WELCOME to The NEW Above Rubies Studio GRAND Prize DAY!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome!Β  I am SO GLAD you are here for the reveal of the ALL New Above Rubies Studio!!!! πŸ™‚ We are still working on some areas and making even more improvements, so bare with me as I tie up some of the loose ends.

DO NOT forget about our LIVE Show tonight at 9:30pm ESTΒ – To join the Chat GO HERE at 9:30pm and Sign in. Β To Join in, check back here on the Above Rubies Studio website when the time starts getting close and I will post a link to the webstream. If you’re aΒ backstage subscriber, I’ll also send you a quick email reminder about an hour before it starts.

There is much to look around and see with new changes and other great things happening!

You will not want to miss tonight’s live webstream for some very BIG reasons!

  1. I will be announcing ALL of the winners from the past 21 days of giveaways!
  2. We will be talking about the new Website and all the new products
  3. We will talk about my upcoming travel plans, upcoming news and answering questions
  4. I’ll also cover some other changes happening!
  5. and of course, I’ll be giving away MORE prizes!
There is so much to talk about and share!

Today I have a GRAND PRIZE that you can enter to win too!Β  It includes:

  • The New Cricut A to Z Second Edition
  • Cricut Cards for Every Occasion DVD
  • Paper Layerz by Megan Elizabeth Pack of Paper
  • Paper Layerz DVD by Megan Elizabeth
  • Candi by Craftworks
  • Cricut Magazine
  • and a few other SURPRISE goodies!

To win today’s GRAND PRIZE – Please Leave a comment in today’s Post!Β  Make sure you tell your friends to join us at the LIVE Show tonight right here and have a GREAT day!

Here are a few links to get you started…

If you would like to look at some deals in the Above Rubies Online Store, here are some links for you:

Bundle #1

Bundle #2

p.s. I have quite a few other really awesome things still up my sleeves, so keep checking back!


  1. Do I really have time this morning to check in? YES for exciting things to come yet today. I pray that today goes smoothly as you prepare for tons of fun tonight.

  2. Donna Dial says:

    Yeah today is the BIG day, I am sooo excited. Your new website looks really nice, enjoyed checking it out this am. See you tonite!

  3. like the new look – can’t wait till tonight!!! have a great day!

  4. Wow! Today’s the big day and we all can hardly wait. I am a nurse who works three to four 12 hour shifts per week and when I am not working, I am checking out Megan’s site. Love your new website and anxiously waiting to see you on live streaming tonight at 9:30. I am like a sponge trying to absorb it all being that I am new to cricut and scrapbooking. Thank you!

  5. OMG!!! OMG!!! What a Great way to end this 21 day of giveaways!!! This has been so much fun! I love your paper and DVD’s. Keep my fingers crosses!!!! TFS!!!

  6. Can’t wait until tonight! You have a great new look.

  7. You are such an inspiration and encouragement. Thanks for all the fun you add to my crafting.

  8. The day is here. I can’t wait. Putting notes on computer so I wont forget. Even if I don’t win it’s always fun
    to be live with you Megan. See you in about 14 hrs.

  9. Didn’t think today would get here soon enough. Good luck to everyone. Really like t he look so far.

  10. Kristan(Crazy4Christ) says:

    what a great way to end things off!! Can’t wait for the live stream!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  11. Donna Weld says:

    The website looks GREAT! Hope I get home from work tonight to join in all the fun.

    Much luck with all the announcements.

  12. I love the new look….It looks so much brighter, and user friendly…

  13. rennie breznik says:

    Can’t wait to see how everything turns out!!! keep up the fabulous work!!!

  14. What a great day for a party! I can’t wait to join you all tonight. I am fairly new to Cricut so this prize would be great for someone like me.


  15. Chris Resch says:

    So much fun! I appreciate your enthusiasm!

  16. Going to have some fun clicking and reading!!

  17. Can’t wait until this evening. Going to be a blast!

  18. Good Luck everyone! I hope I’ll be able to join in on all the fun. Love the new look!

  19. Linda Weiss says:

    Love the website. Can’t wait for tonight

  20. Love the new site….have a wonderful, wonderful day!

  21. Congratulations, your new site is looking great. I had a bit of a problem trying to figure out how to leave a reply since that has changed, but I made it! I have been a follower of your videos for a long time, you have come a long way! Good luck on your continued success!

