Present #4 of 7 Days of Christmas Fun

Megan’s Christmas Wish List #4: Lush and Buxom Lips

These are two little goodies that are so nice to pamper yourself with!  Lush Bubble Bath Bars and Tingling Buxom Lipgloss…Two favs that just HAVE to be on my Christmas wish list!  They’re great little stocking stuffers and yet once again, little bit more on the expensive side to just go out and buy for yourself….so they’re nice to “ask” for. 🙂


Wrapped Present #4: Here is Is!

Thanks so much for Participating in our FUN Days of Giveaways – Contest Entry Period is now closed and I hope to see you again at for lots more fun in the future!  THANKS and Enjoy the Moments! <3 Megan


Today’s wrapped present has been requested and on MANY of your wish lists already!  Lots and lots of comments of people asking for THIS 12×12 sized HUGE Present 😉 So Excited this is going under someones tree! 🙂

To win today’s wrapped present – tell a friend about Above Rubies Studios Giveaways.  You can use Facebook, Your Blog, Email, Phone Call, Anything At All!  Just comment and let me know where/how you shared!


Facebook Winner:
Tonia Holm I absolutely love the idea of your Paper Layerz paper Megan! What a wonderful addition to paper crafting. I would love to see this stuff piled high on my craft room. Thanks for wonderful products, inspiration and instruction. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Congrats Tonia!  Claim your prize of Paper Layerz by CLICKING Here to give me your info!  I’m so excited!

Featured Gift:

Stamp Maker A to Z DVD – receive 60% off for TODAY ONLY


  1. Great wish list item, these are perfect little gifts to ask for.
    Congrats to Tonia, enjoy.
    I have sent a message to my friend that I invited to join me on the December class, she will hopefully pop over later to join in the fun.
    Thanks for another chance to win.
    Kim xXx

  2. Judi farrell says:

    I let all my facebook friends know about this great website and giveaway. Thanks for all your sharing! Congrats to Tonia on her win! 😀

  3. JeniRuth J says:

    I called my mom, yes already–at 6 am–and told her to check it out. she just retired and is starting to explore quilting, and more importantly, scrapbooking! I will gladly help her on both accounts as I already do both of those…


  4. Susan Rude says:

    Great gifts to ask for Megan, its the little things in life. I love, love, love your paper layerz. I have made so many cute die cuts and definitely have these on my wish list this year. Cannot get enough. Thanks for your great site, ideas and give aways. Happy Holidays.

  5. Lara Class says:

    I would love to have lots and lots of Paper Layerz under the tree! Can’t wait to use the ones I just picked up!

  6. Terresa (Trish) W says:

    Wow can’t believe I am #4 in comments today! I have never heard of these little items you want for Christmas Megan but am going to look into them some more. A 12 x 12 give away, ummm wonder what it is. 🙂 I have shared with my stamping/scrapping friends through email!

  7. I e-mailed several friends and invited them to check out your wonderful site.

  8. Are you kidding me? I told my husband about it, said.. if I win, may save you some also, added on to my list this lip gloss you want, may save him some money on injections….

  9. Hi Megan,

    I shared your website with my Facebook friends.

    Happy Holidays!


  10. Donna Dial says:

    I think I know what gift #4 might be and I would love to have it under my Christmas Tree! 🙂 A girl I work with uses the Buxum Lips and loves it, great idea for stocking stuffers. I will send out a message on face book today to my friends sharing your site! Have a great Friday!

  11. Sharing on Facebook….love all your tips and products. Inspiring! 🙂

  12. grama without a pool says:

    All of these lucky people getting bonus Christmas surprises. Hmmm trying to think what I would like. Aaah, a gift card to make a choice from all of ur fantastic bag of goodies. Presents do come in small packages! Gayle

  13. Sheryl Smith says:

    I hope Santa is very generous to you and yours and that you have a great Christmas!

  14. Alejandra says:

    I emailed my crafting friends about your website and I am sure they will love me even more!

  15. I think the best gift would be a gift card so that I could buy myself some Paper Layerz, and grab a cup a coffee to drink while watching the new DVD’s that arrived in the mail (Gypsy AtoZ & Cricut A to Z). 🙂

  16. Janice M. says:

    I posted on my blog about your giveaways!!

    This gift looks like something I would like to find under my tree! Thanks for offering chances to win so many wonderful gifts Megan! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

  17. patricia pent says:

    I told three of my friends about your web side and send them your link and I will post in Facebook as well, but I have you as my FBF. Love to get it!

  18. Lori Hinueber says:

    In the past I was part of the Provocraft Demo Army, and recently I gave a class and still give lots of hints to cricut users at Creative Memories meetings, etc. But the first thing on my handouts is to go to and meet Megan! I have told them all about your download for the cutting guide and how wonderful your tutorials are. Today I will also mention your site on my facebook page! Please pick me for the 12×12 surprise!

  19. kristan (Crazy4Christ) says:

    O 12×12 i think i know what that is!! I posted about the giveaway on my facebook!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  20. Cindy Adkins says:

    I’ve told everyone at work about your giveaways and how great your website is! You make everything so fun! Thanks!!

  21. Ann Morrell says:

    You must have read my mind…I belong to a small fiber mix media art group (8 of us) and I sent them here when your gift a day started…(sent out an email blast) also told them to go back and visit your earlier posts and videos…so many of the ideas that you share and have shared can be used in our fiber media art projects…our group doesn’t make grandma quilts we make all kinds of fiber related art!

  22. I told all my Facebook friends about you.

  23. Robin Gerot says:

    I have sent an e-mail to two of my crafting buddies. I do not know if they have ever visited Above Rubies Studio, but they will now!

