B. says:

    Besides paper crafting I also love to quilt. I would probably use it for something quilting.

  78. Sonya Gilstrap says:

    I would print off some family pictures for my daughter’s dorm room. She is a college freshman, and a long way from home. Her dorm room walls are bare. They are painted stucco, so nothing else sticks and she’s not allowed to put any holes in the wall. This would be perfect.

  79. Thank you for introducing this to me. We have family reunions every year. It would be just fabulous to be able to put a picture with lettering on a favorite t-shirt for the party and remove and save it for the next year!

  80. This seems like a fun product to use. Thanks for the information. Keep the helpful information coming….it is appreciated.

  81. Patti Klein says:

    My daughter could use this for her art work. She currently draws pictures on t-shirts and then paints them. She could use this for dark colored shirts and even go beyond shirts, to jeans, totes, and more!

  82. Awesome.. I can’t wait to try some printable fabric – never tried that before. Great video.

  83. GrannyCharlotte says:

    Another great looking product. Thanks for sharing! This would be great to use on items for the grandchildren’s rooms. Their tastes change so quickly and this would allow them to choose items to put on their walls that wouldn’t have to be painted over later.

  84. Marilyn Caro says:

    What a great product!!! Probably print a picture of my family and hang it somewhere in my house.

  85. Wow….lots of possibilities! TFS

  86. OMG this stuff is fantastic. People with young children could print a picture of their baby & then put it on the window of the car as a way of shading baby in the summer to keep the heat & sun out of their eyes. I think it would be fantastic for that

  87. I love the Square 1 product. I can think of a lot of uses for it!

  88. Right off the top of my head – I would use this to label my shelves in my craft room. The labels I’ve got now are NOT re-positional (ask me how I know)!

  89. Thanks for a chance to win! Looks really cool.
    Tina from PA

  90. Mary N from MN says:

    My Mother in Law is in a nursing home and I would print off some family pictures and attach them to the walls, so she could see familiar faces. Any thing that keeps her mind going. Thanks for the great ideas and give away. Sounds like an awesome gift for anyone, hopefully me.

  91. Roz Briggs says:

    As a grandmother (and retired teacher)my mind boggles with the uses this could be put to in introducing basic words around the house as a pre cursor to reading skills. Terrific product!

  92. I’d make something for my sister to hang on her wall as her rental doesn’t allow painting or nails in the walls.

  93. Can I just way WOW, I am one to do mixed media, so I would use this in a whole host of ideas for home decor, projects…my mind is racing, can’t wait to get some!

  94. Great looking product. Gonna check it out. Thanks

  95. wouldn’t this make great pillow covers of favorite vacation pictures!

  96. I would use it to decorate my scraproom!

  97. Debbie Painter says:

    Very cool idea/product!! I would totally use this to put on a tote or purse, with a pic of my 2 year old grandson!!! Thanks so much for a chance to win!!!

  98. Johanne L. says:

    WOW! Great product again. Love it. I think I would print pictures of my kids. I’d like to either alter books or make my own and put their picture on it. Thanks for the chance.

  99. This is so cool- so many awesome giveaways!!! Thanks for all the chances to win

  100. I would love this I have 7 grand kids and lots of ideas.

  101. Kathy Tracy says:

    It would be so nice to print out a photo of your family or children (or grandchildren) and put it on the front of a photo album. In addition, it could be used to cut out the name of the person the album is made for and attach it to the outside edge to identify the album without damaging the surface of the album. Thanks for sharing….have a blessed day!

  102. Wow lots of ideas, on front of purses, lunchboxes. I would love to win

  103. i really like this idea, we used to do something similar with photos and you would have to rub off the paper. this seems so much easier. thanks for the vid.

  104. Avril Tanner says:

    Wow! There are just so many different things I can think of to use this for – create something to put on a t-shirt or baby onsie… create a applique for a book cover… the world is so open with possibilities!

  105. Betsy Rowan says:

    Personalize my laptop

  106. Joanna P. says:

    Fantastic. This could do so many things. It would add texture depending on what was printed on it to any scrapbook or card projects. I am seeing many home decor and project personalization projects as well. Ooohhh….the possibilities

  107. Since I’ve been wanting to make a quilt for a while now, I’m thinking that I could use the adhesive material to add a design or even a picture of my family to my project.

    *Preparing for Hurricane Irene to come through.* We already lost power @ 11pm last night. It’s back on for now…

  108. Jane L chadwick says:

    You could use it in your imagine. Print Pictures and word and make it into interactive books to help with reading. but the possibilitys are endless.Thanks for the chance to win.

  109. Humm, lots of ideas go through my mind, I would like to create a family tree on my wall with that vinyl/material and I can always re create it as the family grows.
    Thanks again!

  110. I’d use it for pictures to hang in my office where I am not allowed to hang things with nails/staples. Great alternative.

  111. I would love to use this to decorate my grandsons room, this is really neat

  112. Nicole robinson says:

    I would definetly use this for my granddaughters pictures. They are the joy of my life!! Thank you for the chance to win.

  113. I love canvas bags. Just recently cut out a splendid turkey and ironed on it and then stitched over it. Turned out great. I think that is what i would do with mine. Thanks a heap Megan 🙂 psst also thanks a million for sending my order fast. I purchased the TC Stampmaker a to z and I love it. 🙂

  114. Wow, so many uses. My granddaughter love to put pics on her walls. I can see making a card out of it and she could keep it up to look at.( I make her one every week) Thanks

  115. my son is starting an apprenticeship tomorrow and was looking for a tshirt that had the insignia of the local union. i know with this fabric i could print it out from the internet and then iron on to shirt and it being fabric will lasst longer than the tshirt transfer. he is os excited to start this would be a great congratulatory gift! thanks for the offer.

  116. Love this vinyl, would use it for the flea market to mark different booths. Thanks for sharing this new product.

  117. I would turn it into ceiling art…this fabric would be so much easier to work with rather than paint and stencils.

  118. Nancy Lee says:

    This fabric/vinyl looks like something I will have to purchase!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Ruth Halbach says:

    This looks like an amazing product. From the video, it doesn’t look like it would stretch out of shape like regular vinyl does

    Thanks for the opportunity to win, Ruth

  120. Where to start on the project ideas with such super cool products like this? As always, I’d have to say I’d share this with my 8 year old daughter. She’s about as excited as I am about all the craft projects. We’d use it for something cute and personalized for her because her name is unique (Kwynn), and she can’t find generic personalized accessories for herself, but loves to express her own style.

  121. Marcia Greene says:

    I think this would be a great way to combine two of favorite vices: fabric and paper.

  122. wow! endless possibilities with what you could do with this.

  123. My husband is a photographer so I think I would print out a picture of our kids and frame it for my parents. Not just a regular frame, something cool where I could use my Circut to make it really neat!!

  124. I would use it to print pictures my daughter has drawn and make a quilt for her.

  125. The first thing that came to my mind was a quilt with photos, or decorating a mirror. I know lots of girls love to put photos & stuff on their mirrors!!! What about decorating the getaway car at a Wedding with photos of the bride & groom?? I could just go on & on & on……….

  126. soooo many things one can do thanks for another great giveaway……..

  127. Would love to try those fabric squares!

  128. OMG I would love to win this I hope I win this.Good luck to all. Thank you.

  129. What a great idea. Especially when you have a husband who doesn’t want nail holes in walls.:0)

  130. Wow love how many new products you have highlighted in your 21 day celebration. Having fun checking in everyday to see what the prize will be.

  131. I would love to try this out! I have so many ideas! Personalized pillows, tote bags, walls and more that I am not thinking of right now!

  132. I think it would be great for decorating a tote bag.

  133. This looks so good, I think I would use this to add different photo’s of my daughter when she was young to make t-shirts for all her friends to wear on her hen night. I could even do the same for the groom since I have known him since he was young. Alternatively it would be a good way to decorate the hall for the reception as you say it wouldn’t mark the walls, umm now you have me thinking. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Kim xXx

  134. I hope I win this one, I really what to try that stuff. Your video made a very compelling advertisement for them.

  135. I’ve never used printable fabric or canvas, so heck yeah, I’d like to win it to try something new. 🙂

  136. It would make a great word and picture game for my nephew. and I also love the cricut magazines!

  137. Karen Ogle says:

    Love that! I hope I win this one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  138. Would be great for making removable labels for many things. I’m always having to get bigger storage containers for my stamping and scrapping stuff and then I have to get the old labels off and make new ones. These would pull right off and go on the new container. And for specialty items, the photo could be printed right on the label. WOW

  139. I will use it to dress up my dogs toy area. I have a cady corner spot where I keep their toys so I think adding some graphics would look cute.

