Fresh Look Friday (Episode 102, Fast Look): Basic Grey Precision Mat & Olivia Paper Collection

Hey Everyone!

I have a short show for today… I’m going to call shorter shows “FAST LOOK” episodes 🙂  Fresh Look Friday WAS SOOO popular last week, that I decided, lets throw in a few shorter shows!  We will still keep the FULL Fresh Look Friday the 2nd Friday on Every month, but watch out for Fast Looks on Friday’s in between! 😉

Basic Grey has recently won over my heart with their Precision Magnetic Cutting Mat and I’m here just to overview it with you.
I have also recently purchased the Olivia Paper Collection which is today’s paper pick. While it is more of a girly themed paper pack, the grungy distressed look really allows you to use it for some boyish themes that we all look to create. The Basic Grey Counterpart, “Oliver”, is perfect for that as well…

To see these products in action, check back on Tuesday as we create a 12×12 layout with this paper line.

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Next Episode Airs: Tune in on February 11th, 2011 for episode 102, a special on the CHA trade show in LA that you won’t want to miss!

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  1. Irene Baker says:

    Cool cutting mat, but I adore the paper. Thanks Megan, for doing these “Fast Look” episodes in between Fresh Look Fridays. Love it!!!

  2. Hi Megan, I do need a cutting mat and have been wondering what kind of cutting mat I can get, well thanks to you now I know,…:-) great cutting mat, will definitely be looking into this one, cute paper collection too. Thanks sooo much for all you do.

  3. Oh my bug! I love that paper. Fast looks rock too 😀

  4. Love the cutting matt, I want one LOL

  5. I loved the fast look episodes. I was bummed that we had to wait a month before we had another episode!!! I just love this series!!!! Thank you so much for making these videos & bringing us great products to check out!

  6. I definitely need to get this 12×12 size mat. I have a super sized one (24×14) that I originally use for quilting, now more for crafting. What I like about this one is that it’s magnetic and has a grid as a measuring guide. Thanks for the information.

  7. Rhonda Harre says:

    Thanks for the information on the Magnetic Matt and Paper. I love the paper! I can see many uses for the Magnetic Matt, especially when cutting out small pieces with the Cricut. Have a great time at CHA!

  8. Thanks for the information. I really like the paper selection.

  9. Love that magnetic board. This is something we all could use in our scrapping world. The paper is beautiful, too.

  10. The magnetic board looks amazing. Yet another thing I GOTTA have
    The paper is so darling too. .I already checked where I can purchase that too. and yippeee it’s pay day today

  11. I actually have this mat, but for some reason I still use my big quilting mat. Habit? not sure, but I am sure i need to get it out and use it!

  12. I loved it! Thanks so much for the additional videos. I really look forward to them.

  13. Loved the video, I have got to get that cutting mat! Thanks so much for doing these videos!

  14. Very interesting cutting mat, hadn’t seen that yet. Really nice paper this week. Loving the show.

  15. Thanks for test driving all this stuff for us. Love the paper and that mat is going to be a must have! BTW, you look FANTASTIC! hugs, eilee

  16. I love that mat! I must have one soon! THe paper you picked was really pretty, and I adored the fuzzy stickers!!

  17. That mat is very cool. Love Basic Grey products!

  18. Thanks for the informative video! I love the paper an the mat.

  19. HAPPY FRIDAY …I love that we had an episode today….woo hoo. Glad you shared the BG mat. I have had mine for 3 years, when they first came out w/ it and I LOVE IT still after all this time. I use the magnets for holding my L/O in place all the time. Thanks so much…. I look forward to next week.

  20. Thanks I am really enjoying these videos. They are very helpful.

  21. Wow, a magnetic mat, how unique! Adding it to my list. Sandra

  22. Crystal Nichols says:

    I have had my mat for about 2 years now and absolutely love it! The magnets are strong, becareful they will chip because they pull themselves together so hard.

  23. Norma Weiss says:

    I just may have to get the magnetic mat…awesome!
    Thanks Megan!

  24. Awesome! Love it!

  25. Love the cutting Mat. I have a few different ones now, but have to have this one too. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  26. I like the short clips too! I’m on my lunch time at work.

  27. carolyn hartle says:

    Thank you for the update of new cutting mat. Really injoy your videos.

  28. Love the new cutting mat! Thanks for sharing!

  29. I bought this mat after you showed it one time before and I have to tell you that I absolutely love it! I also like the basic grey papers too.

    Have a great weekend.

  30. Darlene Roach says:

    Love the mat! Does the paper cut well in the Cricut Expression?
    Much appreciated info.

  31. Kathie (South Australia) says:

    Just love Fresh Look Fridays – soooo good to keep up with what’s new. I hope we can get the mats in Oz.

  32. Loving your show, Megan!!! I’m so happy to be able to see your face and hear your voice every week since I miss you, my friend!! Hugs!

  33. Love the Matt and the Paper Basic Grey is one of my favourites too.
    I think I could really have great fun with one of these mats……Looking forward to your next video…..cheers Carol Pirngle also from Oz

  34. Wonderful Review Megan! I do LOVE me some Basic Grey! 🙂

  35. I look forward to each and everyone of your tutorial videos. I’m learning lots of new ideas and seeing lots of tools being used that I’ve seen in stores but hesitant on purchasing. Love the magnet mat.Thanks so much for sharing.

  36. I have this mat also, for a few years now. It is a great product. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that the small magnets chip over time and use, but you can always replace them. Plus make sure you keep the magnets away from electronics, they are quite strong and I would think it could cause damage to electronics such as your computer’s hard-drive.

  37. Megan – That mat looks great! I will have to check it out! Yep, we need to keep them away from our electronic products! We wouldn’t to mess them up would we??? Your tutorials are so helpful … I saw your own without promoting them – Cricut A to Z and Gypsy A to Z — sneaky but effective! I have both of them and I am soooooooo pleased with them and I think everyone should have them!!! I am promoting them whenever I can … when I hear someone new to both machines!!!! Thanks for all your efforts and misc.

  38. Great idea to have some ‘fast tips’
    Jeanne SC/USA

  39. dolores weitzman says:

    the mat and the paper collection is very cool!!!

  40. That looks like a great cutting mat and the magnetic feature is awesome. I have a cutting mat, but may consider that one too if I can get a deal with a coupon. Something to watch out for. Cute papers too. TFS!

  41. Linda Jamme says:

    These look like great products. I love your new Fresh Look/ Fast Look Friday videos. Excellent quality and content. It’s just another reason to look forward to Fridays!

  42. Great video. I think I need one of those mats 🙂

  43. Scraptimer says:

    Love the product demos. Great paper pick! I love that it can be used for girls or boys!

  44. Jane L chadwick says:

    Love the papers. Love the magnetic mat. Love the fast and furious episode.

  45. Great info Megan. You will need to do more of these videos !!! I am waiting for a 50% coupon to get the mat

  46. Shirley E says:

    My Hubby got me that mat for Christmas, I love, love, love it!

  47. I’m going to have to find that cutting mat.

  48. Really liked the information you gave on Cricut tools. I’ve not watched these short tips b/4 but I’ll be here more in the future. Thanks!!

  49. Melanie Keenan says:

    Great mat! Love the paper, too. Happy to see another video so soon.

  50. Danielle Pajot says:

    Megan, I have looked everywhere for the mat, but it appears to be discontinued. Do you know where we can find it?

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