How to Make Your Scrapbook Pages Come to Life

Happy Tuesday All

Ok, so – I am totally bummed I missed the Launch of the new Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition.  I ended up falling through a chair getting off our trampoline and landed myself in the ER with a very injured Ankle.  Walking Cast and Crutches for a few weeks….wooohoo. LOL

ANYWAY – thankfully I had this Tutorial already filmed and pretty much ready to go, I hope you guys enjoy this layout I created using the Cricut Gypsy and show some inking and scoring techniques that will really help pop up and bring to LIFE your Scrapbook Layouts!

Alright – ENJOY – I’m going to go lay down – More creations coming your way soon! 🙂

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  1. Oh, Megan!! So sorry that your evening turned out this way! Hope your ankle heals quickly!!

  2. Christine Fazio says:

    SO sorry to hear about your ankle. I love watching all your tutorials and dvd’s I can’t wait to use my Cricut Imagine that I won from you the other day. Last week totally got away from me as life does sometimes. I am soooooooooooooooooooooo excited that I have won. I never win anything like this. I am really lucky to win one so special. I will cherish it.
    Thanks again.

  3. Megan, Lots of prayers to you for a speedy recovery. Wow! I just realized…you have to figure out how to chase two small children in a cast and crutches! Yikes!

  4. Christeen Baker says:

    Hope you get well soon! Look on the bright side – it wasn’t your hands so you can still scrap lol.
    Cheers from down under

  5. Heather R...mousemomma says:

    Oh Megan! So sorry to hear you are on the DL, (disabled list). I seriously sprained my ankle years ago and it is a PAINFUL experience! Get well soon.

  6. Jennifer H says:

    So sorry to hear that your evening didnt go as planned. I am praying for a speedy recovery for you.

  7. Jane L chadwick says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Just love what you did on the layout.

  8. May God bless you as you heal. Thanks for all your great ideas and challenging us to use our creativity.

  9. Diane Yeager says:

    Sorry about your accident. Heal well and think creative thoughts while you have some “downtime.”

  10. Sending you blessings for fast healing Megan. So sorry you missed the launch. Ty for the awesome tutorials. I love your blog xoxoxoxo

  11. So sorry to hear that you were in the ER. Feel better soon! Saturday was a treat! You really are a rock star!

  12. Hi Megan sorry to here that hope you get better soon,great layout love the four weehlers.Take care HUGS

  13. hope you feel better

  14. Oh no Megan!!! So sorry to hear that – take care!!!! Now i have to say this—–you clutz!!!! LOL Just kidding – take care hon!!!

  15. So sorry about the accident, praying for a speedy recovery.

  16. Get well soon! Cute layout!

  17. Angela Boone says:

    Love your website! Praying for a quick recovery! 🙂

  18. It’s supposed to be the tampoline that’s dangerous *tsks* lol. Seriously I hope you feel better soon. The layout is wonderful, love all the dimension and the “Good”ness of it :D. TFS!

  19. Megan,
    I love your lo! I am sb my son’s cub & boy scouting years right now. This is wonderful. I was having a hard time trying to figure out what I could do for the camping pics! Thanks for your inspriation!

    Hope you heal fast!

  20. Virginia S. Waddy says:

    Sorry to hear about your ankle. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  21. carolyn hartle says:

    Sorry you got hurt. Hope you feel better soon. Really like the layout of The Good Life and the helpful hints. Thanks alot.

  22. Sheila Courts says:

    So sorry! Just take of that ankle. Sending good thoughts. Hugs.

  23. Dorothy B says:

    Poor Megan. Did that a few years back and had a hairline fracture. Not fun. Will be praying for you.

  24. Loved the layout and dimensional effects! Could also use something like it on my bulletin boards! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Elizabeth J says:

    hi Megan,sorry to hear you got hurt!!!hope that you get well soon,take your layout.

  26. Judy Resop says:

    Megan I am on crutches myself & no it is not fun…But you brighten my day with all the idea’s you have. Happy healing!

  27. Sorry to hear about your fall(off a chair no less!) Hope you get better soon. Love your layout.

  28. Barbara R. says:

    Didn’t anyone ever tell you that Moms aren’t supposed to get hurt? Even worse for working Moms. I bet your children make you some cute Get Well cards. The page(s) you do about your accident could be really cute. Does Cricut have a sort of “Boo Boo” cartridge?

