Hour 6 of 9 – Cricut Cartridge Giveaway!

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To win this Cricut Cartridge follow these rules!

1) Comment on this blog post right below where it says comment!

2) Use this form HERE to get your “Personal Link” which gives you EXTRA CHANCES TO WIN by spreading the word to your family, friends and co-workers about the Cricut A to Z DVD.

EACH friend that uses your personal link will count as an EXTRA ENTRY for ALL of the giveaways that you comment on. For example, if you comment on 5 of today’s giveaways and send an email with your personal link to 10 of your friends (and they click it), you will get 10 extra entries in ALL 5 giveaways!

The more friends you give your personal link to, the more entries you will get in ALL the prizes you’ve commented on throughout the day. Remember, you can only enter a persons email address ONCE during this entry period! (Emailing the same person more than once will disqualify that entry)

NOTE: We will be counting your extra entries all weekend so that the people you send your personal link to will have time to get the email and click on your link.

3) Enjoy the day!

*Contest period ends 12am (EST) Nov. 30, 2009 – Anyone is eligible to participate in this giveaway, however those entering from outside the United States will need to pay the difference in shipping costs that are over our max amount to their location.


  1. yayayayaya for cricut cartridges!!! I don’t even have one, but this would be a great excuse to get one!!!!! Pick me pick me!! hehehehehe!! This is the bestest black Friday ever!!!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for making my day with this great contest!

  3. Love all the giveaways! I sure would love this!

  4. My daughter is getting married next year. This would be a great addition to my cartridges.

  5. dawn mccarty says:

    this is so cool cricut cartidge. how fun. thank you

  6. Hi again…thanks so much…this is really fun…

  7. I’m so glad I have access to a computer all day, because this is just fabulous!

  8. Cindy King says:

    What a cool cartridge. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂 Cindy

  9. what a cart to add to my collection, keep up the good work, so much fun

  10. Would love to play with this cartridge!!!

  11. Kathy Hunter says:

    Oh Yeah!!!! I definitely would love to have this cartridge. Thanks.


  12. Shirley Anderson says:

    Love all your giveaways. Would love to win this cartridge.

  13. Oh My Goodness, another cartridge, this is Fantastic!! Can’t wait to see the Grand Prize!!
    Go Megan, Go!!

  14. Deb Buckminster says:

    I just ordered your dvd and have SUCH hope that I will FINALLY learn to use my Cricut machine! Thank you for the chance to win a new cartridge, too!

  15. Shari Baumler says:

    Yeah a cricut cartridge give away. Got to love those!

  16. Another Cartridge!!!! You are awesome!!!!

  17. yehaw for hour 6!

  18. The winter & Christmas cartridges are really neat. So many uses!
    Thanks for a chance to win a new and different cartridge.

  19. Just ordered my copy, so EXCITED!!! Posted something on my blog about it as well. THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  20. Sharon Fields says:

    I know what’s going to be under my tree for Christmas…I saw my fabulous hubby try to sneak an Expression out of Walmart at 5:15 this morning! And we’re even on vacation this week! He’s the BEST!!! 🙂

  21. I want this cartridge. Please pick me!

  22. Great cartridge. This has been so much fun today…way better than fighting traffic!

  23. I’m getting married next month (December) would love to have this! Thanks so much for all you do!

  24. You crack me up! Such a joy to watch another scraper obsessed! Thank you for all you do for us!

  25. I could really use this cartridge!

    Thanks for being so generous.

  26. I hope I win!!! Thanks Megan,Cindy

  27. Peggy Batton says:

    Would love this cart!

  28. Lisabeth Baxter says:

    thank you for the great speacial on the dvd…it sounds great! i ordered mine as a holiday present to me lol thanks and happy holidays

  29. OH I have this cart on my wish list, it would be nice to take it off, and make room for others…..hint hint…PICK ME, PICK ME LOL!!!

  30. Pamela Jaramillo says:

    This is fun and I like the information on your site. Can’t wait to learn more about using my Cricut beyond just simple basic cuts. I look forward to seeing the DVD I bought from you.

  31. what a great cartridge!

  32. Vickie Lee says:

    Nice cartridge! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  33. Lori Hulstine says:

    Another chance to win…YEAY!

  34. Hi Megan! Love the prezzies!

  35. Adorable….

  36. Would love to win a cricut cartridge since I have very few. TFS

  37. i really need this cartridge. cant wait to receive your dvd.