  22. Like the new look. Looking forward to tonight.

  23. Phyllis Antosz says:

    Yea! Can’t wait for tonight. Your joy is so catching. Thanks for everything. Phyllis

  24. I hope I can get to the site tonight. I have to pick up my daughter at 9:30 I will be rushing back to try and get there. The new site looks great!

  25. This looks fantastic! Love the new layout of thepage! Looking forward to tonight! Congrats Egan!

  26. Mary Novotny says:

    Love the web site. Also, love the chance to win one of these prizes. Can’t wait for tonite to come. Thanks for all you do, Megan…

  27. Sandra Delong says:

    Can’t wait for tonight, love the new website!!

  28. I am so excited just like the others. I decided to get up and check the site this morning my husband thought I was nuts. Last night I was trying to figure out how I was going to watch the live video stream because I have to work. I have figured out away around that, there is nothing going to make me miss this. I feel like a kid in a candy store for the first time.

  29. Megan, I love the new layout of Above Rubies Studio! I want to congratulate you on a fantastic job! Can’t wait for tonight!

  30. Amelia Andrade says:

    Sooo excited about the webstream tonight! Good Luck and smooth sailing!

  31. Ranita Standridge says:

    Prayers being sent your way today for a very delightful day, stressfree (or as close as possible) without anything to go wrong or not as planned. We appreciate you SSsssooooooooooo much!

  32. I am so excited can’t wait for tonite. I would love to win a prize.

  33. kim mcnaughton says:

    I love what I see so far! Very excited for tonight!

  34. Lauriejane says:

    Wow I can,t believe how fast the 21 days went! Time flies when you are havinf fun!! Thank you for all ofnthe fun and love the new site! Can’t wait for tonight!

  35. Sarah Godfrey says:

    Looking ofward to tonight πŸ™‚ How exciting!!


  36. Priscilla Leddy says:

    The website looks great. Tonight will be lots of fun.

  37. Like the new look. Excited for tonight can’t wait.

  38. I really like the new look of the website. Very user friendly. Way to go. Thank you for the excitement during the last 21 days.

  39. I have my alarm on my phone to remind me of tonight live webstream. I don’t want to miss that. I have my fingers crossed.

  40. Yay, so looking forward to the ustream tonight. I would so love to win this Prize pack…pick me…lol.

  41. I loved the old site and love the new one even more!!

  42. Wow, was so excited to see the new look and the special bundles available!!! Can’t wait for tonight.

  43. Terresa Wood says:

    Wow, I love what I see! Can’t wait until tonight to hear more about the new and improved site. See you then.

  44. Jessie Conger says:

    Good Luck Megan!! Your new website is awesome, I love the new look!
    I am so excited about tonight, thanks again for everything you do and teach. Your website will definitely be a website to visit frequently for years.
    Take care and God Bless!

  45. janine lawrence says:

    Love everything you create you are an inspiration to me .Am very excited about the new website.thankyou

  46. Can’t wait to watch the live show tonight! What an exciting day! Blessings on all of your efforts.

  47. Megan, I really like the new design of your website and the special bundles you are offering. Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for. It has been a fun 21 days of anticipation. Thanks Megan for all the giveaways, and good luck to all.

  48. Christeen Baker says:

    Yay glad I decided to snooze on the lounge for awhile and check back before I go to bed and rejoin you in the morning for all the fun. Have a great day and I hope all goes smoothly. I’m off to bed to dream of the prize I might win tomorrow (Sydney Australia time) with my fingers crossed.

  49. Evelyn H in NYC says:

    You must be sooo excited! Can’t wait for tonight! Wishing you the best.

  50. Wow, how exciting – the big day! Everything looks fabulous, and I can’t wait for this evening’s event!!

  51. WOW…tonights the night!! I am gonna post it on my blog and FB for you!! See you later mama and congrats on the new blog design!!

    P.S. I love the scroll to top button!!

