Scrapbook Inspiration with MME Lost and Found3 Collection

Easy Scrapbook Idea Inspiration

Lost and Found from My Mind’s Eye has been a long time favorite line of mine!  I have done several videos using both the Ruby (the reds and pinks collection) and the Oliver (the blues and yellows collection) Lost and Found 3 collection. Today’s video is something simplistic and fun for scrapbooking.  Though I used a picture that reflected the colors of the collection of my baby Jena, you can really use this layout for Valentine’s day memories as well! {Read More}

Handmade Valentine’s Card Easy and Quick for Everyone

Easy  Simple HomeMade Valentines

I’m really into Valentine’s Card making this year and so here is another simple, easy and quick homemade Valentine’s card for anyoneto make.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner card maker or more advanced, this card really pops to look professional yet made with lots of love and heart!     Don’t forget about our Spread the LOVE Sale going on right now until Valentine’s Day at You’ll find the lowest prices on CutMates Premium Cardstock which {Read More}

Simple Valentine’s Day Card with a Reusable Gift

Home With You Free Printable

Today’s Tuesday Tutorial is still in that getting ready for Valentine’s day mode!!  This card is so cute because it is really an easy Valentine’s card to make no matter what level of crafter or card maker you are, and it has an extra hidden keepsake along with it which is so very cool! In this Video: Square1 Masterpiece Adhesive Fabric eBosser by Craftwell Simple Kraft and Navy Cardstock Megan Elizabeth Embellishment Combo Pack     Download the Art in {Read More}

Easy Valentine’s Gift Idea: Scrabble Tiles DIY

My schedule is all messed up and off this week! This was supposed to be Tuesday’s tutorial and CHA videos are still being posted, but such is life. Sometimes things just don’t go quite as planned, but it doesn’t stop us from still enjoying what is. I am so excited for valentines day projects and gifts this year and this is something I made for my sister and brother-in-law for Christmas.  It’s such a customized, personal gift that is just {Read More}

DIY Jewelry Week 2: Silver Trays Glass Tiles and Favorite Scrapbook Paper

This is week two of the very popular and trendy DIY Custom and Personal Jewelry.  Britten Linn and I are going to show you just how easy it is to create wearable art that means something to you. Maybe a scrabble tile with a name, a domino piece with beautiful art on it, or in this video Silver Trays and Glass Tiles. In this Video: 1″ square tile jewelry with your favorite scrapbook paper 1″ Glass tiles 1″ silver trays {Read More}

DIY Jewelry Week 1: Cabochon Resin Earrings and Rings

Happy Tuesday Tutorial Day and Welcome to our next Mini-Series! This is a 7 week Mini Series with Britten Linn and myself sharing with you all kinds of DIY Jewelry.  This is perfect timing for the holidays as DIY jewelry is great to make custom and personalized gifts for friends, family, teachers, and so much more. In this first Lesson we are going to share with you all the things you need for DIY Jewelry. We do have a limited {Read More}

Postponed Through Storm

Heylo my friends! Today was supposed to be the start of our Tuesday Tutorial Series on DY Jewelry with a getting started package that Britten Linn and I put together.  Because of Hurricane Sandy that is severely impacting the East Coast I decided I wanted to give East Coast folks a fair chance to get their hands on this package as well.  There are limited supplies so we are going to wait until Next Tuesday at 12:00am EST to release {Read More}

Custom Shadow Box: Good Times

Hello Everyone! I am so sad that this is one of the last videos I’ll ever be doing with the Megan Elizabeth kits! All kits are on final clearance at as well as many of the Megan Elizabeth branded products.  I am not discontinuing the entire Megan Elizabeth line, but many products will not be remanufactured and will be discontinued after the holidays! So, all that to say, don’t wait too long if you have favorites.  There is not a {Read More}

Could This Change Your World?

Hey Everyone Happy Tuesday Tutorial day!!!  I hope you all are fantastic and  enjoying life! Things have been crazy for me STILL with technology I can’t believe the amount of troubles I am having – It could be an entire fictional story because no one could believe it’s really what I’m going through. Serious Conspiracy Theory type stuff. Anyway!  I have a video about Square 1 for you all today!  This is still so exciting for me to get the {Read More}

DIY Subway Art with Cricut E2 and Gypsy with 12×12 Scrapbook Paper

Hey Everyone   Happy Tuesday!  I am so happy to share this video with you using the LAST Ever Megan Elizabeth  Kit, “The Man Kit” and the Gypsy with the Cricut Expression 2.  Subway Art is the HOT Thing right now and it really is so fun to play around with creating.  The Gypsy and other design programs make it easy to play around with until you get the words you want to “fit”.  Now I said in the video {Read More}