Using Cards and Gifts in Scrapbook Layouts

Here is a Layout that I made from a card and outfits my Mother In Law bought my daughter.  This is a really cute layout using this adorable paper from Daisy D’s and K&Co along with my new Child’s Year Cartridge and Plantin Schoolbook Cricut Cartridge. So next time you are given a card or your kids are, consider scrapbooking it!  It’s a great way to keep them to title your pages, or add embellishments from! Thanks for watching hope {Read More}

Fiskars Border and Corner Punches

This is totally awesome everyone!  I love Fiskars products, which is why I became a Fiskateer (#6441 as a matter of fact!) and you can learn more about becoming a Fiskateer over at But just a short while back I had went to Hershey with my BFF Becca and we got to play with a bunch of punches and other great fun stuff from Fiskars, which led me to have my first ever drawing.  To enter my drawing I {Read More}

Awesome Plaid Products!

First off, we are BACK in HD!!!! YAY!!!!  So happy that we finally have things worked out. Let me know if ANYONE has any issues viewing the new HD or HQ videos. Second, I am really excited to share this box of goodies from the Plaid Company.  They really helped me out so I want to give a BIG thanks to Glenda and everyone over at Plaid for making such great products for us crafters! Let me know what you {Read More}

Thomas Page Layout Part 3 – Final Video

Here it is!  The finished project!  This isn’t anything too fancy, I always seem to get these big ideas of something really detailed and intricate that I am going to do, and then I almost always revert to liking it more simple.  I hope this gives you some inspiration and some good tips on getting started scrapbooking and how I have been doing things around here.  I can’t wait to share more with you soon.  Feel free to leave comments {Read More}

Thomas Part 2 – Finished Video

I apologize, for some reason I am having technical difficulties having my screen shot videos and HD videos put into one video.  This is the second half of the last Thomas The Train Layout video that blacked out on everyone!  Hope you enjoy!  Feel free to comment or ask questions!

Thomas Part 2 – Sure Cuts a Lot and Xyron

Hey Everyone!  Here is a little taste of how I use Sure Cuts a Lot for my Scrapbook Pages to make EXACTLY what I want instead of just what Cricut Cartridges say I can use!  This video also features my Xyron and it is pretty much step 2 in my Thomas the Tank page layouts.

Scrapbook Page Getting Started – Thomas Layout Part 1

A video of me chatting just a bit about how I get started when I layout a scrapbook page. Basically I doodle out my ideas and pull out things I want to use and go from there. This will be a several part video, so have fun, don’t get too bored! lol

Where I Started

This video slide show is to “show off” where I started from as a crafter.  Everything was pretty much done before I started doing videos and so I wanted to just show some pics of the projects.  All of the scrapbooking pages shown are from before I even had a Cricut!  So it’s really neat to me to see where I started from with only some pictures, a paper stack, photo splits, scissors and some stickers here or there!   I {Read More}

Some of my Previous Cricut Projects

Always Kiss Me Vinyl

Here is a bunch of photos from previous around my house Cricut Machine projects I have worked on.  Nothing too fancy and nothing completely unique to me, just fun things that I enjoy and put into my home.  I can share with you more on how I did each project at request, and more than likely will be doing some videos on them in the near future! We’ll start with these… This is one of my favorite Bible verses for {Read More}