Day 12 of our Top 12 Cricut Crafting Video Countdown!

I can’t believe this is our last day!Β  I REALLY hope that at least one of your favorite videos made it on our 12 Days of Video Favs Countdown.Β  If not – make sure you comment and let me know what your favorite video from 2010 was!

Again, don’t forget to post comments, because random comments from all 12 Countdown Posts will be selected as winners and ANNOUNCED TONIGHT! πŸ™‚

So I’m sad this is the last day of posting these videos – BUT that means a WHOLE NEW YEAR of GREAT new videos and tutorials!!!Β  Not to mention new A to Z DVDs and 123 DVDs!!! πŸ™‚ YAYYYY!!!! πŸ™‚ …… ohhhh….and….that’s right…..That OTHER thing we are doing in 2011 too!…. Guess you’ll have to check back huh!?!? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Here is our last video from December 2010: Winter Frolic Cricut Cartridge Baby Its Cold Outside Christmas Card!

YouTube Preview Image


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  1. Love this card and the Winter Frolic cartridge!! Can’t wait for tomorrow night!!

  2. Debi Nelson says:

    Very nice card Megan and so simple.
    I think I’m going too have to run out and get twizzer’s for those tiny pieces.
    I hope to make your live Webcast tonight to hear all the great things going on.
    I’m loving my new Cricut with your help :+) and learning lots of things.
    I’ve been trying to watch everyone of your videos each day in between grandkids, however today was my Birthday and I got behind.


  3. I remember this video cause I thought, “How is she picking up those small pieces with those nails?!” I know, I had nails for 3 years so it’s not easy! Anyway, cute card, great job, see ya tonight!

  4. Lookin forward to the ustream πŸ™‚

  5. reneeleeak says:

    What a beautiful card! You did a great job making it with such teeny, tiny pieces.
    Thanks for sharing all your tips & techniques with us.

  6. Pattie Weingardt says:

    Love this card. I’m going to have to copy you.

  7. What a beautiful and simple card. Thanks for sharing it with us again!

  8. Chrsitine says:

    Again, thank you for the great idea! I will be using so many of them in the new year!!!

  9. GrannyCharlotte says:

    Great card. Although it looked rather tedious with the small pieces, it made a lovely card. Thanks for sharing. I have to say that my favorites were the videos showing features of the expression such as the fit to page and mix match features. Thanks for the videos.

  10. Kathy Stutzman says:

    All the small pieces would get to me. Excited about tonight.

  11. Tina Campbell says:

    Love the look of this card for Christmas. I’ll have to scraplift it for a card for next christmas. Don’t have the Winter Frolic card (may have to get now), but I can probably find something to use in another cartridge. Thanks for lesson. Tina

  12. Beautiful card! The Winter Frolic cartridge is one of my favorites. Can’t wait for the live streaming tonight!

  13. Annette S says:

    Very pretty! I am looking forward to your new DVD! Can’t wait for the announcement!

  14. This is a very cute card. I love the detail, and of course the stickles!

  15. What a cute card, I have enjoyed your vedios hope you do them again

  16. Tracy Zahm says:

    Love this one too :0)

  17. I love the card!! I can’t wait to hear the announcement tonight! I wish you continued sucess for many years to come.

  18. Debby Jensen says:

    Love this card too. Can’t wait for tonight!!!!

  19. OMG – little pieces! Card is adorable – don’t have the cartridge, but will take a closer look at it. Very nice video!

  20. I just found this website….love. love it! I just got this cartridge and as soon as I am finished with this post…..I’m makin this card! Going to try my best and watch tonight

  21. Love this card and video

  22. Connie Gage says:

    Loved this card you made tho don’t have the cartridge, enjoyed watching you make it.

  23. Wow what a talented girl you are!

  24. Rebecca G. says:

    Love this card, but don’t know if these ancient eyes can deal with the tiny pieces. I think I’ll have to check it out though, because you inspire me to try.

  25. Jane L chadwick says:

    What a fab card. Will have to stay up for your UStream.

  26. Rhonda Harre says:

    Love the card! I am waiting for my Winter Frolic cartridge to arrive from Custom Crops so I can create scrapbook pages with it. Can’t wait till tonight.

  27. Love this card! I enjoyed the video the first time and enjoyed even more this time.

    menclade at gmail dot com

  28. Sarah Joy says:

    I remember you doing this card- I ended up getting the Winter Frolic Cart- Thanks πŸ™‚


  29. cute card will need to try that one.