  140. Grr, I think I fat-fingered my email address in my earlier comment trying to post from my phone! Sorry!

  141. Love it! This will be great to make wine/water/soda labels for a wedding/baby shower/party.

  142. Repositionable fabric sheets are awesome.

  143. Wow, that product is awesome. I would use it in my scraproom to label all my containers, and repositionable is such a bonus, because the things in my containers keep changing. Thanks Square One and Megan for the giveaway.

  144. Where to start with the project ideas for a product as super cool as this? As always, I’d share it with my 8 year old daughter. She’s about as excited as I am about all the craft projects. We’d make cute personalized items for her since her name is so unique (Kwynn), and she can’t find generic personalized accessories but loves to express her own style. Thanks!

  145. Heather Novinger says:

    I’ve been wanting to decorate my laptop…this would work great for that! Thanks!

  146. since my main interest is making cards I am sure that it would find a place there and I do need to make a mickey and minnie cutout for my friends rv. much better than regular vinyl.Oh,could do the cutouts with the imagine and not have to piece papers!! more thoughts coming,

  147. I thought of my Godson who is two and has had, for his young life, amazing travels so a book with respositionable pictures would be fun.

  148. AMAZING stuff!! Would love to try it out.

  149. Judy Resop says:

    All I can say is AWWWWWSSSSOOOOMMMMEEEE!!!! Megan thank you again for showing me something that is new to me!

  150. Catherine Leek says:

    I would use it to decorate for my son’s birthday party with
    pictures of when he was young and now as a 17 year old. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  151. I think it would be great to make a banner with it. The pictures or words could be changed to suit different activities.

  152. Edna Williams says:

    I would print pictures of my grandkids and use as a cover for the album an I would use it to decorate my cricut.

  153. Irene Baker says:

    I really like this “vinyl” (lol). I would use it for my little grandson’s room. Thanks for the giveaway.

  154. I think it would be cool to take kids pictures, or icons they love and print them onto it. Then decorate the walls with no tacks and nothing stuck! And when they want to change the room theme, take them down and start over!

  155. Awesome stuff! I would use it to print pics of family to place on a canvas for a mixed media home decor project.

  156. Wow this is amazing stuff. I would love to print positive messages and put them on the wall to remind me to enjoy each and everyday.

  157. Love it my granddaughter would love this she could print a picture out of herself and her pony joy and put the piture on her stall door. so many things you could do with it. thank you again megan.

  158. Irene Baker says:

    I noticed the little card with the bear on it on your work desk, that you showed the first time you presented this video. I emailed and asked what cartridge you used to make him, but haven’t received an answer yet. PLEASE let me know which cartridge…I’d LOVE to do a card with him!! Thank you!!

  159. I am making cooking jars for my granddaughters forChristmas an d I could use this ti decorate the jars. the jars are plastic. thank You.

  160. Man I got to get some of this, the possibilities are
    endless. Great playday with grandson.
    Pick me, pick me

  161. kim mcnaughton says:

    That stuff looks AMAZING!!!

  162. Linda Posterick says:

    Sounds like a great new product, Looking forward to trying this. I can think of so many things to use it for already!! Love the Picture of you and your daughter!!

  163. I saw a reference to this printable stuff a few weeks ago. Thanks for showing it in video form. I’ll take another look for it.

  164. This would be so great! I would use this to make shirts for my kids for when we would meet their dad at the airport to welcome him home from a deployment. Or we have a family reunion coming up so I would make us all shirts that would show who we “belong” to in the a family tree with pictures instead of the names.

  165. Carole H. says:

    How about paper doll clothes. Wonder how many times it can be repositioned. Endless possibilities!!!

  166. Cyndi Stephenson says:

    Another fantastic giveaway. This product looks like it would be a lot of fun.

  167. This was so very neat. Thanks for these wonderful giveaways, Megan.

  168. This would be perfect to put on the binder of a photo album to personalize it better than just putting the event or name of child that represents the album. There is so many possibilites, thanks for the chance to try and win it.

  169. Love this product!! I would use this as album covers. My albums all are solid colors, this will let me know at a glance the contents of my albums. Thanks for the chance to win.

  170. I love this! My daughter just moved into college and misses her dog terribly! How cool would it be to print some pictures for her and cut them into cool shapes for a care package! I would be the coolest mom ever!

  171. Sounds like fantastic stuff. Have to try some. I hope I win some. Megan, you find the neatest things or toys for us to play with.
    Thanks a bunch!

  172. I could see myself using this to make covers for my albums (either pictures or designs) or just things to put up around the house. You always have such great iseas.

  173. Judi Farrell says:

    Wow! Amazing product! Almost too good to be true. I want to try it out as soon as possible. I have an older home with plaster walls and the vinyl motifs sold in hobby stores do not stay on the walls. I would use it for home decor and the college room decor is an excellent idea. Also, my daughter rents and this would be really great for her rental so she doesn’t damage the walls. But, I have been wanting something (other than stickers) that’s not permanant, to decorate my ugly, clear plastic, scrapbooking storage containers. This would be perfect!!! Cute craft room here I come. 😀

  174. What a fun new way to decorate your frig with family photos!

  175. Florence Oberkramer says:

    That sounds totally awsome. Would love to give it a try.
    Hugs, Flo

  176. Wow. Since I constantly change the walls in my home and my husband hates fixing the holes I leave behind, I’ll leave the frames behind and go with the fabric. I would also like to use it to decorate the fronts of my scrapbooks. As a teacher I would use these to label the shelves and cabinets in my room as I often switch around materials. No damage, no mess, no worries!

  177. This square one product looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for an awesome video showing how well it works!

  178. What a fun product, with so many uses! Will have to try out for sure! Thanks for introducing so many cool products and ideas!

  179. This is great! All new to me. I just got my first cricut, and I recently sign on to your website. I have tons of ideas, and I would like to use this to decorate my niece’s room. Thanks!

  180. I would use it to make covers for albums using my bind it all.

  181. I would probably use it to decorate the front of an album and print photos of grandchldren and put on front of a sweatshirt. Love to brag about my grandkids! Thanks for all the great ideas in scrappin.

  182. Renee Roberts says:

    I would love to make bookmarks out of this with the kids pic on it,for the grandparents, who love to read. Would make a wonderful Christmas gift..

  183. I would use this to decorate my plain canvas bags for the grocery store. So then I could remove the pics for the bags to be washed. Looks like great stuff!! Thanks Megan 🙂

  184. Tanya Thompson says:

    This would be fun to make a fabric type of mini album with family members pictures for a young child to look through, and touch. I bet if printed out and then stitched to cardstock and decorated it would be a neat product. The fabric would be fun to work with!

  185. That stuff is amazing! I would make pillows with my grandchildren’s pictures! What fun!

  186. Very cool fabric/vinyl product. I would use it for photos, placemats, candle decor, possibilities are endless!

  187. That looks like it can used in many ways not just cards and scpbooking,

  188. Wow, So many uses comes to mind, I love it!!!

  189. Stephanie says:

    Want to wanta win, want to wanta win, want to want to win!

  190. I would try to mount these almost like canvas photo prints and hang them in my living room.

  191. Awesome. I can think of many uses.

  192. oh my goodness that is just to cool and I have to get some TFS there are so many ideas come to mind for this one

  193. Sounds Great !

  194. Carla Lacy says:

    That would be perfect for a family tree hanging quilt!

  195. I would use it in the same way you did in the video. To capture a special photo on. What a unique product!

  196. I’d have so much fun with this product! Would use it for photos, as a lot of others, but also to stick on magnets for refrigerators or file cabinets, as well as MANY other ideas I’d think of later! Thanks!!

  197. I would love to use this for a cover on one of those boring plain scrapbooks I have. Thanks for the chance!

  198. What about my granddaughters lockers at school ! I think that would be a great idea, and I’m sure the girls would love it.I know that one would have pictures of Justin B all over the place. Areally great product. I would love to win this for them.Thanks for the chance.

  199. Ann Diehl says:

    I would put my precious little girl’s pictures (my dog child we lost to cancer) & put her on a shirt & tote bag so she can still be with me wherever I go. It would be a wonderful remembrance of her.

  200. Carla Lacy says:

    Cool! You can make really cool calender pages too!With photo’s or for all seasons.

  201. this looks too cool!! i love it!! i would use it put on our stadium chairs for my step daughters softball. 🙂 awesome!

  202. how about using it to put photos on the back of your cell phone??? Love it!

  203. Becky Elfert says:

    Wow! What a cool product. After reading some of the replies people have posted, there are some really neat ideas for it.

  204. I would use it for my card making. It would be an interesting focal.

  205. this looks like so much fun, I can see 3 of my grand daughters decorating their room with it. Possibilities ENDLESS!

