Cricut Projects I am Working On

I got to spend a few hours in my Studio recently which is so exciting!  I am actually working on several projects for Custom Crops and for Above Rubies, thought I would share a few pictures and later I’ll share the details and even fun videos of making some of these projects!  🙂

Let me know which ones you want to know more about FIRST, they are all coming though 🙂  Fun stuff!  I also have GREAT things coming from more of our Design Team!!! YAY! 🙂


Purse using Forever Young Cricut Cartridge and some REALLY fun elements and techniques – That will be a project that will be see at Custom Crops sometime 🙂


I LOVE this card – and I made another one slightly similar, but this one is a new favorite.  Really easy and made with recycled Kraft Cardstock.


Different version of the same stamp card.


Playing with 1″ pieces of paper and scraps again, thought this was kinda cute!


Paper Pleating and My Pink Stamper Stamps on this card with Shoes from Forever Young Cricut Cartridge – soo cute!

Anyway, I can’t wait to share more projects and hopefully GREAT tips with you.  I’ve learned and figured out a few things these past few weeks, so I’m anxious to share! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed looking at some previews and like I said, I’ll be sharing some new projects from the amazing Above Rubies Design Team! 🙂

Still have announcements to make about what others on the team will be doing and are working on right now, I’m STILL behind in Above Rubies work, but I AM catching up and I know you understand!  Mommy and wife comes first, but my passion for crafting and sharing is right up there!!! 🙂


  1. Terry Perry says:

    Wow looks like you have been busy. Can not wait to see the videos to gowith these projects!

  2. caedchick says:

    wow!! you have been busy…all the projects look great…I would like to know about the “hi there” card first…cute!!

  3. Jeanette says:

    Can’t wait for all the demos. Any order is fine with me!! 🙂

  4. Yeah I’m glad you’re back to crafting. Love the pics.

  5. Absolutely love the shoe card Megan! Great work. Cannot wait for the design team duties!!

  6. You’re back!!! I love them all. My favorite is the card with the pleats!So looking forward to the videos. Any order is fine,I will watch them all anyway! Thanks for sharing.

  7. flowerdisco says:

    I was wondering where you were. Beautiful projects….every single one is very very pretty.

  8. Fantastic cards Megan! I absolutely LOVE the paper pleating on that card! Seams like that the favorite so far 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you have in store in the future!

  9. Just wanted to stop and check in on you and see if you are well now and back to 100% yet in your health. Have a great day and God Bless you and your family.

  10. CA-UTE projects Megan!!! Can’t wait to see more!!

  11. I’m looking forward to seeing
    what you do with Forever Young.
    I ordered it last month so
    hopefully will get it soon! It looks
    like a really fun cartridge.

  12. Looks great, after work I will be using forever young to make birthday favors.

  13. Sharon Harrison says:

    Glad to see you are on your way to recovery. The cards are all so cute and I need to make some this week. Thanks for all you do.

  14. anita backensto says:

    these are tooo cute. anita

  15. Wow Megan, sounds like you’ve been busy and then not feeling well on top. Can’t wait to see all the fun videos.

  16. Lacy Gilbertson says:

    Megan…love all of them, but the black purse of course is my favorite!!!

  17. I think that the card with the high heels would be one my 9-year-old granddaughter would love to make when she visits this summer. It’s a keeper.

  18. Would love to see more about making the purse!

  19. Can’t wait to see it all! TFS!

  20. Love seeing these previews. I really like the shoe card because even though craft shopping is good sometimes we need SHOE THERAPY too.

  21. Marlou F. says:

    I’m ready to see more!

  22. Great work. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

  23. Can’t wait!! I learn so much from your demos! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  24. Shirley Fread says:

    Really love your demos and whatever you make…the qualities of a super crafter! Looking forward to more in the future!

  25. Love the shoe card and purse!!! Having a Tea Party bridal shower this summer and gives me fun ideas for that to be incorporated also:)

  26. So excited to see the upcoming videos. All the projects are GREAT! Have been trying to decide about the Forever Young Cart; still a little up in the air! Ummm…….

