How About a $100 Cricut Cartridge Bundle Giveaway? 298

We shared so much LOVE at the Baby Celebration (you can watch the reply clicking this link here if you’d like) I thought we could spread a little more love by having a fun giveaway for EVERYONE in February!  With the brand new Idea Book Release, PLUS the Spread the Love Sale at AboveRubies, PLUS the baby Celebration, PLUS Valentine’s day – who wouldn’t be BURSTING with love!?!?!?

SO how about we all SPREAD the LOVE of Valentine’s day this February with a Giveaway of the newest of the Close to My Heart Exclusive Cricut Cartridges – Artbooking!

I decided to join up with Close To My Heart simply because these 3 cartridges they offer are my MUST HAVES! I use them for everything all the time!!!

Artbooking is super cute for spreading some love too with great lovey layouts and fantastic card options too – I think you’ll really enjoy this entire collection with stamps and chipboard shapes included!!!!

Artbooking Cricut Bundle Giveaway

Here’s how to WIN until February 28, 2014:

I’m going to use Rafflecopter for this giveaway period!  There are 5 Different ways to enter to win!  Use the rafflecopter app below or click on one of the following options!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Spread the Love Sale


Interested in joining Close to My Heart and get discounts, earn commissions, free product and more?  You can ask me how and check it all out at

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298 thoughts on “How About a $100 Cricut Cartridge Bundle Giveaway?

  • CathyinMN

    Have a closer relationship with my teenage son and my husband. I want to feel like I have a good — even a great! — marriage, not just a mediocre one. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful cartridge! I’ve wanted this cart since it first came out with CTMH.

  • Jane Jones

    I want to get back to creating wonderful paper crafts, gifts, scrapbooks, cards, and also to start painting again. Artbooking is on the wish list that I have. Thanks!

  • Kim F

    Would love to get my business up and running this year and find some more time for crafting. Artbooking is on my wishlist. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Brenda

    My best year would be to get my craft room organized so I can actually find something and to get projects done on time.
    Would be nice if I could lose just 5 lbs because that would give me inspiration.

    • Brenda M

      You took the words right out of my mouth! lol I’m in the process of organizing my sewing room now and I am looking to shed a few pounds as well as my other friend Brenda. Must be a Brenda thing 🙂

  • Sharon B.

    I mostly wish for a better job, good health to friends and family, and have more time to do the things I love(like crafting.) Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Luann

    Going to Haiti on my second mission trip has just been realized! That was my first goal this year. I also want to get more organized. I would love the artbook cartridge. Thanks, Megan!

  • Sharon B.

    After looking at the On the Go kits I would chose My Crush Bluebird. I love all the purple in this collection. Purple is my favorite color.

  • Lori A

    I want to see my grand babies more, stay close to family and of course scrapbook! Artbooking is on my wish list so thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  • Kaye Lang

    2014 is the year that I get the 20 years of accumulation cleaned out in the basement so I can claim a room to design for a real craft room.

  • Vickie Sanders

    WOW what an amazing giveaway. TFS To make 2014 a great year I need to get to see my oldest son and granddaughter. He’s in the USAF and has been in Korea since last June and her mom moved her to South Carolina when my son left for Korea. I miss them so much. Winning the lottery would be awesome too!!!

  • Sherry Doxey

    I have 2 goals in making 2014 a great year for me. One is to get a lot further in getting my grandchildrens scrapbooks caught up to date. And second,to lose weight!! I would LOVE to win this fantastic prize package. Thanks Megan!! 🙂

  • Johana

    For 2014 my word is Focus. I have to stop getting distracted by “squirrel’s”. Thanks Megan for all the things and inspiration you give. It encourages me personally a lot.

  • Snowgrandma

    I want to finish my granddaughter’s school scrapbook!!! She graduates high school this May and then is off to college! I also want to eat healthier this year to continue my weight loss…I got off track during the holidays! All those goodies!! Thanks Megan for your inspiration and generosity!!

  • Joan S

    My goal for 2014 is to follow God’s leading in being a blessing to 3 friends who have lost their spouses in the last 3 months–follow through with intentions to show them special “care” and know I will be blessed as much as they by accomplishing these things.

  • Anita

    I pray that 2014 brings patience. I have a 3 yo and 17 month old so I need a lot of it 😉 But I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Love my babies <3

  • Susan bush

    I want to be pain free. I was in a car wreck a year 1/2 ago, but I am not going to let it stop me from scrapbooking and making cards who deserve them. I would love to win this cartridge.

  • Liz West

    The thing I want to happen more than anything is for my mom to stop having seizures and be able to talk and get up out of the bed again.

