First Time Cricut User – Making a Card

This is a different kind of video for today, but I think some of you will really enjoy the heart behind it.

I am going to post a video by me later this week, but for today, I really wanted to share this video of my wonderful husband making me a card with the Cricut.  This was his first time ever using the Cricut, and while he’s seen my videos and watched Cricut A to Z, you have to love the man for trying.  🙂

YouTube Preview Image

In This Video Sean Used:

  • Sweethearts Cricut Cartridge
  • Best Occasions Cardstock
  • Zig Two-Way Glue Pen
  • Sharpie

And yes, I did say that there SHOULD be a live Ustream coming THIS WEEK!!!  I have to work out all the final details (tomorrow I’ll let you know for sure!)  So make sure you check back and tell your friends – we may have a few surprises hiding up our sleeves that I KNOW you won’t want to miss!!!!!


  1. OMgosh, What a Sweetheart you have there.
    You had to had be tickled pink.
    This would have been something exactly what my Sweetheart would have done. And what a cutie Ben is, he is a good Daddy;s helper. And you have it on video to keep forever. What a lucky family you are.
    This made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lilla Benson says:

    You have really taught your fellows well, it was a joy watching them make you a sweetheart, you are keeping it in the family, good job and thanks to Sean for the encouraging remarks to all the scrappers. Hope to see them do a video. Thanks for sharing

  3. You guys make the most beautiful family. You are both very lucky n blessed to have each other.. How thoughtful is Sean!!!! Love it

  4. Carrie Krumm says:

    How sweet is that? What a guy!

  5. What a sweetheart of a husband! Sean, you did an amazing job!!!!!

  6. That was a cute video and he made such a nice card too.

  7. Wow! All I can say is that you gotta love a man who takes the time to use your Cricut to make you a card. I love the ‘M’ he drew. At first I thought he let your son add his personal touch. lol! Penny

  8. Great job Sean that is one of the best cards your wife will ever receive.

  9. That was so sweet of you Sean! And Bensen is adorable! Great Job!

  10. Sean, that is absolutely wonderful!! Great job. And Megan, you are truly blessed:o)

  11. I think you should keep that man, what a wonderful guy to make you a card like that. My hubby has no interest in making a card for me at all. Loves what I do but refuses to step into it. Personally I think he would like it and don’t want to admit it. LOL
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. (((((HUG Sean)))))!

    Awwwww. I love you for doing that for Megan!

    I was thinking while he was doing that,
    and even being his own Videographer, how much
    work and patience it must take to do those videos
    you do! Thank you for sharing such intimate parts
    of your lives with us! (((((HUG)))))

  13. Sweet Daddy

  14. Oh my gosh, what a sweet husband you have Megan. Just the fact that he would even take the time and not give up when it didn’t cut the right way the first time. Love it, you are very lucky.

  15. That was so awsome of your husband to do that for you. What a wonderful surprise and gift.

    Way to go Sean!!!!!

  16. OMG!!!

  17. What a sweet guy!! You’re a lucky girl. That was just the sweetest.

  18. This brought tears to my eyes…..Sean really loves you, to do this and to record his actions…. and I’m sure it meant more to him than it did you…it’s like getting to used his tools and doing a project and you didn’t cut yourself or blow something up……how awesome to see this….thank you Sean that was so sweet….

  19. I loved the video, thanks for sharing.

  20. thank you so much for sharing how special your valentine is! Not only did he make you the sweetest card but was brave enough to film himself. I love it!

  21. What a loving man. He found the most priceless gift to give you.


  22. OH MY GOODNESS, THAT MAY BE THE CUTEST CRICUT VIDEO EVER!!!!! I can’t wait to show it to my husband! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  23. What an amazing hubby you have! I can’t believe he took the time to video the process and surprise you like that. If it were me I’d treasure that card as well. He seemed very together during filming even with the problems, which I’ve experienced myself! I think that’s better than a dozen roses! Way to go Sean!

