Fresh Look Friday (Ep. 104): Something Just for You From Unity Stamp Company

Hey hello and Happy Fresh Look Friday EVERYONE!

What an exciting day!!!  I am once again thrilled to be bringing you something that I love and think is wonderfully fantastic and creative!  The Unity Stamp Company!

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I got to spend some time with Angela on a few occasions now at various shows, and I have been using the Unity Stamps now for about 8-9 months (maybe longer??)  Anyway!  They are BEAUTIFUL!  They are high quality red rubber stamps mounted on cling foam so you can use them with your acrylic blocks!  Unity even has a really cool acrylic block of their own and they are the perfect blend of the Rubber Stamp and Acrylic Stamps combined into AMAZINGLY beautiful designs!

And while their sizes of stamps vary, I always find myself sooo pleasantly surprised at the bigger sizes of their sentiments and other things.  I’ve done one or two Tuesday Tutorials with their stamps and I’m excited to film a few more with my two newer sets I’ve recently purchased!

Make sure you watch for something from Unity Stamp Co that’s only for Above Rubies Studio Followers in this episode!

So enjoy today’s episode and stay tuned for more!

In this Episode:

  • Coupon Code for Unity Stamps (watch this episode for the included coupon code; valid until March 14, 2011)
  • Unity Stamp Company
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Next Full Episode Airs: Friday, April 8th, 2011

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*Disclaimer:  Above Rubies Studio has not received any compensation in products or in monetary value for sharing Unity Stamp Company with you.  They have provided a special Coupon code for our viewers to use in a promotional period they agreed to run for us.  Thanks Unity Stamp Co!


  1. Megan, I love your Fresh Look Fridays….you are doing such a great job! Thank you

  2. Rhonda Harre says:

    Thank you, Megan, for bringing this information to us and a Big Thank YOU to Unity for the special offer on getting 20% off this weekend on their product. I am so excited to check out their products. Have a Great Weekend!!!!

  3. Thanks for the info about this company and for the 20% offer. They have such a variety of stamp sets. It’s hard to pick!! Have a great day:)

  4. Hi Megan you are always on top of things thanks for always sharing it with us.PS love your work.

  5. marchelle says:

    HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE….Megan…I bought some Unity stamps several years ago that I saw in one of the paper craft magazines. At that time boy oh boy, I had a hard time tracking them down, because they were rather new. BUT…once I did and I ordered them. (I believe they were Halloween stamps woo hoo) I absolutely love them, they are awesome as you mentioned today. Thanks for sharing ALL these amazing stamps from all of the wonderfully talented companies. Now I’m going to rush over and place a huge order…lol.

  6. Stacey Halbgewachs says:

    Thanks for sharing! I am always looking for new stamps 🙂 AND I just wanted to let you know that the Tiffany Blue background looks FAB! You are wonderful!

  7. Love Unity Stamps! But I must be the only one who can’t figure out where the coupon code is???

    Anyone, please help.

  8. Denise (sassy Nana) says:

    love the stamps, but i also can not find code. Can some one helps us?

  9. Edwina Brown says:

    The Show is not there. Is anyone else having this trouble. I’d like the code too.

  10. The code is at the end of the show… it’s displayed on a card in gold letters.

  11. I had know idea those stamps were so darn cute. I am gonna go check out their website!!! I so love Fresh Look Fridays!!! U rock Megan!!!

  12. Katherine A. says:

    Thanks for sharing Megan. Unity is a great company. Have their stamping blocks and several stamps and love them.

  13. Sue Stroud says:

    Thanks Megan and Unity. TFS!!!!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m going right now to the website to place my order!

  15. The Fresh Look Friday show for Unity Stamps is not loading. I have noticed others having the same problem.

  16. Dorothy helmkay says:

    Love the new look. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to ordering some stamps. I agree with you the packaging is great

  17. Thanks Megan for the introduction to unity stamps. I am on my way to look at them closer!! Thanks for the code too!!! Hope you are feeling better!

  18. Donna Ochoa says:

    Love the new look!

  19. Stephanie says:

    I am in love with these Unity Stamps.I just joined their kit club and received my first stamps three days ago. Gotta go stamp!

  20. Megan, you are such a sweet gal thanks for sharing about Unity Stamps and getting the discount for us gals! I might get some!

  21. Great video from CHA! I’ve been in love with Unity stamps for a year now! Will never look back!:)

  22. Edwina Brown says:

    I finally got to watch the show, but I can’t find the code to get 20% off. HELP!!!!

  23. still waiting to see the ecraft…. please please please!!! lol! Love the Friday episodes, keep up the great work!

  24. Awesome episode today!! Thanks for letting us see so much from Unity! I love their products as well!! The bonus offer is awesome too!! Thanks, Megan!!

  25. Megan you have inspired me to drag out my old rubber stamps I’ve had in storage for about the last 7 years. Now, I’m gonna re-mount them to use on the acrylic mounts (youtube was wonderful for information)

  26. At our monthly crop this past weekend, we mentioned your website to the group and said it was one of the best scrapbooking sites around. Just wanted to say thanks for all you do. Peggy in Texas

  27. Wow!! adorable & versatile stuff..

  28. I love watching Fresh Look Fridays on Roku! Please keep these episodes coming!!

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