  24. I share with my friends about Above Rubies Studio by email. For some reason(light kidding) this WONDERFUL site keeps coming up in conversation. You *ROCK* Megan!

  25. Hi Megan!
    I’m texting my scrapbook friends to let them know! Hope you get all you wish for!

  26. I’ve posted on facebook and sent to my friend. This is my first mail I check in the morning. I’d like to find this lip gloss and check it out. Sounds great. I could guess what this 12×12 is. Would love to win.

  27. Your site is what I look for each morning. So instead of my newspaper with coffee I check out what you have to say. I’ve shown so many friends how to make their Christmas cards that I’ve gotten very few done myself! But love to give the gift of helping friends develop a new interest.
    I volunteer at the local library and donated cards to sell at our last Holiday Gently Used Book Sale. People loved them.

  28. Margaret K says:

    I sent an email out to my craft family and told them to check out the web page as your pages are the best. Ilove Tueday to see the latest video, sure miss them in December but understand. Love the chance to win a 12×12 suurpise, wonder what it could be, sure would love to win it.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy safe New Year.

  29. Joanna P. says:

    Hmmmmm…Lots of 12 by 12 scrapping items. I am going to guess it is either paper layerz which would be awesome or a scrappin easel….also very awesome.

  30. Betsy Rowan says:

    I shared by word if mouth at work. I told my coworkers about ARS

  31. Posted on Facebook about you 🙂

  32. Yes! Lipgloss is an awesome stocking stuffer! I will tell my scrappin’ buddies about this–as well as my facebook world! Looks suspiciously like Paper Layerz!!!! I hope! 😉

  33. peggy dannel says:

    I called my friend Shelby .To let her know .Thanks

  34. Julie Ingalls says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lush….. would love a store in Indianapolis…. but alas…. take every chance i get to visit any stores I come across. You won’t be dissapointed.

  35. Denise L. says:

    i sent an email message to my friends to let them know about your website. Thanks for a chance.

  36. Janet Sisk says:

    I am sharing your site on Facebook! This is SOOOOO fun! Have a great day. 😀

  37. marie sierra says:

    good morning megan! i shared your blog on my facebook page with all my Crafty Girlz and Guyz…thank you for this great giveaway!!

  38. I e-mailed my best scrapping buddies and told them of your site and Christmas giveaways…..

  39. I told my sister about it! We love to stamp and scrapbook together.

  40. I love the Buxom Lipgloss. Hope you get yours. I’m going to add to my Christmas wish list too. =) I’d just shared with a co-worker and sent an email to two friends via email about Above Rubies Studios. Happy Holidays!

  41. can’t wait to try your new stuff. Thanks for all the great prizes to win. Merry Christmas

  42. Cynthia Guy says:

    I sent an email to 3 ladies! 🙂 over half my inbox probably already knows you though! 🙂 haha…

  43. Lip gloss is a must… When you scrapbook you are so concentrating, licking your lips. Protection.. Your paper layers are so much fun to work with…. It is on my list for more…

  44. I have emailed my crafting friends about your giveaways and website. Always the first thing I look at. Love your videos. Received my order and can’t wait for the extra time to watch the Christmas video.

  45. Becky Humphrey says:

    I share this info thru facebook. I am forever quoting something you have said to my fellow scrappers. In their minds they are probably saying, Megan Smegan. LOL!!! I just love you Megan.

  46. Whenever the subject of crafts and cardmaking come up, I tell people to go to Above Rubies Studio for great videos and ideas plus you always have some great innovations. My niece just got an Expression (after seeing mine) and where did I tell her to go for great instructions–ARS, of course..

  47. Christie Johns says:

    Would love to win any scrapbooking items. Have let all my ladies know of Above Rubies Studio. Many have the free cutting guide in their stashes already.

  48. Well, I don’t do facebook, guess I’ll to tell my ONE friend who scrapbooks lol about you by email! (just found you by the way)

  49. I’ve been meeting weekly w/ a great group of knitters & we’ve now discovered a few of us also love paper-crafting! We’ll begin meeting regularly every few weeks for card-making together & your site will definitely be on the list of impressive sites to visit!

  50. I texted about the giveaways to my mom 🙂

  51. Shelley Meyers says:

    I told my sister (face to face, I am visiting her) about your blog and giveaways!!


  52. 12 X 12 hummmmm I think I know what that may be. I told my husband about the Paper Layerz I ordered from you and will let my scrapbook freinds know about your sight.

  53. I have told my daughter about all the fun. She’s the one who introduced me to Above Rubies Studio but she isn’t all that involved with it so she doesn’t know what’s going on. I told her she should keep up because your ideas and tutorials are wonderful to jump start creativity.

  54. Rhonda Shows says:

    I have just told all my new cricut using friends the first and foremost must have before you start cutting is to get paper layerz paper and the your cricut cutting guide… Saves so much time and guess work… Have a wonderful day… Thanks

  55. Connie Gage says:

    I will tell many about your websight….I love it … Everyone should know about this websight, it’s great. So many nifty wonderful ideas.

  56. I can’t tell you all the people I have told about your wonderful on line site. I have been in Toledo at Hobby lobby and Joann’s and have shared your site and all the wonderful items for scrapbooking on your site. I have also talked to shoppers and employees at Hobby Lobby and Joanns in Lima, Ohio also. I just start talking to people about my passion of scrapbooking and never fail to tell them about your website.

  57. Amelia Andrade says:

    Called one of my best scrappin’ buddies to tell her about Above Rubies give aways! She’s so excited she already texted me to tell me she’s check out your great site!