  38. Maryellen Webber says:

    Wow! I am not leaving the house until 5pm!

  39. Love it! Thanx for all the chances to win! This is really great

  40. Oh wow another cartridge…. who ever wins this one will be very lucky!
    Megan I am glad you did another video… they are fun to watch!
    Thanks again!

  41. Wow, Wow, Wow. I don’t have this cartridge. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  42. I have been eyeing this cart for a while now. Going on my 2nd anniversary & haven’t scrabooked the Wedding yet! I know, isn’t that awful!
    I don’t know anyone that scrapbooks or papercrafts, so unfortunately, I can’t pass along.

  43. I am going on my 5th anniversary and I haven’t scraped one page so I would love this cartrigde to get started on my wedding pics 🙂

  44. You have obviously been extremely busy preparing these prizes and videos. Thank you!

  45. Would love to win this cartridge.

  46. Cathy Hartle says:

    Wow another Cricut cartridge!! Super!

  47. Boy your giveaways just get better & better.

  48. What a wonderful cartridge! I would love to win this one!

  49. Whoo – Hoo – just ordered my video – CAN NOT wait to get it.

  50. Melissa S. says:

    WOW A cartridge is fantastic!

  51. Nedi Farrow says:

    wow!! another cartridge…pretty awesome!!!

  52. Darn – missed another one – had to run to the store for son! Hope it is not too late.

  53. oh my gosh..yr too funny! Love to have this cartridge!!!

  54. Gloria Westerman says:

    Wow Megan I really would love to have this cartridge. I want to win. Please…………..

  55. Great cartridge. I would love to be the winner. Thanks for the opportunities.

  56. Sharon Harrison says:

    What an awesome prize. I don’t have very many cartridges so this would be a welcome addition.

  57. Kris Reeves says:

    I’ve wanted this cart for some time too! This is just an A-1 day for giveaways!
    Kris in AK

  58. Picassobebe says:

    Thanks Megan!!!!!

  59. This is waaaaaaaaaaaay cool. Another special prize.

  60. Woo Hoo, thanks for the opportunity. How exciting!! Have a great day.

  61. Thanks for another chance to win.

  62. A cartridge giveaway? Hurray! Hope I win. I’ve been eyeing this one since it came out. Shoulda got up early and grabbed it at M’s, but I didn’t, so I hope I win!
    Debbie in S. Florida

  63. sweet I need new cartridges

  64. Shirley Anderson says:

    I love this cart. Pick me Pick me

  65. YAY! Another cartridge. You rock!

  66. Wow again, hope I will win … BYe!

  67. Pick me I want to win…good luck to all

  68. debbie wallbank says:

    Oooooo. What an exciting givaway!!!

  69. Hope I’m not too late. Would love to win!!

  70. Uh, Oh. I was working in the yard when this came up. Is it too late to post for a chance on this one?

  71. Wow, more cricut cartridges. How cool is that?

  72. Love it! Thanks for the chance!

  73. Can’t ever have too many cricut cartridges!

  74. am I too late? hope not

  75. artsyladyPenney says:

    I just looked at this cart, thinking that would be cool to have…but then I picked up the one I originally went to get…hummm could the reason I didn’t get it was because I just may win it???? Now that would be cool!!

  76. Something I would love to win!

  77. Pick Me! Pick Me! I need a new toy! 😉

  78. Jerilyn Payne says:

    I think I will become quickly addicted to Cricut!!

  79. I want this cartridge SO bad!! Thanks for a chance to win…this is a lot of fun!

  80. These are some fantastic prizes, so cool!

  81. Diane Solomon says:


  82. Oooh! I need this cartridge!!! Please pick me, pretty please.

  83. Awesome thanks

  84. this is a cool day thanks for the chance to win

  85. Thank you for another chance to win a cartridge.

  86. Sweet I really like this. Thanks

  87. Nancy Hjortness says:


  88. Denise V. Moses says:

    I’m just getting starting on this. This cart would be great. Keeping the fingers crossed. Denise

  89. Donna Cloud says:

    So would love to win the Sweetheart Cart. Maybe I will be extra lucky this time.


  90. I NEED more cartridges ~ thanks for the chance to win!

  91. Great cartridge!!!

  92. Woot Woot! Sweetheart for having this Cartridge to give!

  93. I can’t remember – did I already comment on this??? If not – I want it! if I did – i am sorry!

  94. Yay another chance to win.

  95. Deanna Maertz says:

    I love cartridges. Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. Must have this!!!

