Sure Cuts A Lot V2.0 Free Download!

Hey Friends!

Now if you know me you know how much I love my Sure Cuts A Lot, well, today’s video shows you how you can get your own FREE trial version of Sure Cuts a Lot Version 2.0!!!  YAY!  How exciting!?!?  Now you can try it out for yourself and decide if this purchase is for you or not!

So sit back relax, and watch this quick little video to get your download and take a quick look at the new SCAL V2.0!

Of course if you don’t want to watch the video and just want your FREE trial, just visit Craft Edge by clicking HERE! Go to their Download Section and go from there!

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  1. Dawne says:

    Hi Megan~ I was wondering …if I was to purchase this SCAL software….do I need to have DS or anything else with it in order to run it! I heard somewhere along the way that I would need something else besides just purchasing it and going with it! I also wondered –can u use clip art files from the web or my pc on SCAL AND one more thing… can I use the software on my PC desktop and then also on my daughters laptop (as i use that sometimes in my craft room since its mobile)??? Thanks in advance for the answers!! ~ Dawne

  2. Amy says:

    I downloaded the free trial version of SCAL. Can you download fonts and dingbats onto the trial version, or do you have to purchase it? I was trying to download some things from dufont, and wasn’t able to. It’s very possible that I just don’t get how to do it! Thanks.

  3. Chris says:

    Megan, I’m a guy and I’m starting to learn about scrap booking. I think it’s cool to save pictures like this. I don’t have a crickit because I thought is was dumb to have to keep buying cartridges, than I saw your video on You Tube, that’s how I get ideas cuz I’m a closeted scrap booker. So my understanding is that I can buy a crickit and not ever have to buy any cartridges accept for the one it comes with and it will still do all the shapes and fonts right? That would actually push me to buy one. Thanks for your time.

  4. trissie says:

    Hi there! I have downloaded the free trial version of SCAL, and its wonderful, please could you tell me if this soft-ware works with windows vista as I am very interested in purchase this.
    many thanks

  5. Yvette says:

    Hi Megan
    I am very interested in purchase the SCAl v2. Please let me know.

  6. Sheila Youngblood says:

    I’m interested in purchase the scalv2.Please let me know if that’s possible.

  7. Donna says:

    I am also interested in purchasing the SCAL version 2 software. I would like to know if that is possible also. Thanks!

  8. janine says:

    scal V2 is no longer available. Is there somewhere to get a copy of the CD

  9. SureCutsALotGuy says:

    good day everyone here in internet land. I see there are few of you interested in the Sure Cuts A Lot V2 software. Trissie, Yvette, and Sheila Youngblood. I have access to the sure cuts a lot software v2 if you are interested. just shoot me an email @ and we can talk more.

  10. Laura says:

    I am interested in scal version 2. Where can I get it?

  11. Joan says:

    I,m interested in purchasing SCAl v2. Can you help me. thank you

  12. SureCutsALotGuy says:

    Joan, Laura, and anyone else looking for SCALv2 I do have a few more SCALv3 available. just email me at and we can discuss getting it to you.
    thank you

  13. Joan says:

    I have a cricut and can only use scal v2 I see that you have access to scalv2. I can get v3 but it will not work. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  14. brisa says:

    Where can i get the Version 2? i have a cricut i just bought today.

  15. SureCutsALotGuy says:

    still have some SCALv2 available for those in need. email

  16. looking for SCAL says:

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone here that was looking for SCAL v2 was successfull getting it yet?

  17. Else Irene says:

    Hello :) I’m very interested in getting a version for the Cricut machine :) I have sent you an email just now :)

  18. Wanting SCAL2 says:

    Hi SureCutsALotGuy,

    I just emailed you at regarding the Sure Cuts A Lot Version 2 software. If you have any more left, I’d love to see about purchasing it from you. Please let me know.


  19. Barb Clairain says:

    Hi, I’m wanting to purchase a copy of SCAL vs2 if you have any more copies. Please e-mail me at:


  20. Reagan says:

    Is there any way to get the version 2 of the software still?

  21. Suzi says:

    Just find out about SCAL V2……. is this still available. I have the cricut expression. Thank you!

  22. Mercy says:


    My name is Mercy, I have been trying to purchase SCAL v.2 Software. I have the Cricut Create and would really appreciate it if you can help me find it.

    I really appreciate it,

  23. shelia hall says:

    Hello. Im just discovering that there is another program I can (hopefully) use with my cricut expression. its the SCAL v1 or v2. However, i am a little confused as to the compatibility of use on the cricut. can you help me out. also, if it is compatible, where can i get a copy of either one?

  24. Hi Dawne! Thanks for commenting, I’ll do my best to answer all your questions, and again i swear VERY soon I’m doing a SCAL how to install and FAQ! :) But for now,

    1. You do not have to have DS perse. In order to run SCAL your Cricut and SCAL must be operating with the proper updates and firmware upgrades. As of right now, the only way to get the Firmware upgrades for your Cricut Machine is by downloading DS. BUT…You can do that for FREE!!! See here Cricut Design Studio Since it’s FREE, it’s awesome to check out, you can get the updates, and properly use your SCAL with whichever Cricut you have. Since you can get trials of both softwares (SCAL and DS) test them out and have fun! I’m sure in the end with whatever you decide you’ll be thrilled! After you get your updates you can simply uninstall DS and you will not have a problem. Its really not complicated at all and again its a great way to check out DS. But no other purchase is necessary! How cool!?

    2. Excitingly enough with version 2.0 you CAN use clip art and other files by using that AWESOME new Auto Trace function I showed in that video. There are millions of free .svgs out there and tons of other resources that your cutting becomes limitless! (I know I say that alot, but it’s so true!)

    3. As for using it on your daughters computer, here is the license info you need according to Craft Edge.
    “The license for our software is a single user license, and entitles that single user to install the software on a second computer of the same platform for which the license was purchased for, provided they are not both used at the same time, or by more than one person.”
    So the answer is yes to your question. You will not need to buy the CD in order for this to happen. You just have to do the download on both computers and use the same serial number you are provided with upon purchase.

    I hope this helps and if I can answer any further questions, let me know! I’m so glad you are checking into it! I can’t live without it! :)
    Have so much fun and enjoy!!!! :)

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