Day 12 Final Winner!

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Final winner for the Grand Opening event Prizes – MORE to come in November!

Thanks to ALL who participated and I’m so sorry that I couldn’t give something scrapbooking or creative to EVERYONE – Hopefully future videos and past serve as part of a great prize!! 🙂

Don’t forget the Cricut Cutting Guide either!  That’s fun for all Cricut Users to Enjoy!!!

CONGRATS AGAIN TO ALL WINNERS!  I’ll email you soon!




  1. Megan, thanks for all the chances to win! Congrats to all the winners!

  2. Congrats to the winner. Enjoy the prize

  3. Woo hooo! For everyone!
    And for you Meg…. The best wishes for this site.
    You’ll do well. ((((HUG)))) TR

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