What CTMH Stamp Sets Coordinate with What Cricut Cartridges?

Lyn K. asked me an important question today – one I didn’t have a straight forward answer to other than, go to this link and it shows ALL the stamps sets that go with ALL the Exclusive Close to My Heart Cricut Cartridges – Kinda ok information – but kinda frustrating to still go through descriptions and such – soooo Gradyn’s Dad actually took it upon himself to help me today since he knows I am so busy with 12 {Read More}

Cricut Expression 2 – Can it Weld?

“Hi Megan…I have a question. I just got the Cricut Expression 2 and am wondering if I should get a Gypsy as well. I am interested in the “welding” feature. Does the CE 2 do that? What are the advantages of also having a Gypsy? Also, I know that the Cricut Craft room will do alot of what the Gypsy does as well, correct? Thank you for your help! Lisa” Hi Lisa,   Actually the answer to the Cricut Expression {Read More}

HELP! Inspiration Block! Give Me a New Challenge!

Read this portion of an Email from this Sweet Follower Jackie, she says: ……“Here is my dilemma…personally I am in a rut..a serious non imaginative rut I cannot seem to shake. I have the supplies, knowledge etc…but lately I just sit and stare aimlessly.  The groups that I teach are all the very basics so it’s not like I am really being challenged to excel. Things were going along great, and actually was really active in some groups and even {Read More}

Cricut Craft Room Confusing You?

[starthumbsblock tpl=42 id=9999]   [starthumbsblock tpl=42 id=5138]   Kelly D has written in: Hi Megan, I recieved my cricut imagine dvd a-z, lots of great info and tips, but the problems I am having are in the craft room, I want to design colored layers that cut only in one peice. I am assuming I use it like the gypsy, which i am ordering that dvd from you all. But I have welded and grouped all images to one, but {Read More}

What Cartridge Has…..???

Hey All – I know many of you have asked the VERY Same Questions that Mary N.  has asked Right here:   Hi Megan, Just wondering if you know which of the cricut cartridges have the words WELCOME on it? I have 16 cartridges and haven’t found any with the word Welcome on it. Also, Do you know how to clean your cricut machine? Maybe we don’t have to clean it. How about using computer spray to clean out all {Read More}

Cricut Expression Version 1 or Cricut Expression E2?

Question on Cricut Machine LadyAnglersGlamStyle Asked: Hi Megan, happy holidays. I have the Cricut Imagine but will soon be buying the Expression. My question is I’m not sure if I want the original Expression or the E2? What is your opinion on both the machines? Any adivse is greatly appreciated. You and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Sherry Hi Sherry! Thanks for taking time to write and ask! I LOVE the Imagine and my first question to you is, {Read More}

I’m thinking of purchasing an e-craft machine….HELP!

HELLO MEGAN, SEAN & all the WONDERFUL staff Megan, this is really a personal question…well kind of. I’m thinking of purchasing an e-craft machine….HELP…Can you tell me what you truly think about it…do you use it a lot, or perhaps just for fonts from the computer? I must admit I don’t know much about it, but it comes in PINK…what can I say…lol, no seriously, I’d like to know more about this machine and all that it does and how {Read More}