  206. Wow! Millions of ways to use it all!!

  207. This would be great for decorating for the all the upcoming holidays. Just think walls, lampshades, or whatever.

  208. We just had a very close friend lose his 21 year old daughter in a single vehicle accident about 3 weeks ago and when they are ready they are going to go through her clothing and give me her favorite things and I am going make a memory quilt out of them. This item would be perfect to incorporate with that. Thank you

  209. Stacey Halbgewachs says:

    I have been wanting to try this fabric since watching the video a couple wks ago! Thanks for the opportunity to win some 😉

  210. My daughter is a senior and will be going to college next fall – what a great way to display family photos on her dorm walls!

  211. I see may possibilities with this product. Can’t wait to try it out.

  212. Love the idea of this. Would love to try it.
    Marijo aka Scraptastic Grammy

  213. Corrine A. says:

    What a fantastic product! I can’t wait to try! Would love to use it for pics at work.

  214. I love that video on Square One – I can see many projects I could use this for – sending a picture on a card that can be removed by the recipient – now how cool is that! Thanks, Gail in MI

  215. love it!

  216. so many fun things. I will definitely have to get some of this.

  217. wow…looks like a great product. would love to try it. Thank you for telling us about it.

  218. Another cool crafting tool. I think pillows for the grandparents with pics of them with the Grandkids.
    Peggy in Portland

  219. This is very cool!!! I would love to try this product,what a great give a way. Thanks for a chance to win. Hope your day is Blessed.

  220. Thank you so much for showing us the possibilities with this product. I would love to make a gift for a baby shower.

  221. Great potential for lots of fun projects.

  222. Great product – can’t wait to try it.

  223. I think this would be great for teenagers who like to decorate their room different every other week! How quick and easy would that be to print out different things to hang on the walls!

    Love this stuff!

  224. How awesome is that?!?!? Thank you for such awesome tutorials and the op to win gifts, too:). Be so blessed. Bartlettpair4atmsndotcom

  225. Glenda Sue says:

    Wow how cool is that!

    Thanks for so many giveaways!

  226. I would love to try this!!!

  227. I make jewelry with fabric. Adhesive-back fabric opens up new possibilities.

  228. I would use it to decorate the front cover for my newest grandsons first year book. Then to use it to create a wall mural for my preemie grandsons room. Thanks

  229. That is sooo cool I can’t wait to create all kinds of projects with my childcare kids! I’ll be getting some soon. They keep coming up with stuff that is amazing!

  230. Lauriejane says:

    I would love to try this product after seeing you use it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  231. You mentioned a special Deal from Square One after the video, did I miss it somewhere?

  232. This is such a cool product. I can hardly wait to use it!!!!
    Thanks for the update on new products.

  233. Ok Megan, I would use this to put cute holiday wording on my front door. This way I can change the fun phrase for every holiday. Great product for Apartment livers as well. With it you can put fun things on the walls and have no problem getting it off.

  234. Melissa P. says:

    This looks so cool!! Would love to win it!!!

  235. JoAnne Freeman says:

    This is an interesting new product. I appreciate the opportunity to win. This might be a great new way to have fun and creative.

  236. This would be a great way to display photos at a birthday party

  237. Whoever said “an old dog can’t learn new tricks” was definately wrong. At 70 I am constantly learning things from you. Keep it up!!!

  238. Oooohhhh, love this! I lease my townhome and have really wanted to put up some decorative art work outside on my patio! This is the way to go…

  239. This would be great to print Holiday designs, i.e. Christmas ornaments and stick them to the front of the house, front door if it will stick on anything without damage. I’m excited, Halloween is coming up my mind is going crazy with ideas. 🙂 Yay

  240. This would be so much fun to decorate totebags and backpacks with!

  241. I would use it on a T-shirt, with interchangeable embellishments. That would be interesting!

  242. I would print and cut out pirates on the Buccaneer
    Imagine Cartridge . I would use other cart to do some decorating in my grandaughter room.
    Dawn RI

  243. I would print the only black and white photo of my grandparents on it and create a heritage wall hanging. Or, use it in a mini album, or use it on my pages!1

  244. Sharon Harrison says:

    I would use it for my youngest son. He puts stickers on everything but they always ruin the items. This way he could print up whatever he wants and then his wife could remove it when she wants to change them. Awesome product!!

  245. I would use to make pictures of my 3rd graders to put on parents gifts and my family reunion surprize gift, not that far yet!!!! But will get there!!! Love This

  246. I. Would use it to make spirit banners for my kids. Sports

  247. I have little totes that snap together that I use for my Scentsy testers. I was using “repostionable” circle labels to label where each tester goes, but as each Scent of the Month came in, I would have to reposition and move testers around, which left the labels looking rugged. I could take a pic of the testers for each tray and then print onto a sheet of this “vinyl”, trim for the tote and be styling! And of course, the Scent of the Month testers would not be incorporated into these, they would go in their own tote of top

  248. Edwina Brown says:

    I have a young friend in college. It would be so cool to make a wall decor puiece for her to hang on the wall. With lots of bling, flowers, butterflies and Viva Decor accents on it.

  249. Kristan(Crazy4Christ) says:

    wow very cool!! I would use it to cut out different shapes to put in my daughters room, the decals that i put up on the wall ruinned the paint so this would be great!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  250. Wow!! I am going to use this product for my sunday school Mother’s day gift idea.

  251. I would use my Photoshop Elements to create a series of squares to create a unique baby block.

  252. Wow what a wonderful idea. Thanks Square One and Megan

  253. Cheryl H. says:

    That is the coolest thing, I absolutely love love love it!! so many ideas to do with it. Oh boy!

  254. would love to win! Haven’t used this stuff before.

  255. Great product! I would use it to put my daughter & son-in-law’s picture on the wedding album that I am making them, they just got married!!

  256. Wow…endless possibilities!!! I need it!!!!

  257. Wow, that is totally cool with a zillon applications. I could make seasonal/theme pieces that all the occasion, something for Christmas, then take it down, something for Easter, then take it down. Great Find.

  258. I would love to try this. I like to move things around a lot but always have to arrange around my items around my pictures on the wall. With this being repositionable, I could put my items anywhere and put the pictures back up on the wall where I would need to. LOVE this idea!!

  259. This is a great product. I would use it to put a picture on a tote bag. Also, I would put it on my desk. I would first print some pictures of my family, then I would cut them out & adhere them on desk (front of drawers.)

  260. I would love to try this vinyl for making templates for quilting. Also thought it might be useful for the signage for where I work.

  261. Why not make a picture of each child and hang it on there bedroom door? Gives each child a sense of ownership of their space.

  262. Cathy Plese says:

    I would use it to decorate my walls in my craft room, use it for window clings for the different holidays, the uses are endless! What a great product, I love that you can remove it with no damage to your walls.

  263. I can imagine covering wood frames and boxes with pictures I’ve printed. Can’t you just see a frame with iconic Las Vages pics then, a picture of my DH losing at a slot for the focal? Soccor star names, trophies, team logos printed and used on the wide wood frame and my sweet soccer playing grandson’s pics in the frame itself. I must have this.

  264. I love this…no damage to walls YEA!!! I would like to make some mini flag hangings for outside. Could it be used for the outside? Thanks, Madonna

  265. I would love to have a collage of my grandkids photos on my “special” room’s door and square 1 removable vinyl would do the trick.

  266. This is very neat stuff.

  267. I would love to make up decorations for tents and campers to use at our next family reunion. Maybe make up something for everyone’s folding chair. I have lots of ideas going though my head now.

  268. Carole Miller says:

    Fun stuff! Can think of many things I’d like to try!

  269. This vinyl sounds awesome!

  270. This would be great to print out things to adhere to my four 13 year olds’ binders for 8th grade. They could make their binders full of school spirit!

  271. So many great givaways Megan, you are the best!

  272. I would make pictures to put on my Ipod and my cell phone,,,way cool!

  273. I think it would be great to have a vinyl tree on my wall and then use this to print pictures off my kids and grandkids on the tree. I know my grandkids will love it.. and we can measure the grandkids growth on the tree marked by a smaller pic! How fun.

  274. Would be great for teachers to put things on their walls no tape is allowed and that tacky stuff is a pain.

  275. Margie Taber says:

    I would use this like for a skin for my netbook as I get bored with the color

  276. Interesting that you kept mentioning in your videos that colleges approve this material, because the first thing I thought of when you asked what I would use it for was to hang pictures on my son’s dorm room at college! He makes BEAUTIFUL posters from pictures he takes and motivational phrases he finds on the web, but he doesn’t want to wreck the poster by sticking a pin through it (plus, he can’t stick pins in the walls of his dorm), so this would be a wonderful way for him to hang a poster for one year, and then be able to remove it at the end of the school year!

