Day 9 Mini Pizza Box Christmas Gift Wrap 4

Welcome! Pizza Boxes are SO fun!  I am excited to to show off 3 different ways I decorated these Mini Pizza Boxes from Stampin’ UP! Of course you could even use the inspiration from how I dressed up these little pizza boxes to create Christmas Cards or tags as well! […]

Day 8 Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Scrapbook Layout 1

Welcome!  Buffalo Plaid is THE in thing this holiday season and I am totally obsessed with the Merry Little Christmas Designer Paper Series at I had to create a Christmas 2017 Scrapbook layout using my Cricut, Design Space and the black and Olive Green Buffalo Plaid scrapbook paper from this […]

Day 7 Feather Chalk Custom Name Ornaments 12 Days Christmas 1

Welcome!  More than half way through already!  Are we having fun together yet?!?! 😉   I know I am, so very thank you’re here and we can share projects, inspiration and heart with telling our stories through creativity!! Today I wanted to do another personal name project that you can make […]

Day 6 Homemade Gift Card Holder for Christmas 5

Welcome! I remember way back in the early days of Above Rubies Studio one of my favorite things to make was a Gift Card Holder using my Cricut.  So this year, I wanted to show you how you can create an envelope with your Cricut Design Space for the front […]

Day 5 Customized DIY Metal Stamped Christmas Gifts 4

Welcome! Every year I LOVE giving hand metal stamped gifts for Christmas! In this video I’m going to show you an awesome 4 way charm from that is perfect for a mother’s necklace, kids names, meaningful words, sentiments and more! Personalized and custom gifts are always the way to […]

Day 4 Mistletoe Hunny Scrapbook Layout Holiday Inspiration 2

Welcome to Day 4!  OK Today is SUPER Special amazing in the 12 days because today is the day that ANY and ALL orders placed in THIS 24 hours at gets YOU 100% FREE Shipping! Let’s dive into todays Scrapbook Layout video first!  As promised, (and just like I […]