I just discovered Make the Cut this afternoon – I know some of you are probably thinking, Megan, where have you been?  I know I know – I’m busy! But HOLY COW I LOVE IT!  Well what I know of it, I have been messing around with it a lot, […]

Make the Cut Cricut Software

Hey Everyone, Continuing to say Merry Christmas!  I had a lot of fun on Saturday while it was snowing playing for an hour during my kids nap time in my Scrap room…. These are three of the pages I made and while the video isn’t step by step how to […]

3 Christmas Scrapbook Pages and a Special Message

Hi everyone! I am almost certain that the DVD situation has been straightened out.  We sent out Priority Mail shipping new DVDs to everyone who inadvertently (through our manufacturer) go the Make A Wish Foundation video instead of Cricut A to Z.  We resent out over 50 dvds from what […]

Corrected DVD’s

This is SO UNBELIEVABLE and we can NOT apologize enough, even though it is completely out of our control, we are working around the clock here to make it right… We were just informed by a very dear customer that her two videos she ordered came and that they were […]

Manufacturer DVD Mix Up – Oyy!

Alright, so here in PA, we are supposed to get up to 14inches of snow….the snow has been coming down pretty hard all morning, and we just have not been able to go out to cut down a Christmas Tree this year…well, We had an old 3′ Christmastree in the […]

5 Things To Do While It’s Snowing Today!

Here it is, the moment you have been waiting for! Ok, so don’t forget about the Live UStream with Christmas with The Cricut team, there is even going to be some special giveaways Sunday Night 8:00pm Central Time on the Christmas with the Cricut Channel!   A chance to win the […]

Cricut DVD and New Products Special Annoucement!

Alright, you ready to see a whole lot of pictures? I didn’t do a video on these because I spent my time enjoying making these with my best friend ever for crafting, scrapbooking, playing with our Cricuts and watching movies…. But I wanted to share them anyway! We’ll start with […]

Christmas Cards I Made This Year

Ok, I do not want a mutiny on my hands, BUT My special announcement isn’t getting announced until FRIDAY – BUT on Friday the 18th of December, be here at AboveRubiesStudio.com you will not want to miss it! 🙂 Tell your friends to be here too… We had to work […]

My Special Announcement!

This is so fun!  This video was thanks to you all my wonderful viewers and those who comment!  You made a few suggestions from my last Paisley Cartridge video, and I ran with them 🙂 I still have other favorite cartridges for cards, but you can literally dress anything up […]

Cricut Christmas Shaker Card with Paisley Cricut Cartridge

Oh Man… Check this out! http://just-a-scrappin.blogspot.com/ Follow Linda’s instructions and you could be one of the lucky WINNERS! 🙂

Cricut DVD Giveaway Alert!

Want to know the biggest secret for scrapbooking or card making? I seriously need to tell you that the number 1 secret to scrapbooking, card making or paper crafting in general is Paper Color Coordination!  It can literally make or break your projects.  Here is a little list of websites […]

5 Top Color Combo/Color Coordination Help Sites

WoooHooO!!! We will be receiving two shipments of the Cricut DVD this week and so that means, ALL Orders placed up until today will be shipping between December 15th and the 17th 🙂 YAYYY!!! That’s RIGHT!  ALL CRICUT DVD ORDERS are SHIPPING THE 15th – 17th 2009! For those of […]

Cricut A to Z DVD News Update!

Did you ever see the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic?  Put me in a scrapbooking store and my mind set and way of thinking QUICKLY turns into …  “The store always smells good, and the store can awaken a lust for things you didn’t even know you needed, and when […]

5 Top Scrapbooking, Card Making Shops

Ok, so here is a little update on what has been going on around my house! 🙂 Lots of card making with my BFF 🙂  Lots of cookie making with the kids! 🙂  Lots of Christmas Family Activities! 🙂  Hot Chocolate and Elf on DVD! 🙂 I have a BIG […]

Christmas Family Fun!

I have been asked on more than one occasion where I get my inspiration from…well I usually answer, I get it just from things I see in everyday life…lego blocks for example was my latest inspiration for my Christmas Tree Cards.  I love pouring myself over my Cricut Handbooks to […]

5 (ok more like 16) Top Scrapbooking/Cardmaking Inspiration Blogs

Adhesive, adhesive, adhesive!  Oh how I love the stickiness of you! 🙂 Adhesives seem to be the bane or glory of every scrapbooker out there, especially if you are using your Cricut machine.  Sometimes it’s hard to decide on what adhesive to use and when, why, how, all of the […]

5 Top Adhesives for Scrapbooking or Cardmaking