WINNERS for the last three Drawings!

Winner of the 1 Pre-Order of the Cricut A to Z DVD – This is based off of this post – Questions for the Cricut DVD True Random Number Generator: Min:1 Max:140 Result:12 ( (I skipped my posts and the results are) Mary Submitted on 2009/11/14 at 11:28pm Megan, I’m thrilled for you with this new venture. This is another part of the Proverbs 31 woman at work. Congratulations! CONGRATS MARY!  You will receive your Cricut A to Z DVD {Read More}


***IMPORTANT MESSAGE*** For anyone who submitted projects THANK YOU we have a LOT of AWESOME entries and I am so pleased! However, I received many emails from the forms and I have many entries that do not have names submitted with them!  I have no idea how to get in contact with you to either include you in the DVD or contact you to win prizes! HELP! IF YOU SENT IN A PROJECT FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: Send me an {Read More}

Cricut A to Z DVD Fan Badge!

Hey I just wanted to say that you can now get a facebook fan badge for the Cricut A to Z DVD it’s a great way to tell your friends about this awesome Cricut DVD that will teach them all they need to know about their Cricut Machines Above Rubies is a fan of Above Rubies Studio Create your Fan Badge

Cricut Cartridge Giveaway Alrert!!!

Ok, so I have a giveaway alert that I want to QUICKLY share! Tomorrow I am going to be drawing three names for prizes that I previous shared, but I want to throw in a BONUS giveaway for tomorrow as well!!!  So listen up, I have been asking for all of you to submit your Cricut Projects to since we announced the release of this upcoming DVD – We have received some AWESOME projects, but I decided to go {Read More}

Cricut Cut Shrinky Dinks and a Totally Different Ink Technique

You are going to LOVE this – I hope! I learned about this awesome tool that is in most homes to make an AWESOME inking background technique…You should be AMAZED at what some SHAVING CREAM can do!!!   I was – but I’m not hard to impress! lol I hope you enjoy this “Blessed” Cricut card that was made from: Stampin’ Up Card Stock K&Company Urban Paper Pack Shrinky Dink Paper “Frosted” Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks Stampin’ Solutions Cricut Cartridge {Read More}

Memory Cards made for Custom Crops

Here is my latest creations for It’s a two part video tutorial to have fun making a kids classic game Part 1 Memory Cards Part 2 Memory Cards I would absolutely LOVE to know what you think of it, so let me know!!! Pictures and all the Gypsy files are available at Tomorrow will be a fun new video that shows something I am sure many have not seen – it’s  a really fun inking technique that I {Read More}

Answers to Cricut DVD Questions

In this post “Questions About The DVD Anyone?” I asked everyone if they had questions about the upcoming release and Pre-Order of the Above Rubies Studio Cricut A ro Z DVD. I thought I would start a new post to make it a little clearer for everyone to read.  Keep posting your questions HERE but I will answer them in this blog post. How Many Projects are included? There are going to be over 100 projects total in this DVD {Read More}

Questions About the Cricut DVD Anyone?

Here ya go! The first chance to win the Cricut A to Z DVD!!! That’s right, this is the first time I’m offering a chance to win a reserved copy of the upcoming Cricut A to Z DVD.  All you have to do to win is comment on this post and if you have any questions about the DVD, let me know! Post your questions about this DVD in this post and I will do my best to answers all {Read More}

Cricut A to Z DVD

It’s FINALLY HERE!  The DVD that EVERY Cricut user EVERYWHERE needs! I am SO excited and SO blessed by the overwhelming response we’ve had since announcing the release! Click here to check out more about the contents of the video, take a sneak peak at some “screen shots” and even take a look at who’s work will appear on the DVD!   You’re going to be SO excited – I know I am!!!

Decorated Home Scent Warmers and GIVEAWAY!!! :)

This is an amazing product that I just discovered thanks to Angie Liddiard – The Scentsy Decorate it Yourself Scent Warmer!  This is a MUST have for the Holidays and FANTASTIC gift ideas.  I really can’t believe how much I LOVE this!  I love candles, but I don’t burn them all the time because of my kids and things, the Scentsy has totally WON me OVER!  I can now have the glow of the candle and the home full of {Read More}