Saturday 7: Shrink Film! Love This Stuff!

I sincerely LOVE shrink film! I feel like it has so many uses, it was a favorite “toy” when I was a kid, and I think I’ve used it in EVERY DVD I’ve ever filmed – so today’s Saturday 7 focuses on that with you! :)

Shrink Film Uses and Ideas

1. Baby or Wedding Announcements needed for anyone?  Super unique and CUTE!

Howto Shrink Film 7 Baby Announcement

2. Die-Cut any word, phrase or shape and shrink it up for AWESOME typography or icon charms!

Howto Use Shrink Film 6

3. You can stamp or print just about anything on them and make fantastic jewelry – love the ring/cuff idea! Howto Use Shrink Film 5

4.  Durable, Functional and CUTE DIY ID Tags!

How to Use Shrink Film 4


5. Totally unique and trendy lighting done DIY EASY with Skrink Film – I LOVE and want one for Baby’s room! How to use Shrink Film 3


6.  DIY Christmas Ornaments are super fun for kids, but also they could make these for teacher and grandparent gifts too! How to Use Shrink Film 2


7. To me – this is simply stunning and so inspirational! Shrink Film



What can you think of to create with shrink film today????



  1. Beg Meyer says:

    Can I print photos on Shrink film and then shrink them or doesn’t the ink work on the film? Never tried doing much but I do have some on hand. Thanks for giving me some ideas.

  2. Kris says:

    I love, love, love that necklace! Thanks so much, Megan Elizabeth! Enjoy your weekend and take it easy!!! Hugs!!!

  3. Carol says:

    Yesss! I love shrink plastic, I use it to make charms of my stamp designs. It’s a lot of fun. please post if you decide to make the baby mobile.

  4. Sylvia Gehrs says:

    Hi Megan. I love that shrink film, too. One Christmas, my teen daughter’s & I made mustache necklaces for their friends. I actually cut it w my Cricut.

  5. Danita says:

    That necklace is such a good idea. Thanks!

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