  24. This sounds just like something my hubby does!! He goes above and beyond just like yours. I thank God daily for him as I’m sure you do. I got a twofer in this video. I got the joy of watching him do this for you AND I got to see that beautiful red expression thanks Sean!!!! And Megan of course.

  25. I commend his effort. That was sooo sweet of him to make that for you and he even video recorded it!!! What a great guy you have.

  26. maricella cruz says:

    That was so sweet can’t blame him for trying i think he did great being the first time . THat makes it even better

  27. How sweet this is! And how sweet that he wanted to make a video of it too!

  28. InMyStudio2 says:

    Not many men would try this, let alone record and then allow you to publish it. How wonderful!


  29. Awesome!!!! You go MR!!!!

  30. WOW! What a man! He did good and I can’t imagine any of the men I know who would do this for their valentine. It is so sweet to see him be interested in what you do and then try it himself! He’s a keeper!

  31. How sweet! Great job!! The boo-boos make it all the more precious! That’s a memory worth framing!
    My hubby supports everything I do, but I don’t think he’d have the nerve to try the Cricut!

  32. Great job. I’m amazed that he persevered until he got the card he wanted. What a good husband!!

  33. Jill Kiehna says:

    How thoughtful!!!

  34. Liz Robertson says:

    This is so awesome. You are very lucky to have such a special husband. You son is as cute as cute can get.

  35. Megan,
    That was sooooo sweet of your husband! I like how he said he used some of your best occassions cardstock from Walmart instead of your desinger paper. How thoughtful! Wonderful video, Sean!

  36. Sharon/4kids4 says:

    What a nice man! With the cutest helper ever! That was really sweet….hold onto that video!


  38. Wow, I am lucky to have a husband like Sean, too. Gotta give him credit for the time he took to video this and demonstrate his love for you. Ben is adorable, too.

  39. That is soooo sweet! I would cherish that card forever, and the video too!

  40. OMG! That is absolutely the sweetest & speaks volumes for Sean to use the cricut to make you a valentine. How romantic to take the time & effort to do the hobby that you love so much to make a card for you. That will be a treasured keepsake for you I’m sure! Thanks to Sean for sharing that with us. You did a great job! You two are a wonderful couple!! : )

  41. I had the pleasure to meet Sean at CHA and admire his can do attitude. My husband got a kick out of watching his video too!

  42. What a sweetheart!!!! What an awesome thing to do, not only did you get a card but one your honey made for you. WOW

  43. That is the sweetest husband ever, he did an awesome job, I think he should be in more of your videos.

  44. What a special husband you have!! He did a great job using the criucut for the first time!!
    Nice that he supports you and your passion for crafting 🙂

  45. Oh, this was priceless! Sean did a great job! His heart was obviously in the right place. Now you know what you can get him for Christmas next year….his own Cricut!! lol.

  46. Awesome Guy! Not many men would presevere when it doesn’t go right. Then to put it on video & let all of us see that he didn’t accomplish his goal the first time. This video will go far towards showing other guys what we go through to get the end result & that it isn’t as easy as it looks. Do you suppose more men will give it a try? Thanks Sean, for educating men on the Cricut. I am sure a lot of men watched this video. (if they wanted to or not; te he)

  47. Megan,

    That was the cutest video. So fun!! I thought your
    man did a great job for his first time. He put a lot of thougt into it as well. Awesome!!


  48. Sean great job. I am a new cricuter myself. So I understand what you went through. My husband also got into the act of making me a card. I will cherish his card forever as your wife will yours.
    Linda in Stanwood

  49. I cannot say how precious this video is, you should keep this one for when you are my age and you want to look back at these moments. Reminds me of when my kids were little and my husband (who worked nights) came home early in the am and made large bunny ears and put them on and painted his face like a bunny for the kids, that goodness I have the picture, but these are memories that you will treasure.

