Exclusive Offer for Viewers from Crafter’s Companion

I have GREAT News for everyone that is a follower of AboveRubiesStudio.com!  Crafter’s Companion contacted me over the weekend to let me know that they want to offer something special to all of our viewers!

They are offering a discount JUST FOR FOLLOWING Above Rubies Studio!  If you are interested in purchasing anything at all from Crafter’s Companion, including the Stick Away and Stick and Spray that we discussed in Friday’s Fresh Look episode.  You are now able to do so with a 20% discount now through February 28th.

Go ahead and get over to www.CraftersCompanion.com and get 20% off your entire order.  When you Check Out use the code “Rubies” for your 20% off discount to be applied.

Check out this tutorial of how we used the Stick and Spray to refurbish and restick our Cricut Cutting Mats.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Awesome deal! Thanks fir a great show too!

  2. That is great, Megan. Thanks for the info.

  3. That is sooo great Megan!!

  4. Virginia S. Waddy says:

    Thanks for the information. vswaddy620@yahoo.com

  5. I put my original coupon from CHA in my CHA book lol. I bought the Ultimate Board from HSN and when she spoke I gaped and sputtered. My head was spinning at CHA, too many crafting superstars lol.

  6. Thanks for the demo and sharing the special offer.

  7. How wonderful. Thank you Megan!

  8. Shirley E. says:

    Awesome deal, thanks you Megan and Crafter’s Companion. Now to decide what to buy…I do like the Stick Away and Stick ‘n Spray along with a lot of their other stuff.
    Can’t wait to start shopping!

  9. Awesome!!! I’m heading right over there!! So cool!!

  10. What a great offer from them. Too bad they don’t ship to Canada or have any resellers here. I have been trying for months to get my hands on this incredible product.

  11. Lori Hinueber says:

    Hi Megan, Thanks for the information on re-stickifying the mats! Now, I just need a tip on what to use for the plastic to cover it when not in use? Any ideas?

  12. Thanks for the tip – I will be ordering with my 20% off.

  13. I just placed my order. Thanks!

  14. Thanks so much! I just went and ordered a bunch of stuff I needed!

  15. Thanks megan! I am going to try some of that it is very cool!!

  16. Edwina Brown says:

    I am always glad to have discounts to use. Thank You so much!

  17. Thanks for the great information. Re Lori H’s question–Are we not able to use the original plastic cover that comes with the mat after using Stick & Spray?

  18. Angela Clark says:

    Thank you for showing me this product! Went to the website and my wish list is $200 !

  19. Thanks for the infro. Re Eleanor to Re Lori H’s question. Yes you can use the original plastic cover after refurbishing your mats. Lori, you just have to purchase plastic film that’s in a large enough sheet (may have to trim down) to cover your mat. Hope that helps.

  20. Thank you, for the information, I will have to send for some.
    thank you

  21. Thank you for the great tip and the great discount!

  22. Aleda Haynes says:

    Couldn’t come at a better time. Just about our of my mat refurbish products. Thanks bunches.

  23. What a great opportunity. Thanks so much. We appreciate it. I love to tutorial on how to refurbish the cricut mats. I’ve been using a lint roller and it does NOT work that well.

  24. Love both items – they work so well.

  25. This is super! I really need to get the stick away and stick & spray.

  26. Suni Brandt says:

    these two products work very very well, I have used them for over a year now, great money saver!!!!I have been using the orange goo gone to clean them instead of the stick away, much nicer, cleaner smell and doesnt leave an oily residue….I wa lucky enough to get a 50% off offer from crop stop during the holidays, so keep a look out there also for these products !!!!

  27. I did 2 mats over the weekend. They came out great. what is even better is that they are not quite as sticky as brand new mats… which call me crazy but they are easier to work with. Two things: Heed the Warning to use in a well ventilated area and you need to keep the protective covering on the mat as they seem to “dry” out if left exposed. But well worth the investment. You can refurbish as mat in less time it takes to run to your local craft store. And I suspect you will find all sorts of uses for these products.

  28. Sheree Taylor says:

    Wow!! That’s wonderful! I was checking out their website immediately after your first broadcast!

