Beauty From Ashes 3 Day Mini Retreat

Day 1 ~ Beauty * Beauty from Ashes Retreat

Today we are focusing on the BEAUTIFUL highlights of our lives! No matter what season of life you are in, being able to look at the beauty through the weeds can give you new perspective and encourage you to press forward!

Day 2 ~ Release * Beauty from Ashes Retreat

Today we are going to be taking moments to release the 3 R’s that can really build up and hold you back from the life you desire. This is such a great exercise to acknowledge regularly in your life and celebrate how far you have already come!

Day 3 ~ Desires * Beauty from Ashes Retreat

Today is about defining your desires and recognizing that your deep desires reveal your design! Taking some time to define your desires by letting yourself recognize the things you do not want, or don’t serve you, and contrasting that to reveal what you truly want most is a very helpful tool I TRY to do evaluate at least 2 times a year! See if this little exercise can open you up to new possibilities, desires and clarity for what matters most!

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