  52. I’m so excited… can’t wait!!

  53. Elizabeth Struck says:

    Wow all of these prizes sound great! You are a very busy lady today! πŸ˜€

  54. Ginger Simons says:

    Can’t wait to watch tonight. The site looks great!

  55. So excited for tonight! And I can’t wait to checkout the new &improved site!

  56. Looking forwad to the webcast tonight. I should be doing housework, but just can’t stay away from scrapbooking.

  57. Vicki Wayne says:

    Love your new site! Congratulations!!

  58. The website looks just awesome!!!. Hope to see you tonight.

  59. Wow!!! Tonights the night. Can hardly wait. Hope I am one of the lucky ones as my winning things are far and few between. You are just awesome Megan. You come up with so many unique and fun things. I am always anxious to see what’s next.

  60. Johanne L. says:

    Love your new site. I wish you the best. Thanks for the chance

  61. Malinda B. says:

    I have only been a member of your blog for almost a week. You so inspire me and I am so loving it. Thank you for sharing all the new products and ideas with us. Its is awesome so please keep up the good work. Also looking forward to the webcast tonight as well! Have a wonderful and very Blessed Day!

    • I’m sooo excited this has been fun… there are so many great gifts. you do an awesome job and I am hosting my first cricut class in my hometown this Sat.. super excited!!!! have a wonderful day

  62. Your new web site is awesome. Congrats on the new look. I am really looking forward to the webcast tonight and hope everything goes just how you want it. Have a Great Day.

  63. Looking forward to the live web stream tonight! Thanks for all you do!

  64. Sheri Riemenschneider says:

    Congratulations on the new website, it looks just lovely! I’m with all the others who are excited for the webcast tonight. Thanks for all your hard work in keeping us informed about the latest and greatest in products. Catch you tonight!

  65. Like the new look. Can’t wait to see you tonight.

  66. Looking forward to see you tonight! Love the new make over of your blog. Congratulations on all your efforts for teaching us so many things of the scrapbook world. May the Lord always give you health and wisdom to continue helping and teaching others.

  67. I have a calendar reminder set so I don’t forget the LIVE show tonight. So excited! I just received my first pkg of Paper Layerz and can’t wait to try!

  68. You have been a blessing and inspiration to me and I’m sure many others who follow you. I’m very happy to see you growing successfully and still sharing your talents with others. I admire your gusto and energy! If you ever have any doubt how many lives your influencing postively then know for sure you do make a difference in many lives your touching through this wonderful journey your on! God Bless!

  69. Jennifer H says:

    Love the new look! Can’t wait for tonight!!

  70. Love the new look! I’m so excited to join you for my very first live webcast – what better way to join a webcast than with Above Rubies?

  71. Can’t wait for tonight – I hope I can win a prize! Good Luck tonight!

  72. I love the new site!!! Very excited to see the winners tonight πŸ™‚

  73. Jennifer Osburn says:

    I am really excited about the new CD’s.

  74. Rebecca Hinshaw says:

    The new look is great. So Excited about tonight.

  75. Looking forward to the webcast. I like your new look.

  76. I love the new look!

  77. Nichelle A. says:

    The new site looks great! I can tell that a lot of thought and effort went into it. Good luck tonight, it sounds like it is going to be a blast.

  78. Cathie Forman says:

    I love the new look of your site. What a great grand prize. This has been a fun and exciting 21 days. Looking forwad to the live event tonight.

  79. I hope I can figure out how to get online to view the big event tonight. Thanks for a fun 21 days. I can’t wait to see if I might be a winner.

  80. Yay the day is finally here!

  81. Awesome new look and feel for the site! Exciting grand prize for today! I hope to be there tonight… my loss if I can’t make it, eh? πŸ™‚

  82. I am soooo glad my DH is working tonight and my DD will be in bed. That means I can come to the webcast! It’ll be fun to watch the online reactions of the winners.

  83. Carolyn Hartle says:

    I am so looking forward for tonight. Like the new look you gave to your site. I hope I can get on webstream. I got on last time but could nit answer any of the question you asked last time. But enjoyed it anyhow. Hope I can partisapate this time.. See you later.

