The New Sure Cuts A Lot v2.0 – Using the Trace Feature!

Guys, I am telling you, I am SO excited, yes, yes I know, I get excited easily.  BUT I can’t help it…you will too once you see the awesomeness of what Craft Edge has come up with!!!  Check out the video, feel free to ask questions and comment, if I don’t know the answer I will get it for you!


YouTube Preview Image


  1. I’m new here, on Sure Cuts Alot are you saying I can use any image that I have saved on my computer? Also if I use Sure Cuts Alot does this do anything to my warranty on my Cricut?

  2. kristie says:

    where can i purchase the SCAL 2? can anyone tell me? it is driving me crazy I’ve never even heard of this until now but I have only had my cricut like a year or so… please help me find it…. didn’t want to spend all the money on Gypsy cause i don’t have that many carts. to load on there for the price. thanks for your help

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