  • Roxanne

    My goal was to get insurance. I had lost my job in 2008 that I had for awhile. I found a job for 11 months when this job went out of business. Lost ins again and havent had since. I have had temp and pt jobs. Currently I work 2 jobs (60 hrs). In Nov got sick and have a hosp bill. Dec went to ins agent to try to get ins. The day after sending them their premium my 2nd job all of a sudden offered. me benefits starting April 13th. God has answered my prayers. I think I may have to think of an additional goal. Sorry wrote such a long post. Thank you Megan for giveaway and all you do.

  • Pam Kent

    I can’t choose between the My Hero set and the balloon one on page 39 or 40. You should have that baby on February 14th at 2:00 pm. Weight 6 lb 7 oz, 19 inches long.

  • charleeta southwick

    I want to be organized, be debit free. to be healthier so I can continue to work in children’s ministers . Thank you for a chance to win something so wonderful .

  • Lynn D

    This year I want to organize my craft supplies because I can’t find anything when I need it and finish all of my unfinished projects. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Melody Waas

    This year would be awesome if my hubby finally agrees to add me a craft room!!! Till then getting my craft things organized and more easily accessible would be great. And finishing the tons of craft projects started!!

  • BethAnn M

    I know it may sound a bit selfish, but we are hoping to take a nice trip for vacation this year. We didn’t have a chance last year, and we’d like to do it this summer. Here’s hoping! Artbooking looks amazing, and it would really be fun to add to my Artiste and Art Philosophy; they are wonderful bundles. Thank you, Megan. BethAnn M.

  • Kathleen

    Both my kids are graduating this year … One from high school and the other from college. Trying to enjoy each moment with them as they start new chapters in their lives 🙂

  • linda R

    I want to try and be a better person all around better wife, mother & sister.Do more scrapbooking and do things for me like lose some weight. Thanks for a chance to win this cartridge I have wanted it since it came out.

  • Luann Settles

    I recently lost my 32 yr old son due to a double transplant gone wrong..the grief counsler tells me do get involved in something I have always wanted to do ,,,which is crafting..after paying for a funeral I have little money to get the supplies..for 2014 I would like some crafting stuff to keep busy and maybe the pain would ease up a little…thanks for listening..

  • Margaret K

    I want this to be a year of helping others with Random Acts of Kindness whenever I feel the person needs to be uplifted. I have been making a card set to handout to others and hope to bless more folks this year.

  • Thelma Nolt

    My main desire is to grow closer to God and get to know him better. I also want to learn to make the most of every minute God grants me and to really live and enjoy life,not just exist.

  • dawn

    Now that I have a room of my own to craft in, I would love get it finished and set up so I can just walk in and the creative juices flow.

  • Roseann Boyle

    Waiting for my Cricut Expression 2 to be delivered today, CTMH cartridges helped my decision to finally break and buy a Cricut, now to win one of the cartridges would make 2014 an Amazing Crafting year I’m sure.

  • Karen Honeycutt

    I am working on getting more organized in every aspect of my life. Rearranging scrapbook room, closets, kitchen, etc. When everything is in order, I always have more creativity and right now everything needs reorganizing!

  • LeeAnn Sinclair

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great cartridge. What I would love to see
    happen in 2014 is for me to reach my weight loss goal. 82 pounds down, 44 to go !

  • Sonia

    Get rid of a few false friends and for once think only of myself and what I need. Sounds maybe a bit selfish but after some disappointments in recent times …..

  • Jane Dubois

    We are financially strapped and have less to do what we need to do each month. We really need to sell our home so that we can get some equity out of it in order to start over again. It’s very difficult to do that when you are retired. I can no longer buy any craft supplies or new cartridges so that we can pay our bills, stay warm and eat. This bundle give away would allow me to “scrap my stash” and get the juices flowing again. Something new would lift my spirits.

  • Nicole

    This is my first comment ever! I would love to have a baby this year… My husband and I have tried for 9 years and have had 4 miscarriages but I feel a change this year! I feel God working in my personal life more. I think this is the year!! I have always loved scrapbooking and Cricut… This cartridge has been on my wish list FOREVER! Thanks for the opportunity Megan!

  • Barb S.

    My best year would be to really organize and purge what I have and then use what I have. I also want to start using my cricut more and this give away would be so helpful! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Barb S.

    My best year would be to really organize and purge what I have and then use what I have. I also want to start using my cricut more and this give away would be so helpful! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Jeri Harvill

    Praying to sell our home in 2014. Although we live in the vacation capital of the world (Florida), we need to relocate close to our families. My Mom is 85 years old and both dear hubby and my siblings are in poor health. Also, organize my craft room and supplies in a better way. It seems they grow and grow and more space is needed all the time.