  84. What fun! A grand prize plus all the others and more to come tonight. Looking forward to it! : )

  85. This is exciting!!!! Thank you for all that you do and give:) Your time will be blessed beyond measure today:)

  86. Katherine A says:

    Love the new look! Hope I can stay awake tonight for the broadcast. You’re starting at my bedtime :o. Maybe they won’t require too much from me at work on Friday.

  87. I will try and join the show tonight. The new site looks great.

  88. janmckenzie says:

    Love the look of the new DVDs and would love to win today!!! Cant wait till tonite…Good Luck in all you do!!!

  89. WOW! What a great Grand Prize! The new updated site looks great! And can’t wait for the call tonight!

  90. Wow, I am loving the mobile capabilities!! Makes my browsing here on my phone so much easier. Thanks a ton for all this! Can’t wait for tonight!

  91. YEAH!!! I will be there or I will be square. I can’t wait until tonight. Thanks for the chance to WIN!! WIN!! WIN!!

  92. What a great day today is. We will get to know all the winners of the 21 day give-away. Can’t wait for your program tonight and, the announcement of the winners. Also, like the new appearance of the blog. Very professional. Good luck tonight with your program. It will be a wonderful show.

  93. Thanks for 21 days of fun!! I am so looking forward to tonight!! See you then!

  94. Awesome new look. Good luck Megan, excited for you.

  95. Linda Marino says:

    WoooHoooo! I got a feeling you are right, that tonight’s gonna be a good night! Off to remind my friends!

  96. This is my second try at entering a comment. Don’t know why it did not go through. Anyway, cannot wait for the show tonight. Very anxious to find out the winners. I like the new blog. It is very professional and pleasing to the eye.

  97. Marie Collins says:

    I am so looking forward to tonight’s “party”! I have notes posted about the time…so easy to get busy in the evenings

  98. Just Julie says:

    Hi Megan — Hopefully you’re not getting deluged with rain like we are here in Central PA. Only bright side to this wet day is I get to stay home and catch up on some of my favorite crafting blogs! Congrats on the new look…looking forward to tonight, too.

  99. I love your new blog look! I’m looking forward to tonight! Thank you for chance to win all those wonderful prizes.

  100. Cathy Dower says:

    The site is awesome….will be on line tonight.

  101. SOOOO excited!!! Thanks for everything and all of your awesome inspiration! You truely have inspired me, week after week! Thanks for the chance to win all of the fun stuff…..by the way, love the new look!!

  102. Can’t wait for tonight. See you there

  103. Julia Cheang says:

    Your new website looks great! Thanks for sharing so many goodies during 21 days of fun. I’ll try to join your exciting show if I can figure out how to do that. πŸ™‚

  104. I love the new look! Thanks for doing these giveaways!!! SO awesome~

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  106. What a great new website! You are so wonderful for sharing so much with us. What a wonderful way to end this fantastic give-away!

  107. This is amazing. Can’t wait for tonight!

  108. Ooooo, I would so love to win the grand prize. I could really use all of the wonderful DVD’s. Thanks for being so generous with all of us. Good luck to everyone!!!

  109. Milly Da Silva says:

    The new site looks awesome ! Looking forward to tonight, and all the great news you are going to anounce.What an amazing prize, good luck everyone.
    Going back to explore the site now.

  110. Can’t wait! Got those “tingly” pins & needles just waiting for what’s yet to come :o)

  111. Can’t wait for tonight. This is quite exciting!

  112. I can’t wait for tonight. You are great. Good luck even though you will not need it because everything will run smoothly.

  113. Have a great day while working out last minute details before your live show.

  114. I think the last 21 days have been great. You are full of surprises and I love your website.

  115. Tanya Thompson says:

    These past couple of weeks have been so great…full of great inspiration. I love the new look for your blog! Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch tonight’s ustream…Thanks for all the fun!

  116. Woo Hoo! The big day is finally here! You must feel like it’s Christmas at your place! It sure is exciting for your viewers in Blog Land! Thanks so much for all you do for us!!

