Happy Birthday BFF! Card Inspiration!

Hey all!

Today’s Tuesday tutorial is all about my BFF’s birthday!  🙂  Even though it was a little while ago, I thought I’d post a card that fits that theme!

YouTube Preview Image

This card was created using the June Kit from Club Ruby Designers and I think you’ll enjoy it at least a little bit!

For more info about the Club Ruby Kits or Paper Layerz you can check out Craft-e-Corner.com 🙂

Hope you are having a GREAT day and have a GREAT birthday no matter WHEN your bday is celebrated!!! 🙂


  1. Christeen Baker says:

    I am having trouble watching this video – it keeps telling me YouTube is not available but I can watch other YouTube videos including Above Rubies videos.

  2. What a fun card! TFS 😀

  3. Very cute card….I know you take suggestions so mine is I would love 2 C you do the inside of some cards too 🙂 Your ideas are very awesome !!!

  4. very cute card, great ideas! thank you once again

  5. sweet

  6. Margaret says:

    cute simple card love it

  7. Rhonda Harre says:

    Thanks for a wonderful video for a simply cute card! Love the idea of the white embossing on the colored card, I wish I would have thought of that for my BFF, her birthday was June 6. I gave her the June Kit for birthday and she loved it!! Blessings on your day!

  8. Marcia Greene says:

    Cute idea! I especially liked the tip about using the heat gun on both sides of the paper. Thsnks!

  9. Marcia Greene says:

    Cute idea! I especially liked the tip about using the heat gun on both sides of the paper. Thanks!

  10. Linda W says:

    Thanks for another wonderful idea for birthday cards. With all those birthdays coming up, it’s nice to have another idea in my arsenal.

  11. I love the cut out for the BFF. Real cute and very nice card layoout.

  12. dbmcgnns says:

    Love this card thanks

  13. Very cute!!!

  14. What an adorable card~ I wanted to say Thanks for the Birthday Wish! I am Blessed to get a wish from the woman who inspires me to do what I love most~ and that is making cards! Today I am celebrating the big 50!!!

  15. how do you mail your cards? do you add extra cardstock to cover the top of the card? do you use a padded envelope? thx

  16. Carolyn Staat says:

    Nice card, cute, sweet, and simple. I love it!

  17. Bibi Leak says:

    Simply adorable and I have the perfect person to make this card for. I just love your inspiration. Your energy and enthusiasum is contagious and that’s a good thing in the crafting world lol.

  18. I was on the edge of my seat watching you fit “bff” in the circle and then “ta daaa” it fit! Nice card.

  19. Cynthia V says:

    Very quick and easy with a card that is ready to be decorated. Cute papers and love the simplicity of your stamps.

  20. Sandra Joy says:

    Lovely card, especially the window.

  21. And another wonderful video. Your kits look like fun to own.

  22. Annette says:

    I like the colors of the paper used for this card. Anyone would love to get this:)

  23. I love the card—favorite color–and easy to do!!

  24. cute card. thanks for the video.

  25. Just love it! It’s so simple

  26. Cute and sweet card! Great job, as usual, Megan! Congrats on the HSN deal!

  27. cute card. I love how quick and easy it was to put together!!!

  28. Ok, so I am from the dark ages…..love this card but what does BFF mean?

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