Cricut Imagine Questions and Concerns

Hi Everyone! My Cricut Imagine is here and I look forward to making some videos with it here shortly, but while I was in Minnesota, hanging out with the wonderful Genevieve Migala, we were playing with her Cricut Imagine.  We had noticed from the message boards and other emails that there have been some concerns with the stickiness of the Cricut Imagine Mats.  So we have done a few tests and tried a few different things, and have found that {Read More}

Look Whats Here!

Look what was waiting for me when I got home!!!!! Guess what…lots of videos in works and even had fun filming two Cricut Imagine videos with Genna this weekend in Minnesota. They will be posted this week!!! Thanks for checking in! See you soon!!!

Cricut Imagine Launch Chatting Live with Jinger on HSN!

Ok, anyone who stayed up and watched, probably heard me calling into HSN and chatting with Jinger…. I had my video camera out because I was checking in to say hi to everyone here just like I’ve done in the past with the Gypsy and such… Well I did it again with the new Cricut Imagine launch on HSN…but this time…. well …. take a look! 🙂 I had a BLAST I’m SO excited – In a Cloud – Having {Read More}