  58. I told one of my very best friends!

  59. I;ve told all my friends about your site and they also love it. Thanks for all you do.

  60. Michelle N. says:

    I have told my son’s mother-in-law and the whole group of ladies I meet with AND my neighbor across the street. Any time I talk with anyone about crafting I make sure I bring up Above Rubies Studio. I think this is a worth while site to visit. It’s so much fun…YOU are fun, Megan. Thanks!

  61. I always share with my friends on e-mail ,they love it.

  62. GrannyCharlotte says:

    Good Morning Megan!!! I posted about your site on my facebook page.

  63. I shared on Twitter! This is so fun!!/JustJingle/status/145129067270770689

  64. Called my.sisterinlaw up and told her all about you!!!! She was very excited about proverbs 31. im sure she will become. follower. She aleady watches you on youtube.

  65. I told several people by telephone this morning, I will send out several e-mails once I finish viewing your e-mail. Thanks for all the chances to win espcially during the Christmas holiday..

  66. I texted my sister to let her know about all your exciting giveaways.

  67. LOVE Paper Layerz!!!! I have been sharing my scrappin’ with my sons’ girlfriends, hoping to get a new generation of crafting going. I didn’t have any daughters and my sons think I am NUTS about it (I am).

  68. Talked with my friend who recently purchased her first Cricut Expressions and three carts. She asked about sites to use for ideas and of coarse I said Rubies Studio first! What an inspiration you are for all of us…balancing family and your business. Can’t wait to surprise my friend with a couple of your teaching/learning dvd’s.

  69. Sharon Fultz says:

    Well I hope it is ok if I delay this request by one day because tomorrow evening I am having a crop and I plan on showing off my new Paper Layerz. Each month I have a crop in my home, have the Cricut set up for everyone to use and we have a blast. Although I usually provide all the paper for using the Cricut, my Paper Layerz will be offered in limited supply because they are so precious to me. I will encourage everyone to visit your website and purchase their own.

  70. Hmmm,,,,wonder what could ever be in a 12X12 package:) I’ve shared your website with my friends on FB. Loving these giveaways….thanks!

  71. I told my sister about the awesome work you do! Have a great day.

  72. Roxane F. says:

    I shared your website with e-mails to my crafty friends!

  73. Gee-I wonder- a 12×12 package-whatever could it be???!!! I have shared this website and Club Ruby with my 2 daughters, one of which has already posted on Club Ruby.(and I am proud to say, did a very nice job on her cards, which proves to me that she does listen to her mom!!!) Thanks again Megan for a chance to win yet another great prize. You’re the best!!!

  74. Carla Frohne says:

    Congrats to all the winners so far this week. You are too kind with your give aways! I facebooked the site to all my friends!!

  75. I shared your site with a friend (on the phone) just last night. She will be getting her first cricut next week. I shared with her some different sites she could learn from. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  76. Dorothy Breitenstein says:

    Another great prize! I sent my sister in law an email this morning. Hope she enters for a chance to win.

  77. I have told every one that wants to listen and even the ones who don’t.Thanks for the chance

  78. I told my daughter about this…she is my crafting buddy 🙂

  79. Hi Megan, I used my facebook page along with my CTMH circle and told everyone about your wonderful website, your videos, and your wonderful giveaways. You are such an inspiration to me, keep up the excellant work,

  80. Ann Diehl says:

    I’ve told my friends on Facebook about your wonderful! blog & have also emailed the link to your blog to all my scrappin’ & card making friends! Thank you for the great giveaway!!!

  81. I’ll type a blip and post on FB. Heres to wishing!!!
    Dawn RI

  82. Hi Megan! I’ve emailed my bestest scrapbooking buddy about your giveaways and blog. I’m sure she’ll be by later today to take a peek!
    Thanks for the chance to win all these gifts this week!
    Happy Holidays!

  83. I called and told my friend Karen about it….plus I informed her of your great paper!!!!

  84. I emailed some friends, and told them to be sure to become followers! This is so fun!

  85. Great stocking stuffers. Thank you for the chance to win. Sharing on FB.

  86. Rhonda Hare says:

    Told my scrappy friends about ARS via text message! Love this site and all the give aways that are going on right before Christmas. Merry Christmas!!

  87. I would be uber blessed to receive what’s in the 12X12 package!! ESPECIALLY if it’s what I’m thinkin’ it is:) Just sayin’:) be blessed beyond measure

  88. I told my sister about Above Rubies Studio over the phone. This week her daughter-in-law passed through my state on her way to see my sister and we met up just off the interstate so that she could take my old cricut expression to my sister. I sent along 2 new sets or mats, 2 new cartridges and my version one of your Cricut A-Z DVD as I had just purchased the 2nd edition of that DVD. She had never heard about your website until receiving those items but told me she was going to check it out.

  89. Cheryl Hauber says:

    I sent out emails this morning to a few of my crafty friends to tell them how awesome your site (and you!) are.

  90. I passed your blog and facebook to all my crafting buddies and what is not to love about anything 12 x 12…my favorite size! It is never too big or too small unlike other gifts! lol

  91. I have 3 friends that just got a cricut I told in them first place they need to go is Above rubies website!.

  92. Andrea Dixon says:

    Good morning! I love getting your emails. Its the first thing I love for in the mornings when I sign in. I had dinner with my girlfriend last night and we talked about the cricut and I am going to help you make some presents for her kids. Its going to be so much fun. I can’t wait. They are message boards to hang over their hooks for their mud room. We are going to cut out name plates for each one. I can’t wait. If I had a Cricut Expression I could cut out bigger ones. I really want a Cricut Expression. I have been into making cards and I am loving it. So, its the gift that keeps on giving.
    Megan – thank you for everything. I have just recently been following you and your website and you are an inspiration. Thank you for being for loving and giving. Have a good day!

