Tuesday Tutorial with Britten: Halloween Card

Hey everyone!  It’s Britten here filling in for Megan today with a fun and simple Tuesday Tutorial.

I put together an easy Halloween card using just one sheet of Paper Layerz by Megan Elizabeth. But this time, instead of cutting one image with multiple layers, I decided to use my sheet of Paper Layerz to cut several, one-layer images that all coordinate perfectly and make this card come together super quick.  Make sense?  Watch the video to see just what I mean and then be sure to leave me a comment to let me know what you think!  And don’t forget, Paper Layerz is now availabe in the Above Rubies Studio store.

YouTube Preview Image

There are only a few more days left in September and although I’m sad to see this month end, I am SO excited to share what I’ve made with the Club Ruby Designer’s October kit.  As usual, Megan has out-done herself with packing it full of awesome scrap goodness!  Even more exciting is that some of the products that we hand-picked at CHA back in July ARE IN THIS KIT!!  I’ll be posting a video soon that will show you exactly what’s in there and be sure to check out ClubRubyDesigners.com starting October 1 to see all the projects by the amazing Club Ruby Design Team.

Now…go scrap something!!



Here’s the dimensions for the cuts  in case you want to try this card yourself using the Gypsy.  If you don’t have a Gypsy, just round down to the next available size on the Cricut dial.

Tree 3.54W x 3.67H

Moon 3.18W x 5.94H

Fence 3.21W x 1.22H

Font  1W x 1.48H

Here’s the link to my blog where I posted the tutorial for the witch card that I showed briefly during the video.  (The witch cut is from the Wrap It Up cartridge.)



  1. Great Card!

  2. I just love your card, so simple and easy to do

  3. Thank you Britten for sharing this really cute card. I like the idea that you used only one sheet of paper too.
    I enjoy following you and Cindy on your posts as well. Have a great Tues

  4. Nancy Sindle says:

    Super Cute Card Britten! I can’t wait to make one! You did a great job! Thanks

  5. OMG.. That is So Adorable! And SO simple to make with Paper Layerz!
    Thanks Britten.. Great job .. as usual!
    🙂 D

  6. Sharan Grubbs says:

    Can you give the dimensions you cut the items? I am guessing, but would love to have them please.

  7. This is such a cute and quick card. I need to get my cart out and see what I can add from the many
    ideas. I don’t go outside the box to add. Thanks for sharing.

  8. judi farrell says:

    SO CUTE! (er, I mean SPOOKY) 😀 And bonus—I have all the cartridges you used. YAY!! No need to go and buy a halloween cartridge! 😀 You are doing a great job, Britten! Thanks!

  9. Very cute card. You make it look so easy. I don’t have a Gypsy, but I do have the cartridges so could probably make this one. THANKS!

  10. Great card very simple idea. I can’t wait to get my hands on paper layers

  11. Carolyn Hartle says:

    Very cute card. Who would have thught such a simple card would lool so nice. Thankk you

  12. Love the card!! I have all the cartridges and Paper Layerz so will definitely be making this one. TFS!

  13. anita backensto says:

    this is a cute card, especially loved the goo stamp used and the glitter on it. anita

  14. Good Morning Britten, What a great card! I forget that the carts have so many extra embellies to cut out. I really need to take out a few & play. Have a great day and thanks for sharing your talent:)

  15. Hey Britten…Great Card!!!! Great job on the video!!!

  16. Sharan Grubbs says:

    Just made the card, guessing the sizes of the cuts. Cute!!!!

  17. punkyann@iserv.net says:

    Love, love this card, very simple and so very cute.

  18. Love it! Now I want that Cartridge too. LOL. I’m loving that Paper Layerz!

  19. Such a nice card. Keep up the good work. Love the tutorials. Thanks.

  20. Cynthia Guy says:

    Great job on the card! ADOREABLE!! 🙂

  21. Very cute card. It’s nice to see you using the older cartridges too.

  22. Love your card. You did a great jop. I love how simple it was but yet it looks beautiful.

  23. Love the card – thanks! Gail in MI BOOOOOOO

  24. Hi, Britton,
    Loved the Halloween card. Especially loved that it was made with one sheet of paper. How convenient and fun. Will be ordering some of that paper for sure…..

  25. Love the cute spooky card!

  26. Cute card. I will have to try.

  27. Love your cards both are great,Would love to know where to get that witch is she from a cricut cart ?
    Love Love the papers must get some . Thanks

  28. Cute Card!! Haven’t used my paper layerz yet-this video is making me want to do it today!!!!

  29. Very nice card…ur so right Meg makes everything look so fun and easy …shes such a huge inspiration..im goin to go broke lol

  30. Hi Britten,

    I loved your card. I’m going to make it into a scrapbook layout.