  • Janice C

    I recently had a surgery to remove a tumor and just got word that it was NOT CANCER. This gave me a new perspective on how short life can be, so I am determined to make every day count! My big plans are to make a card for every person special to me and randomly send them out throughout the year. That is my big 2014 plan!

  • Rachel White

    The way top make 2014 the best year for me is fort my boyfriend to go ahead & propose! 🙂 We’ve been talking about it for months already. Haha
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Nadine

    First off, 2014 is starting great! We (me and my hubby) are having our first baby!! :o) which on it’s own already made my year! But if on top of that we could find a house (we live in the tiniest 3-1/2 apartment…) that would make my year the greatest! thanks for this opportunity Megan!! God bless!

  • Mandy

    What I most wish I could make happen to have 2014 be your best year ever is to earn a little extra spending money for my scrapbook addiction.

  • Lynn Cromrich

    In 2014 I pray for world peace, if that’s ever possible! I do hope that you and your baby go through a quick, healthy delivery. I also wish for less violence in our country. It has really gotten out of hand. Thanks, Megan, for a chance to win.

  • Tina Orr

    My goal for this year is to just continue, with Gods help, the healing of my heart since losing my son last year. I am trying to get inspired to scrapbook all the Beutiful pictures of my son into something his brother, sister and nephew will enjoy looking at when remembering him. Thank you for always being so positive!

  • Maria Elliott

    I want to win the lottery! But making this the best year is my daughter is graduating high school and going to college for Nursing. She loves helping people and this is a great career choice for her!

  • Pam See

    I am finally getting my life back on track after taking care of my husband when ill and his passing in 2010. My life with him lasted 39 years and depression set in. I had not crafted in all of that time I spent 3 weeks organizing my room and have started again doing scrapbook pages etc. I am now on widows benefits and work 2 days a week. so my finances are terrible but I am thankful for my home and health but it sure would be nice to win some new products. Thank you for the chance

  • Irene Kallis

    I’m looking forward to spending some time with my siblings in June 2014. We haven’t all been together for a long time, and it will be awesome.

  • Tonya

    My year 2014 would be amazing if I get a promotion this year. I love that fox stamp from CTMH. Great giveaway thank you so much for the inspiration everyday.

  • Roxanne

    Two of my wishes for this year is one, that lose weight and two, to be able to find some way to make money at home so that I can help with the financial load and a little spending money.

  • KitnM

    Quality time! More than one word but it can make all the difference to those around you and those who may need some help. It is being intentional with the focus being on others rather than self. I would like to have the Artbooking cartridge. I have the others and think they are GREAT!

  • JD

    I want to stay healthy and out of the hospital. I had a stroke in 2012 (at age 30) and spent 2013 recovering. I’m blessed to say I’m doing much better now… not 100% yet… but alive and here with my family! I want to continue living life, loving life, being with my family, working on my health/recovery, and loving our God…. if I can get some scrappin and craftin done in there, too, that’s just icing on the cake!!

  • Jamie

    To make 2014 the best, I plan on spending time in my craft room and just “making stuff”….that I want to make. No deadlines, no specific cards in mind. Just make stuff, or try a new technique. Of course I will still have specific cards to make and deadlines and I’ll do that, but I want to set aside some free time to just be in my room if that is all I do. 🙂
    Also, to stay in fellowship with God the max amount of time and focus on Him through His Word. To follow His will, plan and purpose for my life. My grand plan may not be part of His, but we’ll see where I am at the end of the year.
    I think JD who left a comment above has the right priorities. Time crafting is just “icing on the cake!”

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lorraine

    For 2014, I have decided to organize and purge! I save too much stuff that I don’t use. I would love to win the Artbooking Cartridge! Hope everything goes well with the Baby!

  • Lillian

    What a gift you are giving away. What a surprise it would be to win something and this cartridge would be the greatist gift for valenrtine.

  • Tami Moss

    My make 2014 the best, I have to create every day. There are also many things I need to learn, such as how to set up a Pay Pal account, learn how to build a website, make a blog, and get banner ads on pages. I can’t really say that I’m in it for the money, because that’s not what it’s about. Breaking even would be nice, but when it all boils down to it, I’m in it for the love of art. I also need to really listen to the Lord when He decides that my goals are to change, instead of focusing on what I think is the best.

  • Evette Urbino

    I would like not to be bedridden all the time so that I can go to church, so I can visit my friends, and so I can work on my passion of cardmaking, start journaling, and finish my watercolor paintings. That would be a BLESSED 2014 for me.