  277. Shirley E. says:

    I have a teenage granddaughter that has over 100 pictures taped all over her bedroom walls! Her parents would love it she has this undamaging, repositional vinyl for her pictures. I’m sure her walls are damaged, but if they want to repaint they wouldn’t have that problem anymore. That would be a great gift!

  278. I think this stuff would be great to make super cute all decals for my daughters bedroom and my scrap room!

  279. Kathleen P says:

    My veterinarian’s office would love this. I would print my pet’s photo and give to them. They post all kinds of things on a pet wall.

  280. I would use the printable white vinyl fabric to make a photo collage art piece. Because it has adhesive it would make the job easy. I think it would also make a great pillow or tote bag. Thanks for another chance to win.

  281. Christa Hamilton says:

    I would use this for when my Girl Scouts had to sell cookies and make signs we could hang up w/out tape. So cool!

  282. I love it. I would make a collage and hang it up at work, I only have room for a frame this would be great. I can think of so many fun things you can do with this.

  283. I totally want to use this to make a photo wall of all my favorite places. This would be better than photos in a frame because its earthquake proof, no broken glass on the floor! ooooh and maybe print off a mural in parts so that the landlords wont cringe (landlords love creative people NOT!) 🙂

  284. I am thinking that this would be a great way to use this product would be for making 3D Christmas ornament. I bet the fabric/vinyl would last longer than just cardstock. I would give them away as gifts to coworkers and students since I work at a school. Thanks for a chance to win. 😀

  285. I would print my son’s art work and add around the house 🙂

  286. Maggy Tronche says:

    Hi!! I love this product, and I think you can used for many many things, I’m thinking it’s just perfect for decorate with photos of my family in the living room wall, and decorate too the bedroom of my kid, and it’s perfect because it’s not damage the paint walls!! Thanks for this giveaway!! Hugs.. Maggy

  287. I would print out pictures of my brand new first granddaughter and stick them on the cover of her scrapbook, my wall, my laptop and anything else I can think of!!

  288. I think it would be really cool to use one of the Photoshop painting style filters, print photos on it and then frame them for the wall. They would look like canvas paintings!! What a cool product!!!

  289. Liking this Square One stuff. Being active with church youth group and team mom for sports, this could adhere to boys sports bags, church and school walls and many other uses. Thanks for sharing

  290. Wow, I have never seen this before and am looking forward to buying and trying. Thank you.

  291. Great idea! What can be better than free!

  292. Joan Peters says:


  293. You are so funny! It even says fabric on the front of the package…This sounds like a really cool project! I would love to pring pix of me and my scrap buds at crops and slap them on the walls in my scraproom!

  294. You are so funny! It even says fabric on the front of the package…This sounds like a really cool project! I would love to print pix of me and my scrap buds at crops and slap them on the walls in my scraproom!

  295. I would so use this printable fabric to make t-shirts for our new Volunteer committee that a couple of us mom’s here in our town started to help out the school our children attend. Thanks for the chance to win.

  296. I would use this to let the kids print their favorite photos to put up on their bedroom door! What a neat idea!

  297. Love this! I might use it to make a cover for my laptop! Can’t wait to try it with my imagine – and make maybe window clings?

  298. Bibi Leak says:

    Whoa!!!This product sounds terrific. I can totally see myself printing out pics of the grandkids and placing them in collages and then when I want to change them out I can. What a great product. God Bless you and your family.

  299. I would use this to put photos on the brick pillar in my office.

  300. I would use it to make Birthday, or Holiday Celebration banners. Just think how big and how different that each letter can be!

  301. Carol Mergogey says:

    I would use it to make a breast cancer awareness ribbon and put it on my Car and laptop and anywhere else I could. Thanx for all the great videos

  302. This is wonderful stuff. Thanks for the great giveaways and demos.

  303. It would be for our family Christmas photo that we send out w/the Christmas cards. Then you don’t need magnets or tape to put them up. Thanks for introducing this cool product!

  304. This looks great! I would love to try this out!


  305. I am planning a Mickey Mouse party for my daughter who’ll be two in January. I bought cricut machine & Mickey cartridges just for that reason. I would love to win so I can create Mickey images to put on bottles for kids and create signs for candy display etc.

  306. Looks like a pretty cool product. I’m thinking it would look great on votives for gift giving.

  307. wow, the possibilities are endless. I think I would really love it to make a photo collage in my craft room of all the foster kids that come thru my house. Each one is special & unique & I have a scrapbook I am working on of them, but I am proud of all of them & then I could update the pictures without killing the wall or my husband killing me!!!

  308. Would make a book bag for my granddaughter with her picture on it

  309. omg, what a neat idea and thanks for sharing the video

  310. Cynthia Guy says:

    I’d use it for Ceili and Nathan and their art work. 🙂 Ceili loves to draw…she’s such a mini artist. I scan her artwork in the computer a lot…so this would be fun. 🙂

    Hope you guys faired the storm ok. 🙂 LOVE ya

  311. April Dawn Titus says:

    I’m sooooo excited, can’t wait til the give aways are anounced.

  312. I would print out the sign for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Societies’ Team in Training. I rand marathons and raised a lot of money for 10 years until I became a patient myself! I would use them to raise money. People could use them for their own fundraising projects or put them on their cars to let people know that they support us! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  313. Sharlene Bumgarner says:

    Great product. So many uses I can’t pick anything in particular.

  314. I would like to do some wall hanging for my daughters. Thanks for the chance to win.

  315. Debbie Eslinger says:

    this would be great for a wall quilt for my mother and dad of their great-grand children

  316. This stuff is so cool I hope I win. Thanks for showing us all about this great product!

  317. Very unique quilts would be fun for this material!

  318. This looks like fun. thanks for the chance to win. have a great day!!

  319. I would use it to personalize my grandchildren school binders, with picture that pertain to the subject and then add a favorite picture of something that they really like, something like 4 wheelers, race cars, etc.

  320. Wow you bring us such inovative products. Thanks so much. I would love to get my hands on this printable fabric for t-shirt decals and wall decor.

  321. I think I would love to make tote bags for the grandmothers with my DD’s pictures on them.

  322. WoW! I would totally LOVE this for my 2 yr old daughter’s room! She is into EVERYTHING dance and I want to decorate her room with pictures of ballet dancers and her dancing as well. Since we rent, it is hard to put anything up because of the damage! WoW! I NEED this product!!!!

  323. Jamaine Brasseaux says:

    Ok, so if it’ll stick to heavy plastic, how about personalized placemats? Mouse pads, for those of us who still are not wireless. Even kids party-personalized seating placemats. Thanks for the chance to win!

  324. I would use it as a picture tag for presents. ID tags for inside childrens coats easy for them to recognise their own coat. Many ideas

  325. I would use the vinyl to make a collage of all of my daughters school pictures and put their graduation picture in the middle, frame it with a very nice frame and hang them proudly in our family room.

  326. Phyllis Clark says:

    This is amazing. The uses could be endless. Thanks for the chance to win.

  327. Valery Green says:

    You can call it that. I’ll take it, use it and share it. Loving everything. Keep those
    surprises coming.

  328. Neat product…so many possibilities.

  329. Mary Shoffner says:

    I have always wasnted a purse with my girls picture on it…so I would use it to make one. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  330. TheSatuMaarit says:

    I would use that printable fabric for example in covers of scrapbooking album or etc.

  331. I have been given more work responsibilities and am thinking hanging photos of happy times in my cube would help reduce stress. Since we are not permitted to hang anything permanate this would be perfect!

  332. Rebecca C says:

    could be used for so many things. I would like to try it on my husbands truck by making my own decals. Think it would work. I’ll try it anyway.

  333. I could use these to print cartoon window decals to keep my 6 year old niece entertained while riding in my car.

  334. oohhh, this looks so cool!

  335. I would use this on my walls that have paneling because I can not get pictures to stay up. Thank you Megan for all the great tips and videos and specials you do. These sweepstakes are fantastik. Now I am going to go comment on previous blogs. Again Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  336. Jeannette aka Jnett says:

    Fun stuff. I could see it printed with photos and made into lamp shades or cover a handbag or how about a wall mural. So many possibilities.

  337. I think I would print my son’s lacrosse logo and his name, and use it for his training clipboard. Maybe it could be used to personalize his equipment bag?

  338. it would be great to use on one of those cheap round tables you buy to do the top of it!

  339. This seems like the perfect accessory to use with the Cricut Imagine & is definitely at the top of my “to buy” list. I have sooo many ideas flooding my brain right now and cant wait to begin crafting with it!!!

