CTMH Artiste Cricut Cartridge Review and a 10 Minute Card 29

Happy Wednesday! Check THIS OUT!  I’m so excited and I’m very ready to get back to videos, but today is still going to be a Check This Out the “old school” tutorial way and written review, and it’s absolutely THRILLING because this post is sponsored by Melanie Brown from EveryDayCricut.com […]

How to Use the Gypsy with the Cricut Expression 2 7

Happy Tuesday! Yes I’m still recovering from the tooth surgery and WOW I am so touched by SO many of you, sending cards, prayers and WOW on the Financial help and being ambassadors to help start the Non-Profit fund to help people with medical/dental NEEDS!  This is huge! THANK YOU […]

Cropped Mystery Box Issues Addressed 44

It has come to my attention that several of our Mystery Boxes have been shipped out and received in less than perfect condition!  This news absolutely tears me up and breaks my heart, because you guys are #1 most important to me and making sure you get the products you […]

TNT: Sketch Book Projects 9

Hey! Happy Thursday! I like having videos for you guys for these things, but I haven’t quite gotten everything up to editing and posted yet, so I’m sharing this little Sketch Book I made! If you’ve been following ARS for awhile I’m sure you’ve already downloaded your own SKETCH SHEETS […]

CTO: Rest Easy Music Video 19

I know my Check This Out videos are USUALLY about new Scrapbooking supplies or tools and whats hot and how tos and such…BUT! My dear friend Cindy Guy from PA has entered a Music Video contest and shared with me this video and I HAD to share it with you […]

I’m Sorry About That 8

Hey all, I’m sorry to hear and see that the AboveRubiesStudio.com store is down 🙁 That’s no fun!  I’m still recovering so a few things are a bit behind, so I’m  working on what I can as I can. The good news is until I can get it fixed we […]