  • Chrys Stringer

    I am going in for a knee replacement the first part of March. After that I am going to get myself in shape so I can do more things. I am going to do more scrapbooking, card making, and tole painting. I love to go down memory lane. i am currently making a scrapbook for my oldest son. Then it is one for my youngest son. I am going to get these 2 scrapbooks done this year!

  • Donna Diggins

    I am renewing the close relationship with God that I once had….which in turn will also renew my marriage, and my relationship with children and grandchildren…..none of which are bad, but could be better……because with God first, all else falls in line.
    And, of course, I have a million scrapbook pages in my head ….. with 9 grandkids and soon to be first great grandson, the ideas just keep flooding my poor little brain!

  • Sue

    My wishes for 2014 are health for my family as well as for you, Megan. I pray that you and your baby stay strong and well.
    You single-handedly started my 10 year old and I on a great craft adventure. Cardmaking has become a daily part of our lives, and has given me a great “bonding time” with her. I am a 64 year old who adopted a baby from Russia in 2003, and it has been the journey of our lives !
    Stay well and god bless you and your family.

  • Janice

    To make this the best year ever would be if each of our six children could resolve the issue that is plaguing them at this time. All different but all worrisome. Love my family.

  • Leslie S.

    Besides the usual things like losing weight, getting healthier, etc. I really want to carve out more time to craft. Last year I felt like I just did not get the chance (or actually make the time) to do more crafts. This is my “therapy” so I definitely want to make sure to take some “me” time and finish some of the many projects that I have started and to create new projects.

  • Kim

    My goal for 2014 is to get my home more organized. That’s it and I am sure it will take me the entire year! When I was single, I was very organized. Along came marriage and kids and that went out the window! Now that we are empty-nesters, I would like to bring some of that back home again.

    • Kim

      and my goal for this year is to finish up all my geneology so my kids, grandkids will know their heritage and then compose it in book form

  • Andrea

    Hi! My goal for 2014 is the speak the truth in love. I want to be more intentional in what I say. I want to use my words to bring life to those who hear it, to build up and not tear down. I am relying on the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, to make this change in me. With God all things are possible. Thanks for asking. This has goal is a result of the musings and passion that God has been putting in my heart for this subject.

  • April

    I want to, finally, shed all those extra pounds I have been carrying along with me for over 20 years! So far I have lost 14 pounds…166 to go!

  • Jess

    Get my family healthy and active! Cook more healthy food, eat fast food MUCH LESS, exercise more. Heal from recent back surgery, to kill some 5ks And train for a half marathon.

    Mostly, though, in 2014, Just to enjoy my boys.

  • Jeri Harvill

    I can’t find a place to sign in and change my notifications. I would not like to receive follow up comments or new posts. Can’t seem to find a place to do that.

  • Kimberly D

    For 2014, I would love to have the mental and physical energy to clean my scrapbook room to get better organized so that I can scrapbook. And I love the Oodles and Doodles stamp set!!

  • Joan Barch

    My goal is to sell my cards in my son’s new pottery shop on Mackinac Island, Michigan. Sure hope they go over well. I love making them so plan to sit in the shop and make cards while he is in the window throwing pots.

  • Allison G

    I hope for the new year to get healthy and make time for card making and scrapbooking! Maybe this is the year I make my wedding album!!

  • Allison G

    I hope for the new year to get healthy and make time for card making and scrapbooking! Maybe this is the year I make my wedding album!!

  • Debbie B

    I want to see my son decide where he wants to go with his future. Either to finish college and in what field or decide on a job. This would make me extremely happy to see him on his way ;- )

  • Tammi Dorn

    I hope to get more organized this year. It’s definitely a work in progress! To start with I have been working on getting my craft room in order. That is lots of fun! I forgot how much cool stuff I have!

  • Carmen6519

    I would love for my daughter & son in law to be happy and self sufficient; for my son in law to get a good job. For my 17 month granddaughter to always be happy. For my son to find work in his field, film industry. And for my husband & myself to have more time together not working. But God already knows what is in our hearts and all things come in his time, not ours.

  • Machele

    I plan to finish losing weight and I would like to be caught up on my family scrapbooks and finish my son & daughter in law’s wedding album.

  • Lauren Sabo

    After losing our home to a devastating fire in 2009, I’m hoping that 2014 is the year that we will move back into our newly rebuilt home. Wouldn’t that make a fantastic scrapbook page?

  • Debbie

    This year I would love my husband’s health to improve or for his VA disability to go through so I could retire and be able to spend more time together.

  • Joene

    First of all Megan, I am praying that you and your new baby boy will be healthy. Your other two kids are great . I got such a kick out of them in the video. I want to get lots accomplished in 2014, first getting my scrapbook room organized and cleaned, then the rest of the house. I have been working on a family heritage scrapbook and need to get back to doing that. I would also love to have the Artbooking cartridge.