  117. Debra Peloso says:

    The site is great and what a fantastic prize giveaway. Can’t wait for tonight. See you then

  118. Great job on the website! I love that you kept some of the basic “old” elements and improved on them! I am so excited for tonight!

  119. Valarie Grogan says:

    This is so fresh looking . I love it. Can’t wait until tonight to hear what else is new .

  120. Jane L chadwick says:

    How exciting, Can’t wait. The web site looks fab. Easy to navigate too.

  121. Rosemary Armstead says:

    I will be watching. your new website is realy nice.

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  123. Wow, today is here. πŸ™‚ Have fun tonight. I hope I can make it. 21 days leading up to it have been fun.

  124. How awesome! This is so exciting! I have never participated in a Live Stream that I know of so I’m also excited to see how this works! The new sight looks FAB! I have your Blinky on my blog proudly! So excited to see all the winners. It’s sounds like it’s going to be a great time! My plans are to be here and witness it all! LOL Have fun tonight…..

  125. Brenda Mudd says:

    Can’t wait to get all the new updates on what’s going on. Love the new & improved website!!!

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    Can’t wait for tonight. I have friends asking me what time it starts since they know I’ve followed you since the early days of Above Rubies.

  131. Wahoo soooooo excited about everything!

    • It’s an exciting day today and we are so fortunate to share it with you. All the best to you and the new Above Rubies Studio. Excited to see all the new and wonderful things you have planned tonight for the reveal and to find out about your upcoming plans. Can’t wait…..

  132. I had to check your latest post and see what you have for us today besides the reveal tonight. Wow, another giveaway! I am getting ready to crop for the weekend at a local hotel, I will try to watch tonight as I finish getting things together.

  133. Lydia Schlundt says:

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    Website is looking very good! I have a sticky note on my monitor with a big 9:30! See you tonight!

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    Can’t wait to join in tonights chat.

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  154. Virginia Schuyler Waddy says:

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    Peggy in Portland

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  158. SARAH WILLIAMS says:

    Hello!!!Wooo-hooooo i got a feeling!!tonight will be a good good night…lol….love the new changes to your blog/website!!!i am soo excited and i can not wait until tonight to join you.I hope your day goes smoothly and fun.See ya tonight.sarah

  159. Nice new look great job. I will join in after Girl Scouts tonight. I hope I do not miss too much. Gald to hear that I can watch it after it is all over. Thank’s for all your hard work & give aways. Have F.U.N.

  160. I can’t wait for tonight I can’t wait to hear all the great news and see who wins all the great products

  161. melanie kuzik says:

    Thanks for 21 days of awesome times
    Hope to see u tonight on U stream

  162. Barbara (Another one!) says:

    Great looking website, and it is easier to maneuver. Best of luck to you on your live cast. I hope I am back to see it.

  163. Hope I win!

  164. Judi Farrell says:

    I am SOOOO excited for you and for tonight! It is going to be a blast!!! I have NEVER done anything like this before—I am tech. challenged—so I hope I do it all right. It has been a true blessing to find this site and I enjoy all you do SO much! You truly are an inspriration in so many ways! A good example of a Proverbs 31 woman. (I had that scripture read at my wedding many years ago!) Thanks! πŸ˜€

  165. Florence Oberkramer says:

    Love the new look and am excited for you. Pray that all goes well today and tonight. Hoping to get signed on tonight to watch all the action.

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  173. Irene Kallis says:

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  174. lisa argyle says:

    Maybe I am greedy, but I wanna win a prize!! thanks Megan!

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    I’ll take off some time from studying, but it’s well worth it ;p
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  195. Daviet KNox says:

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  396. above rubies studio says:

    Comments after this post will not be considered for the giveaway.

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    Sonia R

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    I tried early yesterday am to do a comment but must not have scrolled down enough for the comment area. I couldn’t find it. Oh well. Just wanted to say I enjoyed your webstream last night and was glad I got to participate in it. Good luck with the new launch. I’ll be watching your site from now on. Smile. Jenniece

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  485. Julie Christenbury says:

    Two things: usually volunteer on Tues nites. What’s the best way to see a Tues Tutorial later in the week? Can’t find Crafters Companion” products anywhere. Do you sell them?

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