ARS Cricut Cutting Guide

Cricut Cutting Guide Booklet This guide will help you prevent ripping and tearing your expensive designer paper and get the cut right, the first time!

In addition to helpful tips and tricks, this guide has been updated to include over 500 pre-determined cut settings on a wide variety of the most popular paper brands, fabrics and other materials. Simply look up your paper brand and type and instantly know which cut settings you should use, including:

  • Shape Type (basic or intricate)
  • Shape Size
  • Blade Type
  • Blade Depth
  • Speed
  • Pressure
  • Notes

Option 1: Download the FREE Online Version!

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* UPDATED as of November 17th, 2010! *

Option 2: There’s an App for the Cricut Cutting Guide!

The Cricut Cutting Guide is available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android!

The official Cricut Cutting Guide is available in the iTunes store and in the Android Marketplace! Search for “Cricut Cutting Guide” on your mobile device or get it from iTunes or the Android Market.

To help with the cost of having these apps developed and maintaining them, they aren’t free but are available for a low price. By purchasing the app, you are supporting Above Rubies Studio and the many free resources available with more to come!

  • Available on iTunes and the Android Market
  • Updated version of the guide with over 500 cuts
  • Sorted alphabetically
  • Search for your paper brand
  • Add your own unlimited amount of custom cut settings


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