  31. super cute card..

  32. Carol Pringle says:

    Hi Britten, Great show love the card ….really cute’n spooky…..thanks for sharing…..hugs Carol P

  33. Evette K. Ciampo says:

    You did a fantastic job on this tutorial. TY for using some of our older cartridges that more of us have and only two. The new Cricut magazine which I subscribe to uses too many cartridges for one card most of the time. Your card is GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Ty for sharing and giving me such a great card to do. evette

  34. That is an awesome card! Thank you for sharing with us.


  35. Love your card! So easy and great all put toggether. Thank you for sharing and God Bless!

  36. dianne davis says:

    Love your card, & great use of paper layerz. You’ve showed how easy it can be to make a great card. TFS

  37. I like the card….Keep up the good work

  38. Angela – the witch is from the Wrap It Up Cartridge. There is a tutorial on my blog here:

    Thanks EVERYONE for your kind comments!!

  39. Pat Runnells says:

    Very cute card and so easy! Always forget to look at the “extras” on some of my cartridges.Thanks for the inspiration!

  40. Very “spooky” cute card! Megan is not the only one that makes it look so easy!!! Great Job and TFS 🙂

  41. Mary Ann Huntington says:

    Yea, I have all the carts you used so now I can get right on this adorable card. I love simple and this one fits that just perfect.

  42. Inspiring! Can’t WAIT to try Paper Layerz for the first time.
    Peggy in Portland

  43. I love how you used the two colors of Paper Layerz for the background! It looks awesome!! Very simple, but very fun card! Thanks, Britten!

  44. Britten, I love the card. Probably will order this cartridge. Thanks for doing the video.

  45. What a really cute and simple “spooky” card. Love I!!!!

  46. Both your card are really neat. I agree Paper LayerZ makes coordinating papers easy. Thanks for sharing all the dimensions

  47. thanks for sharing Britten…love how you showed us the use of just one sheet of paper layerz…it shows me that I really can do a simple card like that is a short amout of time without a ton of differnt suplies.

  48. Jamaine Brasseaux says:

    So Spooky cute!

  49. Sandy Panda says:

    Great card Britten and great demonstration of Paper Layerz! Well Done!!

  50. Betsy Rowan says:

    Great card!

  51. Looks very easy to do – thanks! 🙂

  52. roonietunes says:

    You do a great tutorial, Britten. So relaxed and organized. I am a Canadian and am waiting to order up a bunch of paper layerz when we head south to Texas for the winter-can’t wait. Very cute card and have both cartridges- yay! Joanne

  53. Hi Britten!

    Great job on the Halloween card! Love it!

  54. Sandy Christman says:

    Britten, You made that card look so easy to do. I think paperLayerz is great to use for cut out pictures.

  55. Charity Brown says:

    Enjoyed the card…very cute!

  56. Great card Britten. I enjoyed what you did.

  57. Loved the card!! I think I’ll make some from my grandchildren. Hope you don’t mind if I card-lift.

  58. Stephanie Justice says:

    Cute card. It does look SSppooookkyy. Love how you inked all the edges. Good job.

  59. Gets me in the spirit, kind of card! Thanks for the idea. And, you are so correct, the paper does make a difference with the intricate cuts—with no nubs left over to deal with.

  60. Love love the card and I also like that long lanyard on your stylus, I so need to do that with mine.Great Job Britten and Tfs 🙂

  61. Adorable card. Thanx for the video and the dimensions for the Gypsy! Love it!

  62. Thanks for sharing the Spooky Card Now I need to order some paper layerz so I can get started, I also have both the cartridges you used. It’s nice to see that you don’t have to own a Halloween cartridge to make a halloween card!

  63. LOVE LOVE LOVE the card. It looks a bit prim and oh so wonderful! I hope to make one tonight! Thanks for sharing!

  64. vERY COOL. i LOVE IT

  65. Britten – such a cute card. I’m interested in also seeing the witch card you made. Where do I find that?? Thanks so much!

  66. The witch is from the Wrap it Up cartridge. The whole card tutorial can be found on my blog http://twoatatimedesign.blogspot.com//2011/09/giveaway

  67. Excellent job Britten, loved your video on the Halloween Card.

  68. So cute! Very creative. I just bought a gypsy so I can’t wait to start using it.

  69. I absolutely love your card. I have got to try it. Also, the witch card was great too. Could you do a tutorial on it also.



  70. Very spooky card…love it!

  71. Hey Britten,

    Great video and very cute card you need to do more videos. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us.

  72. You make this look so easy. How Cuteeee!

  73. Love the card. What a great idea. Now we all know why Megan left you two in charge in her absence. LOL Great tutorial. TFS Angel

  74. Great card! I love the video.

  75. Awesome card and you make it look so easy….I’m a big fan of chalking as well!

  76. Marilyn Caro says:

    Great job!!! Love the card. Thanks for sharing

  77. Joan Peters says:

    Great tutorial today and a cute card.

