Baby Update and Brand New Close to My Heart 2014

CTMH January 2014

Weekend is coming and lots and lots of awesome stuff happening, even though I’m technically on moderate bed rest this weekend….Here is a baby update! Thursday landed me in the hospital on monitors all day with contractions every 7 minutes, my blood pressure has been high and my iron is low.  So, contractions have finally stopped after some meds at the hospital, I’m on all kinds of home medications for the BP, Iron and Contractions….Lots of water and laptop at {Read More}

It Is Time To Change Your Life! JOIN ME!

 *EDITED POST* – EVENT OCCURRED LAST NIGHT RECORDED VERSION EMBEDDED BELOW! I am so excited about tonight and lots of things I have to share with your on my NEW Website and all new channel that is motivational, inspirational and a ton of fun! One of the number one questions I get asked is how did get started and how can I start earning money crafting and having a business that fits me and not be a slave to? Well, {Read More}

Bonus Random Post – Unconditionally Lyrics in Print or SVG Form

Katy Perry Unconditionally Lyrical Art BW

I was working on this tonight for a gift and I really thought that many of you might enjoy using this too!  You can use the file with your Silhouette Studio or just print it out – whichever works for you!  It’s a reminder that no matter WHAT UNCONDITIONALLY you are loved!  I adore Katy Perry in many ways I must say and just felt like sharing this with you all tonight!  Making Lyrical “Subway Art” like this completely on {Read More}

What Will It BEE???? Find out LIVE Tonight!

What Will It BEE

9:30pm Eastern Time at   Find out what it will BEE!!!

EXCITING NEWS! I Need You Though!!!

On the Rise Go VOTE!

WOW! What an amazing awesome honor to be selected as one of the 4 nominees for this Months’ Youtube On The Rise competition!  This is such an honor and a big deal that I take very seriously, but I need the help and loyalty of my friends and family of AboveRubiesStudio to actually WIN for the month of November! It’s really easy!  All you need to do is visit THIS LINK and VOTE!  Of course I would ask you click {Read More}

Security Fix Means Extended Giveaway Period!

I was going to be ending our Back to School Back to Crafting sale today as well as the giveaway – however – there were a few cache issues with the shopping cart making it appear as though our website was not “secure” or safe to check out on. I can assure everyone that it was still safe and everything is fine – but we updated the systems to be sure and all is working in perfect order now – {Read More}

I Could Use Your Help!

Two things actually I could use the help of all my favorite friends here for!  Who’s ready, able and willing to help?   1) Would you all go over to Craft-Attitude and VOTE for the project you like?  I would LOVE if you vote to Me, but feel free to vote away either way you choose!!! Hurry you don’t have long!   2)  I am looking for 5 of my friends to feature in upcoming posts on – {Read More}

My Most Personal Post Ever! New Craft Room Tour Too!

Biggest Secret Shhhh

Hey Everyone!   Here is by far the most personal update I have ever given – it’s from my heart and it’s not meant to upset or offend anyone!  Just know I love and appreciate each one of you!  It’s been a crazy year and I’m just beyond blessed and thankful and can’t wait to see what happens next!!   I swear this song was written for me or about me!  This Tenth Avenue North song I started bringing up {Read More}

August 2013 Updates and Winner!

Mystery Prize Winner

Hey All! Lots and lots happening around here- thought I would check in – one I forgot to post the winner to the Mystery Prize Giveaway from earlier this week! I also have a few update photos!   Congratulations Benita!  An email has been sent to ya so go ahead and reply with your mailing address   Kids had their very first day of school this week!  I can’t believe it!  I so planned on continuing to be a homeschooling {Read More}

Earn Money Crafting Info Sunday Night and Some Fun Videos!


Hey Everyone! I know there have not been tutorials lately and I have a BUNCH recorded, but I am so busy working on something HUGE with Square1Masterpiece PLUS working with Ambient Light TV and Brooklyn Bridge Films, that I have not had a chance to edit them and post them (because it takes lots of time!) (More on what’s happening in video and info below) Before I dive into those details – I STILL have the sale running at {Read More}