  93. I am enjoying seeing what is next each day. What a good idea. I have shared your sight with my friends and they will be excited too.

  94. I shared on Facebook

  95. Louvenia Smith says:

    sent my friend an email hope she enjoys your site

  96. I shared your site with my Daughter and Neice and often find myself with fingers crossed hoping that they would win! It would be a wonderful time of the year to get a little something special for themselves!

  97. Kelly Bienvenu says:

    I just reconnected with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while. After a few get togethers, I sold her my old Cricut Expression this past weekend ( I have the E2) and just last night told her about your website! She’s already downloaded the cutting guide and was thrilled with all of the info you provide! She might even be posting here for a chance to win one of your great give aways!

  98. Rebecca B. says:

    Hmmm, wonder what that gift could be? I shared your wonderful website with a fellow scrapper at my office.
    Just my way of spreading the cheer.

  99. I am always raving about your website to all my crafty friends! I am currently having coffee with a friend and we are going through all your videos…and another hooked crafter 😉

  100. I am still looking for crafty things so I think Baker’s twine is on my list as I have made my own using regular twine from the hardware store and wrapping it around a ruller and then coloring stripes with markers. I will post this on my facebook page as on of my friends aready had become a follower on facebook.
    Merry Christmas!

  101. Shared on Facebook! 🙂
    I hope it’s some paperlayerz!!!!

  102. Carmen Elrod says:

    I told my sister in law about your website, and am sure she will be by very shortly to check it out! You are the best out there and I like to tell people about it! You make learning not seem like learning~ Just plain fun! I hope you get everything on your wish list ~ and more! Merry CHRISTmas, Megan!

  103. I love that lip stuff too! Every week my friend comes over to my house for scrapbooking, and I made sure to let her know about your giveaways and how she better sign up because your page is so much fun! THanks again!

  104. I shared your website with my facebook friends. I too enjoy the little things that pamper us.

  105. I texted my friend Ali to start following your awesome blog and check out the giveaways!! 🙂

  106. I have some crafting friends at my kidsd school, Heather and Tracey, I told them about your site- Thank you for all you do – I have learned so much from you 🙂

  107. Carolyn Hartle says:

    I emailed some friends and post on facebook. Like your products. Hope you get your wish list

  108. Megan,

    I use the Buxom lipgloss and love it. It makes my lips tingle! Thanks for all the “gifts” that you are giving away and Merry Christmas to you and all of your faithful followers!

  109. I posted a message about your great web site, videos, and giveaways on my facebook page…..I figured it will reach more people there than anywhere else. I’d definitely love to win today’s giveaway prize !

  110. Shirley Anderson says:

    Love your website, look at it everyday.

  111. I also have the Buxom lip gloss (love it), but what I don’t have is Paper Layerz yet ;). . . Santa???

  112. Everyone loves a mystery? It is so fun to open and extra gift at Christmas time. What a great give-a-way. I texted my sisters to check out your blog!

  113. I put a post on Facebook about your giveaways!

  114. I’m off to text a friend about your great blog. I told her once before about your awesome cutting guide, but I think it’s time for a reminder. 🙂

    Thanks for another chance at a fun giveaway!

  115. I just sent an e-mail to my scraping friend stacey. I believe I will have her hooked on your site just like me!

  116. Sandy Handrich says:

    Sending a msg. to all of my facebook friends! I sell Avon but I’m gonna have to look into this Buxom lip gloss, a girl can’t have to much lip gloss, scrapbooking goodies and shoes!

  117. Terri Burson says:

    Well I’ve “friended” you on FB so I can share your link. Told the girls here at work about your site. I check out your emails all the time but this is my first day to respond to your gifting. Thanks for all you do! You are such an inspiration!

  118. I told one person by email and one by phone!

  119. I told two friends by forwarding the email on. I miss Lush, they no longer have a shop in my town. Oh the smells when you walked in.

  120. Kris Blakla says:

    I told my daughter-in-law by e-mailing her the link to your site. I love everything you have the layers and the new glue product.

  121. I told a scrapbooker friend of mine by e-mail about your fabulous website. I have learned so much from it and hope she will, too.

  122. This is what I posted on my Facebook wall –

    Above Rubies Studios is having daily Christmas Giveaways!!!! All crafters should sign up to try and win! Great site for tips, tricks and craft ideas.

    I am in need of 12×12 HUGE present 🙂

  123. Florence Oberkramer says:

    Hummm -Wonder what this present is::: I have a few guesses, but the suspense of waiting is exciting.
    I totally love your products.
    Hope you get your wishes for christmas
    Hugs, Flo

  124. Charity Brown says:

    I shared with my friends this email which I have done numerous times….I express my love for this website!!! Enjoy getting your emails and your inspirational ideas!

  125. I shared my joy of scrapbooking with my mother-in-law. I told her to please finally start doing something with those piles of pictures. She laughed! I told her you sure can’t beat Above Rubies Studio!! Its wonderful. I would LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVE to get this present! I would hope that it is a Club Ruby December kit. I already checked it out, but can’t but it right now. My kids presents comes before mom. Merry Christmas!!

  126. I told all my friends around here what a spectacular job you are doing on your blog and they said that they would check it out. Thanks for a great blog and I too would LOVE to win this present. I have enjoyed the things I have bought from you and I am sure this would be a GREAT gift. Thanks.

  127. dedra irelan says:

    I’ve shared with my facebook scrapfriends as well as via e mail. Happy holidays! Only great things ahead in the next year!

