Fiskars Border and Corner Punches

This is totally awesome everyone!  I love Fiskars products, which is why I became a Fiskateer (#6441 as a matter of fact!) and you can learn more about becoming a Fiskateer over at But just a short while back I had went to Hershey with my BFF Becca and we got to play with a bunch of punches and other great fun stuff from Fiskars, which led me to have my first ever drawing.  To enter my drawing I {Read More}

Liquid Emboss

Liquid Emboss by Plaid totally ROCKS!  LOVE IT!!!!  Sepia and antique finish are really awesome.  I LOVE the clear glass finish too.  Talk about making amazing embellishments and handmade stickers!  SO awesome.  I had someone ask me if it was the same as using regular glue to get the same effect and I can tell you it is not.  BUT, once again, if you are on a budget and are looking for a similar effect.  School Glue that dries clear {Read More}

Home Made Flower Embellishments

Simple Card that I made my own flower embellishments for by taking apart a silk flower arrangement and re-piecing it with bronze colored brads.  Really easy to make and I hope you enjoy!  Just one more way you can save money while having a BLAST card making or scrapbooking.  Please comment or ask questions! Thanks so much!

Let’s Talk About It Card

Coffee and Cardstock, yes, that sounds pretty good about now, especially with my bestest girl, Becca! It’s been too long since our last scrap/craft session together that I just decided to give her this little note card today after she allowed me to use some of her Cricut goods. We are totally planning an all nighter this weekend to get “caught up”!  We’ll see if that happens, but it will be a GREAT time no matter what! (Hugs my friend!)

Where I Started

This video slide show is to “show off” where I started from as a crafter.  Everything was pretty much done before I started doing videos and so I wanted to just show some pics of the projects.  All of the scrapbooking pages shown are from before I even had a Cricut!  So it’s really neat to me to see where I started from with only some pictures, a paper stack, photo splits, scissors and some stickers here or there!   I {Read More}

Custom Picture Frame

Custom Frame

Here is a picture from I made for a friend as a birthday present. I bought a plain wooden picture from Michael’s and painted it with Brown acrylic paint.  I used Roly Poly setting with Platin School Book to write out Casper and I used Paper Pups for cutting out the Best Friends with the heart.  I used white vinyl for the lettering once the brown paint dryed I applied the vinyl to the frame and then used a water {Read More}

Sugar Cubes All Pretty

Rose Petal Sugar Cubes

I did this quick little cute video to show you something that has nothing to do with scrapbooking or card making or cricuting, but it’s so cute and fun I just had to post it on the blog! We are having another bridal shower for my sister tomorrow night and it’s going to have this cute little rose flower theme. It’s not going to be anything too fancy as far as food or other things, so we decided to go {Read More}

Favor Bags with the Cricut Machine

Glass Etched Flutes

Monogramed Champain Flutes

Just a quick pic of some glass etched Champain Flutes made for a happy couple to use on their wedding day! Here is a pic and for information on how to make them, check out my video on Glass Etched Votives.  Follow those steps and you can customize any glass surface!  We’ll be having some fun doing challeges and projects later with this, but for now.  Just another fun idea for a gift you can make for just about anyone!

How to Use Fabric with Your Cricut Machine

Today I used regular fabric and stiffined it to cut it in your Cricut Machine.  We used the Paper Dolls Dress Up Cricut cartridge and had a really cute effect.  I’m excited to show you more of how to use fabric in your scrapbook pages, home made cards and many other crafts. Hope you enjoyed the video!