I Can’t Let You Miss Your Chance!

Listen up, the holiday’s are coming!  That means there is going to be a lot of decorating, a lot of gift giving and most likely a ton of gift making!  There’s always a need for extra cash flow this time of year, and if you’re anything like me, you need a group of friends that keep you motivated, encouraged and inspired!

Well, I have to tell you, right NOW is the time to come over and join the brand new launch of the whole new Square1Masterpiece Creative Consultants Program!  Tonight at 9:00pm eastern time, join me over at Square1Masterpiece.com for a live event  that is going to get you revved up for all this program has to offer!  But I’m not going to spoil too much right now!  You’ll have to come over tonight and learn more about this opportunity to not only join one of the most unique and inspiring exclusive craft communities, take advantage of huge discount offers to Creative Consultants only (perfect for all the gift making this holiday season), get extensive training found no place else, but also have the opportunity to earn cash right before the holidays….phew that was a lot right there!

YouTube Preview Image

If you don’t even want to wait until tonight to hear more, go ahead and sign up now!  Space will be limited and you just simply can not miss your chance!


I can’t wait to see you tonight!!! Just come right on over to www.Square1Masterpiece.com - 9:00pm est!




  1. Joene says:

    Megan, your email came to late for me to be able to watch it. Will we be able to see a rerun. I got the message after 10:00 pm in Montana. I would like to watch it though.

    • Megan Elizabeth says:

      It posted midnight eastern time it’s for tonight Sunday oct 27 :) you’re good to watch still but it will also be recorded :)

  2. Sam says:

    I must have missed the upstream. But where do you go to sign up?

  3. marilyn coleman says:

    I kept trying to chat and do the live stream but it wouldn’t let me sign in and now I am trying to sign in the square one and it kept bouncing back and saying I had to sign in and that wrong email and it’s not wrong email so now I am not able to get in on the drawing. I also wanted to ask do we have to sell anything or can we buy the kit for ourselves? please reply asap so I can order the kit before the price goes away!!!

  4. Lee Ann says:

    Had to be gone. Will it be rebroadcast somewhere – and is it still open for sign up? Thanks.

  5. Linda Huffman says:

    Loved the video, love the product and can’t wait to get my kit in the mail. I am anxious to learn more….

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