  128. I love pampering gifts – I don’t take time to pamper myself often, but when I get a pampering gift, my hubby makes sure I take advantage of it. Generally he gives me a pamper gift for Valentines Day.

  129. Karen from SW KS says:

    I shared ARS on Facebook and said that you are having giveaways! Merry Christmas!!

  130. I called my mom who bought me my cricut & got me hooked about u & ur site 🙂 Thanks so much

  131. Irene Mermelstein says:

    I told my daughter, granddaughter and daughter in law about your site by email. I hope you get everything you want for the holidays, hugs, Irene

  132. Crystal Nichols says:

    I shared your give away on facebook and text my best friend.

  133. Thanks for the great giveaways:) I will spread the word.

  134. Your christmas list is so fun…..paperlayrz are the best and I can’t wait to try them. I want stacks and stacks of them to play with,. I shared an email with all my scrapbook buddies.

  135. I told my sister in law about Above Rubies Studio, and I signed her up for the upcoming online class with me! I can’t wait!

  136. I shared to 4 scrapbooking friends via msn messenger. I also shared on Facebook 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  137. I made a goal to get 10 people to come check out your website and your giveaways, and I’ve met it before lunchtime! Most were word of mouth with coworkers, but I also called a couple, and sent an email. Thanks so much for doing this!

  138. I emailed several friends. Love this 7 Days of Christmas Fun.

  139. Jackiedancer says:

    Wow! Could it be the much-desired Paper Layerz? That would be absolutely terrific! I’ve shared with my scrappin’ buddies via email.

    Have a great day!

  140. Tiffany Brummitt says:

    I also sent a message to my friend who I have joining me for the Dec. 15th class by email. She is so excited about the online class. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  141. I have a feeling I know what it is! I have 2 sisters who live in FL and I live in TX so I email them everyday to see if they have seen the daily prize and remind them to leave a comment.

  142. I have invited (via an email) my good scrapbooking friend to join me in your class. I can’t wait for the class!

  143. cheryl sibilia says:

    Hi Megan, thanks so much for the gifts. this has been so much fun. I facebook and emailed my friend your website info. I love your website and videos. Have a great day!!

  144. Thanks for another fun giveaway. I have emailed a friend and invited her to your class and let her know about your website!!

  145. Donna Diggins says:

    I will be sharing with my facebook friends…….and my best friend who attends the scrap expos with me….and generally buys the same machines/tools that I do!

  146. I shared with my weekly cropping group.

  147. I will share with my cropping friends!

  148. I haven’t tried Lush, but I am with you on Buxom. I lucked into a deal on a set of 4 mini Buxom glosses last year. I LOVE them! I called my mom, (I know…but, I don’t have any crafty friends.), and told her about your “12 Days…” and the great discount offers!

  149. I told my co-worker about your site and your giveaways and she’s going to also pass it along to her cousin who scraps 🙂

  150. I think I know what the gift is today…and I’m excited to say the least!!!!! I emailed my friends, but they are already on your mailing list and just as excited as I am, as a matter of fact, I received an email from one of my friends telling me about the gift today and go check it lol…we all LOVE your site!!! Thanks again for the chance to win!

  151. I emailed my dear friend, Kathy Ammons, via email.

  152. WOW, would love this 12 x 12 gift. You are so great. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  153. Kim McNaughton says:

    Text and email 🙂

  154. Good afternoon Megan,
    I have told all my followers @ deezydoesit fb page about your site… 🙂


  155. A 12 x 12 giveaway sounds very interesting. 🙂 I sent an email to a friend to let her know about your blog. She’s a Cricut fan too.

  156. Telling my friends with a text and email message! Sounds like a fun size gift! Thanks so much!

  157. Melanie Lewis says:

    Been telling my daughter, who convinced me I needed a Cricut in the first place, about the efficient paper line you have created! Love the ease! Thanks for sharing.

  158. I emailed a friend to tell her about you. She is thinking about getting a cricut. I told her to watch your videos.
    I also let my neighbor borrow my A-Z Cricut DVD and told her about you.

  159. Glenda Hart says:

    I shared your email with a friend. She is looking for a blog. To follow

  160. I am spreading the word at work today. Lots of great things to share with others!!!

  161. I’m posting this as my status on my facebook page right away!!! This is so nice of you!!

  162. I have 2 daughters that make cards and scrap. Sometimes we get together and make a project. More fun when you do things together. I have told them about your site and the paper that you have. regina

  163. Posted on FB and Pinrest

  164. Cris Nosack says:

    I posted about the give-aways on my Facebook page! Love your web site!

  165. I also love Buxom Lipgloss. I am emailing and calling my friend Kelley to tell her about your site.
    Thank you
    Linda in Stanwood

  166. i tweeted it to my followers. Hope some of them will check it out

  167. I’ve shared with all of my friends at my monthly card class.
    Once the projects are made we always have time for talking and sharing!
    Thanks, as always, for the chance to win!

  168. Sheila Romeri says:

    I shared by email at work with all my co-workers of your wonderful and helpful website. I let them know that you are a very inspirational person with a load of ideas on cards and other crafts that they would be interested in.

  169. Kimberly Davis says:

    Shared your link on my Facebook page. Love your website and all the information you provide. Oh how I would love to win your 12 x 12 size HUGE present. Good luck to everyone!

  170. Erika Bardo says:

    I sent a text to all of my scrapping friends to join the blogs I follow for the opportunity to get inspired and maybe a chance to win something.

  171. Annie Miteen says:

    Just posted on Facebook for all my pals to see. And am commening ’cause my pal Sandy had posted on facebook!

