Day 9 2013 12 Days Extravaganza! Meaningful Holiday Cards and Howto DVD only $2.12

Today’s Video: Christmas Stockings!!!  You know as cranky and “grinch-ish” as I get about certain things this time of year, there are still things that I love doing for my kids and still celebrate and have fun with certain traditions!  Holiday stockings are one of them and I like them because they can be very easy but fun and meaningful and they don’t have to be a huge messy hours long project.  While these three stockings are for a special {Read More}

Day 8 2013 Extravaganza! Howto Make Custom Gifts and Super Deal!

Todays Video is SO stinkin’ fun!  I love it because there are so many ways you can run with this!  I’m going to show you several ways of making total custom and personalized gift sets from coasters and wine glasses!  We are going to use Craft Attitude and coaster blanks to create something meaningful and special in moments!  You can print ANYTHING you can imagine on this thin film, all you have to do is remember to print it in “flip {Read More}

Day 5 2013 12 Day Extravaganza – Unique Uses for Chipboard Stickers

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 12 days Extravaganza! Tanner Bell here, I am so excited to sharing such a fun DIY using Megan Elizabeth Chipboard Stickers as a stencil. It is such a neat idea and you have a new use for these. I can’t wait to try this on a scrapbook page or card using sprays too! They have been real trendy this year. I hope you check out todays deal, it is for sure a steal! All you {Read More}

Day 4 2013 Extravaganza DIY Custom Jewelry Gifts and Amazing Giveaway

I love making jewelry and with Origami Owl, Custom Charms and some Vinyl you have some TRULY unique gifts to give! Today I’m going to make a “knock off” charm that is custom and my own but it won’t have the amazing living lockets in it that Origami Owl does – however this is a GREAT gift to give to female co-workers, girlfriends, Bible Study ladies and so much more!  These types of personalized necklaces and charms sell for $25-$45 {Read More}

Day 3 2013 Extravaganza! DIY 3D Ornaments! Metal Dies and Free Goodies!

Day 3 and I am going to share some fun ideas for making Ornaments this season – I’m even going to include a link to last years Ornament video because they are so popular and you can use the SAME vinyl techniques I showed you yesterday on ornaments as well! The 3D Ornament I am going to create uses the Megan Elizabeth PINK Nesting Dies and it just so happens to be todays featured Deal for only $16.12 (that is {Read More}

Day 2 2013 12 Days Extravaganza – DIY Shadow Box Gifts and Holiday Decor

Day 2 and we are rolling it out!  Shadow Boxes are a huge hot trend in crafting right now and what most people don’t realize is just how easy it is make!  They make incredible gifts, you can personalize and customize shadow boxes anyway that you please and I’m going to show you the easiest, fastest way to create these as gifts this holiday or to sell to others! Not to mention make amazing DIY Holiday Decor for your home! {Read More}

Day 1 2013 12 Days Extravaganza – Easy Inked Christmas Cards

Woohoo and WELCOME to DAY 1!  This is my FAVORITE time of year!  Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday and I LOVE Black Friday shopping SOOOO very much!  I am so excited about the next 12 days with you – you’re in for a GREAT time!  Lots of Tutorial Videos, Amazing Deals Each Day, Awesome Giveaways, Bonus Giveaways and Home Based Mom’s in Business’s to share! I can’t wait!!!! Lets’ kick off the video!  Now I KNOW my intro is a {Read More}

Crafting on a plane! Pack and plan for crafting on the go

Hi all! At the airport heading to HSN for an awesome time crafting October 23! Britten is with me this trip and she made something absolutely AWESOME!!! If you watch at 6:00am or 2:00pm eastern time and tell me what Britten made I will enter you in a fabulous drawing for some awesome goodies!!! Before I left I quickly filmed this video showing you what goes in my carry-on to scrapbook, card make, craft on a plane! This also works {Read More}

Security Fix Means Extended Giveaway Period!

I was going to be ending our Back to School Back to Crafting sale today as well as the giveaway – however – there were a few cache issues with the shopping cart making it appear as though our website was not “secure” or safe to check out on. I can assure everyone that it was still safe and everything is fine – but we updated the systems to be sure and all is working in perfect order now – {Read More}

Back To School Back to Crafting SALE & HUGE GIVEAWAY!

Hey Everyone! It’s back to school time and now that routines seem to be settling in and us mom’s have a little more umm… “Free time” it’s time to get ourselves back in the craft rooms and create some awesome things!  Now that I’m in my new house I’m SO excited about creating I’ve been making a few videos a DAY (can you believe it?!) I have some fun things and great news for you all today that I know {Read More}