  • Barbara

    It has not been a great period in my life, I could use a gift to move my life forward. I hope that 2014 brings me some joy and winning this package would help me bring joy to others with fun, heartfelt cards to my family and friends. I can feel love in the air.

  • Mary Schmidt

    I want to get my post-surgery shoulder back to rights. Might need a manipulation to free the adhesions. 🙁
    I follow you via email and Facebook.

  • Nancy K

    We will be married 60 years in Aug. and i would like my husband to have better health this year. I would like to finish the scrapbook of myself when i was young. I would love to get this cartridge.

  • April Canfield

    Twinterest! That’s what I want to happen every month this year to make it the 2014 the best year ever! My twin sister and I plan to get together once a month and have our Twinterest Day where we create something new each time. We’ll get inspirations from Pinterest and other sites to decide each month. Today we even used the Cricut for our creation. 🙂 Winning this giveaway and adding the 3 Close To My Heart cartridges will make this year twice as great!!

  • Dee

    So many things I am wanting to happen in 2014. After finally getting back to work after nearly two years of being laid off I’m able to think a little more clearly. I started crafting again while laid off and looking for work in hopes to make a little extra money and hope to build that to have to fall back on with todays economic uncertainties. Also hoping to be able to go home to visit family and friends that I haven’t gotten to see in quite some time. Too many things to even begin to list here!

  • Mumtaz

    For me, making a the right decision about my future, taking a whole bunch more challenging classes, spending more time with my loving family, and making the right decision that will ultimately get me accepted to Harvard will make 2014 the best year EVER for me! Also, I would love to make changes and start lots of community projects just for the fun of it! 🙂 I am planning to start with a happiness project in which we all do random nice things for random people. 🙂 <3

  • Sandy D

    just wanted to say this baby celebration is way cool , and I want the close to my heart Philos. cart. and the other one too , so if I would win this one I would be soooooooooo happy …..Sandy

  • Sandy D

    forgot to say what I wanted for this year, I have a room in my house that was built on new 2 years ago , it is going to be my craft office room, I have desk and things to put in there but the room is not finished inside, have not had the extra money to finish it….. so to get that completed and get my house organized would be so wonderful , sandy

  • Ema

    I missed the party but seen it, ME love those kiddies…. God Bless you all. Remember that God doesn’t give us more then we can handle. Keep your spirits up girlfriend you are blessed with so so many friends and family standing behind you. Feel better. With that said. Thank you for being you and sharing all you do. You are an inspiration to us all…
    Now. for me for 2014 every day is grateful and a blessing. I plan on getting my hubby to finish some projects for my crafty room, spending more time with my sons and to also do a lot more productive crafty things… have a blessed day and thanks for being you

  • Kristie Horner

    I would love 2014 to be the best ever by finishing my scrapbooking room and having a dedicated space to get crazy and create!!

  • Kelli Frantik

    My hope/prayer to make 2014 better is to grow in my relationship with Jesus! It is in facing some hard things, my hurts , hang ups and healings to better understand how God sees me, and how He can use me in this wounded state. I am seeking to experience the fullness and joy that only God can bring. This can partially happen as I explore my passion/s in continuing to develop and grow my business….which this prize would help. I am hoping to quit working a job I hate that kills my joy, and do what I love, create my greeting cards! Thanks for letting me share.

  • Muriel Osborne Petryk

    What I would like to happen this year is for you to have the wounderful creation you have inside you and all your family be happy and blessed by god and me.
    You have made a difference in my life and am starting fresh.
    Love and blessings to you and all that have touched my life.

  • Terresa (Trish) Wood

    To be able to move and work closer to our new grandson, it would be the best thing to happen in 2014. Of course winning the new CTMH cartridge would be great.

  • Bev McConnell

    2014 is going to see me beat this breast cancer (had my surgery yesterday), go on my Disney Cruise in just under 4 weeks and go to see Paris in September God Willing. Got my fingers crossed for the cartridge. I do have it but it would make a great prize for a breast cancer charity crop we are going to have later on this year.

  • Bonnie

    I want to put into practice being thankful in all things.
    We are so blessed in this country. I love all the stamps with CTMH.
    How can you pick a favorite.