  172. I shared by phone with my grandaughter. She loves crafting too and I like to send her to sites that teach us things on many levels

  173. Angela M. says:

    I emailed my crafting/quilting friends to tell them, in case they didn’t already know. I love your Paper Layerz and would love to win some!

  174. I just Tweeted about your giveaways.

  175. I emailed several people that I know love crafting, thanks for this chance to get this paper I know I will love it if my name is picked

  176. I would love some paper layzers. You know, i’ll have to get it myself. My family seems to think they need to get something else. Maybe I can win some. that would be a nice surprise. Edwina Brown

  177. I was on the phone with my BFF while checking today added wish list items so she just had to check out the site :). I also emailed the site link to my mother-in-law 🙂

  178. I told 3 people by phone about you and Above rubies today.

  179. I have sent a email to to those that love paper crafting.

  180. Connie Burger says:

    I will be telling some of my friends via email. But I am having a few friends and family over this weekend to finish up some Christmas crafts – which I will have a conversation with them at that time about the Above Rubies Studios Giveaways. I hope you get everything you ask for for Christmas. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Years

  181. Margaret Senn says:

    i have a link to your website on my blog

  182. I have a friend that I make cards with and have already told her about you and the paper layerz.

  183. Jessica B. says:

    I justed called my BFF who scraps with me montly to tell about these wonderful giveaways don’t know why I didn’t tell her days ago….but anyhow she said after work she will be checking it out cause who doesn’t want to get a present for christmas.

  184. great giveaway megan thanks for a chance to to win the christmas giveaways!
    i called a friend and told her to check out the amazing above rubies studio

  185. Karen Edwards says:

    I sent five friends info about your 7 days of Christmas via email. Wootwoot!!”

  186. Tammy Brownlee says:

    I just told my BFF about your give-a-ways & your cutting guide yesterday! How funny is that!
    And the present is 12×12! That’s even more exciting! I have 2 guesses, but I love surprises too!
    Merry Christmas to you & yours! Thanks for the wonderful gifts!

  187. Nancy Hjortness says:

    I just told my daughter who lives in spokane and is my crafting partener when we can get together that she needs to check out your site and look at the 7 days of Christmas—-Nancy

  188. Name (Required) says:

    I am so excited to get this website from my friend Penny ~ and I am sending it on to my friends on FB and I am soooo excited to share ~~

  189. I tell e everyone about you and ARS every chance I get! My husband and I prefer to support small, American made businesses and you definitely qualify!

  190. robin breault says:

    Sent a email to my mom, who is in Florida for the winter season! She has a whole group of ladies who Paint and do crafts together. Her name is Harriette Tabor and she may be joining you on facebook soon!
    I would also enjoy the stocking stuffers you mentioned today!

  191. wow megan another great giveaway from above rubies. i called and told a friend to check out your site
    she was really impressed!!!

  192. Told my co workers all about you today!

  193. lindsay m. says:

    I called a friend on the phone. Thanks for a chance to win!

  194. What cute little stocking stuffers!!! I don’t take bubble baths, but lipgloss is ALWAYS within reach!!

    As for telling friends …. I went to a crop in October and found 4 people who had Cricuts and did NOT know how to use them. I helped them a little but told them about your site and your DVDs. I wrote down so much my hand was tired! LOL Then I went to another crop in November and found the same thing …. a bunch of gals that have Cricuts and don’t know how to use them. I probably have given out your web site and name to AT LEAST 10 people between those two crops! Hopefully at least one (if not ALL of them) are headed your way.

  195. I told my adult daughters all about it! I’m sadly not on facebook (my husband is an I.T. guy and hates it) but I love your site, ideas and giveaways!
    Thanks for all you do for us… Merry Christmas!
    redheadworking at earthlink dot net

  196. I share all your great information with my church scrapbooking friends!

  197. NanetteMT says:

    I posted about you on my Facebook page! I wonder if the present today is what I think it is…Paper Layerz???? I would love to win this.

  198. Tina Michael-Dahlmann says:

    I told some people about you by email and phone and I need to learn how to do it on Facebook.


  199. I emailed a friend! Woo hoo!

  200. I sent your link to a dear online friend and told her to come join in on the fun.

    Those sound like nice little presents to ask for. I’d love the have a whirlpool bathtub and then add in the lush bubble bath bars.

    I’d also love to have a pile of your paper layers under my tree – we do have to get the tree up first though!

  201. I posted on FB about the week of Christmas goody giveaways!!! I hope my friend’s get as excited about it as I am!!!!

  202. Shirley E. says:

    Megan I think you’ve been a wonderful person this year and “Santa” should bring you all the wonderful things you desire.
    I only have 4 friends that scrapbook and none of them are on facebook. We’re just a bunch of grannies!
    So what I did is I copied and pasted your Website link and e-mailed it to them. I hope they decide to join in the fun.

  203. I shared on via email with my scrappy friends! I love you blog. I found you through my friend Hilary.

  204. debbie phillips says:

    Hi Megan! I just love your site and told my scrapbooking friends about the givaways. I would love to have some of your paper under our tree! I have some “special things” that I love to have given too me because of the cost. It’s so nice to get them and not have the guilt! Hope you get all you wish for.

  205. I called my friend in Baltimore and told her to go on your blog and enter to win every day! She was so excited to hear about your contest. Thanks again for the chance to win.

  206. Awesome little gifts to ask for, something every girl can use! I share your giveaway on my blog: hopefully everyone will flock over here to see what your blog is all about! 🙂

  207. You’ve gone viral!!! HA! I’ve shared you with all of my friends!! They’ll be thanking me and their husbands will be hunting me! LOL! Happy Holidays!