  97. oooHHHH!!!! Sweethearts Cartridge! Would love to get my hands on this prize!

  98. Thanks for your generosity!

  99. Deborah Meyer says:

    Awesome. Thank you for offering all the fun.

    Debbie Meyer

  100. Would love to win a cartridge!!!

  101. Yippee!!!

  102. A girl can never have enough carts~

  103. I don’t have this cart. It sounds like a very cool one that I’d love to add to my collection. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  104. Colleen O. says:

    I just found out about you from a friend. Ordered your DVD; I’ve had my Expressions 2 years now, and don’t know all the functions on it! Can’t wait to learn what I’ve been missing!! Thanks. I’ll check back from time to time for more great ideas. Thanks for sharing your expertise with everyone.

  105. Another great cartridge love to have…such great giveaways….thank you!!!

  106. You can never have too many Cricut cartridges! Sweethearts seems like such a cute cart!

  107. AHHH i saw that cart at M’s but it was still too expensive for me!! ohhhhh *crossing Fingers**


  108. Love this one!!! It’s one that is on my wish list!! Thanks, Megan!!

  109. I would LOVE to win this cartridge!!!

  110. Would love to win this cartridge!!!

  111. I would love to win this cartridge!

  112. There are some AMAZING giveaways today!

  113. Having fun today. Stayed by computer instead of fighting crowds. Make it worth it to me!!!

  114. Hope I win!

  115. I just got my brand new Cricut Expression today. Woohoo! I would love to win this cartridge and add it to my tiny collection of 2. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  116. I really want this one,such great giveaways!

  117. Wendy Rempel says:

    Got a wedding coming up in August would be great to win this cartridge

  118. Missi Craig says:

    This would be “sweet” to win!! 🙂

  119. I wanted SO bad to get up on Friday and head to WalMart for the $199 Expressions. However, we have to cut back this year and of course I do own the original. Later in the day I HAD to run to WalMart for a few grocery items, and OMG they still had 6 Expressions on the shelf. I told myself “it was meant to be”, however my daughter reminded me “no, you can’t have everything you want”. So maybe a new cartridge would be the fix I need 🙂

  120. VICKIE AUST says:

    Sure hope I win. I would put it to good use.

  121. I want to win a new cricut cartridge! Yeah!

  122. I would love this cart! It is so cute.

  123. Carmen Elrod says:

    I would love, love, love to win this cartridge! You rock!

  124. I wanted to enter but, I don’t know what a personal link is ???? I have an email address…My last name is Otsuka

  125. Wonderful DVD and cool prizes.. Thank you

  126. My Gypsy wood love this one.Please pick me….

  127. Hey Megan Yes I need all the carts I can get just learning and I have 12 grandaughters they are also just learning

  128. Hi! I love watching your videos, you inspire me to create new things every day!

  129. This is so cute! I am going to scrap my mom’s honeymoon, so I would love to win this!

  130. I would love to win this and add to my stash!!

  131. Yipee!! Choose me please!!

  132. love love it

  133. great love it

  134. Jan Farkasdi says:

    I like all the cartridges!!!!

  135. too cool!

  136. Elaine Swingle says:

    My cricut is to arrive on Monday thanks to a wonderful package I found on HSN. I am SOOOO excited! I am so grateful for your cutting guide! I printed it out and made it into a book. Woot Woot for new cartridges!

  137. I love it! I just ordered mine online, and have been fun shopping for all of the awesome things for it!! I love your site. Thanks so much!

  138. Sweethearts is a cute cartridge! I’m the only crafty person (at least with a Cricut) that I know.

  139. Fun cartridge and giveaway!

    See you SOON For MORE Great Prizes and Giveaways!!!****

  141. gayle sisak says:



  143. I missed the live broadcast! Had to work! Can I still win???

  144. I luv my cricut YAYYYYYYY !!!!!!!

  145. Dorothy Breitenstein says:

    Love to get a cartridge!

  146. Elaine Acosta says:

    Thanks for chance. love all the giveaways, really like your website. Thanks again keep up the good work

  147. The link wouldn’t work for me :(…but I love Cricut carts and I don’t have the A – Z one! I would love to be your winner 🙂

  148. Lorelei Brown says:

    Just bought a Cricut for our church’s teacher’s workroom and could use a free cartridge to go with it. Thanks for the chance.

  149. Cindy Savage says:

    Please include me in the contest, I love new cartridges to share special time with my grand daughters. :). Grandma Cindy

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