  30. I love all the videos on the greeting cards. Many good ideas. Thanks, Megan.

  31. It does take time to do the intricate little pieces but the effort is worth it when you see the end result. Such a cute card.

  32. Awesome card! Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  33. Love this card and can’t wait to see what’s coming up.

  34. thanks for another great video. i never do those teeny tiny pieces, it just doesn’t seem like i have the time, but seeing the outcome is inspiring!

  35. Loved every one. Can’t wait for the announcement tonight.

  36. Very cute card. Love all the video’s that you have posted.

  37. I don’t have long nails, so tweezers are imperative for handling those tiny pieces! I wish my Zig 2-way worked so smoothly! Your video countdown inspired me to watch the whole collection of videos. Thanks so much for taking the time to make these tutorials. It’s like sitting down with a friend to make cards!

  38. This is such a sweet card!! I love Winter Frolic – I really abused it this past december!!! Hint for tiny pieces – I have the tweezers which help a lot too but I also use a small toothpick with a round ball of flexible wax on the tip. It is great for picking up the small pieces!!!

  39. Love the card. Love the videos! I’m attending a scrapbooking workshop tonight, but I’m taking my computer. I really don’t want to miss out on tonight’s event.

  40. Cute card! Gotta love the stickles. Everything need some sparkle! Looking forward to tonight!

  41. Too cute. Winter Frolic is on my wishlist! Thanks for all the great videos and I’ll be tuning in tonight!!!!

  42. This was very cute. I like the card just because it fit the occasion of the weather. Thanks for sharing.

  43. cynthia Guy says:

    cute cute cute!! I have to remmeber this one for next winter. πŸ˜‰

  44. So cute and perfect for these wintery days!! Great inspiration!

  45. very cute, my zig zag pen doesn’t like me as much as your’s does LOL

  46. I don’t have this cartridge but am going to put it on my wishlist. Looking forward to upstream tonight. πŸ™‚

  47. Connie Lewis says:

    Absolutely love this card! All your tips and tricks and tools are greatly appreciated :). You have a passion for scrapbooking and it shows! Keep up the good work. Connie

  48. I looked so forward to turning on the computer each day to see what video was waiting for me to watch! Loved them all! Great job Thanks so much for the fun.

  49. Very cute card. I use the Pick Me Up from Silhouette America to help with the little pieces. Thanks

  50. Jackie "B" says:

    Great card love the color and sentiment. It’s so apropiate for this winter seaon It’s even cold in South Florida. Thanks for another great video.

  51. Love this card. Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Forgot I have this cart! A good card idea for me to create on this chilly, snowy Indiana day. A great way to use all those scraps I’ve been saving! Looking forward to the Live stream tonight.

  53. I like the winter birdhouse theme. I always think of birdhouses as a spring/summer theme, thank you for the inspiration. This card is great!

  54. Judy Spencer says:

    Cute..cute,,,looking forward to this evening show !!

  55. The card is great. All the small piece would give me fits. I think I would emboss the branches with snow. That would be a little easier for me.

  56. Virginia S. Waddy says:

    Have to get this cartridge. Love the card TFS. Have a bless day.

  57. I don’t have this cart but looking through my stash, I can change it up a but. Tweezers or Quick Cutz Quick Stick will definately help assemble the little pieces. Looking forward to the stream tonight:)

  58. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight is the night. Love your bird house card. See you tonight.

  59. Edwina Brown says:

    I can see this with all kinds of sayings for different events. I love this card! Thank you!

  60. Katherine A. says:

    Love your card even though I don’t have this cart. I’m looking forward to tonight.

  61. Great wintery card, cant wait to use my winter frolic cartridge, looking forward for tonight, it will my first time watching.

  62. Donna Sullivan says:

    Beautiful! A lot of detail, if I made it bigger, for a layout embellishment, it will not be so tedious!I have been looking at this cartridge, really want it now! Another one of those bird issues I have! Thank you so much for the Top 12, I have thoroughly enjoyed my morning with you, and so excited for tonight! See you then!

  63. Love this card how cute. I just bought the corner chomper I love it. See you tonight Bye

  64. Megan I love all your videos, they are so creative and informative. I purchased your DVD Cricut A-Z just after I purchased my Expression (this past summer.) The DVD is a must for every newbie and then some! Without it, I’d still be scratching my head trying to figure things out. Looking forward to tonight! Sandra

  65. Pretty card, and wow those tiny pieces!!!! You need a sticky stick to pick those pieces up with.

  66. Fabulous card! I love that cart. Thank you for all your tips and techniques. They have helped me become a better scrapper. Fantastic job! Looking forward to 2011 ~ Carol

  67. Thanks Megan I just found that I have two of these cartridges, so I’m glad to have an idea for using them.

  68. cute touch w/the corner chomper!