  208. I shared with my sister who introduced me to stamping and The Cricut. I am excited for her!

  209. Karen OConnell says:

    I emailed all my crafting friends. Great giveaways!!!
    Have a happy crafty day!!

  210. I text my Daughter & Neice who will be getting Cricut Expressions for Christmas. Yeaa!!!

  211. Mary Solomon says:

    I have just introduced a friend of mine to the Cricut and is now addicted so I have emailed here your site.

  212. Sue Anderson says:

    I hope it’s Paper Layerz!! I called my oldest sister and texted my middle sister. They are excited and say they are going to check out your site. I really hope they do!

  213. Any gift at this special time of year will be great. Thanks for the chance to win.


  214. Lars Anderson says:

    I texted my sister, who is an artist in PA.

  215. I for got to let you know how I informed everyone I know about your great giveaways. I used the good old telephone.



  216. Jennifer Carr says:

    I told my mom about your wonderful giveaways. She has just started getting into scrapbooking. Thanks for the chance to win!

  217. Sounds like a couple of great wishes. I’ve never tried them either.

  218. I e-mailed my sister and told her to head on over and join in on the fun. By the way, I tried the Buxom and love it!

  219. Shelly Baker says:

    I have never heard of them either Megan. Think I might try the Lip Gloss.

  220. Karen Bibbee says:

    I told my niece about you. She has a “baby” cricut and is learning about it.

  221. I texted my friend, Christy and told her about you, your website, your club and your 7 days of Christmas! I’m sure she will sign up today! Thanks again for the chance to win!

  222. Jeanine Vercelli says:

    I have told so many people about Above Rubies Studio they wanted to know if I earned royalties! Paper Layerz is Great!!!!!

  223. Karen Lockard says:

    I have e-mailed several of my scrapping friends to share the excitement with them!!

  224. I told my favorite crafting buddy on the phone about it! Thanks so much! mykemma at gmail dot com

  225. Megan, I have the buxom lipgloss and it is great ! I am always telling my friends about your website and told them again today. Thanks for another great day at ABS.

  226. Barb Leffeler says:

    I told my Bingo Buddies about “Above Rubies Studio”

  227. stacy Blankenbaker says:

    Not only did I share information about ARS, but I also gave her my Cricut A-Z DVD to help her learn about using her cricut! Love, Love, LOVE your tutuorials and products!

  228. Great little ideas….sent it on to my sister…

    Merry Christmas!

  229. Lucinda Murphy says:

    Emailed my sister

  230. Cydney Fowler says:

    I pinned your website on Pinterest. I follow you there and have a craft page I pin to (Cidney Calipha is my alias on that site). I love, love, LOVE Lush products. I absolutely have to have the solid shampoo bars and their lotions. Everything they sell smells so wonderful and is mostly natural and all hand made. Awesome stuff. I bought some Christmas gifts for coworkers and family from there and they are making my house smell so good as they wait to be wrapped and delivered. I was recently in Maui and went to the Lush store there and it was great. We don’t have a store locally so I hunt them when I am out of town and order at :^) Thanks for another chance to win a gift. HO HO HO

  231. I tell everybody who will listen that I am a fan of your website. I have even recommended people to your site and watch some of your video’s on YouTube. Thanks for sharing all of your creativity for those of us who are challenged.

  232. I posted the link to the blog on facebook. If today’s gift is Paper Layerz or the Scrap ‘N Easel I’d be happy to give you my mailing address right now because those are on my wish list BIG time!!!! Thanks for all you do, Megan!

  233. Linda Iovenitti says:

    Called my daughter & sister right away….don’t want them to miss out on your GREAT giveaways!!!!

  234. i told my coworker and fellow scrapbooker about the contest. Merry Cristmas.

  235. Vicky Hale says:

    Congrats to Tonia! Megan, I posted on FB to let ALL of my friends know about your site and your tutorials and your paper layerz! Thanks for the chance to win! Wishing you well!

  236. I e-mailed my sisters and told my daughter to take a look. These giveaways are so much fun!

  237. Could it be Paper Layerz??? I posted a link to Rubies Studio Christmas giveaways on one of my yahoo groups. Wait … more people entering… less chance of winning!!! Oh well, the more the merrier!

  238. Madeline Griggs says:

    I’ve told several of my friends about your great website. Thank you for all the great ideas and help. I haven’t tried the gloss or the bath bar, I’ll have to check them out.

  239. Brenda Letellier says:

    I told someone at my scrabook retreat about above Rubies and about the Cricut cutting guide. Thanks for all of the chances to win some goodies….

  240. Arlene (GrandmaTo5) says:

    I’m hoping that the present is filled with Paper Layerz and that I’m lucky enough to win it.

  241. I posted about your giveaway on my blog

  242. Daphne HEld says:

    I texted my friend Terri to tell her all about it….love that you’re spoiling us so much Megan!

  243. Sherette Cline says:

    I just told my FB friends about Above Rubies, and the AMAZING Paper Layerz! Can’t wait to get my hands on some, to get those last minute holiday projects completed!

  244. i have turned my mom on to your website and products. we are gonna watch your class next week together. it is so nice to be able to spend time with my mom and do the crafting thing that we love.

  245. Connie Smith says:

    I sent an email to Cindy, a girl my husband works with. She is about the only person I know that takes crafting to the crazy level I do. It’s quite funny, we even have my husband talking “the lingo” just a bit and just the other day he was busted by a male co-worker who caught him talking about taking something and making it look vintage. hahahahaha. He’s a good hubby though. He understand’s my love and he tries to understand to be a part of my life. Cindy is getting a Cricut Expression for Xmas so I had to tell her about this site. Unfortunately she works as much as my hubby and lately gets little time to really craft like she wants to. I hope she gets on here before the end of the 7 days though.