  50. How nice!

  51. Well done! At least he has an idea of what to do. My DH wouldn’t have a clue! LOL!!! My 15 yo DS, 11 yo DS & 5 yo old DD would all be able to work my Cricut. At least my DH can do 1 great thing with the Cricut, BUY me new cartridges. He is great @ that! LOL! So I won’t complain! I’m so glad you got a wonderful valentine & he was brave enoufh tro record the process! I’m sure that his loading/unloading a mat situation has happened to the majority of us! Thank you both for sharing that with us!

    dolphin4_17 @ Cricut mb

  52. Well done Sean!!!
    What a sweet idea, well done for too sean for not giving up. I think you have earned lots of extra brownie points from megan!!
    Thanks for sharing both of you xx

  53. Donna Cloud says:

    He’s got heart. I know that card is a keeper, as is the card maker!!!

    Donna C

  54. Oh my goodness – that’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen!!!! Like me, you’re one lucky girl!!!

    Great job!!!

  55. Way 2 go Sean… did a great job on that card. I don’t know if my DH would even know where to start if he wanted to use mine….tehehehe.

  56. That was so sweet 🙂 I’m sure you’ll cherish that card much more than any card he would buy for you. He did a great job!

  57. He is so super sweet!!!

  58. Awww! That was so sweet of Sean! Just for him to try and use the Cricut was amazing in itself. And just like many of us who had to use several pieces of paper in the begining, he did a fanatastic job. Kudos to Sean!

  59. Terry Perry says:

    Megan you are so lucky to have a sweetie of a husban!!!

  60. chris wooten says:

    that is sweet. that reminds me a few years back when my husband went into my craft room to get supplies to make me a card. i did not own a cricut back then. my husband cut the card with sissors and cut and used ribbon and buttons, lol…it did look a little elementary, but i love it more than the fancy store brought cards, i know you do too!


  61. Kathy Van Klaveren says:

    Wow, he did great!!!

  62. I love the video. You are lucky that you have a husband that takes the time and is not afraid. What makes it special is that it comes from the heart. Ben is a real cutie.

  63. Karen Varney says:

    How sweet of your husband to make this card, and how very brave to make a video of his first attempt at using the Cricut and broadcasting it for all the world to see. He did a fantastic job, and I give him 2 thumbs up!

  64. so so so sweet…you are 1 lucky young lady…

  65. Mary Rievley says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Sean, you did an awesome job. My first Cricut project certainly wasn’t as hard as the one you chose. Megan, I can just imagine the smile on your face. That is a card worth treasuring and showing off. Way to go, Sean!!!

  66. That’s a wonderful Valentine! A beautiful video, warm thoughts, and a very nice card, too. I’m so glad he didn’t give up when things didn’t go right the first time. What fun!!

  67. Fantastic job Sean, I think you should make more videos and maybe the men in some of our lives will take the challenage. Thanks for sharing.

  68. Too Cute- Thank you so much for sharing. I am a new Cricut user and you made me feel so much better 🙂 So many times I watch this videos and they make everything look so easy, but I find it so challenging- in a fun way 🙂 Thank you!!!

  69. Kudos to your husband for attempting this. Mine wouldn’t think of it. Tell Sean that I made the exact same goofs when I made my first project. Wonderful first time effort!

  70. You my dear are so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. My eyes got all watery watching this. I know you will treasure this card for ever and a day. Blessings to you both, Jonnie

  71. Thanks so much for the video. It was very sweet!

  72. That is one of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen! My husband likes what I do, but would never get that involved. You definitely have a keeper 🙂 Good job Sean 🙂

  73. OMG I am laughing so hard I have tears! That was TOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I think for him to not only try making you a card with the cricut all by his lonesome but to FILM it is just the sweetest thing EVER!

  74. OK – he’s definitely a keeper. So cute, so thoughtful, and he APPRECIATES what you do! Nothing better than that. A winning combination. Ben is so adoreable. Even if you didn’t have a dime to your name, I think you know you are rich in all the ways that count!!