  340. I wish I would have had that when I went to college. I love it.

  341. What an awesome product!!

  342. This is an awesome product that I am excited to try. I’m thinking of using it around the house for part of my Christmas decorations. I wonder if it will be good for my panel walls.

  343. what fun that would be to use… and bty, this would be my first time winning anything if I did!!!

  344. Kelley B. says:

    I’d like to try printing a family photo to decorate my laptop with. I’m sure the possibilities are endless!

  345. Love this stuff! Going to get some now for a decor project I’m working on!

  346. This looks so cool, awesome product!!

  347. Alot of good ideas have been given so far. For me I would use it on my scrapbooks. I love the idea of making a fabric book for young children. I would also use it to make my mother a wall collage of all her childern, grand children and great grandchildren.

  348. I would use to print sayings to put on decorative homemade pillows for the holidays. There are so many different things. Also use the Hello Kitty cartridge and make designs for my nieces tops. She would so love! Thanks for the opportunity!

  349. This is so COOOOL!!!!!
    My first project will be for my Best friends gong away party. I will put a pic of a group of us butted up next to a Going Away Pic with all our signatures and notes of well wishes at the Party..Then I can repost it to put into a Frame to give to her as a gift.
    My second project will be for my Craft Room-pics of several of our crop clubs with friends and family. Endless possibilities. Thanks for the chance to win.
    sandrav9288 at yahoo dot com

  350. Marianne B says:

    I’d love to try printable vinyl fabric. Thanks for the chance.

  351. I would print a calendar a month and stick it on my refrigerator every month

  352. Thanks for introducing me to yet another product….this is wonderful….can’t wait to try it! If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t even know it existed!

  353. Cheryl Hauber says:

    There’s a wedding coming up that I need a gift for… All of the great things I could come up with using this fabric for a gift would be awesome!

  354. Jennifer Carr says:

    I would make a picture to put on the outside of my laptop. Thanks for the chance to win!

  355. Teresa Luck says:

    I do a lot of vinyl projects and it will be cool to be able to personalize them. maybe on tiles for coasters,are glass plates with a picture of a couple on there wedding day, or on a glass vase using a paper pattern that you like, Sorry my mind is going wild with differtent ideas :}

    Thanks for the reveiw oon this great product.

  356. Charity Brown says:

    My idea would be to use it on my daughter’s locker at school…the school does not allow anything but blue painter’s tape so this will work great! Gotta love it!

  357. Love this stuff!!!

  358. Oh so many possibilities. I’m thinking totes or pillows first.

  359. Halomom2000 says:

    I would make personalized sweatshirts for my grandchildren! What fun…pick me!!!

  360. Bliss Pintar says:

    I would use this material to print children’s Birthday party decorations.
    Make lots of name pieces for the guests to be used for games,loot bags,color-in favors.Children love to see their name in print.
    I’m planning a bridal shower for this spring and my head is buzzing with applications.
    This will be lots of fun

  361. lots of things to use this for.

  362. Granny Sandy says:

    I watched the video clip and have never seen such amazing stuff. I am sure we don’t get anything like that here in NZ. I would love to give this vinyl a try~

  363. neat stuff!

  364. that is ‘way cool’!!!!!

  365. Jan Stiner, IL says:

    I love this idea, there are so many things I would put my family pics on, first being a new mini clipboard that goes everywhere with me!!

  366. I would use it everywhere…Walls, Computer, car, bags, what every I could think of it would be sooo much fun

  367. Wow would this ever be fun to work with!

  368. wow cool stuff! looks like fun.

  369. Totally Cool!!!!!! Love it….cheers Carol P

  370. that’s a cool product… i would use to create a cover for my phone and Kindle – i love abstract art and think it would be great to have that was uniquely mine 🙂

  371. This is such neat stuff. I would love to use it for table decorations for our MOPS group. Every year we have a different theme so we could stick them to the table cloths and switch them out each year.

  372. This looks great. I would use it on my family picture wall to further enhance the wall in my family room.

  373. Jennifer H says:

    I would use it to decorate my new craft room with family photos for inspriration.

  374. I think I am going to use this product for individual photo personal place settings (including place mats, name tags and even napkins)for a party…or Thanksgiving…or Christmas. I’m starting small and then go on to something larger. Perhaps once I actually use the product, more ideas will spring forward and I’ll have more confidence to try daring things.

    Thanks, Megan, for all the surprises, give aways and introductions to new things. Love it!

  375. Awesome video. Love the idea.

    Thanks for the chance

  376. Penny Mourer says:

    The possibilities are endless!! So many projects, so little time to get them all done. I think I would start with bulletin boards at church and go from there. I agree with others ideas too. This looks like a fun material to work with.

  377. I will use this vinyl fabric to make leaves with the pictures of my family members, to attach to the vinyl tree, that I made with my Cricut. It hangs in my entrace way.

  378. The prospects are endless with what can be done with this great product. I look forward to trying this out. Thanks for a chance to win this. How COOL!!

  379. Mary Alice Espinoza says:

    This would be great in my classroom! I could put up a bulletin board without a bazillion staples, and be able to save my items without having staple marks. I can see using it for labeling the menu, student of the day, classroom helpers, etc. What a great product!

  380. Vickie H. says:

    Haven’t used anything except paper in my Cricut – I guess I should “expand” my horizons!

  381. Barbara K says:

    What a great product. I can hardly wait to adhere a picture of each of my grandchildren to their very own shirt. This product doesn’t look as stiff as the fabric transfer sheets. thank you!!!!!!!!!

  382. I think your idea for college girls would be great. Also could print a collage of my favorite photos of a vacation and use it to cover the albumn. It is a very cool product.

  383. I would use it when decorating for parties … Halloween is coming up … could print some cool ghosts & goblin pictures and wording to hang on wall … wouldn’t that be fun?

  384. Beatrice Madrigal says:

    So many way to use square one come to mind. On plastice, wood and glass. Cant wait to try the product. Thanks for all the information you give us.

  385. LOVE the new vinyl. What a great idea.

  386. Lynn Smith says:

    I think I would like to try using it somehow in a quilt pattern.

  387. That is really cool. I would use it to decorate my walls in my craft room so that when we move it is easy to take down.

  388. Wow! This is awesome! Cant believe you can actually reposition it! I love IT!

  389. I haven’t use vinyl yet, but love the idea 🙂

  390. Wow Can’t wait to try! Would love to print family pictures and make collage on wall Thanks for the chance!

  391. I think I will be decorate my laptop, my cricut and my big mirror in my bedroom. It will be great, Thx for the change to win.

  392. Islandnami says:

    If it sticks on cloth I think it would be fun to use the vinyl for custome totebags. You could have a couple solid color totebags and change the vinyl to reflect your mood or coordinate with your outfit for the day. I bet teenagers would love it.

  393. Cool product! Thanks for the chance to win!

  394. I would use it to make the sales tags to put on things I’m selling at consignment sales – the tag wouldn’t come off and get lost PLUS it wouldn’t damage the item!

  395. Madeline Griggs says:

    The new vinyl is awesome! I used the regular vinyl when I made Christmas gifts last year. I would use the cricut to cut the vinyl shapes and then I would put it on glass tiles. It was hard to get the air bubbles out and also hard to reposition. I would love to use the new vinyl to make more gifts this year. It sounds much easier to work with. Thank you for all your project advice.

  396. Just like everyone else says the uses are endless. Can’t wait to get my hands on it and let my four year old granddaughter see what she wants to do with it. FUN!

  397. Kelly Juliano says:

    My son is away at college with brick walls. So now he can upload his sports pictures and print them on the adhesive fabric and apply it to his walls.

  398. That would be fun to decorate the game room.

  399. I would use it in my sons room…we are painting in a few weeks and he wants a sports theme. I could make cool balls with it.

  400. Megan,
    What a great new product. I’d use it in my Cricut to cut letters and images for scrapbooks.

  401. I have cute bubble bath pictures of my kids from when they were babies. I would print them out at tile size and border my bathroom just above the counter.

  402. oleladydevine says:

    I would use it to print copies of a couple of quilting squares needed to complete a quilt the Craft ladies at my church are making to raffle at our Annual Turkey Dinner & crafts bazaar.

  403. Christina says:

    oh this will be fun! I see alot of home decore projects!

  404. This is so cool! I would take family pics and stick them up in my cubicle at work, where my cabinets are plastic – so no magnets work – and no bulletin boards either.

  405. I could use this for my Photography Business Logo and put it on everything! Thanks for a chance to win!

  406. brenda densmore says:

    This is so neat would be great to make wall decorations for my granddaughters play room!!!!! Thanks

  407. Have a baby shower coming up, think I’ll fancy up some of the diapers I am bringing for a give away the hostesses are having. This stuff is so cool!!
    Thanks Megan for another fantastic give-away.

