Become an Affiliate – Show Support and Earn Commissions!

Partner with Above Rubies Studio by becoming an ARS Affiliate! This program is a great way to earn some extra money while helping and educating your readers, viewers, followers, etc about the fantastic products offered in the Above Rubies Studio Online Store!

What Kind of Commissions can I Earn?

With no commitment or obligation, you can start earning 15% per sale that you refer! Plus, you can earn an additional 5% on sales from anyone else that joins using your referral link.

How Does it Work?

Simply sign up (it’s free!) for the ARS Affiliate program, place the banners, badges, or text links on your website (we provide those for you) and when other’s click your links and make a purchase, you will get paid 15% of the entire sale amount! You will also get a special link within your account to let other’s know that they can become an ARS Affiliate too. If they sign up using your referral link, you will earn an additional 5% from sales they make.

Once approved as an ARS Affiliate, we will provide everything you need and you can start earning commissions right away!

  • Sign Up and get your links and banners
  • Place the banners and links on your website or spread the word with email or on social sites like Facebook.
  • Earn a 15% commission for each sale you refer.
  • Earn an additional 5% on sales of all referred affiliates.
  • Access your ARS Affiliate control panel to track your results.
  • Get paid monthly for all sales referred!

Banner Examples

Below are some example banners that you can use on your website as an ARS Affiliate… when visitors to your website see these banners and click on them, they are tracked by the ARS Affiliate system as your referral for 60 Days! If that visitor makes a purchase in the ARS Online store anytime within those 60 days, you earn a commission!

We will be adding more banners for the various products from Above Rubies Studio and Megan Elizabeth (which gives you more chances to earn!)

You can also use regular text links (using your unique affiliate link given to you in your ARS Affiliates account)  in your blog posts or sidebar, it’s up to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when will I get paid?

Once you earn at least $100 is commissions, we will deposit your payment into your PayPal account on or around the 7th calendar day of each month.  If the 7th of the month rolls around before you’ve reached $100 in commissions, your earnings will be held safely until the next month or until you reach the $100.

I don’t have a PayPal account, can I be paid some other way?

At the moment, the only payment option we offer is PayPal. Signing up for a PayPal account is free and it is one of the world’s most trusted, secure, and reliable online payment services. Millions of individuals and business trust them everyday with their financials.

Can I Put the Link on My Blog or Somewhere else?

Absolutely! You can place your affiliate links on your own blog, website, facebook, youtube, or on your car as bumper sticker.

If you do not personally own the website or blog you want to put your affiliate links on, always check with that website’s policies (or just ask them) first (ie. message boards, forums, etc).  We do ask that you exercise common sense and good taste when placing your links on other websites that are not your own.

Also be aware that it is not lawful (and just plain rude) to participate in unsolicited communication of any kind (ie. spamming).

Who is Eligible?

Everyone! We highly encourage that those who apply use and personally approve of ARS products. We wouldn’t want anyone promoting ARS products if they haven’t tried and personally approve of them first.

How long are my referrals tracked?

Good question! Will will honor the original referring affiliate for 60 days.

Let’s say that you were the first person to refer Janice, who clicked on one of the banners on your website.  After she clicked your affiliate link, Janice decided that she wasn’t quite ready to buy anything yet, so she leaves. 59 days later, Janice just happens to visit Wanda’s website who is also an ARS Affiliate. Janice is reminded of the great product she saw 59 days ago and clicks on Wanda’s affiliate link. This time Janice is ready to buy and she does.

In this scenario, you, as the original referrer (and not Wanda), would get the commission. If 61 days had passed before Janice visited Wanda’s website, then Wanda would get the commission because your referral would have expired.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on What I Earn (US residents and citizens)?

Yes, but only if you earn more than $600 by the end of a calendar year (12/31) from the ARS Affiliate program. If you do, we will send you a 1099-MISC form by February 1st for the previous year’s earnings (a copy will also be sent to the IRS).

There isn’t anything special you need to do other than report what is listed on your 1099-MISC form that we will send you with your regular income taxes.

How do I Join?

Don’t have an account yet?

  1. Sign up as an ARS Affiliate
  2. Select your banners
  3. Place code on your site
  4. Earn Commissions!

Sign Up!

p.s. You can find the fancy ARS Affiliate Program legal terms and conditions here.