  • Carmen

    I would like nothing for me but everything for my family it’s been tough these last few years husband with prostate cancer which surgery went well thank god and now my beautiful granddaughter Makayla has cancer and is having surgery Monday. I want my 2014 to be healthy I want to spend precious moments making memories and creating crafts to make people smile.Life is far to short not to smile even when you can’t. I can not believe I am writing this but your site looked so warm and welcoming.
    Thank You and Happy 2014

  • Janet Hooker

    I would like to make 2014 better by being more organized and having more time for scrapbooking and crafting. I have a good start at the crafting part. I have made 4 cards already this year compared to last year I think I made one or two maybe. Thank you in advance for all the great ideas you will be sharing with us this year!
    Janet Hooker

  • Deb.E.

    I would love to find PEACE & CONTENTMENT within my supplies, so I can share this wonderful craft with others. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Angie S

    I would like for 2014 to bring me into a closer relationship with God & my family. I also want to enjoy the birth of my first grandchild in June. I hope this year will be a healing time for my husband with his health, PTSD, and job loss. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Nicole G

    I lost my craft room this year due to the birth of our second child and do not get to craft as often as I would like. My area is loosing our favorite craft store that i have spent many hours happy creating. I am a creative person and when I do not get to be expressive through crafting, It makes me very sad inside. I pray this is the year we can sell this house and get a bigger house to have more room for all of us. Thanks for this opportunity! I love my Cricut and craft room or not, it is my go to tool.

  • Vickie Bracken

    2014 begins a better year for me. I quit taking the injections and will pray they worked. I an choosing “Renew” as my word. It’s my year to renew my health, relationships and friendships. I love to scrapbook but mostly with my machines. It keeps me focused and sane!

  • D. Morgan

    What I would like to have happen in 2014 to make it my best year ever is for me to make crafting more than just a hobby. After watching your videos, joining your live chats and classes I have become so inspired from you sharing craft ideas, business techniques and life experiences. Your honesty and encouragement makes me feel like I can do it. Thank you for everything you do Megan.

  • Cathy Jones

    2014 – I was supposed to be finishing up therapy from my ruptured Achilles, but it re-ruptured and am starting recovery again after my second surgery. I continue to work on being positive and trusting in God’s will. I was also passed up on a position at work, again working on being positive and patient for God’s plan for me. I am blessed with an otherwise healthy family. We will be welcoming a second grandchild in August. I love scrapping about my granddaughter & will be very busy with a second, but can’t wait. I have had my eye on the Artbooking set for awhile. I would be ecstatic to win it. Thank you.

  • Shelly C

    My 2014 is to be better person to my loved ones and others … Be more a child of God. This giveaway give me the opportunity to be helpful with teaching my crafts to others. I am presenty giving 2 “old/new” my Cricut machines and a few cartridges to gals that are have a limited income and dsiability children. I have been blessed with so much I want to share my love of crafts to them. I was nver blessed having any children but I know a lot of them…Thank you for having such a great giveaway to whomever gets it. God Bless …………

  • Kathleen Murphy

    Would love to have enough money to take a vacation this year – it’s been too long after hubby’s long-term unemployment. He’s been working for almost two years now and still digging out of debt. Absent of that, I am grateful for all I have, including the great people in my life.

  • Judy

    I’ve worked on losing some weight, would love to add exercise to it so
    I can shape and tone as I work to reach my goal weight. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Jennie Hilligus

    2014 will be the prefect year when our 2nd grandchild is born! Prayers for my daughter also – and for this little baby boy to be healthy!!!

  • Blondena Merritt

    My wish for this year is to finally get my life organized. I am hoping that this year will help me clear out some of the clutter in my studio and home and will allow me to live a more peaceful life with everything in its place.

  • Lianne

    I would like to get all of my various craft supplies organized, including all of my Cricut items, so I can be a more productive crafter. I have been checking out those CTMH cartridges and would love to add one of them to my collection!

  • Carrie Tomkins

    I want a closer relationship with my Lord, and to bless others with encouragement with a homemade card a week to someone the Lord places on my heart to give to.

  • Trudee

    2014 is the year of health. My daughter had emergency surgery about a month ago and is still in the hospital but improving slowly. We were with them for a while and our son-in-law spends most of his time with her, sadly they live in an other state but we are in constant touch and we love them all so much. So again this is a year of good health to all.


  • brenda

    I am going to spend more time with my granddaughter and grandson, work on my crafts, and these would help me on both. My 3yr old granddaughter loves doing crafts with me, she tells her mom she wants to come to my house to play and make things in my craftroom, she likes to cut things with my circuit and put them together

  • Andrea

    Since the birth of my son on Sept 20, 2013, I have been inspired with crafts that have to do with anything baby related! I am currently saving up for a Brother Serger in order to start learning how to make baby clothes because I’m tired of these baby blue gender typing outfits with puppy dog appliques! I love custom baby leggings and bibdanas and scabibs! I want 2014 to be the year I transform myself from a consumer to a producer (of baby clothes)! I also need to lose my pregnancy weight! Sorry for the lengthy post :X

  • Michelle Fox

    I have 2 things I need to accomplish this year. I am working on my weight and just need to get it off, and I want to start my own Website/Store. Having this cartridge would be a huge help to give more card and scrapbook layout ideas.
    I’ve not used any of the CTMH cartridges but have seen amazing projects made using them.