  408. Norma Weiss says:

    I would make small pictures or names tags for drinking glasses for my guest coming for the holidays this year…possiblities are endless. Thank you for another chance to win another great prize!

  409. NanetteMT says:

    Wow…the possibilities are endless. I think I would use it for seasonal decorating.

  410. Angie Becker says:

    Fun fun!

  411. Oh boy, I would use this stick to anything fabric for the wall in my office where NOTHING sticks! And I would put it on my book bag after I print out lovely pics of my family, then I would sew it onto a pillow to send to my college age children!

  412. Great tutorial…I could use this for my daughter’s school bag.

  413. Wow, that is amazing. I live in a log home, will it stick on wood (logs). I think it would be great to use on a wall at church where my GEMS girls club meets. A picture of all the girls on the wall would be cool.

  414. Another great “gift”. Thanks so much for all your ideas and great to use in the classroom.

  415. That is pretty cool stuff! Since I’m a paper crafter, I’d like to put pictures of my completed projects all over the wall in my craft room to keep me inspired and to remind me of what one of them looked like.

  416. Endless possibilities with this vinyl. Can’t wait to try it.

  417. Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try it here in Ky if I don’t win. Always, Alayne

  418. I guess my question is if it is washable? There are fabrics that you can use for picture quilts that are. I think it sounds great for displaying photos on fridge doors or anywhere. I really want to try it. Like to have the magazine too.

  419. How about a fantastic purse with my grandkids pics on it!

  420. i never win anything, maybe i will this time

  421. oh i forgot……..i would use this for a picture of my son with his puppy dog ears, it is my favorite picture of him! i think i still have the ear somewhere too…

  422. I know that it is a printable fabric but depending on the adhesive it would interesting to see if a less dense machine embroidery design could be done without it leaving particles of the adhesive in the machine. It could then be used for small or larger applique type items on items that are difficult to embroider on.

  423. Jessie Conger says:

    This is a great new product! I have Creative Memory Albums that I can now decorate them and label them with these, however I want to. You know another great thing would could make pictures and brighten up walls of a hospital room and just peel them right off and place into an album after their stay!

  424. Pam Knight says:

    i would us this either on a t-shirt or a quilt block…maybe a pillow. it would be great to win this. thank you so much for the opportunity.

  425. Can’t wait to print my Grandkids pics to it to put on my desk at school.

  426. dolores weitzman says:

    i would use the printable fabric to put a picture of my family on a wall hanging quilt in the living room!!! fantastic prize and video, thanks, megan!!!

  427. Daphne Held says:

    It would be a fun journal cover…thanks Megan!

  428. I think this would be wonderful for decorating banquet halls for a wedding reception, showers or birthday parties. Not all banquet halls allow you to use thumb tacks or scotch tape. I would cut the designs with my cricut. The decorations could be used over and over again

  429. Wow! Cool stuff! I am pretty sure there are a million ways to use this product, but I think I would start with printing pictures on it and attatching it to things like my laptop, pillows, etc. Thanks for introducing us to it!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed to win some!

  430. Mary Jane says:

    Seems like I could put a picture of my grandchildren on it and put it on a sweatshirt. Then use a fancy stitch around it to be sure the corners stay in place.

  431. I think it would be neat to print grandchildrens pics on to make something for grandparents(shirt, tote bag, etc. You could cut out frames from some of the cartridges to put around.

  432. I think it would be great to use in the kids lockers at school. Pictures of friends or favorite bands, or even use chalkboard paint on it. Cut it down and stick it everywhere in lockers or even on school books. Great giveaway.
    Thanks, Angel

  433. Dardie Bolin says:

    This is awesome!!!

  434. WOW!!! I think it would be cool to do a scenery picture and put it on the window, it would still let some light in but have a different view than just the street and houses out front

  435. Thanks for sharing this product with us. I would use it to make borders for my bedroom. Looks a lot easier than doing a wall paper border and easier to remove.

  436. Angie Becker says:

    I would use this to make a collage wall of my kids in my family room….wowzers that stuff looks awesome!

  437. Very cool!

  438. How Cool! I would use it to print out small photos and adhere them to an ornament and embellish it to create a very personalized gift.

  439. robin breault says:

    OMG it is fantastic! Wow how inovative! I want to win some of it, to try it out. Thanks mississaugarobin

  440. Lynn Mann says:

    I would print pictures for my daughter to hang in her room. She has one wall dedicated to posters, photo copies, etc. of groups, movies, etc. that she likes. Too many holes in the wall right now! This could help end that!

  441. What a great product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to print out my families picture and make a purse out of it! Thanks for the chance!!

  442. What a beautiful picture! : )

  443. This is great. I think I would use it on a baby blanket. I think that would make a great gift.

  444. I will use it in two ways. I live very far from my son which is in college. He looovees to read, I will print some pictures of the books he loves so he can share them with his friends in his dorm. The second way is that I have three coffee tables on my two different living rooms. I will put two pictures and favorite sayings and interchange them about every three weeks for my friends to be delight. It is prefect not only for pictures but for text and poems. I live in a rented apartment so this will make a different on my walls every time I have company. No hammering to do and so many options. 🙂

  445. Cindy Sue says:

    WOW!!! I’d use it for name tags, everyone hates the paper ones and these you could personalize. Great for putting on luggage, I hate trying to find my bag at the airport when everyone else has the same bag. Great for a wedding, print pictures of the couple (childhood & up) and put on the walls, they can’t complain when they just come off with no damage. This is an wonderful product.

  446. I would use it to decorate my son’s dorm.

  447. I would use it to make pictures of all the kids and hang them on the wall with each name designed below each picture,

  448. Nel Konkle says:

    I live half the time in one state and the other half somewhere else (retired) the vacation place I can’t hang anything on the wall with this I can hang grandkids pics thank you thank you thank you

  449. Poquosonmom says:

    For my daughter to help decorate walls in her schools classroom

  450. Kimberly Walker says:

    So neat. I will be getting some of that. I would love to use that in my young boys room.

  451. Bonnie Beck says:

    That is so cool!! I would print pics of my daughter Sadie on the Square 1 sheets then cut them out in shamrock shapes to hang on the walls for her St. Patrick’s Day birthday!!

  452. Oh wow! I can’t wait to give this stuff a try!

  453. I would love to try this adhesive fabric. Looks great!

  454. pattie weingardt says:

    This stuTff will be great. There are a ton of ideas to do with this.

  455. This stuff looks like a lot of fun!! Gotta get me some!!


  456. wow!! Fantastic i would really love to try that, i can’t wait to get some. Thanks so much for a chance to win some!!!

  457. And the give-aways just keep getting better… Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  458. OMG! I can’t wait to get some of this and give it a try. In the video it looked so awesome.
    Cindy Lou

  459. I would use this in my store to print sales items, I could even put pics on it…then when sale is over, I can take them down without any damage to the items I stuck it to. Great item…would so love to try it out. Thanks for sharing. nlundeen at catt dot com

  460. Great for people who rent houses to decorate their kids rooms or heck even their craft rooms. Non damaging cool texture I’d totally use it on my walls. Can you just see a cute owl from hoot and holler layered out in the colors with this and then deco you craft room… I’d totally do it! 🙂

  461. Collage the mirror, car window, frig, or door!

  462. I could think of many cute dance bags I could make with this square 1 fabric, the wheels are going beware hubby

  463. It would be cool to print a wedding invitation on it, place on a decorative pillow and give as a shower or wedding gift.

  464. Cynthia V says:

    I would love to try to make a photo quilt for each one of my children with photos of them at different ages. Also, I would use to make felt pieces for my day care children to play with during our learning circle time. Thanks Ü Cynthia V

  465. Super cool product and so many ideas!

    Thks for the oppurtunity to WIN such AWESOME prizes!



  466. Sandra J. says:

    Now this is AWESOME! What fun! I think it would be cool to make a picture of my grandkids to put on my locker at work. Maybe I could put it on my desk as a ‘mouse pad’. I can see lot’s of fun possibilities! Thanks for the chance to enjoy your contest!

  467. Melanie Sodaro says:

    I would use it for a tote/cap/water bottle/towel/book cover for the beach, picnic etc. I would use a design that would match all the items above. People would be like “wow…where did you get all the great stuff to match each other. In the winter I would use it for a hat/scarf/parka/thermos etc….for the slopes. Once again everyone would be so jealous and wonder where I got everything to match.

  468. Barbara Escalante says:

    As a teacher, this is fabulous. I can copy and print student work, make centers that can stick to the walls and dry erase boards for back-to-school night.

  469. I would love to try making a baby blanket w/ pictures of baby on it….not sure if it would work but sure would have lots of fun trying. And Imagine ( no pun intended) how beautiful it would be if it turned out!!!!!!