  29. Thanks Megan going to place an order!

  30. What a great idea! I will head over to their website right now!

  31. Thanks for the information.

  32. Thanks Megan for the great tip.

  33. Moira Efird says:

    I loved having Fridays tips, and now the coupon is just the icing on the cake. Thank you for the directions on the how-to for the mats, and for all you do. Blessings for another great day! Moira

  34. Brenda Bliss says:

    Thanks Megan for the video and the deal! Will provocraft come up with this soon so we dont blow our warrenties??

  35. Marchelle says:

    WOW this was a very nice and thoughtful surprise. I was just getting ready to drive 200 miles to “the big city” to buy more stick-away…so this was perfect timing and a wonderful offer. Thank you so much. I ordered a few other items I’ve been putting off also. I even left CrafersCompanion a little thank you note in the comments section. I really appreciated their generosity (and yours also) Thanks bunches. Have a great week.

  36. oh, man… this stinks.. .I JUST ordered some stuff a few days ago… guess I’ll have to order some more!! 🙂

  37. Really a neat idea! Is is safe to use on the Cricut Imagine mat? I heard that issue was kind of questionable.

  38. Lynne Napierala says:

    Just placed my order! Thanks!

  39. Kathy Stutzman says:

    Wonderful! I just bought the set with the discount! Great bargain.

  40. love this-especially the cleaning part first. thanks for sharing. anita

  41. this is just my luck. I just ordered from them yesterday and then I saw this today :)Timing is EVERYTHING. I’m still happy though, I’m looking forward to not having to buy new mats.

  42. I’ve had both of these for some time now. I keep going back to buy more and more! The Stick & Spray works great for sticking stencils down, masking techniques and even for sticking down rubber or vinyl stamps to acrylic blocks too. The Stick Away is great for cleaning my scissors when they get all gunked up and I like it better for cleaning off my glass surfaces as well. It’s not harsh like some other cleaners are and I find that the smell is really mild too compared to most other aerosols. I can’t say enough about how many things you can do with these sprays. Wish I would have invented it!

  43. Denise: You may want to ask them if they will still honor the coupon for you. They are really nice people. I bought several cans of glitter spray from them, which I absolutely love as well and one of them clogged up on me. They replaced it right away for me, no questions asked!

  44. Linda Jamme says:

    I do have the stick away and the stick n spray from Crafters Companion and love them. If I am at a scrap weekend and need more stick I’ll use the Zig 2 way but otherwise I use the spray. It works great and is a bit messy but so worth the extra work and saves a lot of money too.

  45. i bought both the cleaner is great but the sticky as to be use over and over . so this i was not as happy with. so good luck ladys

  46. Wow!. Thanks for the tip.

  47. Oh I just love Crafter’s Companion! I’ve been using their sprays just over a year now and LOVE them! And all of their paper is absolutely fabulous. TFS Megan!!

  48. awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!

  49. Wow! This is really cool stuff! Thank you so much for the step by step info. Can’t wait to try it!

  50. I’ve had these products for some time now and use them often. My mats are almost like new. I, also, use it to clean up my craft table to remove sticky spots, etc. What a great product.

  51. Vicki Knight says:

    Thanks for the update/vidoe from Rubles. I will be going right now to order somethings. I just got a gypsy for xmas and haven’t been able to figure out evrything,so I’m going to order the DVD for sure.

  52. Edwina Brown says:

    Thanks Megan. I have tried this with another produt it work a few times , but I couldn’t clean it up. This will be great. Now maybe I won’t go through so many mats.Thank you for the tips.

  53. Hi Megan, thanks for the coupon. I haven’t had much success with applying the zig two-way glue so this will be great.
    re Nicole B’s comment – I live in Australia and both Crafters Companion and Custom Crops ship here so there should be no problems shipping to Canada as you are alot closer than I am 🙂

  54. Thanks for sharing, looks like I won’t have to discard my mats. :))

  55. This is fantastic info, thanks for sharing!

  56. Enjoyed the info on helping to reuse the old mats. It is nice to get the info without leaving home. It was very helpful. Keep up the good work.

  57. I use both of these and love, love them. I use the long side of a plastic ruler to scrape the gunk off, and it goes quickly. Sometimes I do have to go back over certain spots, but it speeds up the overall process. Also try it for cleaning your craft mat and scissor blades, too.

  58. Great tutorial, as always. You give us all great tips and inspiration to create.
    Thanks Megan!!

  59. your tutorials are always so easy to understant I enjoy learning from the.Thank you for great tips and ideas,love following them.

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