  • Sarah E.

    My goal for this year is to be positive, and have no fear with new endeavors! I want to continue to help my son with special needs to be the best he can be, I want to pursue my dream of starting a business, and to finally get my pictures and scrapbooks all in order to share with family and friends. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win- Love, love, love my cricut!

  • Isabella

    I would like to see people less stressed, happier, healthier, and enjoying the free things in life. By that I mean.. A trip to the beach to watch the beautiful Sunset, or laying in the park looking at the sky, while listening to the birds singing, and children playing. A walk in nature while smelling the flowers, listening to the beautiful sounds around you. Afterwards, you can go home, scrap or make a card using your fabulous tools, and cartridges. Did I mention going Stargazing at night. Happy 2014 to Everyone.

  • Alicia

    I’d like to improve my card making and use my Artiste and Artbooking cartridges more and learn as much as I can about the creativity of both.

  • Sandra J.

    My kids are grown so I want to turn one of their old bedrooms into a craft room! Then I am hoping to make a scrapbook for each of my grandkids. If I could do that I would be doing a Happy Dance!!

  • Judith Andino

    I would like for 2014 to be full of health and happiness. For my boys to feel loved and taken care of and for myself… Well, a craft room would be nice.

  • Melissa

    I’d like to have a full time job in 2014. Where I can support my children on my own. My fav stamp set from CTMH has to be Feb. stamp of the month. Those little fox’s are so cute. And even though I don’t have anyone to call foxy, I love the Hey Foxy! stamp that come with this set.

  • Anita

    For many years, I tried (not begging, nor insisting) to get my 39 year old daughter go to church with me. It’s been a year now that she has enjoyed each Sunday with me. A week ago she mentioned wanting to get Baptized. My dream is that she do so in 2014 before I move to another state to my retirement home in 2015. I can feel comfortable crafting daily and know I left her in a good place.

  • Joyce Boaz

    So many great ideas given here for 2014! I pray that God with bless each of these comments. For me, I’m praying for a healthy 2014. My husband and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this year, and I am praying that we will be able to celebrate without medical issues. My husband has had 3 surgeries during the past year so I have spent time crafting with my Cricut E2 and my Cameo while he is recovering! Would love to have the CTMH bundle!

  • Lind Anderson

    I would like to enjoy my retirement by scrapping and cardmaking from sun to sun. Finally! Love all the inspiration I get from you and everyone posting and showing. Would like to embellish the cricut cuts more this year!

  • Bonnie Russell

    I would love to win this cartridge! My goal for 2014 is to accept my disability, and to strive for reaching my goals despite it. I love paper crafting and it really helps me deal with all the stress and worries in my life. Crafting takes me to a whole other part of myself. There are so many things that I can no longer do, but I don’t want that to keep me from trying.
    Winning this cricut cartridge would be Great! Thanks for the chance.

  • Becca

    I can’t believe it is 2014! I have just started craft and I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings to my craft world! Thanks for inspiring me!!

  • Susan McCarron

    I retired in June 2013, and my children are still young (10 and12). In 2014 I want to share my love of crafts to earn enough money to make our lives “comfortable”.

  • Kathy Hornschemeier

    Wishing you a wonderful day with lots of hugs & kisses from children and family.
    Remember “family” is everyone you share and care for!

  • Cindy

    I want to spend more time with my family… not only my family that lives here in my hometown, but my family that lives in other states, as well.

  • Sue

    Happy Valentines Day!
    I think the Love to Fly Stamp set is awesome.
    I just wish that the CTMH products were not so pricey!
    Take care, and God bless you

  • Sam

    I am hoping for 2014 to bring Peace. I really would like Ctmh to become part time income. Wishing this is the year Meagan that you will look back on and say. “2014” sure was a great year

  • Lynelle Bennett Gordon

    I hope 2014 brings me better health! I had my 8th knee surgery on 11/6 and as I was leaving the surgeons office after my 4 week checkup, I got a call telling me I had uterine cancer. I was just getting ready to start crafting again after 4 years of knee surgeries only to be set back, once again, with an anticipated hysterectomy for January! Fortunately, all went well and now looking forward to a full recovery. Yeah for all the cancer research for women everywhere going through what I did! Happy Valentines Day!