  69. Love the card. I don’t have the cart, guess I have to put it on my wish list. Looking forward to hearing all the news tonight.

    Thanks for sharing sooooo much with us!

  70. This is a really cute card. TFS

  71. All of your videos have wonderful ideas to share, therefore I really don’t have a favorite one. Friday nights is our service time at Synagogue. Of course, if we’re snowed in, you’ll be sure I will join in.

  72. ann deery says:

    I like this one but there are too many small pieces for me. I like cards that can be done quickly but look like they took forever. It is a great card though and I love the Winter Frolic cartridge. It’s going on my wish list.

  73. Lovely card! One of my personal favs from you. Looking forward to new videos in 2011! πŸ™‚

  74. Marilynn Wagner says:

    Another winner, Megan!

  75. The card is precious. Loved it both the first time, and this one also. I have my tweezers in my tool holder on my work table, and use them with almost everything. I love the delicate items on this card.

  76. You pick great colors-I would have put it on blue and it sure would not have looked as good as the tan. I need to pick colors outside on my box.

  77. Adorable little card. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  78. What an adorable card! I must say I want this cartridge!
    I love the way you cut out the little snowdrift! All of the little extras really add to the card and give it it’s own little personality!
    I love love LOVE all of your tutorials, and there is no favorite one!
    Cant wait to see whats coming in 2011!

  79. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  80. I love this cartridge. I made all of my Christmas Cards with this cartridge. Thanks for sharing. I can hardly wait for tonight.

    Happy 2011 to you too!!!

  81. Love the card…sooooo cute!!! Well worth the work….So sad the videos are over…..

  82. This is such a cute little card. I can’t wait to see all the new videos to come in 2011.

  83. Barbara Gil says:

    Very detailed card, I like it!

  84. Thank you so much for all the wonderful info and videos!

  85. Love the card – very cute & simple.

  86. Cute card!! Love your videos and DVDs. They help me so much with my Expression I got for Christmas. Looking forward to more in the future!

  87. diannelee says:

    This is an adorable card. I want you to know I’ve had to buy a few new cartridges since you started the as favorites. πŸ™‚

  88. You are so very clever and creative πŸ™‚

  89. Linda Jamme says:

    I remember this video. This is such a cute and sweet card.

  90. Very cute! I have not seen that corner tool and now I will have to google it. Thanks for enabling me :).

  91. Phyllisnanatotwo says:

    Thanks for the ideas, I love all of them.

  92. Love the card Megan! And another great video…. It really is hard to chose the best videos I think because they were all great and soooo helpful! Looking forward to the Webcast as well! πŸ™‚

  93. Cute, yet simple card. May need to take a look at this cartridge. Thank you.

  94. This card and the one from yesterday are on my short list of cards I have to make!

    Thanks for all the videos, look forward to following you through 2011.

  95. Cheryl Hauber says:

    You’ve inspired me to try something with teeny pieces… πŸ˜€ And I love the rounded corners… made the card look so much nicer.

  96. Love this card and Winter Frolic Cricut cartridge! Love glitter glue too!

  97. Great use of glitter glue!

  98. Deana Hayes says:

    Very cool card, loved all the videos.

  99. Cute cute card, so simple to make but is sure doesn’t look like it

  100. Cute card,

  101. Susan Miller says:

    Love the card. I really enjoy the way you create as you go along.

  102. Super cute and I had to faves…. I posted them on the other days…Thanks for all of your hard work last year and can’t wait to see what you come up with in this new year! Happy New Year!!
    big hugs,jen

  103. This is my favorite card! I can’t wait to make it.

  104. Thanks again for a beautiful card mus try it.

  105. This was a great video. Thanks for sharing it again. Going to try and be there tonight .

  106. Tweezers are for more then eyebrows! Tee hee…I will sure miss these daily videos. They were so much fun. But look forward to the NEW year and new ideas. We all know you have many. Pinkalicious Hugs, Jonnie

  107. KAtie Wilson says:

    Megan, thanks so much for posting these videos. They are all wonderful! I hope to catch the live broadcast tonight. Your Cricut and Gyspsy videos helped me tremendously in learning to love my machines!

