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The Cricut Cutting Guide

Lets get you started with the Cricut Cutting Guide. This
tool is invaluable to most Cricut users as it saves time,
energy and MONEY!

Deciding what speed, pressure and depth to your Cricut’s
blade to can be such an annoying task and really can drive
you bonkers (especially when you just want to make a quick

Never fear, the Cricut Cutting Guide is here! You’ll want
to keep this at your finger tips and referring to it often
when using your Cricut so that you don’t tear, rip or waste
your cutting materials again!

— Option 1: Download the Cricut Cutting Guide —

The best part is that it doesn’t cost a thing (and no
catch, I promise)! You can download the latest version right
now from our website using this link:

Download the Cricut Cutting Guide

— Option 2: Get the Cricut Cutting Guide App —

The Cricut Cutting Guide is on the iPhone and iPod Touch!

The official Cricut Cutting Guide is available in the iTunes
store… Just search for “Cricut Cutting Guide” on your
iPhone or iPod Touch or in iTunes. You can also use this
link to the page on the iTunes website:
Goto the Cricut Cutting Guide iTunes Page

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