Chalk Couture FAQs

What is our Chalk Couture Team?

We are thrilled to offer an independent designer opportunity through the incredible and fast growing Home Decor company Chalk Couture!

If you select Megan Elizabeth & Nate as your sponsors; you will be in a highly encouraging and motivated team!  We aim to inspire you to achieve your personal goals and dreams either in your hobby creations or expanding and growing your own brand or business. Would love to have you JOIN US!

Learn more about Chalk Couture’s store HERE

How much is the Designer Start up Kit with Chalk Couture?

The designer kit is $99, plus shipping.  You’ll receive $200+ (retail value) in the hottest product! Includes a little bit of everything you need to get started and create beautiful finished projects to share and sell! Grab the kit here.

What are the quarterly minimums for remaining a Chalk Couture Designer?

As a designer you will need to sell or purchase a personal quarterly volume of $150.00 – so super simple!!! Chalk Couture quarters work just like standard calendar quarters – (January – March, April – June, July – September, October – December)


What is the Commission Plan for Chalk Couture Designers?

Designer Benefits
Be your own boss with Chalk Couture, and we’ll help you succeed at every step!!


  • Earn up to 50% sales commission on wholesale purchases (well above industry standard!)
  • Designer Debút Program–helps you become successful by earning even MORE during your first 3-4 months…as much as $480 in your choice of products!


  • Personal Website—a great way to extend your brand and offer convenience to online shoppers
  • Designer Back Office—easily see your stats and place wholesale orders on your Chalk Shop!
  • Marketing Materials—grow your business with beautifully designed flyers, social ads and more. Like having your own professional agency!
  • Corporate Communication—support, tips, and connection. We’re here to talk Chalk!

ChalkCouture Commission Plan

Chalk Couture’s plan is one of the best in the biz, and that’s no joke! Personal sales commission up to 50%, volume bonuses, team percentages, and even promotion bonuses and product credit—learn it as you live it, love it as we give it! We’re excited to partner with you on this exciting and beautiful journey.


Are Chalk Couture Designers Required to keep an inventory?

No, there is no inventory required, however, if you plan on doing home shows, craft fairs, workshops and other in person events, you can maximize your earning potential with your 40% discount by having the inventory on hand to sell at full retail pricing.


Is Reselling the Chalk Couture Items I Make Allowed?

Absolutely and encouraged!  Many Chalk Couture Designers build their entire business off that angle alone!


Your Monthly Chalk Couture Subscription is just (NOW ONLY $19.99) a month (your first month is free)!

You’ll get a personal website for your business, an app that works as a point of sale system, and every month we send you a Chalk Transfer at no extra cost! Usually a $17.99 value, autoshipped to you around the 5th of each month to help you promote your business!  When you sign up it MAY appear that the NEW $19.99 is being charged, but we PROMISE you that you will only be charged the $99.00 PLUS shipping.

Additional 50% off Bonus!

After you first grab your started kit with Chalk Couture, they will also email you a special discount code for your Chalk Couture order to receive an additional discount on top of your already huge 40% savings!


How Can You Earn Money with Stepping Stone & Chalk Couture?

  • Social Sales
    Arrange a Create & Take, workshop, expo, or just a fun night of crafting with friends, and earn a 40% profit as a wholesale Designer. Highest starting % in industry!
  • Website Sales
    Sell product online through your own custom links, and earn 25% commission.
  • Product Credit
    When you sell $200 in Personal Volume, you’ll receive $20 in Designer Dollars to buy business materials, fund Hostess Rewards, giveaways, team incentives, and stock up on display product.
  • Team Bonuses
    When you build a Team and help them grow, you will both be rewarded. The bigger your team, the more you can earn! – Honestly the sky is the limit!

How do I start up my business and join you? 

Joining Megan Elizabeth & Nate Chalk Couture Team is super easy!

I’m so glad you asked!

Simply click JOIN HERE

*If you wonder what the “Store Name” field is, that is the public display name for your Chalk Couture website or business for example Stepping Stone Decor is our Store name.  Many people use their own names for this, or you can start to establish your own brand through this as well.  It’s really up to you and the availability of the name you select.  Also, please be sure the SteppingStoneDecor is listed as your sponsor ID at the top of the page!

We would LOVE to have you become a part of the Stepping Stone Decor team as either of Hobbiest OR as a Business Builder!  We will help you, point you towards incredible training and do our best to inspire and encourage you each step of your personal journey!