    Katie Winzer Wilson

  108. Tammy Brownlee says:

    Very cute card. You asked what our favorite video was. I like them all, but my favorites are the ones where you use the cricut and explain the buttons and ways to cut the layers. I will have the Cricut A to Z very soon. See you tonight!

  109. Nancy Hjortness says:

    Oh my gosh that is an adorable card, and I just got the new Winter Frolic card—-so I will be heading to my craft room to give it a whirl—Thanks so much for sharring with us—-Nancy

  110. Oh my, I don’t know if I could manage those tiny pieces. YOu did great, though. I think my favorite videos were the info on the new Cricut Imagine and all the info about the Expressions. Thanks.

  111. Lyn Ohlensehlen says:

    Very cute card. Thanks for the clear and concise instructions.

  112. Yes, it’s cold outside! Well, not as bad as you are having I am sure. Great and cute card … giving us some challenges using tiny pieces is good for all of us to try to duplicate. Thanks again.

  113. great card! I love the fact that you don’t do just scrapbooking or things for kids. your ideas are for all paper crafters and all ages
    THANKS , see you tonight

  114. Megan Hope this is not a duplicate post, I rec’d an error msg, so I am trying again. This is a cute card. I sometimes get frustrated with the smaller pieces and the cricut, guess I’m not doing something right. I have this cart on my list to get soon ! !

  115. Crystal Nichols says:

    This is one of my favorite cards, with the tiny snow on the tree and the little bird house just waiting for spring.

  116. jenny mcmahon says:

    Baby, its cold out here alright with a little snow fall today. Thanks for another cute card, you make me want to own every cartridge!

  117. So so cute! Another cartridge I am going to have to get! Thanks for the 12 days of videos – I am new to your site and I watched them all today! Won’t be able to see the livestream tonight as I will be working, but will check in tomorrow to see what you have to share!

  118. Amy Buchanan says:

    Such a sweet card! Can’t wait for tonight’s webcast.

  119. This card would be perfect for today considering the snow I woke up to this morning. Hoping to join in for tonight’s webcast….it’s my first time!!


  120. Stacey Halbgewachs says:

    Cute! I am bummed I will not get to watch the live broadcast to night:( Promised my son we would go to the high school basketball game! I am looking forward to watching the taped broadcast. Thanks again Megan, for all you do!

  121. Adorable card! Stickles are one of my favorite things ever made! πŸ™‚ Excited about tonight!

  122. Can’t wait till tonight. The cards cuter the second time around! See you tonight!

  123. Great card! Thanks for sharing!! See you tonight!

  124. You have so much patience. I will probably live vicariously through you on this one!

  125. Another great card! Thanks for your fun videos.

  126. Love the cards

  127. Charity Brown says:

    I just love learning new things from you..I am looking forward to watching tonite!!!

  128. Garianne Fuentes says:

    Loved this card, even tried it. Can’t wait till tonite

  129. I have enjoyed the last 12 days rewatching the videos. Can’t wait to see what’s up for the rest of the year! Thanks

  130. Sharnette says:

    Wow!!! I like it. Now I have to go get the Winter Frolic Cartridge. Hmm, it’s snowing outside. I might have to wait til tomorrow. OO..time for some more online shopping…woohoo…baby it’s cold outside, lol but I got the internet…Life is good.

  131. JoAnn Lloyd says:

    This is my favorite card. I love the way it looks!

  132. Very sweet card! TFS

  133. really cute one!

  134. Such a cute card. Loved the colors. Thanks for sharing

  135. Love this Cartridge.

  136. Salley Schwartz says:

    I have enjoyed all of your videos. I’m a new Cricut owner.

  137. Kathie (South Australia) says:

    Thanks Megan for a sweet card idea – a bit cold for our Aussie Christmas!!!

  138. Inga Klaus says:

    Very cool card thanxxxxxxxx!

  139. So cute!

  140. Another super cute card. I like the fine layering detail. Thanks!

  141. Really cute card!

  142. Love the card!

  143. Don’t have this cart, but love the card.

  144. Love this card, hope I can catch the live webcast cause I’m in oz.

  145. mary jean says:

    hope to make it tonite!! Thanks for all the great videos!

  146. Teri Lawson says:

    I love this card, it’s adorable. Thanks for sharing your creativity, talent and videos. Can’t wait till tonite. God Bless.

