CHA Goodies to Giveaway and Tuesday Tutorial for You

Lots of stuff was found and spotted and samples were gotten while at CHA in Chicago 2011.  Now its time to share some of those with all of you! I also have a Tuesday Tutorial and Special thanks in this video to several of the sponsors of Today’s Video and this 21 days of Prizes!!! 🙂 Once AGAIN I’d like to thank the Sponsors of our 21 Day Event: PaperLayerz Melanie Brown Scrappin’ Easel Square One Mr Cricut {Read More}

4 Days Left Surprise Surprise Surprise!

Everyone is REALLY seeming to dig the surprises, so why not just ONE more surprise in this 21 Day Giveaway Event!?  That is until Thursday night when TONS of surprises are going to be announced and released and shared and prizes will be FLYING and so much more!!! YAY! To win today’s Prizes – Maybe even the NEW Cricut A to Z 2nd Edition DVD???? All you have to do is share your FAVORITE Money or Time Saving Tip or {Read More}

Another Cartridge!? NO WAY!

YES WAY! sponsored ANOTHER giveaway and its ANOTHER Cartridge!!  One of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!  FOREVER YOUNG!  What a super GREAT cartridge!  So excited they offered this one to giveaway because its in my TOP 3 of ALL time Favorites anymore! To win Forever Young: What keeps you feeling Forever Young?  A Special Song?  Exercising? Creating?  What keeps your mind and body feeling young and happy!  Whatever it is – I hope you share!

Hey Britten is Giving Stuff Away Too!

Wooohoooo – Another SURPRISE giveaway today, why not right!?!? On TOP of the surprise – I’ll also Add our new Cricut Cards for Every Occasions DVD to the pack! So not only will you get an awesomely cool surprise, you will receive one of our newest HOTTEST most POPULAR DVDS!!! I’m soooo excited you’re going to LOVE IT! 🙂 We are really close to our final night with MAJOR announcements and more prizes to be given away at our 9:30pm {Read More}

Scrappin’ Easel O’ So FUN! Giveaway and More!

Today is a TOTALLY awesome Giveaway sponsored by the Beautiful Marlo at Contain Ya’ Craft! This is awesome! I met Marlo out at CHA and she provided me with a few Scrappin’ Easels for both myself and a few of my Design Team members just to play with.  I do get products given to me from time to time, but I really only share the ones that I think have merit and value that are useful and fun.  And the {Read More}

Can I Be Santa?! Cricut Surprise Giveaway

Yup – Another Surprise Goody!  Why Not!?  Its’ JUST plain and simple more fun!  How awesome would it be to just receive a package at your door with a TOTAL surprise in it??? Like CHRISTMAS or Your Birthday with something you WILL Love!   I’m SO excited I get to “play Santa”! YAY! Ok so to win: Just leave a comment with one thing you’d like to see Above Rubies Studio change or provide you with!  Let us know – we {Read More}

Paper Layerz Giveaway!!!!

Wooot Wooot! Paper Layerz is available in the Above Rubies Studio Online Store and the Store right now and I’m THRILLED!!!! There is SO much more coming with this line and I can NOT wait to share and just can NOT thank World Win Papers enough for formulated such an INCREDIBLE paper (CutMates) to print my designs on that just works like NON OTHER in Die-Cutting Machines! This is the Happy Dots: Perfect Gems Sheet!  This is probably my {Read More}

Cricut Cartridge Giveaway! Thanks CEC!

Hey Everyone! So today’s giveaway is AWESOME and it is sponsored by – I absolutely adore the team at, Dean, Carrie, Melissa, Bobbi Jo, Tim and Sassa – you all are just so awesome and such a blessing to the ARS Team! 🙂  CEC has joined with Above Rubies and Club Ruby Designers for many new things and we will be working together on a lot more in the future…. Today they are offering a Cricut Cartridge to {Read More}

Happy Monday! I have some Candi for you!

Hmmm… welll I guess that’s about it!  I guess I’m sorta out of giveaways! Just Kidding! 🙂 Ok lets giveaway a copy the new “Cricut A to Z 2nd Edition” DVD OR the “Cricut Cards for Every Occasion” DVD… it’s YOUR Choice! Let’s also give away some NEW Scrapbook embellishments called Candi!  Here is a fun little video still left from CHA on what they are and how crazy FUN they are and there is LOTS more opportunities coming for YOU to {Read More}

Giveaway! Square One for All your Masterpieces!

Wooohooo!!!! 🙂 More and More Giveaways!  I have ANOTHER Cricut Magazine To Give away AND I have a BONUS! Square One Printable Adhesive Fabric! – Ok so you watch this video and I call it vinyl several times over, because THAT is what it is MOST like.  But really it is a printable adhesive fabric that you can use with you Imagine, your Cricut, your regular home printers and so much more! I am giving away a set of the {Read More}