  470. Amelia Andrade says:

    I work for Early Intervention (delayed and disabled children birth to age three) I would love to use this product in some crafts or activities i could use with the kids.

  471. carolyn hartle says:

    No electric yesterday. Tree fell on my shed. I would use to pirnt pictures of my grandchildren to put in my craft room and on porch when you come into my home.

  472. I would totally embelish some of my purses with this stuff!! Great!

  473. What a great product and giveaway! I would use it with my 14yr old freshman to print pictures and designs for her locker. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  474. Possibilities are really endless, thanks for the chance to win.

  475. Since the fabric is removable it would make wonderful wall art!

  476. I think I would use it to cover the altered books I use for my trips with the random pictures taken but not printed. What awesome stuff!

  477. I would love to use this to decorate my daughter room with some cool picutures of her and her friends and to make some inspirational saying for her room too.

  478. Judy Spencer says:

    WAll art for sure.. and altered art…photos and then stamp over them.. wow…such coos stuff !!

  479. So Cool I would love this to print pictures of my new great grand daughter for my office walls Thanks

  480. What a great idea I thik it would be fun to use to decorate items for the holidaus Print artwork with the imagin cut and add to canisters fridge mirrors. WOW

  481. Connie Gage says:

    Love how you can stick it and it stays and nothing comes off the wall. So neat.

  482. So cool i need to get some.

  483. Wow this sounds very neat. I would love to try this. Thanks for the giveaways. Smooches…

  484. Anna Mace says:

    Great product…I can think of a lot of really good projects to do!!

  485. Katherine A says:

    I can definitely see using this to decorate for holidays since it is removable. Also to decorate the front of my scrapbooks. I wonder what it would do on automobile paint – could decorate for weddings and major birthdays and such if it wouldn’t mess up the paint job.

  486. this is too cool. There are so many things you can do with this product! Thanks for keeping us informed of the latest and greatest!

  487. Let me try this again:
    I think this is the neatest. I would certainly print some of My daughter & Me for a canvas bag. I’m a first time mom.

  488. Wow!!! That is amazing!!! There are so many things I could do with it. Hmm, the main use would be for adhering photos to walls that don’t like frames all that well. So exciting!!!

  489. christieK says:

    this would be so cute to make an apron for my brother in the law the Fresh Chef!

  490. I could use this at my library. I have some brick walls that are sooo difficult to put anything on! This would be great!

  491. This looks really fun I would love to be able to try this out really soon.


  492. Loved the demo at the end of the video. Looks like great stuff! Thank you, Megan!

  493. conniemelancon says:

    I would print a picture of my grandkids and put it on something!

  494. Stephanie Justice says:

    I would use this vinyl to help my daughter with making her name tags plaques for her animals during FFA season up at the barn at school. This would work perfect for that.

  495. Cathie Forman says:

    How cool is that printable adhesive fabric. This would be perfect to use to decorate my daughters bedroom with pictures of her cousins and friends.

  496. woohoo printable adhesive fabric, yay! What a great idea. Thanks for the video 🙂

  497. That is GREAT!!! I would use it to do a custom laptop protective sheet, that would fit my style!!!
    And got so many more ideas! but that would be the first, like this whenever I want to change designs, it wont mess up my laptop!
    Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  498. My house is 150 yrs old and it has alot of bricks instead of drywall. This would work on it and I wouldn’t have to try to drill or put up some weird kind of glue.

  499. Hello Megan,

    You have outdone yourself in the research and developement department. Sooo Cool!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a fine product. Blessings dear one!!! moira

  500. I would use these to create custom covers for plain scrapbook binders.

  501. love the ceiling fan idea that is awesome…

  502. I would love to try this new product. Great for my son’s school pictures and would make great gifts.

  503. A. Kennedy says:

    What a great idea!I can think of so many uses for this.

  504. Bernadette says:

    This would be great for pictures in my daughters room, the big white wall your see when you enter my house – my husband always afraid I’ll damage the wall with my ideas! Also my classroom important information for the unit we are currently studying! As soon as I get my summer check I’ll order some~ thanks for sharing!

  505. I would love those sheets because I LOVE hanging up all of my photos and I rearrange them when I get new photos to put up… and my husband HATES holes in the wall.

  506. What a great product!! I must get some!

  507. If this product does not damage auto paint, I could make my own door signs/banners to advertise my business! Awesome product!

  508. OMG! This is perfect for a non-sewing person like me! I have wanted to make a shirt for us on the pool league. I don’t sew. One of the girls has cross-stiched a couple of shirts for her husband. Now I can make one too! Yeah, another must have item! TFS!

  509. Heather W says:

    use it to decorate the bathroom for wall hangings and candles.

  510. So cool for wall photos but labeling would be awesome. A little photo or word and if I move that item the labels moves easily!

  511. This is an awesome product. I would use it for decorations for parties/holidays!

  512. That is just a great product to try
    Thanks for all of you videos

  513. I quilt too; I think this would be great to try in a quilt. Thanks for the opportunity.

  514. This vinal would be wonderful to decorate a hall mirror or a mirror anywhere in the house. You can put pics of your children or grand children on entryway mirrors. I love this and want to get some.

  515. Oh my goodness! I could use it for my Wall, for my mirrors, to make a “grandma quilt” with my kidlets on it, I wonder how it would fare on my truck? So awesome!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  516. This so cool. Thanks for the giveaways.

  517. Great idea! I can’t wait to get my hands on this product!

  518. Wow, what an amazing product!

  519. Janet Udean says:

    Too cool! I’d have to print pics of my granddaughter.

  520. I would use this fabric/vinyl to print out a picture of my grandson and hang it on my wall.

  521. The fabric would be great to print pictures of my kids and then create a quilt to give to their grandma.

  522. Michelle Dixon says:

    I would use this material to personalize the tote bags that I sell.

  523. My teenaged daughter would LOVE this stuff for the photos of all her friends that she keeps on her mirror !!

  524. Ellen Crawley says:

    I’ve been wanting to do a project using wall art and this looks like just the vinyl to do it with. Thanks!

  525. I would add pics and make a purse with it. Cool stuff.

  526. I would use this to make some Fraternity logo stuff for my son. Would be great to cover laptops and phones too.

  527. I would put it on artist board for a painting look and hang in my rooms.

  528. Cool product. I would love to win it and make presents for my family.

  529. Together we as a family are working on a purpose statement. I would use this fabric to print out our family purpose statement, Bible verse and make it look pretty framed on our dining room wall!

  530. Omg! This is so cool!

  531. This would work great for my kids to personalize their school binders that don’t have the plastic insert. My son would love to print flames on the vinyl and then cut images from the Indy cartridge.

  532. I would probably print a picture of an ancestor and make it the front of one of my family tree books.

  533. Very cool product. I can see lots of fun projects this could be used for

  534. made some special things like shirts and banners with it for my sons 21st birthday. To ols for cosy things but this would be more usefull

  535. We moved into our home 28 years ago and my brother moved with us. For the first time I had a family rm. but gave it to my brother so he could have privacy if he so desired. He passed away 2 yrs ago so I now have a lovely family rm to decorate. I have 8 wonderful grandchildren (ages 17-23) and my brother loved his nieces & nephews. I would use this new vinyl to post photos all over the room in memory of my brother and for my own enjoyment. These could be updated with the greatest of ease. Thanks for the opportunity to try for this giveaway.

  536. oh my gosh so great , i want this so we can decorate my daughters apt that she rents. great way to personelize with out doing damage. love it !!!!!!

  537. This would make a great book for my almost 1 grandson. I would also create a personalized cover for my mom’s netbook and wall hangings of the grands and great grands for her.

  538. This was so very neat… Thanks for these wonderful giveaways…I can see lots of fun projects this could be used for

  539. I think that this would be great for my friend’s wedding coming up. They are getting pictures done before the wedding. I think that this product would look great hanging in frames on the walls of the hall when you first come in.

  540. That looks like fun! I could use this unique kind of printable, removable, repositionable, adhesive fabric for the “I’m not home, I’ll be back at …” signs I pin to my door when I leave for an hour or so. It would be so much nicer than sticky notes 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  541. ~~Jen H~~ says:

    How awesome is that. If I got some of this I am sure my daughter would get a hold of it to decorate her locker at school. What a great way to personalize a space! Thanks for the chance to win!

  542. Awesome product. I would use it for posters to decorate my classroom.

  543. i would use it to make a memorabilia of my son who past away. thanks for the giveaway

  544. woohoo!! I am ALL about inspiration – I would love to win this!

  545. My son picked out a plain black backpack for school just KNOWING I would do something to make it unique just for him! This would be super cool, so I could design anything I wanted in Photoshop for him and he could even change it when he wanted something different!

