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4 thoughts on “Basic_GradClass

  • Sandy Bayles

    Thanks for all that you did for all of us. My Dad is 86 years young and was in the Navy. My boyfriend is 63 and was in Vietnam………..We are a great country and everyone needs to remember that…

  • Mary Corta

    Thank you, Sean and ALL our military, past and present. We are soooooooooooo lucky to have these people and their families, give their hearts, minds and lives to keeping us safe and free. My father served in WWII, my brother in Viet Nam (twice) and my husband was in the National Guard. They ALL do their part for US. “Thank You” seems so inadequate.


    How crazy is this. I was a MX troop and our MDS course for F15 was at Sheppard AFB. I went through in 1998. I’m was a 2A3X1 and now I am a UTM. So 14 and 16 years later my husband and I are still Air Force. We want to say thanks to all of those who went before us and those we will come after…..thanks for your service and sacrifice for our country and that we are honored to serve along beside you.

  • Qadirah

    As one military family to another, my sincere thanks for your service. My grandfather served in WWI, my father served in Korea, my brother served at Desert Storm and my son is currently in the Army and has served in Haiti on a humanitarian effort after the earthquake and was suppose to go to Iraq, however his units orders changed. Thank you for your service and I appreciate the service of all our military families.