  75. SEAN – great job!! So how will you top this next Valentine’s day?

  76. Awwwwwwwwh! Omg! Megan, that is the sweetest thing. I love that your husband made you a card witht the cricut. What a blessing.

  77. That card is the most beautiful card I’ve seen simply because your hunny made it. He did a wonderful job!

  78. This was great! Tell Sean thank you from us. Knowing he did a card inspires me to just start making some – I have been hesitant to start cards, but now I think I am ready. You both are a great team and have a wonderful family.

  79. Tiffani Keyes says:

    That was so great! I’m sooo impressed! Any time our guys try things in “our world” it’s so sweet!
    Tell him thanks for being brave enough to share with all of us.

  80. OH Megan, Sean is so sweet. Aren’t you proud of
    him making this video and showing us his 1st
    attempt at using the Cricut. He did a great job
    I’m impressed! Your work is rubbing off on Sean!

  81. What a neat surprise. Sometimes they do stuff like this and it is always so amazing.

  82. Patty Wood says:

    What a wonderful husband. I am still trying to get my husband to scrapbook with me. He has checked out my Gypsy a couple of times but has yet to agree to cut anything out. Maybe one of these days.

  83. That was soooo sweet!
    Sherry B

  84. Debbie - NanaBugaboo says:

    He is a brave and loving man to do this on video.
    My huggy and I have a rule ” I don’t touch his tools and he won’t touch mine”. Keeps life a lot earier around here.

  85. Sandy Bayles says:

    He is a great guy. He really done a great job. Hope you put the card in a special place and save it. Put it on a scrapbook page. Keep up the great work.
    Sandy Bayles

  86. I think I would pass out if my hubby even thought about making me a card. Wow, what a great job Sean! Can’t wait to see what you will come up with next.

  87. How cute, Megan. I actually just tried hinting to my husband a few days before valentine’s day that maybe he could surprise me some day by making a card on my cricut. He let me know there’s no chance of it ever happening. I’m going to make him watch Sean’s video. 🙂

  88. Ah Megan! That was SOOO SWEET!! you must of being tickled pink! I think I would faint if my dh would try this! You go Sean!!!!

  89. Husband of the year! He has my vote! What a sweet guy

  90. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Sean you are so sweet!!! Meagan you’re a lucky girl!!!!

  91. OMG! That is just too, too precious! He’s a keeper! TFS!

  92. Very Sweet!!! I am so impressed, he’s a good one!

  93. Wonderful video, my hubby would never try to use my Cricut, he hasn’t a clue. My 17 yo son on the other hand could easily make a card.
    Great job!

  94. Sharon from Pa says:

    He’s a keeper. Such a sweetie. I’d pass out if my husband ever did anything like that. Cherish this. Really nice card Sean. Love it!

  95. Awwwww… soooo sweet! Sean is really a super hubby, isn’t he? The moral support from Ben was too cute for words, too!

  96. Good job Sean! My husband also used the cricut for the first time to make a valentine for me. I was home at the time though and had to keep my eyes closed and averted while answering technical questions. It is a power tool after all! He does have a new respect for our craft now!!!

  97. What a wonderful job he did, and how sweet of him to take on the challenge! Tell him that it turned out beautifully, and I am sure that you loved it. Your son seemed to want to help me, but the smile was worth a million words.

  98. BRAVO SEAN!!!!!!!!!

  99. All I can say is “He’s a keeper”.

  100. What a precious thing to share! Sean, you are such a trooper. I wouldn’t have even considered recording my first time using the E. I’m glad that you hung in there and completed the card, even with the problems that came up. What a treasure this will be for Megan…TFS!

    aka cyimbugbitten

  101. Helen Pratt says:

    How sweet!You have a great guy Maegan!

  102. Awe, how sweet!!! You will treasure that card for years to come I’m sure!! Thanks for sharing with us all.


  103. Linda Weisholz says:

    A great brave job, Sean! Not many men would attempt this. My husband is super and wonderful, but I don’t think he would try something like this. He will print cards off the computer from a card program.