  546. Love to use it to decorate my scrap area!

  547. Love your site and love these giveaways!

  548. love your stuff and the give aways..

  549. First thing that comes to mind for me is next years March of Dimes walk. I can make shirts of my grandbabies who were born premiees. Thanks

  550. I’m definitely buying this, thanks for the discount and the chance to win!

  551. I think it would be really cool to print photos of my nephew for my brother and sister-in-law so that they could hang them on the wall in their appartment (since they can’t put decorations on the walls). Or, maybe decorations for my nephews room. Thank you!

  552. Really cool new product. I would use it to decorate the bags I carry to the grocery store.
    Thanks for all of the cool giveaways!

  553. HRHLadyTina says:

    I would decorate my new clipboard with it and then go on from there. Thanks for the chance to win.


  554. This looks like a great product. It would allow photos to put straight on the wall 🙂

  555. i’m not sure what i would make but i would def make something special for my newborn niece, maci!

    sweetlilscrapper at hotmail dot ca

  556. Phyllis Antosz says:

    Hi Megan, Would love to use the vinyl to make pics for my grandchildren and their parties. It would help not have the grandchildren put pics on walls with duck tape anymore. Phyllis

  557. Megan,
    This is so neat… Thanks for showing this product to us. So many great things for crafting. Thanks for what you do for your followers. Good Luck on all the giveaways to everyone.

  558. I think as a former teacher I would have used it to create photos to go with the subject being taught to add to my book bag that I brought to school each day. Sort of a picture of the week with questions for the children kinda thing…

  559. I would love to try the printable fabric. I would print up pics of my grandchildren . I could change the pics as they get older.. It would be great for seasonal wall decor and you could reuse it year after year.

  560. This is very cool. I have to try them out! Thanks!

  561. My son is in scouts and we could use that awesome fabric/vinyl for so many different projects. We have to make a flag by October for a competition and that would help with our design so much! Thanks for the offers.

  562. This is such a cool product I would love to try it.

  563. Lori Hinueber says:

    I would have to make a tote bag with pictures of the things I love!

  564. I would totally use it to decorate the drawer fronts on a dresser. It would be a quick, simple change of pace and when we got bored of it, we could change it out again easy enough. Can’t wait to get some.

  565. I would decorate my expression. thanks

  566. Love love love it. Just think of the memories you could make with this awesome printable awesomeness! :O)

  567. I’m making an apron now and it would be so sweet to add pictures of things I have actually made on the front of it.

  568. I would use it to decorate my granddaughters room, Love the giveaways. Thank you

  569. I’m always repositioning – just ask my kids – they never know where the furniture is going to be

  570. I would use this in my Imagine! Thanks for the chance to win!

  571. Nathalie Martin says:

    I could use my Cricut carts to redecorate my kids rooms. Everybody loves a change once in a while.

  572. Kris Dietz says:

    I would use it to make customizable book covers for my niece and nephew. They love family pictures and this would be perfect.

    dietzrobles at yahoo dot com

  573. Something like that might be very cute incorporated into a quilt. What a cool toy! Hehehe

  574. My dog Lou loves to go fishing with us on our boat. Everyone that sees him out there in his “boat coat” always waves to him and tries to ask us what his name is I would print out a block of word that could go on the side of the boat that say “Say Hi To Our Dog Lou” that could be put on and removed!

  575. I have been wanting to make a cute address plaquard for in front of my house. It would be great decor for near the front door. Then I could do a nice Welcome to our home plaquard as well.
    That’s what I would do. TFS

  576. I would use this in my grandkids cubbies at school to let them know i am alway thinking of them

  577. Looks like a fun media to use, I would love to try cutting it in the Cricut. Thanks for the chance to win. lflinesatcomcastdotnet

  578. What wouldn’t I do with it? I could do something for outside of my brick house, I could print off family pictures and adhere them to canvas, I could make cool photo shirts, aprons, decor for my kid’s room, etc., etc., etc!!!

  579. WOW, I can’t imagine being able to have something that can be placed on a wall without peeling the paint off when it’s removed! I’m really impressed with this product and would love to try it out. Thanks for giving us opportunity to comment on it and be entered in a giveaway drawing.

  580. I’d use it for making tote bags or even a quilt with family pics on it.

  581. Since I just fixed up a craft room and my grandchildren and I share alot of fun times there, I would put pictures of them on the walls. Thanks for the opportunity.

  582. I would love to use this stuff to print pics of my grandson or my dog on shirts or pillows or make some pictures for the house – the possibilities are endless!

  583. My friend is getting married soon and we were just talking about using vinyl as part of the decorations. This would be awesome!

  584. This would be great for my husband extended and frequent stays in the hospital from cancer, where he could always see all the kids and grandkids. It would be light enough and won’t take up alot of room. Thanks for the tip, would be great for other patient too.

  585. WOW! The ideas I have running through my head for the use of this. I the idea of not damaging any walls. What an easy way to hang pictures.

  586. I’d love to personalize my preschool work bag.

  587. I think printing pics and putting them on anything or everything would be cool. Thanks.

  588. I have been making canvas gifts lately and I think this would be great to put on my canvas.

  589. I think there are so many possibilities for using this. I would print pictures of my grandbabies and decorate their playroom with it. What a cool product.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  590. Kimberly H. says:

    This stuff is AWESOME!!! I would love to use it for my son’s room, as he’s at an age where his tastes seem to change by the month! And I would love to decorate my cork board in my craft studio… love it!!

  591. This is a cool product I love it no marks on walls from the posters & pictures my girls like to hang. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  592. Wow, I have so many ideas for this. First would probably be something for the wall by my changing table to keep my little guy amused.

  593. I would to repeoduce a baby phtograph of my daughter to put on the cover of a scrapbook of baby pictures.

  594. This looks so interesting – I would love to try it. A chance to win would probable rope me in to buying more :)!

  595. Wow, looks pretty cool – I would print out some of my fav photos and stick them everywhere; in the car, around my craft room …

  596. I love working with fabric. I would use it to make fabric flowers for pins, headbands,scrapping, cards etc.

  597. This is great. I think I would also print a picture. I think it would go great on a note book.

  598. I’m the family historian, so I would use it to print a family heirloom photograph.

  599. I would start out with pictures, but continue using on all things possible!

  600. This would make nice appliques for sewing.

  601. The possibilities are endless! To Decorate the car for Football season, Holidays and to decorate everyting else all the time.

  602. OMG, I’ve got so many uses…. first one is a photo of my grandsons that I would put on the inside of my Kindle cover!! This looks like great stuff!

  603. I believe I would attemp to personalize back pack back pack

  604. Ranita Standridge says:

    I think it would be a perfect canvas/tool to make activity/learning books for my grandson. It would be interactive with pictures of family members, pets, and familiar places. Very custom made!

  605. This is an item that I really should find. Wouldn’t it be great if I could make a collage of photos of the family and make it into a desk mat for my daughter’s desk in her dorm?

  606. I would print a picture of my beautiful granddaughter and adhere it to the front of her My First Year album.

  607. My children’s teachers would love this for their classroom walls! When I saw this I thought immediately of my college-age daughter and her dorm room.

  608. Christina Eagan says:

    I would print a photo of my family and then cut it into a cool shape on my Cricut. I would them adhere it to a mouse pad and use a craft knife (or do multiple cut with a deep cut blade) to cut the pad into the neat Cricut shape!

  609. Amazing!!! I have all kinds of ideas in my head on ways to use it. I teach nurses how to take care of children who are on breathing machines in their homes. This would be a great product to keep the child’s daily routine on. Time for medications, when to turn them, when to do all of the wild and crazy things we nurses do to keep these children healthy and at home with their families. Many of these children have almost nothing. to add some fun pictures to their rooms that could be changed regularly and rotated from child to child since it is repositionable would just bring so many smiles to their faces.

  610. WOW! Tote bags, gift bags, gift tags, signs for home based businesses, gifts for HS Graduates, anything standing still!

  611. I would use it on a baby quilt.

  612. Wow. I see a tote bag.

  613. So many exciting ideas. I wanted to do an Alice in Wonderland scene for my niece’s room and this would make it so much easier.

  614. I would use this to decorate my teens bedroom! She has a very specific idea of what she wants..this would be AWESOME!

  615. I would use it to print quotes that I would put up on my bedroom wall or in my livingroom. I love the many uses of this fabric and the fact that you can adhere it and move it over and over again.

  616. Cathy Hartle says:

    Very cool! I love that it’s repositional!

  617. above rubies studio says:

    Comments after this post will not be considered for the giveaway.

  618. I would probably make a custom bedspread for my son who loves sports.

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