  246. Thanks for the chance at winning! I am really excited because I just got my shipment of paper layers and your new DVD today! My friends are coming over tomorrow and we are going to use your products!!! I share with all of my FB friends every time you post!

  247. I just sent an email to my friend to let her know about your website. She is fairly new to scrapbooking and jumped right in to get an expression but has fallen away from it….so I am trying to get her going again. I think she would like your website.

  248. I let all my facebook friends know about this great website and giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win and for sharing.

  249. Buxom, yes yes yes I totally agree.
    well me and my cousin were having dinner as i was going thru my emails and of course I told her about ABS and your giveaways. thanks – Julie

  250. Christeen Baker says:

    Ooh I’d love to win this DVD as it is the only one I don’t have and might finally push me to decide to buy the TC stampmaker. I missed out on CrafteCorner black Friday sale because I procrastinated too long and then they ran out of stock.

  251. Christeen Baker says:

    Sorry forgot to say I told my daughter (with a few hint hints) about your sites. I also tell every craft shop I go into in Australia about PaperLayerz but so far only Scrappy go Lucky sell it here.

  252. I have email several friend about your sites! Thanks for all you do!

  253. I talked to a friend on the phone today and told her all about you!!

  254. pattie weingardt says:

    I emailed several of my friends and gave them your website and told them they have to go visit the best site that is giving Christmas presents.

  255. paper, paper…yes…I want some more paper!!!!!!
    I am sharing with my friends via email and word of mouth (at stamp camp)…happy to share……

  256. a digital graphic tablet. To make it easy to design cut files.

  257. It is fun to see your list and get new ideas for my wish list 🙂 I told a coworker today about your sight (also mentioned the cutting guide!) and wrote it on a piece of paper for her to check out when she got home:) Happy Holidays!

  258. Wow another grat giveaway you are truly amazing! Thanks for all the hard work you do !
    I called a friend and told her about your site

  259. Amanda Villarreal says:

    I texted my friend about your giveaways! She shoul be running, I mean stopping by lol.

  260. Melanie Keenan says:

    I told my sister about it. It”s one of the best sites on the net. Thanks for all your,….well…. EVERYTHING!

  261. I told my friend Denise and my niece Callie. I told them to check my most favorite blog. And that you are having some great gift giveaways.

  262. Amy Prather-Smith says:

    I shared a link on my facebook page. 🙂

  263. Hi, I have a friend who lives in Indiana, and I live in Alabama. Over the years she has sent cards made with her cricut. She got me started on this wonderful crafting thing! I have told her about you and all my friends on facebook, twitter, and linkdin. I just found you myself, and am soooooo excited to be here, learning from you. I would love to win any one of your giveaways! Thanks for the chance to win!

  264. Cathy Plese says:

    I have shared your 7 days of Christmas giveaway with the girls at work and when I am at the craft stores (Michael’s, Joanns or Hobby Lobby) I will start a conversation with fellow crafters and tell them about your wonderful site and all the great information they can learn from you. Merry Christmas and thank you for this fun giveaway!!!

  265. Judy Spencer says:

    I Facebooked I can tell all my friends!!

  266. Great wish list items…love BE and Lush!

  267. Sandra Jensen says:

    I just hosted a cricut party and I told everyone there about your website and about your tutorials on DVD. I also told them about your Paper Layerz. They want me to get some before our next get together.

  268. I emailed my scrapbooking coworkers (8) and invited them to your website. Thanks for a chance at winning a prize and thanks for your supwe DVD’s.

  269. Sandy Szucs says:

    I e-mailed a friend and told her about the site.

  270. I ALWAYS share what you have going on!!! My FB peeps hear bout ya all the time! 😀 AND I posted it on my blog-of course! 😀 You’re totally awesome, Megan!!!!!! Take care!

  271. I tell everyone I know

  272. Oh, I hope it is a DVD! I’d love to find that under my tree. I sent an email to my crop circle of friends. I hope they take time to visit today.

  273. Christie Harris says:

    I shared and club rubies designers to my best work bud!!! She especially loved the you tube post on tricks and tips to saving money for scrapbooking!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work b providing us with all this great information!

  274. I just told my godmother about your site – she gave an expression to her granddaughter and I recommened your A-Z DVD.

  275. Thanks for a great giveaway! I told a friend about your site.

  276. I shared your facebook pages with my facebook friends 😀 I’m sure they will love you as much as I do!!!

  277. I have sent a message to my BFF about your site. tfs Tami

  278. I told my friend when she came over to see my Imagine.

  279. Christi Fillhard says:

    I just emailed a few friends about your giveaway!

  280. I tell people about your site all the time. I love it, and love to share it

  281. OMG…so excited. Don’t know what the gift is but I got tingles…lmao. I just emailed all of my crafty friends with your link.

  282. I shared with my sister. I also gave her my A to Z Cricut DVD and sent her an invite to your class on Dec. 15,2011. Thanks for the inspiration for the DIY frames. I’ll have to send you a picture. I made a breast cancer survivor frame for my mom!

  283. I emailed your link to the only friend I can think of that might not know about your site already. All my friends know and love Megan!!! Todays gift sounds like one I would really love!!! And one that you can never have enough of.

  284. I emailed my sister!

  285. Megan Elizabeth says:

    Thanks so much for Participating in our FUN Days of Giveaways – Contest Entry Period is now closed and I hope to see you again at for lots more fun in the future! THANKS and Enjoy the Moments! <3 Megan

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