Handmade Valentine’s Card Easy and Quick for Everyone

Easy  Simple HomeMade Valentines

I’m really into Valentine’s Card making this year and so here is another simple, easy and quick homemade Valentine’s card for anyoneto make.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner card maker or more advanced, this card really pops to look professional yet made with lots of love and heart!

YouTube Preview Image



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How many cards do you think you’ll be creating this Valentine’s Day?

Enjoy the Moments!



  1. Very cute card.

  2. What a great card, so easy but so elegant. Thanks.

  3. Sharon v/d Westhuizen says:

    Stunning card, Megan. U rock! 🙂

  4. What a terrific card with minimal work. Love it. What kind of pens were you using?
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Rene Schmeltz says:

    Hello Megan
    I have done 3 so far I keep experimenting and so I think I finally got the one I like now I am trying to do an anniversary card that is like WOW we will celebrate 30 yrs on the 19th and I want to make a special one that looks wonderful any ideas?

  6. Very quick card Thanks for showing us x

  7. Jane Dubois says:

    You always share such wonderful ideas. Thank you.

  8. Barbara Wilson says:

    Very lovley looking card. Will the embossing folder go through the grand calibur?

  9. How sweet! Thank you.

  10. Margaret K says:

    Very cute card. Happy Valentines day

  11. Cute and simply card. Love it.

  12. What a cute card! Will have ro make some for my friends

  13. Love the card but I would have just turned that v piece over and rewrote on the back.

  14. Donna Diggins says:

    love the simplicity!

  15. Andrea6760 says:

    What a great card! I was looking for a card design to make my 18 yr old son for Valentine’s day and didn’t want something too frilly. This technique will be perfect for a masculine card, where it looks classy and elegant. Thanks for the tutorial.

    P.S. I have to agree with Sandy above..I would have taken the pennant tag that had the purple sentiment and turned it over to re-do it. It really saves on paper and no one will see the back because it is glued down 🙂

  16. Adorable card. Sweet, sweet, love the simplicity and purity of it. Just to sweet!!!

  17. Thanks, an easy; but, beautiful format that could be used for many occasions. I can’t wait to give it a go.

  18. Very cute!

  19. Great card, love the idea and the simple but stunning design. Hint: when I do my flag cut I cut up the center to where I want the V to be and then just cut from the sides to the end of upper cut on both sides, then you don’t have to wiggle that center cut piece out. Get a nice crisp flag cut.

  20. Megan once again you have wowed me with your skills. Thanks for sharing this video.


  21. If and when I become a card maker I will definitely be using this design. Thank you for the sharing your talents once again. Simply beautiful!

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