  27. Can’t wait to see the demos! I love using scraps to make something unique.

  28. Sandy Bayles says:

    I love these projects. I am so happy for you also and for us. I love the cards. That Just Because card reminds me of the “Just Because” cartridge. Which is the top of my wish list.
    I recently did facebook which I am still learning to use. I somehow have this function that show my luck every day (Which is a Joke). Its has things like 4%. I think it is so funny, but I am not really very luck. I did order a Cuttlebug bundle from HSN. My budget with this new hobby has come to a stop. Keep up the great work.

  29. Laura Cole says:

    Those cards are just cuter than cute Megan!!!!

  30. Cathy Thomas says:

    Can’t wait to see the new project videos. I am excited and can’t wait to try new things.

  31. Please share more about paper pleating
    Thank you
    Linda in Stanwood

  32. Oh, Megan!!! Can’t wait for more, but your health and family come first!!!! My prayer is that you are feeling well and enjoying life with your adorable family!!! Thanks so much for including us in “your family”. Love ya, girl!!!
    PS I’m still working on the project I’m making for you! My knees have slowed me down a bit, but it’s coming!!!

  33. So exciting, can’t wait.

  34. Heather Novinger says:

    You are always so inspiring, Megan! Love the new cards you’ve created! Glad you are feeling better. Can’t wait to see the videos!

    ~Heather Novinger

  35. The purse is awesome.. and the cards are great…
    love the paper pleating… i really want those pink stamper stamps…

  36. Great projects! I really love that purse! SOOO CUTE! Cant wait to get started on Design Team duties!

  37. kraftychic says:

    Awesome projects coming up! Can’t wait to see them! Guess I’ll have to buy another cartridge!

  38. I love your projects…just beautiful!

  39. i am so glad that you are better and back working (creating) youv’e been missed. i like the purse, and would like to see more of them. Best to you and yours.

  40. sugarbear2 says:

    I really like the effect of the paper-pleating with the shoes . . . and the toe decoration! I think you should get into more purse projects. There are so many cute things that can be done with them . . . party favors, gift bags, small ones to hold gift cards, cookie or candy boxes.

  41. oooo…I so love the purse project. Can’t wait to see more of your videos!

  42. Cute ideas!!

  43. Mary Ann Huntington says:

    Welcome back. This flu season has been the worst one yet. I wound up in the hospital for 8 days!! Yikes! Not fun. Looking forward to the videos. I learn so much from you. Bless you.

  44. Looking forward to seeing the finished projects. Thanks for doing this!

    Barb from Toronto, Canada

  45. Welcome back. We missed you. Hope all is well.

  46. charna scarpati says:

    OMG that purse is beautiful! video, tutorial coming soon on that? love all the other cards too!


  47. We’re all happy that you are up to posting and crafting again! I love the easy little stamped card, but want to see the demos for all of them. Take your time, your health must come first! BethAnn M.

  48. Cute projects!! 🙂

  49. Of coarse I want to see them ALL
    but I really want to see the:



  50. Megan – Ca-ute projects you got goin’ on there. Can’t wait to see more!

  51. Can’t wait to see the videos. I am a regular viewer of Custom Crops and their videos.

  52. All the projects are great but I am all about that purse! Can’t wait to see more!!

  53. chris wooten says:

    I love them all. too hard to pick just one. glad you feel better.


  54. Megan – I’m glad your back on your feet. Agree family and yourself come first. I need to listen to my own words, as I am working 12+ hrs/day right now at work. Needless to say I haven’t been checkin in to oftern, but I really like the recycled card. I believe that is what you called it. Can’t wait to see more from you. Take care

  55. Aleda Haynes says:

    Great projects. Love the shoe card and I am interested in the pleating.

  56. so cute…

  57. cardchick says:

    don’t know what happen to my first post??? crazy laptop..luv’d the “hi there” and would like to see that one first…they are all great!!!

  58. love those heels!!! and the paper pleats just perfect to set them off.
    love all the cards.

  59. That purse is FANCY!!! Love it! Great cards as well!

  60. Arlene (GrandmaTo5) says:

    Love the sneak peeks! Can’t wait to see the videos and how tos.

  61. Linda Weisholz says:

    Beautiful projects for inspiration! You’re the best. I hope the lovely purse is made of a sturdy material other than paper so you can use it, because the purse is stunning.

  62. so cute can’t wait to see the instructions.

  63. Whitney C. says:

    The projects look great. I really like the one with the 1″ squares. Very simple, but cute.


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