Cutting Vinyl with the Cricut Imagine

Hey Everyone!

Sorry today’s Tuesday Tutorial is a little later than usual!  BUT its here non the less!   Today we have used the Imagine to cut out vinyl using the Cut Only Setting and then some Print and Cut vinyl to create this Shadow Box.

This is a pretty condensed video but shows at least the basics of vinyl cutting and printing with the Cricut Imagine.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Rhonda Harre says:

    Love the shadow box!! Thanks for showing how to work with vinyl, just the inspriation I need to try a project with vinyl. Have a Blessed Day! <

  2. Moira Efird says:

    I have the cricut expressions, not this machine, and this color stuff is way over my head. Thanks anyway for the demonstration. You are great!!! Have a blessed day. 🙂 Moira

  3. Ginny DeFilippo says:

    Thank You Megan, I haven’t tried cutting vinyl with the imagine. I think I’ve been to scared to mess up and waste it but after watching your video I think you gave me some inspiration. I didn’t know you could layer vinyl that was awesome.

  4. Thanks for another great Imagine tutorial. I pray you have a blessed week.

  5. Sheila Courts says:

    You are a ROCK STAR!!!!! Great explanation of the vinyl. HUGS

  6. Wow,the imagine is amazing. I love your display. Thank for the great ideas!

  7. Great video. How did you get the Vinyl to stick to the glass?

  8. Now I’m ready to try some vinyl – Thanks much – I have a bunch – and have been too scared to try it…

  9. I love the shadowbox. Thanks for the vinyl info. I haven’t cut vinyl yet!

  10. This is a great project and thanks so much for sharing this video. I think many of us will be inspired to try some vinyl projects soon.


  11. I love the shadowbox. I don’t have the Imagine yet. But im sure hope to get it soon. Thanks for the tip.

  12. Thanks for sharing your idea on how to work vinyl. Love the shadowbox! Have a blessed week!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this. You are the best. Now, I need a tutorial on making signs for my car’s rear window…..

  14. anita backensto says:

    i really wish the 2 imagines i had were not defective, as i would love to be able to do this, looks so fun, and pretty. hopefully the imagine will get better over time, and then i will try again. this really is a cute idea. anita

  15. Nancy Lee says:

    I learn so much from you. I love all your videos
    keep up the good work. My cat misty also likes to lay in front of my computer and watch you. Have a blessed day.


  16. Great job! Using the transfer tape to transfer the vinyl makes it even easier!!!

  17. Irene Baker says:

    So glad to see a vinyl video. And a great idea to use it for the front of glass to jazz it up, but so it’s not permanent. Thank you!!

  18. Jane L chadwick says:

    Thanks for the inspiration using printable vinyl.

  19. Very nice, love the shadow box!!!

  20. What a nice way to remember your day with American Idol. I only have one piece of vinyl that came with the Imagine and haven’t used it yet. Thanks for the instructional video.

  21. I do not have the imagine but my favorite thing to cut with my cricut expression is vinyl. I will have to look into getting the imagine love that you can print on the vinyl. Tfs

  22. Thank you for this demo with the Cricut Imagine, I have one and am a little lost. Thanks

  23. I love the vinyl tips! I don’t have the imagine, I have the expression. But I loved the tips an the shadow box layout was to cute. LOL! I thought today was tuesday cause my kids went back to school yesterday after being out 5 days for snow an then monday was a holiday, so yesterday felt like monday. Lol

  24. Wow, I didn’t know you could do that with the Imagine. Now my mind has changed a little about wanting to get it.

  25. Great demo, Megan. I liked seeing close up how the control panel for the Imagine works. It’s quite different from the Expressions. The shadow box idea is great. Where did you get one that size?

  26. Thanks Megan – another great video!!!! You are a ROCK STAR in my eyes!!

  27. Crys Jensen says:

    Love the shadow box. Didn’t realize you were on American Idol – what a wonderful way to memorialize that special time. Don’t have the imagine – a little too expensive for me at this time. Idolize those that do.

  28. Wow and Wow!…for both the video and you being on AI.
    What do you, not do? 🙂
    You made Imagine machine more known to me, it is something I may look into more for purchase in the future. Thanks Megan.

  29. Hi, Sweet Megan!
    Awesome video! What a great way to display your American Idol memorabilia!! You did an awesome job at AI and on this shadowbox!! Have fun at CHA!! Wish I were going to see you there!!!
    Love and hugs!

  30. Virginia S. Waddy says:

    Thanks for sharing. Don’t have the Imagine , love my Expression!!

  31. Edwina Brown says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I had wondered about using vinal. Do I need to use the deep cutting blade or the regular one on my expression?

  32. Lynne Napierala says:

    Love that you can print on the vinyl!

  33. Don’t have the Imagine, but do have the expression. I try to stay away from any machine that requires ink. I love your shadow box, has definetely given me ideas.

  34. Thanks for the inspiration! Now I’ll get brave and try a vinyl project. Wondering if the same idea will work on a mirrored surface…Hmmm.

  35. I don’t own a “image” but I still enjoyed your “creative idea” of making a shadow box. Thanks … I hope to make a shadow box of memories of my father in the future! I have his bathing suit (speedo)ha! ha!, dive card, and several pics of him when he was a lad and older man!

  36. Just love the Shadowbox, you are so talented. Can’t wait to see more.

  37. Megan, did you really try out for American Idol??

  38. Great shadowbox and contents. Love,love your tutorials. Great inspirations.
    God Bless you,
    Kat M

  39. So Fun!!! I am now going to do a shadow box for all my sons’ medals that he has won for wrestling. I also have a bunch of memorabilia from when I worked the 2002 Olympics. Thanks for the Idea! You are one awesome lady!

  40. Megan just love the way your shadow box turned out. I bought some vinyl a couple of months ago. Going to have to dig it out and just do it. Thanks for the inspiration! Sandra

  41. I sell printable vinyl in 12 x 12 for the imagine but also size 8 1/2 x 11 for anyone with a inkjet printer and Cricut machine. Our vinyl is waterproof and made for indoor and outdoor use. Unlike Cricut brand which is not waterproof, and not for outdoor use. If you go to there is a coupon code for ten percent off. Till Jan.31 and you can buy per sheet instead of a pack!! Enjoy crafting!

  42. That is amazing and what a wonderful tribute to a brave thing that you did. Wonderful. I love it. You are a great inspirations!

  43. Brenda Westhafer says:

    Love the ShadowBox, terrific job Megan.

  44. Help! I am trying to make some vinyl lettering for a onsie with my imagine. My problem is that I don’t know what to use for an adhesive. Can you iron on “wonder under” or some sort of double sided fabric adhesive. I would appreciate any ideas. thanks. Ann Deery

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  46. I am about to go crazy! I need HELP! Is the cricut vinyl waterproof? I want to get my christmas stuff ready! Please help! Can I put the vinyl on glass and will it stay???

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