  29. Katherine A says:

    Oh, Megan so sorry you were injured. Hope your ankle is much better very quickly. Thanks for the video. I really like the LO.

  30. claudie brown says:

    Sorry to hear about your accident. Rest and take care of yourself. My prayers are with you. I worked last night, but got online at 12:05 am and got my Cricut expresstion 2.

  31. Praying for your quick recovery.

  32. Know how you feel–went walking about a week ago took a tumble and broke my knee….So I can definitely sympathize. Get better soon….this too shall pass. Enjoy your videos. Thanks

  33. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery! The layout is beautiful!

  34. Marla Hemperley says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  35. Do hope you recover soon. What an excuse to be able to sit and play with all the scrap toys. I am interested in seeing how this new expression goes over, would love to have one, but will just have to wait until it goes out again, I hear it will be several months and then new colors on the end caps. Can wait, I love love love my expression that I have.

  36. Connie Bragg says:

    Megan, so sorry to hear about your fall and that you missed the launching of E2. I couldn’t resist. I ordered it within 5 minutes of the broadcast. You layout is awesome. I love the dimentions. It gives the page so much flair. be blessed and I am praying for your recovery.

  37. So sorry to hear about your accident, hope you heal quickly. Love the layout and what you did with the trees.

  38. So sorry you missed something you were looking so forward to. Heal fast!! Take care of yourself. Your family and all of us would be lost without you if you were unable to use and share your talents. I agree glad it wasn’t your hands! God Bless

  39. Sorry to hear about your ankle. I love this video. I can’t wait to see more video I learned something new today.


  40. So sorry to hear about your accident.thanks for sharing a beautiful layout

  41. Edwina Brown says:

    I can understad what you are going through. I broke my left foot in 3 places in 2008. it was rough there for a while. Hope you feel better soon and your foot heals up good.
    I like your layout page. I’ ve never been 4 wheelin but it sounds fun.

  42. Hi sorry to learn you hurt your ankle, I know how it can be. I was hit by a 16 year old drunk driver and both my legs are hurt and am waiting 3 operations. But, fortunately I still can scrapbook and do what I love when it comes to creating and I do keep a very positive attitude. Love your page!

  43. Praying for healing for you. I understand there is launch tonight. Here is what was sent to me from Everyday Cricut: Join Melanie and I tonight on Ustream by clicking HERE or just by watching above. When we go live at 8:05 p.m. CST ( 9:05 pm EST, 7:05 pm MST, 6:05 pm PST), the box above will have our show!

  44. Linda Kennedy says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your ankle! I hope you feel better soon!

  45. Megan, What a great “The Good Life” page! I love it! Sorry about your accident, will be praying for a speedy recovery! God Bless!

  46. Oh Megan….so sorry you’ve got a boo-boo. Please be careful.

  47. ShariKay says:

    Oh my goodness, and we think it is just our kids that get hurt while playing! So sorry to hear of your accident. I am praying for a quick recovery.

  48. Mary Ann Huntington says:

    I broke my ankle is two places several years ago so I know what you’re going through. Just take it easy and listen to the doctor. I love what you did with the trees. They really stand out and so do the blue 4 wheelers. Nice job.

  49. Awww, Megan, so sorry you injured yourself and ended up missing the launch of the Expression 2. I hope you feel better soon and your ankle heals up quickly. (((Hugs)))

  50. Me again, lol. I was just watching your video and noticed that you had the word “good” spelled out backwards “DOOG”. I was wondering if there was a reason for that? Just curious. I’m a new gypsy user and I’m trying to learn all the tricks/tips. Thanks, Megan.

  51. Sorry to hear about your ankle, Megan. I had an encounter with our cat on the back porch (while painting the door), fell, broke one ankle & sprained the other……the cat won! I wish you a speedy recovery.

  52. Tammy Brownlee says:

    Absolutly love this layout! I have to have that cartridge! My husband & I ride dirt bikes and it’s so hard to find cut outs for layouts! You get the same stickers over & over! Get well soon!

  53. sorry to hear about your injury…listen to what the dr. says and you’ll do well!

  54. I am so sorry, Sprains are the worst. I have to say however we have a trampoline in our backyard, have for almost 10 years and knock on wood, have had NO accidents. Enjoyed the video, thanks!