  147. Marchelle says:

    Loved watching this video again. Its so cute, I made one similar after watching it the first time!!! Hope to catch the webcast tonight. I hope my computer coopertes!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE

  148. Hi Megan
    Cute card – love the winter frolic – lots of little tiny layers – soooooo cute The snow bling is perfect

  149. Jennifer Carr says:

    Love this card and absolutely love that cartridge. I made all of my Christmas cards out of the Winter Frolic cartridge. Thanks for sharing again.

  150. This is a really pretty card. You make it look so easy! It would be a neat card to send a lot of people THIS winter!–just pick a state.

  151. PS. My favorite of the 12 was day 4, using Forever Young. My 2nd choice is # 2 which doesn’t really count “Love U to Pieces”, but the card is so adorable.

  152. Thank you for these videos – have not had a spare moment to view, but looking forward to seeing them.

  153. Connie in NJ says:

    I’ve had the Cricut Expression for about 2 weeks (my first attempt at card making). I am thrilled to have found your website. Your videos are great – and inspiring! I really love this card with the birdhouse. You make it look easy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  154. dolores weitzman says:

    this card with the winter frolic cartridge is so super winter frolistically charming!!!

  155. Cute card. Ohhh those tiny tiny pieces, but I have tweezers.

  156. Megan, You are the greatest. Thanks so much for taking us back to some of the videos from the last year. What a blast. I love all the projects and am looking forward to tonight’s webcast. I’ve never been off on a friday night to catch it live but I will tonight!!! Yayyyyy.

  157. Teresa Russell says:

    Thanks so much for all the great info! I so love this cartridge. I think it is one of my top 10 favorites.

  158. I just love this card!My DH is alway saying baby it’s cold outside,we live way up north in Indiana.We are under a lake-effect snow watch for tonight & saturday & its cold outside!TFS

  159. I love the card I recently purchased cricut expression and this is one of the cartridges I purchased. I am looking forward to making this card. I am looking forward to the webcast tonight.

  160. Super cute card! Definitely one that tests your patience with the small pieces. Thanks so much for all the info you have passed on over the years. Love all the videos!!

  161. Jan Kessell says:

    Three cheers for Zig pens. They have a 2-way glue pen for every purpose!

  162. Thanks for all the great ideas that can be used for a variety of crafts/cards/scrapbooking. I can’t pick a favorite, that would be like saying I have a favorite grandchild, they are all my favorite. πŸ˜‰

  163. Adorable!!!
    And you nails always look great! I’m jealous!

  164. This is one of my favorites. Makes me want to get that cartridge.

  165. Deanna Vail says:

    Thanks for your great ideas.

  166. Very cute card! I can’t pick a favorite video I like all of them! Can’t wait for the u stream tonight!!

  167. I love the Winter Frolic cart and you made a fab. card! I’m off to warm up my cricut to try and make a card before tonight’s webcast!

  168. LeeAnn from NC says:

    Another great card design ! I love your videos and look forward to seeing them every day. Thanks.

  169. I think my favorite video was posted, it was the one with the martha stewart butterfly punch. That was such a cute card! I like this card too!

  170. really cool card (pun intended)

  171. Darling card. I love anything to do with birds and this birdhouse is so so cute.

  172. Stacy Blankenbaker says:

    I have this cartridge but have not done much with it, thanks for the card and inspiration!

  173. i would end up losing all the little pieces. It looks like a beautiful card.

  174. Stephanie Cox says:

    Love Love Love the simple ideas! Thank you for sharing!! Fabulous!!!

  175. Cute Card. You make working with those tiny pieces look so easy!

  176. Daphne Held says:

    This card is awesome. I’m so excited for tonight!

  177. Wonderful card Megan! Can’t wait for your big announcement!

  178. I love this cartridge for all the detailed pieces it has. This card is so cute too. Crossing my fingers for a chance to be a winner tonight. Be seeing you shortly.

  179. Why do I think I need a corner chomper now LOL? Great card!

  180. Great card!! I’ve loved the 12 faves!

  181. I just received this cart in the mail today. I’ve made one snowman so far. Such cute cuts on Winter Frolic.

  182. Jan Foselli says:

    This is a great video & very helpful! Thanks for providing these videos!

  183. I think this is my favorite card. It’s so cute. Thanks again for sharing.

  184. Moira Efird says:

    Megan Megan, Megan, you always do a fabulous job!!! I really loved this card because it just helps to send someone a cheery winter greeting with that special touch of just homemade. love you Megan!!! moira

  185. Krystyl Wadley says:

    Megan, I’m a newbie and look forward to using some of your ideas….thank you!!!

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