Scrapbook Layout using Cricut Expression 2 & Paper Layerz

Paper Layerz with the Cricut Expression 2: Scrapbook Layout with the Cricut Expression 2:  Here is a list of the clips for you to watch and enjoy online from the DVD: Introduction to Paper Layerz (Available to Watch) Why Paper Layerz (Available to Watch) Paper Layerz with the eCraft (Available to Watch) Paper Layerz with the Silhouette (Available to Watch) Paper Layerz with the Cricut Expression (Available to Watch) Paper Layerz with the Slice (Available to Watch) Paper Layerz with the Cricut Expression 2 (Available to Watch) {Read More}

How to use the Cricut Expression and Slice with Paper Layerz

Hi Everyone! Well it’s Wednesday and I have two more clips from the Paper Layerz DVD uploaded for you. I’m still just “getting into” the material on the dvd… in one of tomorrow’s clips, I will walk you through a full scrapbook layout using the Cricut Expression 2! Paper Layerz with the Cricut Expression: Paper Layerz with the Slice: Here is a list of the clips for you to watch and enjoy online from the DVD: Introduction to Paper Layerz (Available {Read More}

How to Use the eCraft and Silhouette SD with Paper Layerz

Hey Everyone, Today’s post is super exciting because its all about how to use the eCraft and the Silhouette with Paper Layerz!  I’m just so happy we were able to release this DVD to you all to give you just a little bit more of what all we’ve been up to!  In these segments I am going to show you how easy it is to use Paper Layerz with the Silhoutte SD and the AWESOME eCraft machine! Paper Layerz and {Read More}

Watch the Paper Layerz DVD Online – for Free!

Hey Everyone! I have some exciting news for you 🙂 You probably already know about the really cool and unique line of paper called Paper Layerz by Megan Elizabeth… but you may not have known Anyone who ordered “Bundle #1” got the Paper Layerz DVD included… I’ve had such a great response to Paper Layerz paper and the Paper Layerz DVD that I wanted to just upload and share the inspirational and projects clips from the DVD with all of {Read More}

Tuesday Tutorial with Britten: Halloween Card

Hey everyone!  It’s Britten here filling in for Megan today with a fun and simple Tuesday Tutorial. I put together an easy Halloween card using just one sheet of Paper Layerz by Megan Elizabeth. But this time, instead of cutting one image with multiple layers, I decided to use my sheet of Paper Layerz to cut several, one-layer images that all coordinate perfectly and make this card come together super quick.  Make sense?  Watch the video to see just what I {Read More}

Walk Through CHA Summer 2011

Heylo! I know you all are excited to see creation videos, and its been awhile – I’ve been SO SUPER busy creating for Club Ruby Designers, and traveling and other projects behind the scenes right now that I just haven’t been able to post the NORMAL project videos, BUT I’m excited to say, I have LOTS of videos from the CHA show and I also have a project using Paper Layerz that was JUST posted in the Magazine! They {Read More}

Paper Layerz CHA Sneak Peaks!

Alright,  Well the 6 Sheet Sample Packs are SOLD out at the AboveRubiesStudio store and there are only a FEW Paper Layerz/Cut Mates combo packs remaining! You guys are SO AWESOME and I’m so thankful for your support!  I really want to work hard at getting this paper into a Retail Store near you, for two reason, ONE – So you have it whenever you want to go get it and TWO – So you can save money on Shipping!  {Read More}

First Run of Paper Layerz is Available! (Limited Quantities)

Hoooorayyyyyyyy! I have a very limited supply of the “First Run” of Paper Layerz available for purchase if you’d like to try it out! So here are THREE WAYS to get what is what’s available at the moment… 1) You can get the special COMBO package that includes 6 Sheets of Paper Layerz (one sheet of each pattern) AND 25 Sheets of CutMates Solid cardstock in light and dark colors. 2) You can get just the 6 Sheet pack Paper {Read More}

Cupcake Holders Made with Paper Layerz and July Kit

Hi Everyone! I hope you enjoy this Tuesday Tutorial featuring Paper Layerz and the July Kit from Club Ruby! Cupcakes from Sublime Cupcakes in Wyomissing, PA – SOOOO YUMMY!

Website Working and More CutMates Paper Available!

Let’s try this again 🙂 If you were on the website yesterday, you were probably frustrated and at your wits end with the website not responding and giving you all kinds of crazy errors! I know that many of you have been waiting to order and some of you even took special time out of your day and I am really sorry that my website has decided not to cooperate! I feel absolutely TERRIBLE that this has caused some of {Read More}