  55. Oh yes, I’m sorry, hope you are feeling better soon. Keep that ankle up!

  56. Tracy T. says:

    Really cute layout…I’m sorry hear about your ankle. I hope you heel soon. I enjoy you working with Viva Decor pens…seems to be my new tool. I will add you in my prayers tonite. God Bless.

  57. How did you adhere the trees to the page to keep the dimension? Pop dots or something else?

    Thanks for the awesome layout!

  58. Vickie Lee says:

    So sorry to hear about your mishap. Take care of yourself. Love your layout.

  59. Debbie from Illinois says:

    Oh man, sorry about your accident. I love this layout! The trees are so cool.

  60. So sorry to hear you you were hope you will be in my prayers.

  61. Hi Megan!
    So sorry to hear about your ankle injury…will keep you in my prayers for healing and a speedy recovery. Thank you for sharing your scrapbook layout….it’s Soooo beautiful!!!! Take care and hope you feel better soon! 🙂


  62. Lisa Kay says:

    Get better soon! I loved the layout going to make it tonight!
    Thank You!

  63. HRHLadyTina says:

    Get better soon and heal well!

  64. I loved the techniques you used with the trees on your layout. Great page! So sorry to hear about your “unfortunate” trampoline accident. I hope nothing was broken and you get back on your feet soon.

  65. Jeannette J says:

    Quick recovery prayed for you! Sorry for your accident! Enjoy scrappin’ in your down time.

  66. I loved the layout. hope you are up about soon

  67. jean heming says:

    sure hope u had a good friend order the exp 2 for u!!! as they ran out before 5 pm feel better!!!

  68. Who would have thought to crinkle & score background elements!! What a fabulous idea:) That Viva Decor product looks interesting. I’m going to the web site next. Prayers going out to you for a speedy recovery:)

  69. What a bummer on both counts. I missed HSN because I also was at the Dr. with hubby. Guess we weren’t meant to have the Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition at this time. I love the good life layout!!!!
    Hope your ankle heals quickly
    Linda in Stanwood

  70. I’m terribly sorry about your fall, (although, the time on the trampoline just prior must have been fun)! You are so sweet to have been thinking about serving us a video, under the circumstances. What a fun technique on the trees! I don’t envy the trouble you may have keeping up with your little ones during your recovery…I hope you mend quickly.

  71. Sylvia Graham says:

    Love your layout. I learn something new everytime I see something you do. Hope you feel better soon.

  72. praying for you quick recovery.

  73. I was so sorry to hear about your ankle. I wasn’t surprised you had something for us. You are amazing. Feel better. I added you to my prayer list.

  74. LeeAnn from NC says:

    Sorry about your injury and you’re having to miss the launch ! Really like your layout. I have that cartridge and have used it quite a bit with so many grandsons in the family in addition to my husband who is an outdoorsman. Thanks for sharing….Just finished your Imagine A-Z dvd. Thanks for that too. What a great way to get familiar with my new toy !

  75. Soory about your accident. Hope you are feeling better. Take care and just try to lay back for a while. You need some rest and time with your family. You work so much. We will be here always waiting for you. Take care.

  76. So sorry, Megan. Hope you heal quickly!!

  77. Geez…. that’s terrible Megan… I hope you heal quickly! LOVE the LO! Theresa

  78. love it!

  79. I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. Come on over to my blog to get it.
    I love your work! :0)

  80. Sorry Megan, I had a sudden funeral of my aunt and i missed it too. it just sucks. hope you get better soon. its hard with the kids to i know. good luck sweetie. feel better. the cricut will still be here.

  81. Brenda Westhafer says:

    Megan, You really made that layout come together nicely, great job! Sorry to hear about your accident, hope you heal quickly!!

  82. Linda Jamme says:

    Love your dirt bike page. Great ideas with the trees and I am such a fan of Viva Decor products. I only have 4 of the pens but they are a definite go to item in my scrapping tools. Wish I could buy their products around where I live. Well there’s always the good old internet.

  83. Suzanne says:

    Hope you are feeling better! I have several sets of crutches! I ordered the E2 on Tuesday night and it was here Thursday afternoon! All the way to Redding, Ca!I am hopeful for a A-Z DVD to add to my collection.

  84. cecile says:

    I loved the way you created the tree back ground.
    New products were featured that I had not used in the past! Really enjoy your daily cards or pages!

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