Background Image Stamps Secret Upcycle: TNT 47

Hey Guys, Personal update at the bottom of this post – I’m so glad I had many of these prepared ahead of this happening – now to just get caught up on all of life and everything!  Oyy! Today’s explosion idea of a tip or trick is all about background […]

Scrappin’ Easel Check This Out 48

Scrappin’ Easel is something I absolutely LOVE when I’m not doing an everyday video that I show you guys – ESPECIALLY when I want to walk away from a project or rearrange.  Check out this Easel and Let me know you’re thoughts!  Would you be an Easel “ette” fan or […]

Tuesday Tutorial: Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl 28

Hey Everyone! It’s Britten here filling in for Megan who had another procedure done yesterday on her mouth and she’s in quite a bit of pain.  All of your thoughts, prayers and support really keep her spirits up during this difficult time so keep ’em coming! When Megan texted me yesterday […]

Celtic Cross SVG Cut File: Freebie Friday! 4

Hey Everyone! Happy Freebie Friday! I really hope that you all enjoy this SVG Cut file of a Cross today! I think its an awesome and unique cut! Info about SVGS: What does SVG Stand for? SVG is a Scalable Vector Graphic and you can use it in Free software […]

How to Make You own Pearls and Rhinestone Designer Bling 30

This TNT video is one of my FAVORITE things in the world to do and they are SOOO easy to re-create and save you SOOO much MONEY! So go ahead, pick up some Viva Decor Pearl Pens or Glass Effect Gel, your FAVORITE Stamp Designs and Clear Watermark/Embossing ink and […]

Got Scraps? 22

Hey Guys!  Tanner here from Mr.CricutCrazy to bring your Tuesday Tutorial to ya!  Megan is still getting Well and if you could keep her in your thought I KNOW she’d appreciate it A BUNCH!  In today’s Tuesday Tutorial I’m going to show you have to use LITTLE 1 inch x 6 inch […]