CTO: Happy Birthday Card for Young Boy with Bo Bunny

Happy Check This Out Wednesday my crafty friends!

I’m an in an exceptionally GREAT mood today and I hope you find yourself the same!  There are so many GREAT and fantastic things happening!  If you want to keep up with all I am talking about – Go join me over on Twitter @byMeganE or Facebook.com/FollowAboveRubies and see what I’m always buzzing about over there…there are too many things happening to bog down the blog with the bits of info and fun – but I think many of you would enjoy reading about based on your comments!

Anyway – down to today’s video!  I’m going to create a REALLY cute (well I think so anyway) card for a younger boy’s birthday using the Bo Bunny On the Go collection.  I think this collection nails it for my son Bensen and I can’t wait to scrapbook our last airplane trip together with this collection as well!

YouTube Preview Image

So what did you think of this collection?

I’m so curious to know what you all really think about me sharing these types of videos with you! I hope you feel inspired (and maybe a little enabled) but ultimately my goal is to help you shop for what speaks to you and not purchase something you regret because it wasn’t really what you were looking for!  I also love sharing great deals and more times than not will point you to www.Craft-e-Corner.com – I partnered with them awhile back to bring you these videos and Megan Elizabeth products because they are amazing people, with amazing family values and I appreciate who they are so very much and that is so very important to me when doing business! (Just wanted to share that side note!)

Hope you have a GREAT week and as always – Enjoy The Moments!


  1. Lindsey says:

    Looks adorable! Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy learning about new stuff on the market!

  2. Jean Marmo says:

    Such a cute collection!

  3. Marilyn says:

    Love that collection. Cute card!! I hope you keep sharing these videos. Love to see what you make

  4. Marilyn says:

    Love this collection.Awesome card!! i hope you keep sharing these videos with us. you always have great projects

  5. Adorable kit! Really love that swirly page too!!! ~ God bless~

  6. Margaret K says:

    Loved the card and love you sharing the products with us, let’s us know if we would wat it or not. Keep up the good work.

  7. Irene Baker says:

    I saw this tutorial a few days ago, and ordered the paper immediately. I’ve already made several cards with it, and it’s a darling line. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope you have a great week!

  8. Charity Brown says:

    I really enjoy these kinds of videos better because it shows how to make something with products like at hobby lobby or other craft stores and then you can make several cards using your one design…I enjoy these! What great ideas!

  9. Karol says:

    Love your site and love the video’s please keep making them. You give me some great ideas so thank you very much.

  10. Moira says:

    Once again, you have outdone yourself with cuteness and guienus. The card is absolutely adorable. Keep up the good work. Love Bo Bunny ….almost all of their stuff. Blessings….Moira

  11. Wanda M. says:

    Yes, keep the videos coming. I enjoy them very much.

  12. KitnM says:

    Wouldn’t know what to do without your videos! You always explain everything so well. I have learned new ideas and most can be done for any level of crafter. Sometimes it is a challenge but that is how we get better and come up with new ideas, right!!???!!! Keep it up. We are here, waiting for your next video, project, idea and we all care about you and your family!!

  13. Colleen says:

    Hi Megan

    Always LOVE watching your videos, great inspiration (especially cards/layouts).

    Please, Please, put as much info on your blog that you do twitter and Facebook because there are many of us out there (myself included) who are opposed to social media and are not on any of them. I almost feel discriminated against because many stores, sites will offer promotions to social media followers only, and it is not right.
    So please try and share all your information in all ways and keep the videos coming!!!!

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