Custom Crops Design Team Video – Glitter Glass Bottle for New Year’s

Ok, I think this is probably going to be my only video post between now and the new year 🙁  I will be checking in and doing  alot more after the New Year, and getting ready for CHA which is going to be a BLAST!  🙂

Don’t worry – I KNOW Many can’t make it out to CA, which I totally understand, but that is why I want to bring the CA fun to AboveRubiesStudio and ObessedwithScrapbooking for you!!!  We will have a lot of giveaways and checkins with all of you amazing followers – so dont’ worry! 🙂

Anyway, here is the video I did for make sure you go over there and comment and say hey 😉

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  1. Very cute. Love your ideas.

  2. Your Christmas Spirit is contagious – what a great holiday gift or home decor. Thanks!

  3. Love this idea. Will definetly try it with a wine bottle.

  4. This is a very pretty gift. I have to copy it.

  5. What a great home decor project. The color is absolutely beautiful with the gold!

  6. Oh what a fun and festive ideal, I’ve done the ornaments but never thought of doing it to anything else, very creative!! Thanks Megan, I wish you and your family A wonderful safe Holiday!!

  7. flowerdisco says:

    Even it wasn’t an original idea as you said, I think it looks fabuloso 🙂

  8. Wow enjoyed learning a new (to me)idea.

  9. Megan, since you are a cosmetologist, you have got to see the cutest stamp called “Skunky Hairdo” over at So sweet!
    Have a merry Christmas. Looking forward to more videos and DVD’s from you in 2010!

  10. I have never seen this done before, I love it and will try it next week. Thanks

  11. Love your bottle it is such a cute idea.

  12. Wow…gorgeous! I hadn’t seen it done before with the Future! Very cool! I’m going to try it! Thanks very much!!

  13. lisa kingan says:

    how cute. was unable though to find the video on the shrink wine glass tags at

  14. Loved it and now will also have to try the same process in the clear glass ornaments. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  15. ShawnfromMn says:

    Very pretty – TFS this idea!!

  16. that is so cute! I have to keep this in mind for next year’s office gifts. thanks for sharing!

  17. What a great way to celebrate first night! I’m trying to think of what bottle i have bouncing around to try this on!! and what other “stuff” i can apply this technique to!! Thank you –Merry Merry!!

  18. Love your project–so cute! Can you use other brands of floor wax?

  19. Very cute, already made the Christmas ornaments with my Grand-babies. We also do a little similar thing with bottles, where we cover with tape and shoe polish and then put in a candle to make candle sticks. Could use candles with these on our Christmas table would be beautiful. Have a blessed year. Pam

  20. Martha Coronado says:

    What a great idea and very inexpensive. Love it.


  1. […] 12 CommentsHey Everyone,So as I mentioned in this video I posted about this a few years ago (See video Here for other ideas with glitter and Pledge) about doing this, and I’m in last minute mode of making a few of these with Square 1 adhesive […]

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