Scrapbook Layout without Adhesive (Oh No!) How To Tues Eps 5

This Howto Tuesday is another different one for me – because I don’t usually do picture/voice over videos – but I wanted to just create today pretty badly – I had the ITCH even without all my craft stuff available I just had some of my new things and I wanted to PLAY! – So playing I did! Do you ever get in the craft mood to just play!?  Yeah!  AND this video goes to show ya, you don’t need {Read More}

Adventure Aquarium MLM eps 5

Today we spent the day at the Aquarium in Camden NJ and had so much fun! Touching sharks, stingrays, starfish, penguins and more! The kids really impressed me with what they took away about all the various creatures just under the sea and how God made each one so different and wonderful! We had an awesome day and I’m excited to share these moments with you! Enjoy the Moments! Enjoy the Moments my friends I love sharing all areas of {Read More}

REPLAY: S.T.A.R.T. Schedule The Action Required Today!

Watch the Replay of Last Nights Event! February is all about scheduling and taking the actions to achieve exactly what you have been looking to START. We are going to talk about the phases of development, starting right where you are at, with what you have and doing what you can. All driven by you the super power that is within you, the POWER of WHY!  And we are going to make it even easier for you! We have taken {Read More}

Making 230 Share the Love Cards!

Hey Ya’ll – so this is a VERY quick just kinda showin’ ya video of how I made 230 Cards using the new CTMH Share the Love Stamp Set and some Glitter Trim! I am super busy this week getting ready for the LIVE Event Thursday night that will be available for you to join in on right from the YouTube channel – we are talking  START – Scheduling the Action Required Today, YOUR superpower of WHY and HOW we are {Read More}

MLM Eps4 – YOU, With the Caffeine!!!!

Today I wanted to share a funny story that happened in a real life MOMMY MOMENT this week as well as a little insight to my daily schedule – I have “work time” – “school time” – “play time” etc….and it doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of interruptions and stressful moments along the way – but there sure is love and funny moments to enjoy every single day!  By the end of this – you will probably laugh and say {Read More}

How to DIY Letter Marquees Howto Tuesday Eps. 3

Today I am putting together a few DIY Light up Marquee Letters that I picked up on Clearance at Target by Heidi Swapp.  I am excited to hang these sometime because the lit up # and L A R is so cool!  I used Close to My Heart papers – but the sky is the limit with making your own custom and personalized letters.   Learn about the New STTT Program & Bonuses HERE Check out the February Specials!  The {Read More}

MLM eps 3 – Shopping & Singing

It’s time for another My Life Monday post! 😉 Thank you for taking time to peak into my personal world and giggle with me!  This has become a really fun way for me to document enjoying my moments the way I love it! Here’s what you’ll see in today’s video: Getting ready for February LIVE Event Creating the awesome S.T.A.R.T. Packs for Members Shopkicks that I use to get over $135.00 in ABSOLUTELY FREE GiftCards just by walking into {Read More}

HowTo Tues: HTV Vinyl Create, Cut & Apply Heat Transfer with Cricut Explore

Quick video tutorial with tips on HOWTO Create, Cut and Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl with the Cricut Explore – Tips like, Reverse the image, shiny side down on cutting mat, freezer paper or thin towel for an easy slide! This is just a quick shot iPhone video with Robbie, but I love to do vinyl like creations all the time so stay tuned for more or search “Vinyl” in the AboveRubiesStudio sidebar! You can pick up Cricut Vinyl at most {Read More}

Snowed In Weekend! How About You?

Happy Monday Morning!  Are you still snowed in?  We are!  It’s crazy, but awesome! I love it!  What a fabulous weekend of relaxing, fun and productivity! Here is a little look at my weekend snowed in from #Blizzard2016 #jonas! I know that this isn’t the entire country – or world – but most on the east coast will understand the trouble and the mess.  Being out in Wisconsin for the last 4 years, I LOVE this, and I MISS these {Read More}

HowTo Tuesday (1st one!) ItWorks! Toning Using Wraps!

This is my first HOW TO Tuesday (replacing old Tuesday Tutorials) and I am so excited!  HowTo Tuesdays are going to cover a large variety of every day life How Tos – even showing howto use products and results they get, which is one of the first things I was anxious to share today! (But there will still be crafty how tos, Cricut tutorials and more so don’t worry AboveRubies friends!) I am really excited my friend Cindy came over {Read More}