Morning Cup of Cofee Scrapbook Layout How to and Inspiration

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for your patience in getting a Tuesday Tutorial up!

I’m excited to share this one because I think its cute and simple for anyone to really be able to get into and I think thats always helpful in creating Scrapbook pages.  In this video I already pre-cut out shapes and letters with my Cricut using the Hello Kitty Font Cartridge and the Stamping Solutions Cartridge.

I really hope that you enjoy and I’ll see you very soon for all the fun things we have coming out at Above Rubies Studio! 🙂

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  1. So cute and easy. Thanks

  2. What a great layout. I will have to give this one a shot. (I too, love my Xyron.) Best of luck with your dental procedures.

  3. super layout

  4. margaret says:

    I love my xylons I have the 1.5 which I use for letters and the 5 inch for larger items. Great layout. good luck with surgery – having had jaw surgery i understand the swelling and discomfort you are having.

  5. Love the layout…thank you……cheers to all……get well soon!

  6. Very cute!! I use my xyron all of the time esp w/ letters. I love it and have it in various sizes.

    Hope that the surgeries take care of everything and that you have a speedy recovery!!

  7. Jennifer says:

    What style/size is your xyron? Also, your tape gun, is that repositionable tape in your gun?

  8. Jennifer says:

    PS. Love the accents you always do on your pages!!

  9. Sally in TN says:

    Thank you so much for the tip about the white eraser for the xyron glue! I use my xyron all the time for letters but hated the little glue balls. My scrapbook layouts will look so much better from now own. Such a simple tip really makes a huge difference! Thanks for sharing and I hope you feel better soon!

  10. Cute layout. I too LOVE my xyron for adding letters to my projects.

    Great nails too! What color is that, I have to have it. It’s so spring-like.

  11. What a cute layout! Thanks so much Megan and I hope you are feeling better!

  12. Cute layout! The Xyron is an amazing tool. Like you, the glue “boogers” are annoying. Thanks for the tip about erasing them. Praying for a quick recovery from your surgery:)

  13. beautiful – I’m just starting scapping, and I love simple.

  14. Debbie from Illinois says:

    Super cute and easy layout!

  15. Nice layout. I also have the small Xyron, didn’t get a bigger one because by the time it takes me to erase(remove) the glue tabs, I could just as easily use the skinny glue pen.
    You sound like your cheery self again.

  16. Using a variety of font sizes does draw the eye around the page. And thanks for the eraser idea for coping with those little adhesive overflows! The Xyron complements cricut cuts each and every time! Glad to hear you are feeling better Megan.

  17. KarenSch says:

    This is super cute. Can’t wait for the upcoming projects. I have a Xyron and I agree it is wonderful. Hope you get better soon. TFS

  18. very cute lay out and you do it so fast it takes me for ever to deside colors and placement and you make it look so easy your great at this I enjoy watching you videos your awsome.

  19. Virginia S. Waddy says:

    Love the layout. Always a joy to watch your videos, thank you for sharning! Praying that you are feeling better. Love the nail polish Lol.

  20. Super Cute LO! TFS

  21. anita backensto says:

    cute layout, love the tip on the steam for the coffee. hope you are all better from surgery soon. congrats on article published in cricut magazine!! anita

  22. carolyn hartle says:

    Thanks Megan for the tip. Love you ideas. Hope all goes well with the up coming surgery

  23. I love your layout. Thanks for sharing

  24. Terrific layout. Morning cup of coffee, so darling. My little guy likes to have his “coffee milk” as he calls it.
    I love my little xyron too, especially for the letters. I also love how you added just the right amount of dots to the letters. I tend to go overboard, thanks for the tip.
    Congrats on being pulished. I have enjoyed my fist issue of the magazine.

  25. Very cute! TFS

  26. Lisa in DE says:

    What an easy and quick layout and so cute! I have both those Cricut cartridges and will have to give it a go. I also have the same Xyron and love, love, love it! Thanks for the tip with the eraser. Those little glue boogies are a pain, lol. Hope you feel better soon and thanks for sharing another imspirational piece!

