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6 thoughts on “Enjoying Lifes Moments

  • Sandra Copeland

    I am also a bread lover and I have to lose weight also.
    I’m praying to the Lord to give you strength to a better healthy life.

  • Rita

    Good Luck with the cleanse. I have IBS, and had to do the same thing to get a clean slate for my body! That being said……100% whole wheat or sprouted bread are best for my illness! Lettuce, cabbage, spinach, and beef (unless it’s organic grassfed) reek havoc on my system!!! Oh, how I’d love to have a Ceasar salad….or spinach strawberry salad……..so eat one for me!!!!!

  • Teresa

    I recently did a 10 day cleanse. Three days into it, my hands stopped hurting! I had not been able to hold a pen/pencil and write for years without pain, and it is gone! Bread and dairy are my nemesis, and of course, I love them! Sprouted wheat bread or or organic cheese in small amounts is om once in a while.
    Even though this way of eating makes me feel so much better, I still want (and occasionally have) drive fast food. For me, planning is the key. I have to plan what I eat, and prepare some things ahead.
    So, planning and prep ahead of time make it possible to stay healthy.
    Keep on, you can do this, and you will feel soooo much better!

  • Susan Schwalm

    I have been on this road for nearly a year and lost 82 pounds in the process. Check out Maria mind body health on facebook. She is amazing! Lots of recipes and ways to change your life.

  • Cathleen Henry

    Megan, I so wish you the best. You are a strong woman and I admire your spunk and dedication. Prayers all around.