RTM: An Easy Way to Say Hello Quick To Make Card

Remember These Moments

Before I dive into today RTM posts: I had a COUPLE of things I wanted to mention and invite you along to! 1) Tonight is a VERY special night!!! I’m excited to share and wanted to open it up to ANYONE here to join us and celebrate with us.  Donna Cobb-Fox, a wonderful Facebook friend, and member of ByMeganElizabeth started a Virtual Baby Shower group on Facebook a few months ago and TONIGHT is the LIVE USTREAM Event!  I didn’t {Read More}

Saturday 7: Easy to Make Kids Valentines Cards

Easy To Make Kids Valentines Cards

This Saturday 7 is all about the Kids Valentines!  Easy things that kids can make to give to classmates, teachers, siblings, grandparents, parents, you name it! 1.  Great School Valentine (and it uses my favorite candy!) There are actually 9 other GREAT Valentine’s in this post too!               2. You Color My Heart – I completely ADORE this idea – having kids draw one color in heart, copy, paste and attach a crayon! GENIUS! {Read More}

RTM: 5 Things To Do While It’s Snowing! (Or just plain FREEZING!)

snow quote picture

RTM is a new thing I’m kinda starting here at AboveRubiesStudio – it stands for Remember These Moments?! I’m going to have a weekly post that is going to be sort of a “flash back” so to say of popular and fun posts and videos I had done years/months ago!  We have grown so much since some of these posts originally went up, that I just had to reshare them and remind us all of some fun and where we’ve {Read More}

RTM: Ribbon Roses on A Child’s Year Cricut Card Function

Remember These Moments

RTM (Remember These Moments!) New weekly posts I decided to start at AboveRubiesStudio.com for the entire year (probably going to have posts up every Friday for these)!  These are going to be sort of a “flash back” so to say of popular, fun posts and videos I had done years ago! We have grown together so much since some of these posts originally went up! More than 60,000+ following friends later, I just had to reshare them for those who never {Read More}

Saturday 7: One Little Word Reminder Display Ideas

One Little Word Display Collage

Saturday 7: Sharing Ideas and Instructions from AboveRubiesStudio and many others to create fantastic projects! Today’s Saturday 7 is all about that ONE LITTLE WORD for your year!  My word for 2014 is Balance! It’s all about the new baby, my two other kids, work, fun and personal growth for me – and focusing on that perfect BALANCE is my thought! There are many ideas and ways to wear, share and display YOUR word for the year to keep you {Read More}

Baby Update and Brand New Close to My Heart 2014

CTMH January 2014

Weekend is coming and lots and lots of awesome stuff happening, even though I’m technically on moderate bed rest this weekend….Here is a baby update! Thursday landed me in the hospital on monitors all day with contractions every 7 minutes, my blood pressure has been high and my iron is low.  So, contractions have finally stopped after some meds at the hospital, I’m on all kinds of home medications for the BP, Iron and Contractions….Lots of water and laptop at {Read More}

It Is Time To Change Your Life! JOIN ME!

 *EDITED POST* – EVENT OCCURRED LAST NIGHT RECORDED VERSION EMBEDDED BELOW! I am so excited about tonight and lots of things I have to share with your on my NEW Website and all new channel that is motivational, inspirational and a ton of fun! One of the number one questions I get asked is how did AboveRubiesStudio.com get started and how can I start earning money crafting and having a business that fits me and not be a slave to? Well, {Read More}

Bonus Random Post – Unconditionally Lyrics in Print or SVG Form

Katy Perry Unconditionally Lyrical Art BW

I was working on this tonight for a gift and I really thought that many of you might enjoy using this too!  You can use the file with your Silhouette Studio or just print it out – whichever works for you!  It’s a reminder that no matter WHAT UNCONDITIONALLY you are loved!  I adore Katy Perry in many ways I must say and just felt like sharing this with you all tonight!  Making Lyrical “Subway Art” like this completely on {Read More}

What Will It BEE???? Find out LIVE Tonight!

What Will It BEE

9:30pm Eastern Time at Ustream.tv/channel/aboverubies   Find out what it will BEE!!!

EXCITING NEWS! I Need You Though!!!

On the Rise Go VOTE!

WOW! What an amazing awesome honor to be selected as one of the 4 nominees for this Months’ Youtube On The Rise competition!  This is such an honor and a big deal that I take very seriously, but I need the help and loyalty of my friends and family of AboveRubiesStudio to actually WIN for the month of November! It’s really easy!  All you need to do is visit THIS LINK and VOTE!  Of course I would ask you click {Read More}