  27. Great layout, Megan. Thanks for the eraser tip for the xyron. Congratulations also on your pub in the Cricut mag.

  28. Cute layout. A few years ago I had a dislocaated jaw and had to have surgery on it, so I know what your going through. Not much fun. Hope all goes well.


  29. Adorable! Thanks for the great tips! Congrats on being published in the Cricut Magazine. I will look for your project when I get my next issue.

  30. Hi Megan: Darling layout. Thank you for all you do! I have to also thank you for the SUPERIOR customer service I received from Sean last week while you were out of commission. I will always buy with confidence from your site. I have had my nose broken so badly, that it affected my upper teeth and palate…I am soooo sorry you are going through this.
    Hugs, Lisa

  31. Love your layout. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Katherine A. says:

    Cute LO. I wish I could plan out LO’s ahead of time like that. I sit in front of the paper and pics and agonize over how I am going to put it together.

  33. Crystal Nichols says:

    I love my xyron sticker maker! I use my tweezer bee tweezers and pick up little sticky bits ’til I can make a small ball to squeeze in the tweezers, and then I pick up the extra sticky pieces with that sticky ball (kinda like when you blow a gum bubble and it sticks to you and then you use the gum to get it off).

  34. Kathie (South Australia) says:

    Just lovely. You make it seem so easy.

  35. marchelle says:

    Very cute L/O.. I love simple sometimes. I own everysize of Xyron they make…Love them ALL, but the 2.5 is my fav also. Thanks for sharing and I know dental things are not fun. Hang in there. We soooo understand. Take care and HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!!

  36. What a great easy LO. Thanks. Also thanks for your site, since signing in I have used my Cricut so much more and I have all your DVDs for extra help and ideas. Hope you are soon finished with dental surgery and feeling better.

  37. Love the simple layout. SO glad you are feeling better.

  38. Elizabeth J says:

    hi, simple but very cute,hope that everything go well with you god bless you, and thank for all your wonderful video.

  39. I luv the way you used the Xyron to glue the letters. I am going to have to try that! Great layout. I am more of a card person, but I get great ideas watching you create layouts too. Thanks for sharing and I hope you feel better soon – a broken jaw sounds awful! Take care of yourself.

  40. Edwina Brown says:

    Love this layout!

  41. Just love your videos! Best Wishes for a most speedy recovery! My prayers are with you! Sandra Joy

  42. Hi Megan, I love the tips and tricks you share with us in your videos. I am really enjoying this blog. Sidenote: my dog’s name is Tucker as well. He will be 10 on Apr 25th.

    Thanks again for sharing and I look forward to the next video. 🙂

  43. The layout is so cute, your children are adorable too! I also love the color of your nail polish, I love purple! Thanks for all of you great designs, and ideas!

  44. that is so cute I go back in April for my Jaw second part..:O(
    Good Luck with yours!!

  45. Such a cute page!
    Hope you are recovering quickly from your surgery!

  46. LeeAnn from NC says:

    Really a cute page. I like the clean, simple look ! Thanks for sharing it. I hope you mouth continues to heal well……….

  47. Cute layout! Thanks for the glue blooger tip. They drive me crazy. Just wondering where you found the Viva Decor Glitter Liner? I was at Archivers today & asked there & the lady didn’t know what I was talking about,same thing at a local scrapbook store. Thanks!! 🙂

  48. I love it, it’s so cute Megan!! Thank you for sharing!

  49. You are so inspirational and love your videos.

  50. Two questions, please: What is the spatula tool you used? and Is the eraser pen thing ALL eraser, or is it one on the end of a mechanical pencil? Thank you!

  51. What a great page layout! Could use for kids or adults!

  52. Beverly Wright says:

    I love this page. It is super cute yet would be so fast and simple to do. I am really enjoying your site and projects. Please keep sharing all your creativity with us.

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