TNT: Sketch Book Projects 9

Hey! Happy Thursday! I like having videos for you guys for these things, but I haven’t quite gotten everything up to editing and posted yet, so I’m sharing this little Sketch Book I made! If you’ve been following ARS for awhile I’m sure you’ve already downloaded your own SKETCH SHEETS […]

CTO: Rest Easy Music Video 19

I know my Check This Out videos are USUALLY about new Scrapbooking supplies or tools and whats hot and how tos and such…BUT! My dear friend Cindy Guy from PA has entered a Music Video contest and shared with me this video and I HAD to share it with you […]

I’m Sorry About That 8

Hey all, I’m sorry to hear and see that the store is down 🙁 That’s no fun!  I’m still recovering so a few things are a bit behind, so I’m  working on what I can as I can. The good news is until I can get it fixed we […]

Megan Update on Teeth and THANK YOU! 97

Hey All!   I’m laying in bed taking it easy, lots of pain and swelling, seems much worse second day than first, hopefully start feeling better soon, this is not fun.   But here is the really cool thing!  I’ve been SOOO encouraged by your reaching out, and others reaching […]

I Have Something Else to Show You 13

Hey there friends!   I have a few more videos from CHA to share with you!  The other day I posted several videos Britten Linn and I filmed at the show, now I have a few more for you today! Let’s take a look at: October Afternoon and the Midway […]

Are You In? Do You Know What Today Is? 25

Well do you?  Today is August 2, 2012 and I’ve been telling you for awhile what was going to happen today, but I don’t know if you realize it or not??? TODAY IS THE DAY CROPPED MYSTERY BOXES SHIP!!!  If you are one of the LUCKY people who placed your […]