  78. Love it!

  79. Great! Love that there’s no little layers, but still has dimension! Thanks for sharing!

  80. Fran Luscher says:

    What a cute and easy card….loved the paper. Can see that this card would be quick to reproduce for several Halloween cards at one time. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  81. Very nice card. Love that paper. Now, I would love to have a cricut too and play with it. Maybe one day. Thanks for sharing.

  82. Linda Peterson says:

    Loved the tutorial!! Now, I want to make Halloween cards!

  83. Betty Welton says:

    Love your cute simple card. You give me inspiration. Thanks Betty

  84. So cute

  85. Love love love the card and sooooo very simple!!! Will have to scraplift and put my own spin on it. Thanks for the idea. Nice job.

  86. Thanks for the cute card, Britten! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. It has sparked my creativity by stepping out of the boat with mixing cartridges and images. Have a Blessed Day!!

  87. I love this card! I’ll have to give it a try! I’m so glad you showed us how to get the most use out of our cartridges, Thanks!

  88. I absolutely LOVE how this came out!! So simple!! Thanks for sharing with us while Megan is away!!
    Happy Craftin 🙂
    Ildi-Getting Cricky DTM
    The Craftin Mama
    Please visit me too!

  89. Rosemary Armstead says:

    Love your card it’s realy cute i’m going to give it a try.

  90. I love your designs. They are beautiful and creative yet not complicated.

  91. Beautiful card! How did you hide the stars on the gypsy? I have always wondered if i had to cut everything out or if there was a way.

  92. Britten,
    Thank you so much for sharing such a simple yet darling Halloween card. Especially love the moon, tree, fence look with the “single layer” effect used. I’ve got paperlayerz, and have used it quite awhile now, and find that it truly works so well with my Cricut (or any die cutting machine). So keep up the good work.
    Love ya…

  93. I really like the card. Very simple and yet accomplishes what you want to say. You’re very good at explaining, also.

  94. Excellent Card love it!

  95. I’m loving that Paper Layerz! Thanks for the great idea! Just LoVed it!

  96. Great use of the two tone blue paper layerz as the background. Love it!

  97. It’s so nice to have you fill in for Megan! I love how you took the blue squares for the background and made one look like murky blue sky and dark blue ground. Very clever indeed! Thanks for the great ideas!

  98. Thanks for the card. I used the dimensions, but the moon at 5.94 can’t be right. That’s huge. Unfortunately, I have a baby Cricut so I had to measure and use several pieces of paper but it all worked out fine from this great instructional video. I turned the card into a Birthday card, using the external layout inside. The outside had the wording ‘Your birthday in one word…’ When the card is opened, it says ‘Spooky.’ The recipent has a 31st of October birth date.

  99. Awesome card You made it look so easy.

  100. Great card…I think I will make several of these! TFS

  101. Barbara – If you use the Gypsy to cut the moon, that is the actual dimensions (weird I know!) and I’m not sure why the software makes it seem much larger than it is. I didn’t try to cut it with just the cartridge and the Cricut, but I would guess that it would be more true to size – probably about 2 inches or so – without the Gypsy. I love that you made your version into a birthday card!!

  102. Sue Fulton says:

    Great video! You have got me using my Gypsy again! Thanks!

  103. Really cute card…..I’m going to use it for a bityhday card.

  104. Barbara (again) says:

    Thank you Britten for the response. I didn’t have any of the cartridges you used. That’s why the dimensions were so important. I used a clip art for the tree and traced it using SCAL, and for the moon, SCAL canned weather images. For the fence, I used the My World cartridge and wedged two images of their shorter length fence. This was such a great idea and easy even though I have to improvise.

  105. Annette Thomas says:

    I really liked the simplicity of your card. Yet it was so perfect. I can’t wait to try one.


  106. Victoria Ciolek says:

    what a neat a simple and cute card. i couldn’t get my brain to thinkin what I wanted for a Halloween card and now you have given me alot of ideas. Thank You

  107. Sandy Christman says:

    Britten, you did an awesome job with filming, be on the camera and teaching us how to make a great card. Thanks

  108. Teresa Luck says:

    Very cute card and Britten you are doing great covering for Magen :}

  109. Love the card! I’m not a big Halloween fan, but you made something cute — which is good for me!

  110. Donna Smith says:

    This card is awesome for Halloween! Looks easy to make. I’m going crafting now onto my card making. LOL. I keep watching these videos to come up with my own ideas. Thank-you for taking the time to make these videos for all of us. I always end up with a new idea. Thanks Donna

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