Personalized, Customize, Refinished DIY Table Top 26

WOW this was a PROJECT!  What a Tuesday Tutorial this is! Over the weekend I started a HUGE DIY Project, if you follow Me on Facebook, you’ve seen the pictures 😉 … I have a Kitchen Table top that had some broken Ceramic tiles.  I decided to make the table […]

Free Citrus Fun Fruit 2 Layer SVG: Freebie Friday 12

Happy Freebie Friday Friends! Its time for another FREE SVG! I’m so excited because we just have so many of these fun things ready to roll out and I can’t wait until they are all in the AboveRubiesStudio Library!  I also have another fun special thing I’m working on with […]

Howto Reload and Use Your Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher: TNT 6

Happy TNT Thursday where I’m going to keep the explosion of Tips and Tricks coming at ya week after week! Today’s video is all about the Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher! Did you know these tiny itty bitty staples REALLY are a fraction of the size of average MINI Staples and […]

Kaboo Bags Winner! Check This Out 23

Hey Everyone! Today’s CHECK THIS OUT – really ties back to the Kaboo Bags with Tech Pouch! I shared these over the weekend and had a HUGE Giveaway Sponsored by Kaboo Bags! 🙂 I’m not kidding how in love with these things I am and personally want two more bags […]

How to Cut Vinyl and Your Own SVG Files with Silhouette Studio 33

Hey Guys! Happy Tuesday Tutorial Day! I’m excited because I actually have a DOUBLE WHAMMY for you!  I filmed this first video about Cutting Vinyl using the Silhouette Cameo and how you don’t need to use a cutting mat with the Cameo and your Vinyl Sheets or Rolls!  I’m going […]

Freebie Friday Fly Away Butterfly and LOOK What’s New! 12

Hey Everyone, Welcome to Freebie Friday!  Last week was a big tester for me to see how this was all going to work technically and with over 800 of you downloading our first ever FREE SVG we encountered a few troubles!  Sorry about that!  This week I tried making it […]