  • Kris

    My plan for 2014 is to finish organizing my craftroom and purging, purging, purging my household of stuff that detracts from my happiness. I have a decent start and am determined to finish this monumental elephant of a project while practising NOT procrastinating! 🙂

  • nancy makela

    What I want for 2014 and beyond is to be happier and to see alot more people be happy , Good health for you and your children and mine.

  • Doreen

    I am trusting God will heal my friend with stage 4 cancer. She is a sweet, loving lady and if anyone deserves healing, it’s her. That is my wish for 2014.

  • Debbie

    I would like to get super organized at home and at work. I’m a little bit of a clutter bug (not like the hoarders on t.v)
    but i have “stuff” that I don’t use and I need to just get rid of, throw away or donate. So I would like to get rid of some clutter. I just get really happy even when I get a small section done. 😀

  • Maggie

    I wish for you to have a healthy happy baby and blessings to continue for you.
    For me, to win this bundle and get healthier and off of some of this O2!

  • Mary

    This year I would love to craft more. I am a first grade teacher so during the school year it is tough to find crafting time and I got a Cricut Expression and a sewing/embroidery machine for Christmas so I am so excited to get some crafting/sewing projects started. I have seen so many projects done with the CTMH cartridges and they are all on my wishlist. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  • Denise P

    2014 is my year for continuing to improve my health and also working on a healthy weight. I also have plans to re-do my scrapbooking/craft room and organizing all my supplies (I have already started this) along with spending more quality time with family and friends. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the artbooking cartridge 😀

  • Jenny

    My word for this year was to Simplify so if I can achieve that & lose weight I will be so happy! I love everything in the new idea book! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Carmen Elrod

    I have alot of goals for the upcoming year! I have Fibromyalgia and it is sometimes a struggle to get things done that I had planned on doing! In the year 2014~ I am hoping to start up a new program to help me lose weight and feel better so that I can start up my crafting business and make it succeed! With my husbands help, I know that I can do it! (He has just retired , so plans on helping me!) One of my goals is that I would love to be a CTMH Consultant and I wish I had a headstart by owning the Artbooking Cartridge! Thanks Megan for the opportunity! 🙂

  • Mistie

    If I had to say what I would like to make happen to make this year the best year ever, it would be two things. The first is easiest, continue to grow in my relationship with the Lord by growing my personal spiritual life time through prayer and reading of the Word. The second is what I cannot do, but wish I could. My husband of two and a half years is a two time heart transplant and one kidney transplant patient. He is one of the longest surviving heart transplant patients at this hospital and in the world at 26 years since the first and 18 years since the second heart. He has, since we were married, started having more and more trouble with blockages and arrhythmia. The doctors have given him no more than five years if the trend continues. If I was to make this the best year ever I would give him the health and strength to either not need a new heart or to be able to receive another heart. I would give him my own if I could. But, since the doctors are pretty sure he would not qualify for a third transplant, they aren’t even ready to discuss the possibility. So, instead, I will have to continue to give him my heart in the one way I can and love him with all my being (which is quite easy to do with him). Meantime, we are spending all of our days together and taking as many trips and vacations together that we can manage to afford on our combined disability incomes. Sorry if this is more than you wanted to know, turns out I needed to get it off my chest. Thank you and please know that we both really enjoy your Youtube videos and wish you the best with your new addition.

  • Lenora

    I have already had a couple of surgeries this year. I would like to recuperate from the surgeries and get healthy again. Lots of walking and heathy eating is game plan to accomplish this.

  • Kim Keller

    My goals for 2014 are to be thankful each and everyday for everything God has given me. To witness to family and friends, & pray more often for their salvation.

  • Debra

    My daughter-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer in December, 2013. She had a double mastectomy in January, 2014. She started Chemo a couple of days ago. So far everything has gone very well. God has been watching over her….and all of us!!! I wish for 2014 to bring more closeness with God for all of our family. We are extremely close…but God can bring us closer. Life is good….we just have to enjoy every moment.

  • Victoria Spragin

    I would like a few things to happen this year, but the most important is that I get closer to God and follow Him in all that I do!!

  • Susan Samuel

    My goal is TIDY in my craft space. To make sure I put everything away when finished with. My favourite stamp of the moment is the cross stitch wishes.

  • Deb

    I pray for God’s blessing to be expecting grandchildren this year and to bless my daughter with a child. I want to live, laugh, and love more this year than last. And lastly, get more out of my cricut and try to use it more than I currently do.

  • Deb

    I pray for God’s blessing to be expecting grandchildren this year and to bless my daughter with a child. I want to live, laugh, and love more this year than last. And lastly, get more out of my cricut and try to use it more than I currently do. Wishing for a birthday gift tomorrow