Scallop Gift and Note Card

This video was actually recorded several weeks ago, I’m just now editing it and putting it up on the site.  Thanks for checking it out.  I also have to apologize because somewhere along the way something happened to sections of this video, so I had to fill in instructions – IF you get confused – Comment on this post and I will help you out.  I thought this card was still too cute to leave on the cropping room floor!  {Read More}

Cricut DVD Surprise! And Enter to WIN!

Ok, so I have kept you all waiting and wondering what REALLY is going on, so now I’m going to officially TELL YOU if you haven’t already figured it out!!! *MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS WHOLE POST! OK?!* Above Rubies Studio, as you may or may not know, hired a professional video crew to come in over the weekend, set up fancy sound, lighting and a real nice camera (made me feel all celebrity like or something! Just Kidding! ) {Read More}

Flowered Card with Ribbon Technique

Hi Everyone! Miss me this past week?  I am so sorry I haven’t gotten a video up to you sooner!  This is not the plan of Above Rubies Studio. The plan is to get a new video up every Tuesday for you all to enjoy, but alas, with all that’s going on, that didn’t happen this week. This video was actually recorded a few weeks ago, (I still haven’t had time to record something new) but I did finally get {Read More}

Update! The Next Video, the New Studio and the Surprise to Come!

Hello, I know it’s Wednesday and I totally planned to have a new video up yesterday, and I know you are all patiently waiting, but I am going to ask you to continue to be patient.  I will probably not get a video up before Friday afternoon, though I am going to try REALLY REALLY hard! We are in the process of BIG things here at Above Rubies Studio, the actual “Studio” is still being moved and we are going {Read More}

Welcome and First Giveway (RAK) of the Day!

Welcome to the Black Friday Sales Event for the Cricut A to Z DVD! Hope you are having a BLAST and let’s just dive RIGHT in and get started with our FIRST giveaway! – vid- To win this Cricut Cartridge follow these rules! 1) Comment on this blog post right below where it says comment! 2) Get additional entries by spreading the word to your family, friends and co-workers about Above Rubies Studio by using this form HERE. Each email {Read More}

Almost November WOW! I Have a Question For YOU!

I can’t not believe it’s only a few hours away and November will be here!  Where has the time gone??? Well, I have to tell you that this past two weeks has been totally awesome with everyone and once again I appreciate you ALL being here!!! I am in the processing of scheduling and planning all of the November videos to come and I wanted to ask you all two questions – Your answers are OVERLY Appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!  (Because this is {Read More}

Mistakes, Outtakes, Just Craziness!

After some positive responses, I decided to go ahead and take some time to put together one of a many part series soon to come on! “Mistakes, Outtakes and Just Craziness” will feature many of the fun “bloopers” along my journey as a video scrapbooker! You’ll see clips from all different things from cards I made, scrapbook layouts, me just talking, or singing, or even some dancing I have to tell ya!!!! So just sit back, relax, and try {Read More}

All the Winners Names!

Here is a Listing of all the Winners and the Names for the Grand Opening Event Winners! Day 1 – Scraptacular October Prize Pack:   Becky Jackson Day 2 – Child’s Year Cricut Cartridge:  Natasha Hensel Day 3 – SEI Paper Pack:  Annette Day 4 – Christmas Paper Goodies:  Sole Day 5 – Mini Album from Jennifer S.:  Beth Day 6 – Park Buddies SEI Paper:  Dawn Day 7 – Simple Sweet Cartridge:  Lisa Kerr Day 8 – Plaid Products:  Elizabeth {Read More}

Day 12 Final Winner!

Final winner for the Grand Opening event Prizes – MORE to come in November! Thanks to ALL who participated and I’m so sorry that I couldn’t give something scrapbooking or creative to EVERYONE – Hopefully future videos and past serve as part of a great prize!! Don’t forget the Cricut Cutting Guide either!  That’s fun for all Cricut Users to Enjoy!!! CONGRATS AGAIN TO ALL WINNERS!  I’ll email you soon! HUGS AND LOVE Meg

Day 11 Winner!

Congrats to the winner for Day 11!!!  Thank you ALL again for your support as we settle this party down and get ready for a NEW party in November! Above Rubies Studio will do it’s best to continue to provide you with Cricut Projects and Ideas, Scrapbooking Layouts and fun Hand Made Cards so don’t stop watching!