How to Make Embossing Folders for Cuttlebug

Here is something that you will see in the Cricut A to Z DVD – but I wanted to give a different version of it on my website as a helpful resource!  I love making my own Cuttlebug Embossing folders.  They are so fun and overall easy.  You can re-use the A-2 folder kits from Provo Craft for the Cricut as many times as you would like by following this fun 2 part instructional video :)


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  1. Kathryn says:

    Thanks, Megan for showing us your embossing technique. I always learn something new when I visit your site. Great news!!! My DVD arrived in the mail today. I can’t wait to view it. You are such an inspiration!

  2. Lori Hulstine says:

    That was awesome! I can’t wait to watch the DVD. Keep it up girl. Oh & I love the cutting guide.

  3. Glenda says:

    Wow that is so cool. I wish I had the cuttlebug. Your kids are so cute. You can hear Ben saying bye after you do. Too cute.

  4. Wanda says:

    GREAT tutorial! I’m getting these items for Christmas and it’s nice to know how easy they are to do! Thanks!!

  5. Lori K says:

    Oh wow I love that, so the ideas for embossing folders are endless.
    Thank you so much!

  6. J. Martinez says:

    I have this on my Christmas list, Now I REALLLLLY want it! Thanks for the tips and ideas!!

  7. Shirley D says:

    wow! sky is the limit. I will need to start making own folders.
    Can you reuse folder?

    Thank you

  8. Great Episode!!! Been missing you!!

  9. TR says:

    I saw this on the DVD. I can’t wait to try it!
    WOW is that going to save a lot of $$$ on Cuttlebug

  10. Gloria Westerman says:

    Wow Megan, this is awesome. Again your many talents. Thank you…………..

  11. Nora says:

    Very cool. I’m hoping my DVD is here today – I didn’t get to the mailbox yesterday.

  12. miriam says:

    very cool! I can’t wait to try it!

  13. Joyce G says:

    Thank you, thank you! I love the process .. you are the greatest.

  14. Suzie Q says:

    You have just gave me so many options to emboss that I am just giddy with excitement! Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to get my DVD, thank you for all the cool things you teach us.

  15. Sole says:

    Cute but tedious. Probably would only do this for extra special projects. The folders they have now are cute enough.

  16. lynn says:

    great video!

  17. KimJ says:

    Great and thank you! I have been waiting to learn how to do this properly.

  18. Cindy M says:

    I just got a cuddleBug and will definitely try this!! Thanks!!

  19. Ruth W says:

    COOL!! Great idea. TFS

  20. Lori says:

    love the folders.Great idea on the chipboard. Recycle, reduce, reuse. Awesome!!

  21. Joann M. says:

    Just got my video and have not had a chance to sit to view it.. this just makes me want to hurry and finish my work so I can…..

  22. maricella cruz says:

    I love this video Thanks Meg for sharing now i want the Cuttle more then ever

  23. Casey says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve heard of this before, but havent tried it because it seemed very timing consuming. But, I had a thought while watching you. If you used transfer tape or contact paper to separate your images, it might be a little easier. I will have to try that. Thanks again. i love your videos!

  24. Julie Westerfield says:

    That is so cool. Thanks for sharing that technique. I always learn something new when I visit your site.

  25. Sharon Harrison says:

    I learn so much from you every time I visit your site. I have been telling all my scrapbooking friends about it too. Thanks so much!

  26. Debby says:

    Oh I love this, great way to make more embossing folders of patterns you want that you can’t get otherwise. Thanks for showing us how to do this. I don’t have a cuddlebug either but I do have the sizzix which works the same for doing this.
    Angel hugs

  27. josie says:

    very cool!!!!! you made it look so easy….thanks

  28. Carmen Lucero says:

    Thanks Meg, after seeing you do it I can tell it takes a lot of time, but I’m willing to try. Casey, one of your commentators, suggested contact paper to transfer the negative, I’ll have to give that a try and also look for it in the video to find out how you can use the folder again.

    Great video!


  29. Ann G says:

    What great ideas thanks.

  30. Ramona says:

    Thanks for the video on making your own cuttlebug embossing folders

  31. Elizabeth says:

    This is great, I had tried using the material that you buy for this and had no luck with it, will give this a try tonight. Thanks for all the great tips.

  32. Megan, I love your ideas! One question…When moving the inner circles could you have glued a thin piece of paper to the inner circles (while they were still on the mat), let them dry and then move them in their entirety? Just wondering!

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