Smash Book

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5 thoughts on “Smash Book

  • EM

    Smash Books are THE top item on any scrapbookers list. My dream wish are fonts – – – while I like to incorporate my own handwriting onto my pages, I love to mix and match different fonts to match the feel of my pages.. I wonder if Santa will be good to us or will we get a lump of coal lol!

  • nancy

    I would love a smash book too!! They are awesome. But my big ticket christmas wish is a new cticut!!! Ive had mine for about 6 years and after 11scrapbooks and tons of cards and projects, not to mention it got dropped and the pressure dial dont work, i think its time for a new one. We will see, lost a job this month so dho knows. Im counting on santas elves to pull through!!!

  • MommyMe

    Apparently, there are two places to comment on this post! I would love to have the Art Philosophy cart. So many bloggers are using it right now. The images are timeless and beautiful!

  • Beth

    Smash books are on the top of my wish list, too. Love, Love,Love them. This is how I scrapbooked when I was a teen. Would love to share my love for scrapbooking with my niece…