  104. How sweet is that? My DH wouldn’t even know where to turn it on. Megan, you already know he is a keeper, this is just a reminder.
    Hugs to All and a BRAVO for Sean!

  105. Oh, how sweet. My thoughts when he couldn’t get the paper loaded was of my husband. He would have thought that he broke the machine and freaked out. I would not have gotten a card, but he would have told me that he owed me a new machine. LOL

  106. Meggan take it from some one who has been married for 38yr. you will cherish that card for a life time. He must have taken at lest a couple of hr. to make that. You both are blessed to have each other. Oh and i all most forget and he was watching the baby also. What a guy. Wonderful and thoughful guy. It’s been a blessing to have found you Meg. i really enjoy watching and learning from the both of you

  107. HOW SWEET IS THAT???!!! Sean, you made an AWESOME card and I think you should continue to do videos!!! It was GREAT!!! What a sweet and thoughtful thing for you to do, and to video the process is icing on the cake!!!! I’m sure Megan was thrilled!!! Any woman would be!!! You rock, Sean!!! Megan, you’ve got a keeper there!! Happy belated Valentine’s day to you both!! Hugs to Bensen and Jen!!!!

    Love you guys!

  108. What a sweet husband that you have . You may have to do a lot to take care of your family…but he is worth it. Pam

  109. Jessica Hayes says:

    Oh My Goodness! He’s a keeper! Sooo sweet!

  110. Vickie Lee says:

    This is so fabulous! No money in the world could buy a card like this. Priceless, just like his wife! Thanks so much for sharing.

  111. Hi Megan

    What a beautiful video. I know this must be the best card you received from your hubby because it was made with love. Very lovely. I will show my fiance maybe next year he can make me a card. Thank you for sharing.

  112. Hello Megan,
    The most beautiful thing one can receive is a gift from the heart. It took much courage to make this video. 🙂

  113. Congrats to hubby for even attempting. Not sure mine would – but my 10yr sports minded son can do a much better job then me!

  114. Brandi Adams says:

    Wow…..what a guy!!! Too cute and I know I would have gone mushy as soon as I saw it!! 🙂

  115. your hubby did an awesome job..thumbs up for all the retrys

  116. so nice to see such a loving man. My husband makes me cards too. It makes the getting of them so special doesn’t it! Pam

  117. Megan,
    And I thought I had a sweetheart. Tell Sean that I am very impressed. What a great guy you have. Never take that for granted. He is definitely a keeper!!!! Oh and I loved his card.

  118. I think that is the sweetest thing! He did a great job! :0)

  119. Oh wow Megan I am so happy that you have a hubby that loves you like that. I loved his video and tell him we all have rocky cuts now and then. How sweet.

  120. This is absolutely precious, bless him for doing this card for you.. what a sweetie he is!
    Your little guy is such a doll as well!
    Thanks so much for sharing that with us,I really enjoyed watching it!

  121. Marian Gram says:

    Your husband did an awesome job for his first card! That was so sweet of him to do that for you. Thank you for sharing.

    Ps. 68:19

  122. oh, how sweet is that!

  123. Hi! I really enjoy to see what can be done with card making and scrapbooking1 I am a gramma kinda new to the trade! I could not view the video. Is the reason that we have a filtered internet and they do not allow youtube? I am sorry. The little videos and tutorials would be so helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  124. Kirk & Melanie says:

    Had my husband watch this video with me! He said that Sean set a high standard — and inspiration for all of us men! Way to go Sean! I was applauding!

  125. Now that’s a true man – trying something that his wife so enjoys. Way to go!!!

  126. Sweet! I loved that he even filmed it for you. Can’t beat the little helper he had, too. How can he go wrong???

  127. I could not help but giggle at this video because I have SO been there (using 3 sheets of paper because my cutting guides were off). I LOVED it, and I treasure the cards my DH make for me using my scrap supplies too! Way to go Sean!

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